How to make a box: 4 master class + video - master classes on

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

How to make a paper box - way origami

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

One of the easiest ways to make a box with your own hands is to fold it out of paper. Do not even need glue. This option is suitable for making small and medium-sized boxes, if the paper is normal, thin. To make a big box, take a large sheet of paper more.

You will need:

- Square sheet of paper. If your sheet is rectangular, cut it to the square shape.

Step 1

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Fit the sheet first twice the masts. Expand. Then fold in half and once again in half. In the middle a central point is formed. Generate each of the 4 corners to this central point.

Step 2.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Imagine in the middle of the vertical central line formed square. Fold the right and left edge of the square to this line.

Now imagine a central horizontal line in the middle of the rectangle formed. Fold the upper and lower edge to it.

Step 3.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Expand the square, as shown on the first photo.

Bend the angles inside, as shown in the second and third photo. The valve is formed at the top - wrap it inside the box and straighten.

Repeat on the other hand. Ready!

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

The lid for the box can be made by the same principle by taking the paper square of a little larger size (1-2 cm, depending on the size of the box and the thickness of the paper).

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How to make a paper box or cardboard - a classic way

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

This method is well suitable to make a small box of ordinary paper or a medium-sized box of paper more, for example, from Watman. To make a large box in this way, take a packing cardboard or a dense hard cardboard.

You will need:

- paper or cardboard;

- line;

- pencil;

- paper scissors;

- Glue or Scotch.

Step 1

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Determine the size of the box you need. Fill the item on paper / cardboard. For simplicity, you can first draw a rectangle or square of the bottom of the box. Then, on each side, add the height of the walls (it is the same on all sides).

Step 2.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Fold paper on the drawn lines. Squares are formed in the corners. Scissors cut 1 side of each square (see photo).

Valves are formed. Lubricate each valve with the front side with glue and glue, forming the walls of the box.

Also glue the lid. Ready.

P. S. If your cardboard is thick and / or dense, it is better not easy to cut the corners, but cut small wedges:

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

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How to make a box with a lid of cardboard or paper

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Such a cubic shape with a lid can be made of different sizes. For a small box, dense paper will suit, for medium and big better take cardboard.

You will need:

- cardboard or paper;

- scissors;

- glue;

- may require a ruler, pencil and printer.

Step 1

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

First you need to draw or print a template. You can use this picture. But independently draw the template easily. Blacks are a central square. We add one to the same square on the right, on top and left and two of the same bottom. Then add the valves parts.

Step 2.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Cut the template.

Step 3.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Fold on all the battered lines.

Step 4.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Valves from the front side. Lubricate glue and assemble the box. A convenient to open the recess can be cut with scissors for a large box or break through a hole for a small one.

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How to make a solid box and a cover of cardboard and paper

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

This method is suitable if you need a box at the same time durable and beautiful. Toughness and hardness gives it a dense cardboard. From above, the box is saved with colored paper - it decorates, and additionally strengthens it. This way you can make a small and large box.

You will need:

- dense cardboard;

- colored paper;

- Make-up knife;

- Matting substrate;

- paper glue;

- pencil and ruler;

- Malyary Scotch;

- Scissors for paper.

Step 1

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Determine the shape and size of the box and lid. The lid should be a little more box to wear from above. Focus on the thickness of your cardboard and the size of the box.

Step 2.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

On the cardboard, draw the box and lid and cut out.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

At this stage, you can draw parts from paper that will be saved the box and cover. Put parts from paper on paper with inside and circle, then add parts for the inner sides and valves, as shown in the diagram.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Cut pieces of paper.

Step 3.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

On the details of the cardboard on the line of the battle knife, spend the lines as shown in the photo. Do not press too much so as not to cut cardboard: you only need to schedule folds.

Step 4.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Fold the box and the cover from the cardboard, as shown in the photo.

Step 5.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Spread the walls by painting scotch.

Step 6.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Bottom box bottom with glue.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Paper detail for box bows. Put the outstand. Stick the box in the center.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video
How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Paper parts lubricate with glue and glue to the box. First glue long.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Then short.

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

Also take the lid. Ready!

How to make a box: 4 master class + video

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Video: how to make a box

In this video, it is shown how to make a box of cardboard. So you can make even a very large box. The fact is that this method implies not folding the box of a single part, but cutting the bottom and walls separately. The box is solid and reliable, as it is made of two layers of cardboard. Plus, the video shows how to make dividers for such a box.

