As a man to make run after you: impact psychology

In this article, "As a man to get to run after you - psychology" I will tell you how to influence the emotions of a man, how to make it thinking about you, and also tell about the equipment "closer-on" with examples from my life.

After reading the text, you will understand how and in what situations need to use jealousy, why it is useless to influence male logic and the conscious differs from the unconscious. After all, emotions are born in unconscious, and I will tell you how to influence it.

As a man to get to run after you - the psychology of emotions

Impact male emotions, not logic!

How to influence the emotions of a man

Man is primarily an emotional creature, and already in the second logical. Therefore, it is necessary to influence exactly the unconscious man.

Many girls allow mistake - trying to like on a logical level. They seek to show their abilities in cooking, demonstrate intelligence and so on. And no result. A man can note as a plus in his mind, but he will not fall in love with this knowledge.

Conditionally, you can divide the brain into two parts, on the conscious and unconscious.

Conscious Responsible for thoughts, logic, decision making. Unconscious Responsible for feelings, emotions, instincts.


The unconscious is more powerful conscious. Therefore, we act basically only on the male unconscious. But to do it effectively, you need to know one fact.

Fact! The Law of Communication - your emotions and internal state is transferred to the interlocutor.

People read the inner state of others unconsciously. Of course, there are people (such as politicians) who know how to mask their feelings and reactions, but we have nothing to do. Moreover, our chip will not hide emotions, but on the contrary to demonstrate them.

What I mean: if during communication with a man you will enter the state of positive and enjoyment from life, then these emotions will be sent to him. You will be associated in his head with positive and buzz, and it will begin to pull it.

Short story I remember one girl who emit an incredible positive. She was so with everyone, it was her ordinary condition. I was pulling me all the time, because she was a real source of kayfa. Moreover, its appearance was usual, but the peasants came from her crazy. And all because she buzzed from herself and loved her life. For my whole experience, there were only a few such girls who possessed positive thinking. Mostly people depressed, with problems and toxic thinking - it repels.

But what is even less important - while communicating with a man, feel those feelings and emotions that you would like him to experience to you.

For example, when I communicate with the girl you like, I focus all my feelings and emotions on enjoying it. Inside me is a strong sympathy and admiration (in this case, in a conversation, I do not voicing it). And magic happens - she begins to experience the same feelings that I have broadcast from the inside. There is an impact on the unconscious.

I mentally celebrate positive parties in it, I look in love with my eyes and it begins to pull to each other. This is what the rule creates: emotions are transmitted.

Many men experience a feeling of awkwardness, constraint or arrogance being on a date with a beauty.

The inner state of the man is transmitted to the girl and she begins to think: "Something is wrong, I don't like me." The girl just did not like the energy industry, which a man broadcast her. After all, fear, awkwardness, or the feeling of superiority is not the emotions in which the girl falls.

Men do not know the principles of work of the psyche attempts on the logical level. They tell about their progress, boasted by cars and status. But the impact on the unconscious = zero. Therefore, it is difficult to like this approach. But some positive boyfriend with cool energy immediately attracts attention.

Output: Start feeling the emotions and feelings that you want to feel a man towards you.

  • Want to admire you? - Start admiring them at the domestic level during communication
  • Do you want a man to feel the excitement for you? - Empitted truly next to him and this feeling will be transferred to him.

At the same time in verbal form you do not talk about your admiration or excitation. Your dialogue should be completely over another topic! For example, when you broadcast the feeling of admiration for a man, you should not pour it with compliments or raise it in a conversation. It will spoil everything! You need to experience these sensations, and not voice them.

All the impact turns out to be the unconscious. And on the logical level you can talk about anything, even about fishing. And listening to him look into the eyes and broadcast emotions. Check out the result will surprise you.

Important! If you have any difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex and you need help, then you can always contact me for a consultation and I will help solve your problem. To write to online advice, write to me in private messages in VKontakte the word "consultation". Write Vadim (opens in a new tab)

As a man to make run after you - Psychology is simple words

How to call jealousy in a man? And in what cases it is necessary

How to call jealousy in a man

Important! Not in all cases you need to cause a feeling of jealousy. If your communication with a man is harmonious and healthy, then the jealousy is not necessary. And if the man is trying to play with you or keeps on the distance, then here we are silent and competing.

In my articles, I already wrote that jealousy should be called correctly. For example, it is impossible to demonstratively show its popularity in other men.

Example How to do not need:

  • "You scored me on me, but I gave me flowers to me and I go with him to the movies" - it will cause the consequences negative for you. So do not need to do!

You must be sure to mention or say that you have no attention signs, and you do not want it. Those. You mention other Uhager so, between the case, making the focus on the other topic.

An example of proper demonstration of its popularity:

  • "I met on the street with a classmate, who had run from school behind me. He admitted that still in love with me, I was so surprised, because so many years passed. By the way, you imagine, it works as an instructor in jumping and they recently crashed a man, the parachute did not open. "And you begin to talk about the love of a classmate, but about the situation with an accident. Those. About classmate, you said mimolet, as a prehistory. Then jealousy will work perfectly.

How to cause a man's feelings? And make him run along

How to call a man feeling

I will say right away that a man determines the attractiveness of a woman immediately, at first sight. If a man sees a girl and he did not like her, then it will be difficult to change this situation. But you can!

There is one important psychological fact: if a person begins to behave in relation to you as if he is already in love, then over time he will begin to feel feelings in reality. If a man does not feed feelings to you, but at the same time tells you: "I love you," the search for confirmation will begin in his head. And if this phrase he will often pronounce, then fall in love.

You do not have to seek recognition from a man in love (although it would be great). It is enough to create such conditions in which a man will lead themselves so in relation to you, as if he already loves.

Now we need to decide what actions we need to achieve from a man to fall in love.

What makes a man in love?

  • Helps
  • Thinking about beloved
  • He is recognized in their feelings etc.

Purpose: It should be done so that the man does the above actions in relation to you (preferably all).

And now we will analyze every action.

Do so that the man helps

The psychology of a person is so arranged that we begin to like the people who have made a favor or assisted.

Example from my life I went on a date with a girl. During the walk, she began to tell me how he reads some book. I became interested and asked to give me to read it. She gave me this book. After I noticed how she often asks my opinion about the work, I'm interested in satisfied with it. We began to communicate more often and the novel twisted. When a person gives you something - he puts in you. And you become more valuable for him.

Ask a man about favoring. But that it was not in tennes. If from the very beginning you ask to solve your apartment question, then you will be sent. But if you ask to borrow a screwdriver (you are a girl), and even better so that he himself screwed something to you (after all, he is a strong man), then it will be great.

How to make a man thinking about you?

So that he thought about you, you can run intrigue into his brain.

I wrote in detail about the intrigue in another article, you can read it here (opens in a new tab).

Method "Perfume"

I read about him in one of the books. The essence of this method:

The girl was visiting the guy and when she left, he told him: "Every time you go to bed, you will remember me"

She sowed his pillow with his spirits. Every time the guy went to this pillow, he recalled her and their joint meetings. This is a very cool way that makes a man think about you.

