What is sepia in painting and how to learn to draw sepese?

What is sepia and how to draw her? In the article I tell you what the novice artist about sepia and the technique of drawing it should know.

Studying materials for drawing, you probably heard about such a material as sepia. Mysterious word and interesting shade - Sepia deserves that you at least once wrote her drawing.

Moreover, even the most novice artists. So, what is sepia, for which professionals and beginners love it, and how to learn to draw it? Let's deal with together!

What is sepia for drawing

How to draw sepia - Photo

Translated from Greek, sepia means Caracatia, or, marine mollusk, which contains a special brown substance with coloring properties. Sometimes, by the way, there is sepia of red or purple shades.

Sepia in painting is primarily a dry material for creating graphic work, resembling colored chalks that children love to draw.

By its properties, Sepia can resemble coal pencils, as well as Sangin, pastel and other soft sauces.

Sepia, like coal, very ancient material. Artists of the past often wrote them their work. Sepia consisted of clay and ink that same Caracatar, who gave clay such a brown tint. Called artists Sepia can be useful for sketches, and already, having mastered several techniques, you can create independent work with it.

How to draw sepia - Photo

Sepia is sold usually in several species - large crawled and pencils. Large sepia is perfectly making hatching and fill large spaces on paper, while the pencil can draw parts and the smallest and thin lines in the drawings.

I also want to note that sepia is pretty soft material, which will allow you to make smooth transitions and a growing. Another advantage is easy paper disgrace. Also sepia can be washed off with water.

By the way, sepia, relatively inexpensive material and therefore, very affordable, as well as a simple pencil. Therefore, I included several lessons to work with sepia and coal into your new online course "Portraits of a pencil for beginners."

How to draw sepia - Photo

Sepia is also bright and dark. In order for the pattern made by sepia, it was more expressive for beginner artists, I recommend taking several shades and bright and dark sepia. For example, you can cover the main part of the leaf of light sepe and make it the main hatching, and the details will register with a darker type of sepia, to create the greatest effect of expressiveness.

Examples of sepia drawings

Sepese drawing materials

To create sepia artwork, you will need several types of this material of different shade, dense paper, eraser, brushes.

Usually for materials such as sepia, Santgina or coal, take a classic Pastel paper . It has a special texture, giving an interesting look drawing and creating complex shades.

Sepia for beginners - Photo

You can choose both smooth and grain paper. Different texture opens more opportunities for your creativity.

Sepia for beginners - Photo

To correct the sepia drawing, you will need Eraser-Klyachka . It is such an eraser that does not hurt your paper and will not smear the main drawing.

Sepia for beginners - Photo

If you want to create a work in the style of "dry brush", then you will need Brush Flice . It is very easy and convenient to grow in the material, giving soft and smooth features. By the way, sometimes instead of brush, artists use sponges - so you can draw.

Features of sopia drawing

Sepia for beginners - Photo

How to draw sepia? This question can be answered only, knowing some of its features:

  1. Sepia is quite trusted with water. For example, you can erase a little sepia with a knife and dilute it with water, making liquid paint. The thickness can be adjusted and dependent on this, get a variety of effects.
  2. If you do not want your drawing to smear due to the fact that you accidentally put hands on it - put a blank sheet of paper when you sit down.
  3. Bright places can be made by an eraser.
  4. Since Sepia is very easy to dock hands and in general, with any touch, the drawing is easy to smear, make up the finished works of sepese in the frame with glass. In addition, so you will save the drawings from fading.
Sepia for beginners - Photo

Site drawing technique in stages:

  • To begin with, try to draw sepese on a clean separate sheet of paper. Try different hatching, making a small drawing. Your hands must get used to the material, and you must feel his capabilities.
  • Make a small sketch on a sheet of what you want to draw.
  • If you have already applied a shared sepia background, with the help of the eraser, highlight the contours of the most bright places.
  • You can draw a side surface or sharp cone pencil with sepia.


Sepia - ancient material with which you can create drawings and portraits, resembling drawings of old masters.

Quite inexpensive in price, Sepia is one of the favorite materials of graphic artists.

Examine this material, having tried different styles and techniques, and you will understand that you can draw not only in paints.

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