You will need:

- cardboard or big cardboard boxes;

- Make-up knife;

- pencil and ruler;

- ordinary tape, greasy tape or adhesive gun;

- PVA glue or bilateral scotch;

- material for pasting boxes (the packaging, self-adhesive film is suitable, wallpaper residues can be saved with cloth).


Packaging gifts

Methods of making boxes for a gift with your own hands

Methods of making boxes for a gift with your own hands

Little to choose a beautiful and necessary gift. It still needs to be beautifully pack. The current consumer has everything you need to make an effectively absolutely any present. However, many people prefer to make a gift packaging with their own hands. We will analyze how you can make cute boxes for gifts.

Selection of material

Make your own hands an attractive gift box will not be difficult. For such works, it rarely takes a lot of time, and the result is pleasantly surprising if everything was done correctly. Such a gift packaging will not give up a shopping option. That is why homemade beautiful boxes are so popular today.

If a decision is made on the independent manufacture of a gift box, it is important to consider that it is necessary to choose suitable materials for this. They must be qualitative and reliable. The material from which such packaging is made should not be collapsed or uncovered. After all, it will be very disappointing if such a casus occurs at the time of delivery of the gift.

It is not recommended to make gift boxes from ordinary cardboard, which is sold at the Stationery Store. Such material is not sufficiently dense. In addition, the color of the simple cardboard does not cause much delight, being not the most colorful.

Recommended in the manufacture of gift wrapping to use Special view of cardboard, characterized by high density. Next, such a box can be supplemented with various decorative details of paper designed for needlework. It is interesting to look at cardboard boxes, decorated with elements made in Origami technique.

In special stores for creativity, you can find everything you need to prepare a beautiful and high-quality box of any size and design.

However, not only a dense cardboard can be used to create a beautiful gift box. Very interesting in such a role there are wooden boxes of different sizes. They can be issued as a soul. Especially bright and creatively looks like wooden boxes, complemented by carved elements.

A box of wood can be made in the form of a small chest, a cute casket, a carved lart or a small cabinet with opening flaps. Such a gift packaging will perform the feature of addition to the main gift, because it will later be used separately from the present. For example, in such a capacity, it is good to place jewelry and storage accessories.

Step-by-step production of round and oval options

Gift box does not necessarily have a simple square or rectangular structure. There are such presents that are more convenient and beautiful in the original round or oval box. A similar thing can also be made with your own hands.

We will analyze on the items, as you should act in this case.

  • First you need to prepare all the necessary materials. It is not recommended to do a round paper box. It is worth using a tight cardboard.
  • At first it is necessary to carefully cut out of the cardboard 4 mug. Two of them will be a little less than two others.
  • Next, you should measure a couple of stripes. Their size should be a little more circle. For more - its own strip, for a smaller - its own.
  • Now those circles, which is more, you need to glue one to another. Similar manipulations will need to spend smaller circles.
  • Wrap the prepared circles with carved strips, and then glue them on the sides.
  • After that, it will be possible to move directly to the decoration of the resulting box of different kinds of decorative details.

By a similar principle, you can make a more elongated oval box of cardboard, only here it is necessary to initially harvest not round, and oval design details. Such boxes are made quickly and easily. They can have any dimensions. If the present is small, then the box can be made compact. If the gift is large, you will have to spend more material by making a big gift packaging.

Decorations for such gift boxes can be used as different. It can be beautiful bows, gift ribbons of different colors, decorative paper and woven flowers, charming nodules from colored shiny tapes.

How to make a rectangular and square box?

Gift boxes of rectangular and square shape are the most common, and they are made literally for 5-10 minutes.

First we will analyze step by step, as you can make a rectangular box of A4 format.

  • First you need to cut a sheet of dense cardboard in A4 format in half. If a gift is distinguished by impressive sizes, and for it you need a larger box, then you should take a pair of cardboard sheets of the specified format.
  • Next, it will take from one of the rectangles to carefully cut 5 millimeters from the length and widths.
  • Then each of the elements should be properly spread. Make from the edges an indent of 10-16 mm, spend the horizontal strip. It will need to be done on every edge. The center should turn out a rectangle.
  • After that, accurate cuts will be done. Line along the length of the rectangle and to the line located along its width. Such cuts should be only 4 (on each rectangle). As for the direct cut length - it will be directly dependent on how many centimeters you took, drawing the line.
  • Next, cuts need to be adjusted and glued. As a result, it turns out a neat and smooth box with the right lines.

Similar options for boxes are usually done with covers. They are so accurate and attractive that almost any gifts can be presented in them. For example, it can be a beautiful branded clothing.