How to make a man admitted in his feelings?

But in the situation with recognition in feelings is more and more interesting. You can do it with a legend or game.

As a man to make run after you - Psychology is simple words

Above you see the video (must look at it) where guys call the feelings to themselves from unfamiliar girls. They say that they remove the video about emotions. And you need to play 5 different scenes (recognition in love, jealousy, etc.) and girls playing this image, begin to feel feelings for real. This video is the brightest proof that emotions are transmitted.

Tip: Come up with a way to help you get a confession of feelings from a man (even in a joke).

One of the many options: say that you lost the dispute and now you have to dilute it to recognition in love. What price you will achieve this recognition is not so important, the main result.

How to cause emotions in men? Or all about emotional swings

How to cause emotions in men

I remind you that emotional swings are in pure form manipulation. At best, this technique will not be useful to you, but you need to know it and use if necessary.

Emotions, like swing, swing in different directions. One side is positive emotions, and the other is negative.

Emotional swing differently also called the game "closer-further". When you influence the positive emotions of a man - you make "closer". When negative - do "on".

Important moment! If a man goes on contact well, then you do not "further" "further" you do only in response to the cold from the man.

Classic swings (or game "closer-further") look like this: you give a man positive, negative, positive, negative, etc. First, you are passionate about the man, showing care for him, attention, then you are moving away from it and begin to ignore, then everything repeats.

I am sure that many of you have come across the game "closer-on" in your life. Even at school, I ran after the girl, provided her signs of attention, and I did not get anything in response. But as soon as I scored on it and stopped communicating, she immediately wanted to return my attention to my attention - this is a classic example closer-on.

Raw emotional swings need to slowly, without sharp movements. Imagine that you live in a literal sense on the usual swings of an adult man.

You will not make sharp movements and effort from the very beginning. You will begin with small deviations from the equilibrium position, and then the screaming amplitude will be more and more. The same with emotional swings, start with small amplitudes.

Further rocking amplitude will depend on the psychotype of a man. If it is sensitive and wounded, then strong emotions are unacceptable - it will push it. If men are cold and insensible in itself, then a strong routing will only benefit.

How I used the technique closer-on on date I'm on a date with a girl. All is well, she reacts cool on me. It takes 30 minutes and I begin to use kinesthetics (touch). I can do her massage without problems, but it does not give himself to hug myself. Create more comfort and positive, build a touch. But she begins to move, i.e. makes "Next" (less communicating, periodically sticks to the phone, hug does not give). What happens what happened? I make it "closer", and she react to it "on" and here many make a mistake: in response to the cold they start Even more try to like and pay attention. But it does not work like that. It receives attention from me (as of course, of course) and suddenly I do "on." I stop keeping her hand, sit down a little bit from her and start to shindle in the answer. She reacted almost immediately to this. After some time, she herself took my hand and began to make a massage. And then asked her to hug. But if I continued to give her a positive in response to her cold - she would finally lost interest. And so I just got it.

Output: "Further" we are doing only in response to a cold from a person (or in response to its negative behavior). If this girl continued to react to me positively, I would not do any distance. It just would not need.


So, I think the article "As a man to get to run after you - Psychology" was useful for you. Now you know how to cause emotions from a man, how to make him think about you, and now you know how to correctly cause a feeling of jealousy.

Finally, I want to share my own observations. Artificially formed feelings (using manipulations, jealousy, increase significance, etc.) do not withstand the tests of time. You can make interest using the technician to yourself and it will work for some period, but over time this design will fall apart.

I sincerely recommend communicating with such a man with whom you will immediately have everything. And you do not have to do so that he runs behind you. Because he will want to communicate with you without any manipulations, and you will want to communicate with him.

In this, I have everything if the article was useful for you - share it in Soc. networks. If you have any questions left - write them in the comments.

Perfect girl with the eyes of a manIf you think about how to make a man run after you with psychology, believe, all answers on the surface. For this you do not need to be a psychologist by profession, it is important to simply use the tips described below. They will allow reveal the secrets of female success in love affairs and lead you to the main goal - to make the desired man.

Perfect girl with the eyes of a man

According to psychologists, there is no ideal. But there are common features of the character and features of the appearance that men like in girls most. It is worth considering them.


Different men have tastes. Some love humders, others - chubby. Someone loves red, and someone blondes. Therefore, it is hard to say that there is any universal standard of appearance.

But there is one point that plays a big role. This is well-groomed.

If you do not know an effective way, so that the guy runs to you, to begin with the attention of how you dress, what makeup you use, etc.

Be tidy, keep clean your hair, clothes, hands and shoes. Do not regret the time for cosmetic procedures. Even if you do not have enough money to steep masks and scrubs, just overlapping pieces of cucumbers or wipe ice cubes on your face.


The main features in the nature of the girls who attract men are tenderness and femininity. If you are strong and brave, it will not like not to all guys. But how to be if you are used to being self-sufficient? It is important to learn to understand and distinguish between roles in life. If work requires to be a "iron lady" - this is normal. But be so only there. The company with a guy is becoming kind, desirable and feminine. If you continue to behave independently, a man will perceive you as an equal opponent, and not as a girl who needs to protect and cherish.

Tenderness and femininity

In addition, psychologists argue that the guys most likely like girls who can be divided into such categories:

  1. Like-minded. Such a girl supports guy ideas. He sees a reflection of his thoughts in it. She is honey, ready to listen and support, and sometimes even give a useful advice.
  2. Ally. This woman shares the interests of a man. It is open and cheerful.
  3. Muse. This is a decent, inaccessible and elegant woman. She inspires one of his presence. The guy is important that such a woman can be submitted to friends and colleagues. Muse wants to respect and be proud of it.
  4. Rival. Immediately it is worth saying that this type of women do not like all guys. She is independent and strong. Her character can envy many guys. It is interesting to her, since the man wants to compete with her in wisdom and skills. The basis of relations with it is competition and passion.
  5. Teacher. Such women choose young people who need a mentor. At the heart of the character of the girl lie deep inner world, wisdom and excellent mental abilities.

Behavior in society

When a girl in love with everyone, the guy wants to admire her. Forget about all the difficulties and problems. You should be:

  • cheerful;
  • easy;
  • open;
  • smart;
  • gentle.

Forget about aggression. Never let it be in society. Even if you need to stand up for yourself, keep composure. Guys do not like when the girl fits or discusses someone behind his back, so watching the speech.

So that he run for you, stay on the people of the real lady. Proper posture, smile, manners - the best assistants.

Basic female tricks

Each girl has universal tricks, which are undermented by men. It is important to apply them correctly to attract guys.

Eroticism in clothing

Immediately it is worth notify that it is not about vulgar dresses or mini skirts. Eroticism in clothes - the ability to emphasize the advantages of the shape.