Look master class on the manufacture of a rectangular box next.

Square boxes are even easier. Such gift packaging can be made for surprises of various sizes. Especially elegant and attractively, small presents, laid in a neat square box of small sizes.

We will analyze step by step how to make such a package.

  • First you need to prepare high-quality dense cardboard. Then you need to measure and cut two squares. The first size should be 18x18 cm, and the second - 17x17 cm.
  • Next, you must neatly spend from one corner to another two diagonal lines.
  • Send a corner. His top must connect with the intersection of the diagonal.
  • The same part should be beatened in such a way that the fold is clearly lying on the diagonal.
  • Now neatly align the folds made.
  • This procedure will be needed in relation to all the corners made.
  • As a result, it should be 3 fold on each of the parties.
  • Then the opposite sides will need to be cut into the collapse. The center will turn out to be a square - it will be a bottom gift box.
  • Corners on which there are no cuts will need to be carefully collapsed towards the center to bend.
  • Now the same side parts should be wrapped inside.
  • Tips must be wrapped and copped.
  • Similarly, the second cut-out square must be collapsed. The lid of such a box can be decorated at its discretion.

Small homemade square shape box - universal gift wrapping. In it, you can put any small presentation - jewelry, some beautiful accessory or something from cosmetics.

Schemes for non-standard products

Gift boxes of square, rectangular, oval or round form are universal and most common solutions. But this does not mean that there are no other packaging options for a gift. You can make a more original, unusual box using non-standard schemes. We will analyze some of them.

Careful gift boxes made in the form of a pyramid look pretty. Such a package will be the best solution for the presentation of small valuable gifts.

Consider step by step how to make a similar box.

  • First it will be necessary on a dense cardboard cut the blank according to the scheme.
  • Next, the cut blank will need to be very gently adjusted by the existing lines.
  • Then you need to do small holes on the petals.
  • In the well-done holes, a beautiful satin ribbon should be placed. Next, it will take carefully, but not too diligently, tighten the cross-cross. As a result, a neat pyramid is formed.
  • In the resulting pyramid you need to put the selected present that you plan to hand, and then tighten such a box with a ribbon and form a beautiful bow.

Very nice and unusually looked homemade gift boxes, made in the form of flower boutons. Such packaging can be not only small, but also larger depending on the size of the gift itself. Now we will analyze how you can make such a box on your own.

  • First you need to cut the workpiece.
  • Next, focusing on the dotted lines, you will need to make bends on the workpiece.
  • Then in the center of the workpiece should put a gift that you plan to prevent. After that, you can proceed to the direct connection of the petals of the workpiece.
  • Petals need to be fastened with each other in such a way that the flower is completely closed.
  • The front side of the flower box is worth decorating with beautiful paints. It is permissible to make spectacular paper scenery - ribbons and rhinestones.

From thick paper, you can make another unusual and spectacular gift box using a simple scheme. Let's look at how you need to make such a gift packaging.

  • First of all, it will be necessary to draw such a simple template.
  • Next, the sketched pattern will need to be carefully and smoothly cut.
  • Fog lines will need to be traced by any convenient item.
  • After that, formed bends, you will need to form the box itself.
  • It is necessary to act very carefully and deliberately so that the whole process does not end the decay box.

It should be tied up its beautiful belt beloved color and make a cute bow for decorating the present.

Cute will be the original box pillow. It can also be done quickly, simply using a pattern.

In such packaging it is very convenient to present delicious candy or small decorations. This box is done simply.

  • Do not rush to convert future gift packaging. First, you should make a bitlight on the lines of the fold - you can be sold by a ball with a ball with a ball or another thin object (but only unotica). It is impossible to neglect this stage, otherwise bend the material on the line curve simply will not succeed.
  • A scheme of the future box is better not to print on the printer, but to sketch yourself.
  • To carry out the valve lines, you will need to put into the course of some kind of round form. But immediately after that it does not need to be removed. In the future, it will be possible to apply it instead of a rayon runner, because by hand to do it will be much more complicated.
  • Valves on one of the sides will easily pierce, using a hole in order to insert a ribbon there. Glue it is not recommended to glue, because to press the valves to each other so that the glue can grab, almost unreal

The result is a very neat and beautiful gift box of small sizes. It can be decorated at your request. For example, you can do more original, adding such packaging with a painted gel handle constellation.

For a very small present, you can make a small gift box-envelope. It will take at least a minimum of free time. Most often, monetary presents and gift certificates are placed in such boxes - such things perfectly fit in compact converters.

In this case, you need to use a simple scheme, transfer it to a dense cardboard, and then cut and gently adjust all available petals. You can decorate the resulting packaging for every taste and color. Especially interesting and "alone" looks home-made envelopes, in which each edge of the petals is supplemented with beautiful sparkles. You can apply using a cotton wand moistened in adhesive composition.

If your present is absolutely flat, then such an envelly can be done with small walls so that the thing can fit into it. The height of the walls should be very small - enough of only a few millimeters.

Gift boxes performed in the shape of a heart are very beautiful. In this case, use the appropriate scheme.

Having a good pattern, you can move to the direct manufacture of the box.

  • First, the heart circuit must be applied to a sheet of thick cardboard, and then it will take very carefully to cut it.
  • It is necessary to separate the sidewalls separately. The depth of the box can be any, but in our case it will be 3.5 cm. Another 1.5 cm should be left to prepare the "teeth", which will be glued to the base. Length is recommended to do with a slight margin. If excess remains, they can be easily cut after gluing the design.
  • Next, you will need to make a bick on the place of bend. Using the ruler, the grooves should be sold. It is worth using a non-stamped subject. For example, it may be the reverse side of the stationery.
  • After that, you will need to adjust the cardboard strip, based on the scheduled bitter.
  • Cut the cloves. Stick the side part to the box base. Cut all the extra details, leaving a small tail, so that then you can make a sizing from the second half of the wall.
  • The wall will consist of two halves, so it will take particularly thoroughly to miss all areas at the joints of the glue.
  • A similar method is made by a lid of the box, but with a slightly enlarged size, so that the packaging can be easily close.
  • The walls of the lid can be made with a height of 2 cm - this will be enough.

After that, the heart-heart will be ready, and it will be possible to start the final stroke - it is decorating.

Features of decoration

Decorating homemade gift boxes is another important stage in the manufacture of packaging. There is a great many ways as beautiful and elegantly deculating the box made for the present.

Here you can release a fantasy to the will, using a variety of materials.

Consider several options, as permissible to effectively decorate a gift box.

  • You can decorate a gift box with beautiful bows of different sizes. Bows can be both small and lush.
  • Multicolored ribbons - a win-win option for decorating gift wrapping.
  • You can collect a very beautiful and bright decorative composition of shiny rhinestones or multi-colored beads.
  • Well on cardboard boxes look drawn patterns or drawings. To do this, you can use different tools, but the most spectacular sketches are obtained using gel pens.
  • You can wrap the box with a cloth. It can be both lightweight and air material and more dense jeans or denim.
  • Universal solution - Special gift paper that is sold in many stores. It can be issued any box.
  • And also permissible to supplement the gift box with various stripes. For example, it can be multicolored buttons of different sizes.
  • If we are talking about a box for the New Year present, it can be decorated with a small Christmas tree or small christmas balls.
  • Decorative flowers from fabric or paper wonderfully look at the festive boxes. Such details can be both small and large. Especially impressive boutons made of shiny and overflowing fabrics.
  • You can decorate the box with sparkles. Apply them permissible in different ways. More reliable and firmly brilliant splashes will be kept if you put them on glue. To do this, it is worth using a brush, in advance moistened in the adhesive solution.
  • If we are talking about the present, which is presented in winter, it is worth contacting paper scenery. From snow-white paper should be made of beautiful snowflakes cunning shape. Similar elements are able to decorate any gift packaging.

Useful advice

If you want to make a paper box, not dense cardboard, then it is worth considering that such packages are more suitable for small and light presents.

If a box is preparing for a gift for a man, then unnecessary scenery, sequins and rhinestones will be inappropriate. It is better to make an attractive, but more restrained box.

Gift packaging paper for design boxes worth choosing in accordance with the theme of the holiday. For example, for the New Year's present it is worth picking a brilliant paper with a picture of snowflakes, snowmen or Santa Claus.

If you finish the box with a cloth, then it is worth sticking it without saving PVA glue. Otherwise, the material can start bubble.

Want to learn to make gift boxes do it yourself?! In this review we will present to your attention as 25 ideas in their manufacture.


Below you will find a wide variety of examples of gift boxes that can easily make it easily. Well, the result will serve an exclusive packaging instance for a selected gift. Moreover, even if you step by step to follow the instructions in this review, you can still consider your box exclusive. Since in any case, for its manufacture, you will use your materials (paper, cardboard, ribbons, rhinestones, buttons), which will differ in color and texture from those presented in a master class. Well, let's proceed.