Everyone has flaws. Some have too wide hips, and other problems with the waist. But there is nothing terrible in this if you know how to pick up a wardrobe so that there is no disadvantages to turn into dignity.

In the clothes adhere to the main rule - leave a place for fantasy. A man should want to undress you. But if you decide to put off all the charms, the young man will not be able to connect the imagination.

Easy arrogance

What does it mean? Involutions - the intake manifestation of eye pride. The ability to correctly use this female trick awakens the desire to prove that they are strong and brave, just to conquer the heart of the Snow Queen. But it is important not to overdo it. When the guy is already "on the hook", remove from him for a short time.

Easy arrogance

For example, when he once again invite you for a walk on a day off, answer this: "You know, I would love to spend time with you today, but I have more important things. Maybe next time? I will tell you when a free evening appears. " The young man at first will be taken away, and after it will break his head over, and what are you doing this, and even more important than a walk with him. Even if you do not have plans, stay at home and dedicate to your evening. Strong the pause a day or two, and then call him and agree on a date.

Common interests

This is what can bring you closer. Find out what he is fond of, and loading in it. For example, he is an avid fisherman. Look at different videos about fishing techniques, types of bait and other details. At a convenient moment, ask him a few questions about this hobby and insert relevant comments. Make it so that he wants to teach you. I unobtrusively arose to go fishing with him to teach it to catch fish.

If such serious hobbies are inspired, find more calm: computer games, culinary preferences or cinema. Show what you understand in his hobby, then he wants to discuss these topics with you at the same level.

It is important to note that this Council is applicable even when you want to "cheer up" a husband. Sometimes living under one roof, people do not have common hobbies. Show a little patience and make a man himself want to get close to you.


The ability to flirting someone is given from nature, but most of them have to study. Flirt is a set of non-verbal and verbal actions that tell me "I like you."

Set the visual contact, play your eyes or sexually shaking a shoe on the leg. It will all be carefully sending the signals a man to which he will surely answer.

Intimate compliments

This trick requires caution. From a woman needs a clear adherence to all the norms of morality with the addition of notching piquancy. It is important that the intimate compliment is not vulgar.

Use ambiguous turnover to be a little mysterious. But you do not need to talk directly about duty, praising his body. It can push. In addition, remember that intimate compliments should not always hint at sex.

Keep distance

The main trick of any woman is the ability to become a mystery when everything is transparent and clear. It is not necessary to strive to become a book for a man read, even if we are talking about finding a way to make her husband run for his wife.

Keep distance

Do not impose, do not talk about yourself too much and teeter go at the right moment. If you want interest to you not fade away, leave a sufficient number of personal space with a man and shatter to keep your own. This behavior will definitely allow to understand how to make a man get bored much for you.

What to do when a man on a hook: basic rules of behavior

Want to get a man? Then I remember one important thing - if your actions will not be sincere, then these rules will not help you. The first thing you need to do is love yourself. There is nothing complicated in this. But it is this step that will allow you to forget about the feeling of loneliness. After you learn to accept and appreciate yourself, proceed to the following rules:

  • Be mysterious. There is such a saying: "A woman without secrets is like a sky without stars." That is why girls always need to be mysterious. Do not tell about all the secrets and intimate details of life. Instead, be a little mysterious and just let him tips. Imagine that a man reads you. On the pages of this "book" there is a lot of interesting things and if he becomes explore them gradually, the story will be fascinating. And if you spend it in a brief content in one evening, interest in you will quickly fade.
  • Let for a man "game" will be difficult. You always need to warm his interest, so sometimes you need to be a bit cruel. This is not because you are a bitch, but because in this way the guy will not lose interest to you. The trick is that the young man will soon lose interest if you show what is easily accessible. But when it is difficult for him to conquer your heart, especially at the beginning, he will appreciate you anymore.
  • Do not chase for a man. If you want a guy to run after you, you should stop pursuing it. A young man will not be interested to seek a girl who is ready to surrender immediately. He is likely to be craving for someone who intrigues and fascinates. When he sees you are cold from everything, he will make more effort to win you. This is a simple trick, but it always works.
  • No intima on the first dates. The worst thing to do is to have sex with a man on the first date. If he gets it, it will completely lose interest. Just tell him that I am not ready for this step. He will do everything possible to achieve you. In addition, a man will understand that you have a feeling of dignity that you value.

When a man on a hook

  • Be happy. No better way to make the guy admire you than focusing on yourself. Show him that is pleased with what is in life. Sincerely love what you have. Happy and joyful people want to admire. They magnetize the same lucky. Scientifically proven that guys respect more girls who live their lives and satisfied with themselves.
  • Flirtuy. Believe it, it is necessary. Guys adore women who flirt. This is what drives crazy. Men think that a woman who can flirt will be good in bed and knows how to satisfy. If you wish to understand how to make a lover run after you, using male psychology, just from time to time Flirtuy.
  • Use back psychology. Do not be scared, it's easy. In order not to delve into complex terminology, imagine the following situation. For example, you broke up with a young man and want to quickly pick up a former guy on the hook. He says: "Let's stay friends." It hurts and unpleasantly hear it, but it is impossible to show emotions. This behavior will immediately scare away. Need to say: "Yes, of course. I'm alright. I think so it will be easier for us to communicate. " If you regularly support contact, share news and maintain each other, now only the question of time so that the man will run for you again.
  • Ensure that the young man is free. Trying to understand how to make the guy run and missed, girls often forget to clarify, and whether his heart is free. Maybe his thoughts are already engaged in another? Find out this in a friendly conversation or familiar.
  • Be the best version of yourself. Do not dwell on the thoughts about what to do to keep my boyfriend. Think about what you need it. To be beloved? Be happy? Not always the appearance of a man solves these tasks. You have you, and only then everyone else. Try to invest more time and resources. No, it does not mean that you need to become an egoist. Just remember the better you will, the more benefit you can bring others and relationships.
  • Develop a sense of humor. Relationship is not only sex and romance. A man should be having fun with you. Clever to laugh and cheer it up. Men love women with a sense of humor, because life with them is always more fun. When you are in one company, try to talk about funny things and not mentioning problems. In the world so much bad: problems at work, financial difficulties, war, etc. Everyone suffers from certain difficulties, so it is important to have a person near a person who will allow for a while to forget about it and simply relax.

Proper ignoring

  • Be patient. Good things do not happen overnight. It should be waited for a while until the man reacts to your internal and external changes. It is clear that I want to hug and kiss him now, but keep yourself in your hands. If you are strongly persistent and intrusive, his interest will quickly disappear.
  • Proper ignoring. This is one of the oldest tips. Understand how to ignore a man and not push it, difficult. Here you need to feel the situation. Why does it work? Male in nature Conqueror. If something does not obey him, the young man begins to want it more. In this and the secret of male psychology. But be careful. If a young man is desperate and wants to share with you important experiences, of course, you should not ignore it in such a situation. But if you are in a large company, try to be in mind that does not pay attention to him.