How to make a gift box with your own hands.

1. Box house.

It is necessary to print on beautiful paper, submitted below the template. In extreme cases, you can try to redraw it from hand. Then the workpiece must be cut and adjusted over all dashed lines. In the bottom of the box, you need to create two slots in the stationery knife, in which the ribbon should be inserted. It remains to glue the house, cut two rectangle for the roof from suitable on the tone of paper, to adjust each of them 1 cm, and also to make slots in each of them (see photo). In the data of the slots insert a ribbon, put inward a gift, and tie a tape from above in the form of a bow.

Domide box template.
Domide box template.

Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-7 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-8

2. Round cardboard box.

You need to cut out of the porous packaging cardboard 4 mug, two of them should be a little more than two others. From the beer cardboard, cut two bands in the size of the circles, with a margin of overlay, one is wide, the other is narrow. We glue together with the help of two-sided tape or the moment of the moment 2 large in size of the mug, then separately glue the remaining 2 mugs. Of the smaller circles, we will create the base of the box, for this we put a transparent moment on the side sides of the mug, we glue a strip from cardboard here, for strength on top of this strip, you can stick another one. Similarly, we do with a lid, we glue a narrow cardboard strip around the perimeter of a large mug. From the ribbon you can create a bow, for this cut the tape in half, its ends are glued to the inside of the cover, and the remaining tips are observing from above in the form of a bow.


3. Cake from felt and plastic container.

It is necessary to purchase a plastic round-shaped container with a lid. Cut from felt strips in width and length comparable to the side part of the container. We glue the felt with the help of bilateral tape. On the lid we glue a round segment of felt tissue. At the bottom and top of the "cake" we glue an openwork braid. On the top of the cover we glue the braid in the form of flowers, and create roses from cotton disks. How to make it easy to see the photo below. In the center of the cake can be glued with two or three felt strawberries stuffed with Sinyprun. It remains inside to lay a gift and the present can be handed to a beloved person.

 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-1 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-4 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-3

4. Box in Origami technique.

This box is pretty simple, but it looks very presentable. Especially if the basis take beautiful tight paper, let's say from the kit for scrapbooking. How to make a gift box in this technique. We described in detail in this review.

origami-korobochka-2 origami-korobochka-4

5. Box in the form of a flower bud.

Print on the appropriate paper below the template (although it can be redrawing it from hand). Cut out the workpiece, and on dotted lines create bends using a ruler. I turn over the front side of the face, and we slightly toning it at the edges with the help of a foam sponge and stamping pads (you can simply use ink). We put inside the present, and collect "petals" from above (see photo).

Pattern of a bud-visible box.
Pattern of a bud-visible box.

Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-10 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-11 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-12

6. Box in the form of carrots.

Such packaging is ideal for New Year and Easter celebrations. For its manufacture, one-photon orange paper is suitable or imitating the skin of natural carrots (you can search for the departments for creativity). How to make such a "carrot" we described in detail in this article.


7. Neat box with a bow.

It is necessary to print on the appropriate paper published below the template. Not a writing handle or tool for begging, you need to run lines marked with dotted. On these lines, it is necessary to create bends, put inward a gift and close. To make the box not "disintegranate" it needs to be tied with a ribbon, knitting the bow from above.

Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-14 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-16 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-17 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-18

8. Square box.

Print the templates presented below. By side parts, where "wings" can make a pencil label, and create bends on them. Similar bends must be made in the central part of the box and cover. We glue separately from each other box and cover, with the help of glue of the moment applied to the wings. At the end, the box can be decorated with branded sheets of pretty paper, as well as cute braid.

Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-30 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-31 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-32

9. Box in the form of a detail of the designer of Lego.

Such packaging will exactly like children. Well, how to make it with my own hands we told here. Or you can view the video below.


How to make a box of Lego (step-by-step video):

10. Hex box.

Print on dense paper The boxes and cover templates shown below. We run them on dotted lines, clamp, and glue. We decorate the lid and the box with beautiful paper, rhinestones and ribbons. From above on the lid, you can glue a few cute butchers.

Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-26 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-27 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-28 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-29

11. Closing box.

It is necessary to print the following template or redraw from hand. Then it needs to be cut, and make cuts on wide parts (see photo). All "wings" must be adjusted, apply glue on them, and glue the product. It remains to put inside the present, and close the box on top.

Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-19 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-21 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-22 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-20

12. Pyramid box.

This box is rightfully considered one of the most interesting and beautiful. For its manufacture it is better to use dense beautiful paper. All details on its manufacture will find here.


13. Box with elementary manufacture.

You need to print the template you find below. Print immediately on beautiful paper. Next, this workpiece needs to be cut, folded along the central dotted lines, and close by turning the petals in the desired order (as in the photo below).

Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-23 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-25 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-24

14. Box in the form of a diamond.

You just imagine how nice to get in such a non-standard packaging some beautiful decoration, let's say a ring, earrings or pendant, and there may be a cufflink for a man or a tie clamp. How to make such a diamond, we told here.


And here is another version of the diamond box + template (video):

15. Square box.

We take cute tight paper, print a template on it (look below). Cut, bending over "wings", as well as in square parts. We glue the product into a single whole, and glue the tape from the back of the box, up to the end of the lid and start the box.

Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-33 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-34 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-35

16. Candy box.

In such "candies" it is not necessary to give some sweets, you can attach decorations, lipstick, nail polish, a small pupa or machine. How to make this candy we described here.


17. Corset box.

It is necessary to redraw examples of templates presented below. Cut the workpiece, create slots in the right places, glue the product, hook in the hole "Corset Ribbon". Optionally, decorate with paper florals and braid.

Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-42 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-43 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-44 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-41

18. Neat bonbonniere.

You can put small items to such a pretty packaging: candy, tiny toys or decorations. Well, how to make such a thing you will learn in this review.


19. Rectangular box.

We take a sheet of paper, cut it in half (you can immediately take two sheets of paper). From one sheet, cut off 4-5 mm, from the long edge and short (it will be a bottom box). Bottling each sheet according to example below. Create cuts from lateral bends. Create bends, we glue the double-sided tape for these parts, and form a box. You also need to do with the lid.

Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-36 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-37 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-38

20. Box - round cake with candles.

Very original packaging for a birthday gift. Well, how to make it, you will learn by examining this detailed master class.


21. Square box on ambulance hand.

We take a square sheet of paper. From the corner to the corner, there are two crossed lines. To the center, we first, first the right side of the sheet, then the left, as well as the upper and lower. According to the resulting lines of bend, cuts need to be made, according to the photo below. With the help of glue or double-sided tape, the box must be glued into a single whole. From the square sheet of larger size (more about 5 mm), it is necessary to make the cover according to the method described above. If desired, the finished box can be decorated with rhinestones, ribbons, buttons.

Gift boxes do it yourself.
Gift boxes do it yourself.


22. Box in the form of a house.

Such a box will definitely delight the manifiable person. The phased master class in its manufacture you will find here.


23. Box dress.

Such a dress is created by the template, which together with step-by-step examples you will find here. Or you can explore the video below. Such a milestone box will definitely have to do with every representative of the beautiful sex.


Video with details how to make a box dress:

24. Box shoe.

You must print the template below with the details. Then it is transferred to dense beautiful paper and bend on dotted lines. Glue the product into a single whole: a long item is a sole, the upper part is the side wall, you need two, the triangle is the front part, well, and the extreme part is the heel. At the end, the shuffle can be decorated with ribbons, rhinestones and paper flowers.

Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-47 Podarochnay-Korobka-Svoimi-Rukami-48

25. Box in the form of a piece of cake.

This package looks just wonderful. In addition, it is easier to make it easier, make sure of it yourself - having studied this master class. In such a "piece of cake", they will fit sweets, small toys, something from cosmetics, small mittens, chiffon scarf, etc.


How to make a box - a piece of cake (video with details):

26. Box in the form of an envelope

In such packages, flower arrangements look very impressive. For its manufacture, you will need the template below. In total, it is necessary to translate it to dense paper for scrapbooking, cut blanks, adjust on the outlined lines and glue into a single integer. At the end of the review, video is presented by studying which you will completely understand what and how to do (idea number 7 in video).

Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas

27. Trapezoid packaging

This package can be attributed to the rank of gift bags, and bouquets of colors are most interesting in them. For its manufacture, you can use our templates. They should be translated into dense paper, adjust on the outlined lines, and glue. Details on its formation will find in the video from our channel at the end of this article (idea number 3 in video).

Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas

28. Neat packaging from one sheet of paper

This box is done very simple and quickly. Moreover, it is necessary to use only one sheet of paper without applying scissors. It is necessary to translate the following template on A4 paper, and adjust the workpiece by the outlined lines. Details on the formation of this package will find in our video at the end of the review (in the video are looking for idea number 6).

Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas

29. Triangular box

In such packaging you can put small items: sweets, decorations, toys. The template presented below will help you form this packaging, well, and the video at the end of the review will demonstrate how to do it right (in the video, this box is number 10).

Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas

30. Cube box

An excellent example of how quickly and just make a very beautiful and neat packaging for a gift. Template will find below, well, the details on creating this package will find in our video at the end of the review (in the video this box is under No. 1).

Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas

31. Long box

It will take dense paper in the amount of one thing, as well as the template presented next. You should translate the template on paper, adjust over the lines of the fold and close the valve. Details in the video at the end of this review (idea number 4 in video).

Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas32. Extra long box

This is a vivid example of how you can literally instantly (the manufacturer will take no more than 5 minutes) make a wonderful packaging for a small present. Template will find below, and details on its formation in the video at the end of this review (idea number 2 in video).

Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas

33. Square Box with a bow on the lid

How to make such a box we were shown in the video presented at the end. This method can be safely attributed to the category of the simplest, but the result is very impressive (idea number 8 in video).

Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas Gift boxes do it yourself: 33 best ideas

Best ideas: how to make gift boxes with your own hands (10 MK in video)

How to make a box for a photo album (video):

Today, the site "" showed you the best, cute, beautiful and impressive gift boxes with their own hands. Believe me, each of them is easier to do simple, but what is the result - delight! And this delight will not only experience you when you finish masture gift packaging, as well as the person you are going to hand it! Successful homemade and pleasant holidays! To new meetings on the pages of our site!

Packaging souvenirs - an integral step of preparation for any event. In modern stores you can buy packaging products of any parameters. But why spend money if there are lungs and understandable ways to make a box that, which for beauty and aesthetics, will not give up the company. To maintain a festive atmosphere, you can additionally make extravagant decorations for it.

Materials for manufacture

A stylishly decorated surprise will certainly reap and become a surprise for the culprit of the celebration. He will be much more pleasant if the donor spends a bit of personal time on an independent packaging.

Do not worry about how to make a box personally. There are no special difficulties in this. In the network you can find detailed instructions and schemes. It remains only to stop at an optimal version, print and collect the product according to the instructions. But before proceeding to creativity, you should stock materials:

  1. Cardboard dense texture.
  2. Glue.
  3. Ready pattern.
  4. Stationery: scissors, pencils, markers, paints, ruler, transparent tape slim, circula.
  5. Wrapping paper.
  6. Decorative ribbons.

Council. For convenience and accuracy of work, it is recommended to purchase a stationery knife.

Gift box with your own hands: step-by-step process

Materials and devices for creativity are ready. It remains to stock up a good mood, time, patience and start the manufacturing process.

Sequence of work:

  • Selecting a suitable template.
  • The pattern is neatly cut by contours.
  • Flexing dotted lines in such a way that they fit together. The edges of dense cardboard are fastened by the stapler.
  • From above on the box, two identical pieces of cardboard are glued on the drawer.
  • The final stage is decoration. Here you can show a fantasy and decorate all with cute images, warm wishes or punctured a beautiful wrapper.

Council. Since the corrugated cardboard is rather thick and "not included" in the stapler, it is necessary to squeeze it a bit with your fingers. After this simple manipulation, the flattened edge will easily succumb to the device.

Round construction

It was already talking about how to make boxes for a standard form gift. It's time to find out how to make a round product for a romantic present. For work, you will need standard consumables. The need for a scheme is missing this time.

You should take a long piece of cardboard and creating the most smooth circle from it, copper the ends. Another piece is placed under the bottom of the manufactured design. On it, a circle is drawn in a regular pencil, then it is cut and glued.

The final stage will traditionally be decoration. It is best to perform it with white glossy or matte paper. It must be painted beautiful hearts and write the sincere words of love.

Having made a box for gifts with your own hands you can save a significant amount of money and impressive relatives, friends and colleagues.

Boxing heart

On the eve of the day of all lovers, each of us seeks to congratulate your soul mate. Present postcards - Valentine's not yet accepted. So this gift is not surprised. A much more original solution will be boxes with surprises. Especially if you perform them as a heart.

It is necessary to print or draw a schematic pattern on white paper, cut it out and bend along the dotted line. A horizontal incision is performed on a narrow element in the form of an arrow.

Next, the pattern is performed on dense parchment. It is necessary to create two hearts and two strips. On the fifteen lines, it should be done with a small pressure with scissors so that the paper is easier to bend. Vertical cuts are performed on the long elements to bend. Wide parts are glued to a smaller heart, so that the cuts are on the reverse side.