Ways to revive relationships with husband

When the relationship in marriage becomes cold, the partners do not look like lovers, but as spripers. There may be many reasons for this. But do not despair. Use female wisdom and tricks.

No torment and not a scandal, even if you really want. Try to revive your relationship. Believe it, it will accurately work. Just tear patience and use the following tips:

  • Care. I do not regret the time, even if the bathroom accumulated the mountain of undisposed things, and in the kitchen there is no expecting dishes. Try to carry out cosmetic procedures when the husband is not at home. It is better for you to leave the dishes with it than you go to an unattractive face mask from clay.
  • Meet him from working with a smile. He is tired and wants to go back to where he will be happy. They did not drink him for being late if he was delayed with his comrades. The cover on the table, ask how his day passed. Be careful and listen to his difficulties, even if he tells that they were brought to the enterprise a defective batch of bearings for equipment. It doesn't matter if you are interested in it.
  • Suggest it to a rider for a walk or in a cafe. Even if he resists, try to convince that 20 minutes of light walk will remove his fatigue. If he goes into refusal, it's nicely smile and telling "nothing terrible, then another time."
  • Buy a set of beautiful linen and ask him advice. It is not necessary to lead it to the store - men are not particularly loved. Take advantage of the services of online stores or discard him a few spicy photos from the fitting room.

Ways to revive relationships with husband

  • Prepare more often his favorite dishes.
  • Offer him to fishing / hunting / picnic without you. Yes, it is without you. Let him go with friends. So you will show that you are not indifferent to the fact that he is tired and wants to relax.
  • Forget about the order tone. Phrases "Go beyond potatoes" or "Why didn't you put socks in the basket for linen?" Kill love and romance. Be wiser, and sometimes cunning. Better to say: "Dear, maybe you want to drink a bottle of cool beer? Yes? Then capture in the store also a couple of kilo potatoes. "

Plan to return the former

When the thoughts are growing in the head, to quickly return it after parting, they often lead to the fact that the girl begins to pursue the man herself. This is not necessary to do.

To return the former, you need to keep warm friendship with him, and after using the rules described above. Become the one without which he will be bored and sad. Divide his interests, support and calm down when it is difficult for him. At the same time, it is important to follow your appearance. Do not put out causing outfits, but forget about baggy things.

It will show that he lost a girl, beautiful and attentive. After time, he will regret what he decided to part.

Basic mistakes

  • Never run for the guy myself. It is important to be in front of him, but also be able to maintain a distance.
  • Never apply for help to friends. You should not send girlfriends to a young man or sentenced him of friends.
  • Cannot be persistent. It will immediately kick any man.
  • Do not try to humiliate others to look better on their background.
  • Do not be vulgar or in words or in words. Pokhanchy in the behavior will repel.
  • Do not seem too smart. When you want a guy to run for you, he needs to feel a man next to you, that is, smart, desirable and strong.
  • Do not demonstrate your independence, even if you know how to score nails, move the furniture or earn a lot of money. When you will emphasize it, he will think: "She copes well in life and herself."
  • Do not mock a man and do not behave too tall.
  • Quality will leave on time. If your relationship is close to the string, try to do so that you have little.
  • Never give yourself to the rest. Even if you live together for many years, stay a mystery.

Conquer a man lighter than a woman. Remember the intricacies of psychology and be able to take advantage of these knowledge, then any guy will be with you.

The content of the article:

  1. Perfect girl with the eyes of a man
  2. Women's tricks
  3. Women's behavior rules with men
  4. How to make a man run after you
  5. How to make a married man run after you
  6. Conspiracy How to make a man run after you
  7. Psychology men
  8. Tips for psychologist

The secret dream of each woman is to feel the most desirable. We want a young lady, so that they admired, they were adored. However, it is not always possible to achieve such an effect, and then the girl wonders - but how to make a man run after you? In fact, everything is quite simple. It is necessary to adhere to certain rules in communication with its chosen one, and then success will be on your side.

What stages should be paid to achieving the desired result? Consider each item in more detail.

How to make a man run after you

Perfect girl with the eyes of a man

What woman man wants to see next to him? There is an opinion that the path to the heart of the beloved lies through the stomach. But culinary delights and the ability to keep the farm are far from the first place in the wishes list. Of course, everything is pretty individually and it is impossible to say for sure, what qualities you need to have an ideal girl in the eyes of a man.

But, if you collect all the available information, it will be possible to highlight five main items that you need to know women:

  1. Sexuality and attractiveness. None of the representative of the weak floor will not be disregarding a seductive and sensual girl. How to achieve this? Of course, follow yourself. It would not be bad to diversify your wardrobe with a short dress, tosing a thigh, a stylish blouse with a deep neckline, a couple of high heels. But sexuality is not only clothes, but also gait, look, gestures and facial expressions.
  2. Femininity. Recently, man-like girls are frequent phenomenon. For a man, this option is something scared and not welcome, because they love their eyes, and in this case attractive female shapes are hiding under balahonic clothing. But not only things can play a keen joke with an excellent half of humanity. Raunt, coarse voice, bad manners - all this will make a man bypass the girl face.
  3. Easy character. In our time, women are often found with the status of "Life - Pain" who manage to find a problem even where it is not. And to solve it, of course, a man must. And so it can continue indefinitely. The girl with a slight character has such excellent qualities as the lack of habit is offended by trifles, to hide angrily. She is non-conflict and pleasant in communication. Not trying to put pressure on a man and refers to his personal space. In short, with such a girl a man is comfortable.
  4. Positive attitude and sense of humor. "What a wonderful day, what a wonderful me and my song" is the perfect motto. A woman who is infinite in the bad arrangement of the Spirit, in any case will push the man from himself. She sows everywhere negative, denies the very idea that life can be rejoiced. And, as a result, infects such a mood of others. A man stretches to the one that will inspire and make it possible to feel that it is with her he will be able to turn the mountains. The sense of humor is also an important factor. The undoubted advantage is that with a girl is easy and fun, she understands your jokes and knows how to joke itself.
  5. Good hostess. Despite the fact that most modern men can cope with cleaning and cooking, they are viewed as a custodian of the hearth. After all, it is so nice, come to a warm, cozy house, in which the cleanliness reigns and smells of delicious food.

Women's tricks

Women's tricks

In order to keep the attention of men, girls often enjoy women's tricks that are in their arsenal. What are we talking about?

  1. The ability to be weak. Every man wants to feel strong, because he is a defender of his woman. Therefore, resort to his help, whether it is necessary to open the lid of the can or solve some substantial problem - this is a good way to increase its self-esteem. The main thing is not to forget to thank him after he helped figure out the next your difficulty.
  2. The ability to listen and hear. Men, of course, a strong floor, but they have difficult days. Therefore, it is very important to be able to listen and understand at the moment when it is so necessary.
  3. Do not limit freedom. Everyone must have a personal space. Do not prevent the ability to meet friends or go fishing or hunting. For him, this is the same way to relax and have fun, as for a woman to go shopping or visit the spa.
  4. Admire. How nice - when you admire you. It increases self-esteem of any person, creates him confidence. The most important thing is not to overdo the words not seemingly flattery.
  5. Sympathy. This is another important element of strong relationships. Do not be shy to sympathize and empathize with your loved one. This will help him feel your interest in his life. In addition, problems are easier to divide for two. Enjoy your man, he will definitely appreciate it.

Women's behavior rules with men

Women's behavior rules with men

Each girl wants to make perfect relationships with his chosen one. But, as you know, the good intention is built by the road to hell, and attempts to make it better often lead to a fullest failure. In order for this not happened, the rules of behavior of a woman with men should study:

  1. Treat your beloved as you wish it to treat you. Cutout and mutual understanding will certainly lead you to harmony.
  2. Do not play games with your man. After all, such parameters like secrecy and deception is the qualities of the player who is pursued by one goal - to win. Do not consider the beloved stupid yourself - he will definitely feel your game, and it does not contribute to good relationships.
  3. Do not forget that a man needs love, affection and reciprocity. He needs attention as well as a girl. He also wants to feel the best and most necessary.
  4. Do not put financial position on the fore. Of course, I really want to have full material support, but in this case there is a risk of being nothing more than a temporary toy to meet your needs. Appreciate a man for his strength, masculinity, mind and ability to rationally approach questions. Wallet thickness is not paramount.
  5. Do not attempt to change your man. He is what is what is, and he has it right. After all, we are all people. Every person has its own character, his vision of life, their thoughts. And an attempt to change this will worsen the situation.

How to make a man run after you

How to make a man run after you

There are several stages that will help make a man running for you.

Stage first - interest partner

There are a lot of beautiful, educated, interesting women around. But the man needs to be interested, as well as be the most unique and unique. How to achieve this?

  • Be impeccable - In all, whether it is hairstyle, makeup or style of clothing;
  • Learn your partner - It would not be superfluous to identify as much information about the habits and features of a man as much as possible. Having these knowledge will be at times easier to draw his attention to his person;
  • Do not overdo it - The male part of the population does not appreciate too self-confident and aggressive women, in everything there should be harmony and moderation.

Stage the second - to establish contact

The case is done and the man noticed you. What's next? The success of the event will depend on the first dialogue. But how not to make mistakes?

  • Be correct - Stupid giggling or inappropriate questions will end communication at its very beginning;
  • Be a mystery - You should not immediately spread all your trumps to review, leave them finally. If it turns out to awaken in a man the interest in his person - success is half guaranteed;
  • Be Original - Discuss an interesting film or any hobbies are quite better than to ask about work or about how he has.

Stage Third - Event Development

You managed to create a pleasant impression. But how to achieve a man run after you? Strong half of humanity appreciates the trophies, which have to achieve long and diligently. If a woman is easily accessible - it's boring. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain constant interest, surprise it with a variety in developing events and show that you are really special.

Stage Fourth - What's next?

Ultimately, the main goal of a woman is to be happy next to your man. Become a faithful companion and good girlfriend. Help, support, inspire. And then he will not leave anywhere and will be devoted to follow you.

How to make a married man run after you

How to make a married man run after you

It would seem that which one can surprise a man who is spoiled by love and devotion of his own spouse? But in fact, everything is not so rosy. Over time, the relationship in marriage complicates life and routine, and all romance is often reduced to zero and turns into a habit. It is for this reason that men are looking for new acquaintances on the side. It is quite logical in this situation will give him what he is missing in marriage. It is mainly reduced to a banal ability to listen and manifest interest in his words. To attract it will be new sensations, which he has not experienced for quite a long time, allow to relax and feel welcome. This will allow him to compare marriage with new relationships and make a choice in favor of the latter.

Another important factor in order to make a married man run after you - this is the lack of an intimate relationship. They are either no at all, or they stopped being interesting. Therefore, a man is looking for a mistress on the side to re-feel like a hero of the carnal joy. But this should not build illusions that in the end he will remain with you. His either will arrange a double life in which you will have to be secretly adjacent to my wife, or a new mistress will appear later, and instead of a happy family life you will have a broken trough.

Conspiracy How to make a man run after you

Conspiracy How to make a man run after you

Women do not discern to enjoy unconventional ways to make a man run after you. In this case, conspiracy and love spells come to the rescue.

The most famous of rituals is a love spell on the cake.

Mixing the dough, you need to whisper to pronounce the words: "I spell, so that (the name of a man) has connected again with (his name) forever. Amen!".

It is believed to bake the cake and make a love spell in full moon. The partner suggests him the next day. But, most importantly, make sure that no one has tried any beloved baking anymore.

Conspiracy to prevent treason

If there are suspicions that another woman had a beloved, a conspiracy against betrayal will help. He reads in the photo of a partner or his thing, which is placed near the church candle.

The text for a conspiracy: "As a candle burns before me, so all the roads are burned before you. Now we have a common road leading in life together. Amen!".

Conspiracy for the wedding

Each girl dreams of a bright wedding and a lush dress. But if it is not possible to achieve this way, it comes to the wedding conspiracy. He follows any drink that after you need to treat the chosen one.

Text for a conspiracy: "How water is poured in your stomach, on the veins to the heart itself, so the way the road will lead you straight to my door. You're anywhere else, do not stuff and do not forget. I'll give you a light on the way to me. Come more, native. I will be your wife! Keys, language, castle! "

It is difficult to say for sure whether such methods actually work. But many women actively enjoy them to achieve the desired result.

Psychology men

Psychology men

The psychology of the man is one of the most interesting topics attending women's minds. In order to get to make a man run after you, you need to learn to understand it. But how to do that? The main goal of any representative of the strong floor is to assert at any cost. He is a predator, and a woman is prey, which should be considered with his will and wishes. Therefore, the girl needs to show that the man is the main in the family, and his decision will never undergo discussion or disagreement.

There are three points that need to be remembered so that calm and harmony reign in the relationship:

  1. You can not climb into men's affairs. Even when I am sure that he is not right, even if you know that your words will be better. If the partner needs your advice, he will certainly ask him himself. But without the need to put with their thoughts do not.
  2. Use support tactics. It does not matter whether a woman is strong or weak. She must be supported and supporting for his man. And it should feel stronger and significant at any scenario.
  3. Hold criticism. You can not express sharp judgments towards your chosen one. With any scenario, it will react negatively.

Tips for psychologist

Tips for psychologist

To preserve mutual understanding in family life, it is necessary to agree on a relationship with its partner. Want a strong family?

Follow the tips of the psychologist:

  • A woman should always look at 100%, men like to feel aesthetic pleasure when looking at the lover;
  • Woman should be flexible - show understanding and ability to adapt, partner will appreciate;
  • Keep his soulful rest - men do not appreciate hysterical and scandalous individuals;
  • Laugh even over false jokes - he should feel confident;
  • Do not break the variety in intimate life - for men it is extremely important;
  • give you up - even if you are more experienced in something, let him feel like a leader;
  • Respect your beloved - this is the key to healthy relationship;
  • Smile - this likes everyone without exception and causes sympathy;
  • Do not remember the past - the partner will definitely not appreciate if you tell him about the advantages of his ex;
  • Greet him - surprises will help melt a worn male heart.