At the next stage, the lid is made. To do this, you need to perform vertical cuts on thin parts, glue them to a greater heart and close the boxes with a lid. Surprise box ready! It remains to fill it with pleasant trifles, sweets, put your favorite spirits ...

Magic pyramid

An unusual design of this packaging will cause joyful emotions and emphasizes the topics of the holiday. To create it, you will need to take: hole punch, yarn and disk. The square is made from the paper sheet.

With the help of a ruler and pencil draw four flat lines, which should divide it on nine segments. In the central part of a large square from all sides there is a mark. Inside the figures located near the marks it is necessary to draw triangles.

To the sides of the figures of the figures are applied to the disk and will be burned. According to drawings, the figure is cut. As a result, it should be a pattern that resembles a flower.

The figure bends along the direct distillers and is connected to a pretty pyramid. In the upper part of the triangles, holes are performed through which yarn is done and tied. Unique Magic Box ready! It remains to decorate it on your taste and put inside a surprise.

Cutter box

A similar packaging option allows you to create intrigue in the process of its opening and gives many bright impressions. Thanks to the impressive size of the drawer, a person has an opinion that the huge present is waiting inside him.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the crafts. It follows from the largest capacity because it requires the use of the greatest amount of consumables. It is best to make a piece of square shape. The easiest way to conduct calculations of dimensions. The size of each craft will be less than the previous 3 cm.

Made a box of cardboard. It will be necessary to take 5 identical corrugated sheets. They are laid out on the surface of the table as follows: one sheet in the center and other side. Between them should remain small intervals.

All sheets of sheets are sampled with a scotch. The packaging paper rolls out the square for the salary of the outdoor bottom of the product. It is securely attached to bilateral scotch. Next, cuts are performed in the corners of the protruding parts of the wrapper and glued with glue.

Then the external and inner side of the crafts are embroidered. The lid is performed by 1 cm greater than the base. It is done in the same way as the container, only the parts are glued together.

By the first box, the remaining blanks are created. It is necessary to check whether they are placed in each other. You can decorate each of them or only the largest.

The present hides in a small box. After that, everything is going on the principle of matryoshki. For fixation, you can bore them with color ribbon and decorate a bow or cute postcard with wishes.

The box in the box is a gift that will suit anyone in independence from age and gender.

Retractable model

As the basis for the manufacture of the specified model, you can use the usual matchbox. To make the pattern will need to disassemble it. The size of the box is selected depending on the souvenir dimensions. This is an excellent solution for the box with sweets. Sturdy and spacious packaging can be filled with delicious candies, put handmade soap or chocolate.

The top of this model can be decorated in any way. It can easily withstand such heavy decor elements as beads or pearls.

What can be put in a gift box

In order for the present to acquire aesthetic and complete view, the inside of the box should be placed a color filler. Its choice depends on the fantasy and preferences of the donor, the style of surprise and the actual reason for which he is presented. Can be used primary means: napkins, foil, wood chips, raffia, Lurex, etc.

The decor is placed on the bottom of the box, and from above - surprise. The design acquires aesthetic volume and shape. Depending on the topics of the holiday, the filler may be different color and shape. For example, if you plan a box with photos for a husband on the anniversary of the wedding, you can pour inside the wood chips.

Examples of thematic sets

You can please your loved one or your favorite by creating a unique gift set. It will take a little more time than buying a finished thing in the store, but will deliver much more pleasure. How to make a big box for souvenir and choose the filler has already been told. It remains to talk, how to choose a memorable thing that will suit a concrete person.

Gifts in the box - Popular ideas

Funny mug, fragrant coffee, black chocolate, cookies and cigars - for coffeeman.

Certificate of massage salon or fitness, bath foam, candle - current choice for girlfriend, mothers or sisters.

A bottle of expensive whiskey or brandy, a thematic picture - a gift in a box for the head.

Smooths, toys, diapers, a bottle, socks - for a newborn.

The content of the set is limited exclusively by the donor fantasy and the available budget. If you want to show someone's attention to sufficiently give the box with sweets with your own hands and supplement it with a gentle message.

On the Internet, a huge amount of information is provided that explains the subtleties of creating various crafts. It opens up to readers almost limitless opportunities for the creative process. Knowing how to make a box can be practical and inexpensive to pack any thing. This skill is also useful in everyday life. After all, it can be used as a storage for things, cosmetics, books and clothes.

How to make a box - photo of finished work

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