Wise woman can get any man. To date, there is a huge variety of ways to achieve the desired result. But it is very important to remember that the secret of successful relationship is sincere love and respect. Your task is that he himself wanted to communicate, fall in love with you time, and according to the result - stay next to life. And if a man feel it from his woman, he will go beyond her anywhere. Because if you actually want love, then you need to act today. Arm yourself with the knowledge gained and begin the struggle for your female happiness.

Hello everyone. If you are visited by thoughts, how to make a guy to run for you, then you will now learn how to achieve it. Follow my advice, and you can know the women's secrets of success to attract men. You will be desirable for every man.

Perfect image of a girl

Psychology experts believe that the ideal does not exist. There are certain features in the character and certain appearance criteria, thanks to which the guys experience sympathy and attraction to the girl. With their help, each girl can say: what the guys run behind me.

How to behave for a man running for you: tricks and tips


Each man has its own taste on girls. One like skinny, other chubby. Someone likes the redhead, and someone in the soul will be blondes. To say for sure that there are universal features of appearance. But there is one nuance that matters with any appearance. This is well-groomed.

In order for the man to want to run after you, to achieve him with the ability to manipulate in the future, start watching himself. Be well maintained, dress beautifully, use makeup, attend the gym.

The girl should always be neat, with clean hair, ironed by clothes, listed shoes. Do not regret the time to visit the beauty salons and gym. If there are no financial opportunities, at home in front of bedtached the cucumber and on the face of the round. So easy gymnastics, push ups, squats, press.


The main features of the character, thanks to which a woman can attract a man are her beautiful femininity, caressing and tenderness. When the girl is strong, behaving independently, then her behavior is not many guys like. But what to do if you are constantly so? Learn to distinguish your life, change roles depending on the situation. When at work it is necessary to be a solid character, it is normal. But you should be so exclusively at work. If you are in the company with a guy, open as a woman tender, kind, feminine. If you continue to show your independence, then the man will take you as a friend or rival. But surely he will not think about you as a girl who requires tenderness and caress.

Also, psychologists claim that a man, at least married, at least idle is attracted most of the ladies, certain categories:

  • Like-minded. This woman is always ready to support the ideas of his boyfriend. He first sees a reflection of his own thoughts in it. She will always be a cas, ready to listen to him and support if necessary. At times to provide a very useful advice.
  • Ally. Such a lady has common interests with the cavalier. It's easy and fun with her.
  • Muse. These girls are not affordable and at the same time elegant. They can inspire a guy while being with him. One of the brightest desires of the guy so that he could show the girl to his surrounding, and she was worthy and this girl is just like that. She wants to respect and there is something to be proud of.
  • Rival. This type of type is not like every guy. These girls are strong and independent. Their character can be envied by some guys. With such a girl, the guy is interested, he wants competitions in wisdom, in skills and so on. The basis of such a union is competition and passion.
  • Teacher. Such girls are located young guys who still need a mentor. Such girls are very wise, possess good mental abilities and have a deep inner world.

Behavior in society

When a woman is in sight of everyone, the beloved wants to admire it. Being surrounded, you must forget about all the difficulties and problems. Be:

  • Cheerful;
  • Easy in communication;
  • Open;
  • Wise;
  • Gentle; Affectionate.

In no case show aggression. Even when you are rude, do not lose your dignity, keep composure. The guys do not like the guys if they see that the girl is being rejoiced or lashes the bones behind another person, always watch his speech.

How to behave you now know. You should always be lady in humans. Thus, you can make the guy run after you and after parting.

Women's tricks

Each woman has their own tricks that she puts men to themselves. The main thing is to apply them correctly so that everything worked.

How to behave for a man running for you: tricks and tips

Eroticism in the dress

You need to know the face, between vulgar views and ability to emphasize the advantages of your figure.

Everyone has their pros and cons. One lady has a wide thigh, another problem with the waist. You do not need to get closed in yourself because of this, you must learn how to choose the wardrobe to hide the existing shortcomings and emphasize the existing advantages.

The clothes should always cause a fantasy from a man. When he wants to split you. But if all your advantages are open to the show, it will not be played out of imagination, but the opinion of you and not the best will be created.

Easy arrogance

Involution is a manifestation of pride. When a woman skillfully uses her, she manifests a desire to prove in a man that he is the strongest, brave, worthy. The main thing is not to overdo it. As soon as the guy got on the hook, start holding a small distance for a while.

Common interests

This is the possibility that you can get close to. Find out his hobbies, hobbies and deal with them. If he is a fisherman, find out more about fishing information and when it is a convenient moment, talk to him about this hobby. Show the mixture so that he wanted to train you. You can ask for a master class of fishing.

If you are not fascinating at all such interests, find more acceptable for you yourself, maybe games on the computer. You can find out what he likes from food or films. When he notes that you disassemble in his matters of interest, he will be interested in communicating with you.


Some know how to flirt from nature, but most of the girls flirt need to learn. Flirt implies non-verbal and verbal actions that demonstrate your sympathy to the opposite sex.

Look his eyes, play a look ... There are many different signals. Gently send them to a man, and he will answer anyone.

Intimate compliments

This trickle should be accustomed carefully. A woman must comply with all the norms of morality and add a drop of piquancy in them. The main thing is that the compliment makes not vulgar.

Speak ambiguous to seem more mysterious. Do not speak direct about vulgarity, praising his body. This compliment can push. And an intimate compliment does not have to hint at sex.


Many are thinking how to ignore the man correctly. It is better to do that. You need to be able to keep a distance, play with him, but do not ignore openly. One of the main tricks of each girl is the ability to be a mystery when, it would seem, everything is clear for sure. Do not impose a man, do not tell everything about yourself. You need to be able to go beautifully and mysteriously to remember you. If you wish that the guy keeps your interest to you, give free space to him and save space for yourself.

Tips for psychologist

When no methods help, how to force a lover to run behind yourself or how to make her husband run behind his wife? In such a situation, men's psychology and specialist will help you. Psychologists agree that men like sensitive, gentle, feminine girls who have already existing pluses look seductively.

Council First

Girl under any conditions should look attractive. When a man looks at the girl, he must experience admiration and pride, which is with him there is such a lady.

Tip Second

Do not require the manifestation of stormy emotions from the guy. The young men by nature are scarce on words about love and know how to control their feelings. You can understand their intentions to look into burning eyes and tracing their actions.

Council Third

No one man will not like hysteric, nervous or too a capricious young lady. Men appreciate their peace, from being trying to stay away from such ladies.

Fourth Council

Also guys do not like girls who are constantly imposed. When he lost interest, do not need to be imposed, this behavior is only annoying the male floor.

Council Fifth

The girl should always be mysterious. When a girl can quickly conquer, the guy immediately loses interest and switches his attention to another object to conquer it. According to the result, the longer you keep the intrigue, the longer the man will be enthusiastic.

Not always, tips can go through everything. All people are individual, like approaches to them. It is better to do how to make a heart and mind. If you have our own secrets how to make a man run after you. Share them in the comments.

how to make a man run after

Many girls often ask themselves the question: how to make a man run behind them. Psychology discusses in detail the practice of attracting men. And many recommendations are indeed effective.

How to attract a man: main subtleties

Depending on the status in which a man is in relation to the girl, there may be particular features in attracting this man. It may be a husband, a former guy or a stranger at all. In each case there are your nuances.

If it is a husband

The stamp in the passport does not mean that the husband will always admire you. It all depends on the wizard's economic activity, from the ability to create a comfort and passion at the same time, on whether a man can feel calm and serene. So that a man can fully relax after a hard work day.

A woman like a wife should not cease to take care of his appearance. Old bathrobe, hair curlers, all kinds of face masks do not create a beautiful image. And the man hopes to see the elegant and well-groomed woman next to him.

Even after a long marriage, a woman should be able to listen to her husband, be able to praise him even for, albeit minor, but feats, should be able to still admire them as once. It is important not to forget to say warm words, make affectionate gestures, kiss, hug when meeting or goodbye, then the husband will not exactly go somewhere on the side.

You need to know about the hobbies of your husband, even if the fishing rods are constantly twist at your feet, and the tools can be found in the most unexpected places. It is worthwhile to be interested in working questions. Men love to suck about their boss or colleagues, drinking tea in the kitchen.

The sensitive and caring spouse is highly appreciated in the eyes of the second half. Proper behavior and small tricks will make her husband chase his wife for a long year.

If this is former

Driving a former guy immediately after gap - the task is completely solved. Feelings have not subsided and there is a real chance to survive relationships again.

First of all, it is necessary to identify the cause of your parting. And after start working on errors.

The reasons are most often such:

  1. Egoistic woman. They require more attention to their own person, without returning anything. This state of affairs, probably, does not suit the guy.
  2. Consumer attitude Destroys all feelings. Women can demand expensive gifts, and men can not always pay large accounts. In this case, the guys only hear reproaches to their address, and the desire to continue the relationship fades.
  3. Jealous Creames not only a fair sex representative, but also its chosen one. Life on a powder barrel for a man is not very seductive.

If the gap has occurred a long time ago, but there is still hope for the revival of feelings, then you can talk to a man, apologize for everything, even if he does not really come to contact. In any case, you should try to return your former man.

If this is an unfamiliar man

If the girl attracted a stranger, you need to act carefully. It is necessary to find out what kind of person it is. Maybe he is not as cute, as it seems at first sight. You can talk with his friends, classmates, colleagues, try to find shared friends. Knowing his name, surname, you can try to search for it in social networks.

If the information received matches your expectations, then start looking for common interests. Perhaps he visits the same pool, the gym, in the evening walks with his dog, and in the morning - on a jog. The girl can appear in the same place where the guy often happens. In a relaxed atmosphere, the acquaintance is always easier. Taking advantage of the advice of psychologists, bring started to a certain result.

Recommendations of the psychologist

A woman should not force a man to communicate. But she somehow can make the guy run after her. The art of seduction is that the young man believes that the initiative comes from him. There are several ways that women can use to push the man to the right action.

Do not despair

If the guy does not pay attention to you, then you should not fall into depression and shed tears in advance. Girls can work wonders in relationships. If they want, they will do everything possible to make the guy run behind them. However, this requires a lot of strength and patience. Women should use their imagination and all their ingenuity. Then the man who is indifferent today will admire the young girl tomorrow.

Men love eyes

The first thing is the strong floor gives an assessment of the external data of the girl. They don't care how many languages ​​she knows what is her higher education, but if it has unhappy hair, skin and strange clothes, it is unlikely that he will pay attention to it.

Therefore, a woman must take care of his image. First you can go through the wardrobe. It is better to get rid of boring gray and black clothes. Strongly worn hoodies and old models need to be removed. Some things let them remain in the wardrobe, which will well emphasize your shape and hide disadvantages. It will not hurt to acquire beautiful and elegant underwear. Successfully selected style will give confidence to the girl.

If the figure is imperfect, then you should sign up for the gym, observe the drinking mode and stick to an adequate diet. A new way of life will save the body from unnecessary kilograms, the skin will become more touched and elastic.

Do not forget about the manicure, pedicure, haircut and staining. Through the roots make your hairstyle neglected visually. And the nails with the detached varnish produce an unpleasant impression.

And about shoes, too, do not forget. Some sneakers and ballet shoes for every day guy will not attract. Sometimes you need to wear high heels. They immediately emphasize elegance and femininity.

Method of the Snow Queen

Tactics encourages the girl to feel impregnable. Even if the young lady begins to tremble from joy in the presence of a young man, visually she should not show this. Let the guy knows about the feelings of a woman. It will be nervous, so he will try to act more resolutely.

You should try to wake a hunter's passion in man. He will gladly take the conditions and plunge into an interesting game. But it is worth a little relaxed how your roles can change. He will force a woman to run behind him, and not the opposite.

Therefore, a young girl should not be the first to take active actions. Calls, messages first, also with perseverance is prohibited.

If you really want to call, then you need to overcome yourself. It is better to do something to distract: cook dinner, watch a movie or chat with a friend.

The principle of the Snow Queen can bring sufficiently good results. However, one should not overdo it.

Joint hobbies and interests

The overall hobby is a pledge of strong relationships. The girl should more learn more about his partner's hobbies, he will be extremely pleased to know what you are interested in.

Three recommendations from psychologists:

  1. Sincere interest will help the girl approach the object of worship. If the young man loves to go fishing and invites his beloved to participate, it is better not to give up this. You must accept the invitation and go at least once. The guy will surely understand that the girl is not interested in sitting with the fishing rod, but she struggles to understand his hobbies, and enter the circle of his interests. And next time he will not insist on the trip, but will go over one or friends without offense.
  2. Criticism is very badly perceived by representatives of strong sex. Especially if the favorite collection of stickers, key chains, cards, machines are discussed. It is unlikely that a man wants to continue communication.
  3. To express your respect for the hobby of your chosen one, the girl should buy the missing item to replenish the collection.

You can also explore the history of his hobby, read articles on the Internet, to deepen in this topic. A man will definitely notice and will appreciate the efforts of his partner.

Compliments of intimate character

Guys, like girls, love to hear compliments in their side, especially intimate. Interestingly, even tough and brutal on the sight of a man, in the shower can doubt in its irresistibility and sexuality. Therefore, women have to often chantive the merits of a loved one, modestly silent about the shortcomings.

You can whisper into his ear that it looks like Greek God and that his sexuality is insane. You can come up with some original phrases and repeat them as often as possible. The man very soon will feel the strong, irresistible, gentle and skillful master of love games.

Decision Action Algorithm

Some women have to make a lot of effort to make a man run after her. Therefore, experienced hearts made a step-by-step plan of action, which will help the ladies to achieve the desired result. Instructions are simple, but its effectiveness is proved in practice.

Stage 1: Welcome a guy

A lot of girls get acquainted with their beauty, mind, charm. But each of them is a unique person. Therefore, the young girl is not necessary to chase well-established beauty samples. To attract a guy, it is recommended to it all ways to preserve its exclusivity, individuality.

Men prefer natural beauty. Slightly emphasizing the eyes, neutral lipstick and air curls will create a romantic and attractive image, but a sharp and brave makeup, on the contrary, can scare your chosen one.

Bright make-up will be to the place only in the evening, in special cases. Too open neckline, short skirts are better replaced by more closed dresses to wake up the fantasy of men.

Confidence in yourself, aggressive attacks, rudeness only frighten the young man. Such qualities as smile and tenderness are more likely to make your man run after you.

Great when the girl and her beloved have common acquaintances. She will have to learn his hobbies, interests and habits. These knowledge will help you find a common language.

Stage 2: To establish contact

The first conversation is extremely important. He should leave only a pleasant impression in the mind of a man so that he again wanted to meet and continue the conversation. If the representative of a strong sex is somewhere late or busy important things, it is not worth distracting it. Otherwise, the conversation will be remembered, a little obsessive.

A quarter of an hour is the perfect time for the first communication. You can talk about hobbies, films or read books. It is not necessary to immediately issue all the trumps, for example, telling you like football or hockey. It is also not recommended a young girl to immediately tell a lot of details about himself. It is better to make several prompts to decipher them one after the next in the next few conversations.

It is necessary to work on your matners of the conversation. Stupid tricks, embarrassed giggling, a rough voice can negatively affect the opinion of the man about your person. If the girl notices the wrong behavior behind him, then you can spend a small rehearsal before the mirror.

Stage 3: Further course of events

If you managed to make a good impression, then you need to continue to go to the goal. At this stage, psychologists recommend a girl a little show their unavailability. You should not run to a man on the first call. The girl should show that she has many other things and that she does not sit back in waiting for his call.

First, you need to think a little bit and refuse, referring to some urgent cases that can actually do not. He will be surprised by such a response, but after a few days he will repeat his proposal. Then you can agree, otherwise the refusal will cool it.

When meeting, even if it took place fleetingly, the girl should appear differently before the object of passion. So, once you can wear tight jeans, sneakers, make a tail. Another time to appear before it in the image of a strict and business woman - put on a business suit, high heels. In the third meeting you can appear in a romantic image: a slight dress, lace.

In addition, that the guy's interest does not decrease after a couple of meetings, the girl is recommended to improve.

Stage 4: Date

The first date is a solemn event to which you should prepare. There are several rules of behavior:

  1. Good mood. On the face of the girl should wake a smile. The sullen face is unlikely to love the partner, and the next date may not be.
  2. Discover phrases and lecture on higher mathematics it is better to leave for later. The conversation should be simple, free.
  3. Give a young man with the opportunity to take care of you. It can open the door, pushing the chair and help remove the upper clothes with you. And the girl will be happy, and the man will feel sought after.
  4. Listen carefully about what the partner says. It is advisable to comment on his speech and express your opinion.
  5. Do not greading the praise. Men love when they admire their successes and achievements.
  6. Do not doubt the words of the interlocutor. Find a non-existent trick is a bad beginning of the relationship.
  7. The girl needs to remember his interests. Do not immediately sink in feelings already on the first date.

Following the recommendations will help you make that a man will run after you.

Stage 5: How to act further?

To impress the man is not as difficult as it seems. But keeping his attention and interest is much more difficult. However, a woman should remember that every young man eager for care and attention. But it is impossible to be intrusive. Guys quickly get tired of increased attention, and over time they try to communicate with it as much as possible.

The ideal chosen is the one who does not limit the space of a man, does not impose his interests, does not call every half an hour to find out where and with whom it is.

But not to take care of the life of your man too. The girl must define the golden middle and try to stick it.

Recommendations of the psychologist

Sometimes techniques aimed at the man running for you, do not work at all. In such cases, the girl is better to seek help to a psychologist. Experts agree that men pay attention to feminine, sensitive weak sex representatives, which, at the same time, look seductive.

All recommendations of psychologists can be combined at five points:

  1. Woman in any conditions should look good. A man looking at his halves should experience admiration and pride because there is such a charming flower next to him.
  2. You should not expect sharp emotions from the guy. Young people are often missing words about love and carefully follow their feelings. However, their glowing eyes and noble deeds mean much more. It is better to focus on them.
  3. Men hate hysterical, nervous, overly capricious young women. They will go too much to their peace, so they try to bypass impulsive and restless women.
  4. Not in the first place in men obsessive girls. If his interest disappeared, then it does not need to call him not to descend in his eyes even lower. These actions will only pushed a man.
  5. A woman should always be present inexpensively. Quickly conquered girls become uninteresting guy, and he starts searches again. Consequently, the more she will be able to keep the intrigue, the longer the man will run behind it.

With men, it is better to speak openly. They do not understand hints, so they are so frankly surprised by your statements and various kinds of claims. Also, girls are not recommended to manipulate their beloved.


Not always blind followed by recommendations leads to an expected result. No need to rely only on the opinion of psychologists, but you need to act as the heart and mind say.

Video to the material

9 ways to make men run after you

Many modern girls want to be attractive in the eyes of young people, feel welcome and happy. Meeting a worthy candidate, a woman dreams of conquering him at first sight and quickly fall in love with himself. There are proven ways and small tricks, how to make a man run after you and become the object of his adoration.

9 secrets for the seduction of a man

If you do not know how to attract the attention of a strong sex representative, follow these simple recommendations:

one. Watch your appearance. During the dating men immediately pay attention to the appearance of the girl. Therefore, at the first meeting, it is important to make a pleasant impression. This will allow you to interest the young man, and he will surely want to continue communication and recognize you better. To always look impeccable, a woman needs to follow the condition of the skin, nails and hair, to apply light makeup before leaving home, dressed neat, please smell.

2. Sell ​​from the crowd of rivals. Cute girls a lot. To become the only one, you need to differ from the majority, to be an interesting person with a volitional character, bright emotionality, right manners and extraordinary habits. Analyze your strengths and you will definitely understand what your personality is: in non-bunny gestures, a developed sense of humor, an unusual style of wardrobe, facial expressions or votes.

3. Be independent and inaccessible. Men in nature are hunters and conquerors. You can show sympathy for the young man and unobtrusively demonstrate interest, but do not allow yourself to run after him, to get involved, often call and constantly look for meetings. After the first date, keep the pause in communication, give the guy the opportunity to take care of you and show perseverance.

four. Always self-improvement and develop strong qualities. A modern girl should be able to support the conversation on various topics, discuss movies, music, their hobbies and hobbies. A woman needs to deal with fears and complexes, read a lot, study foreign languages, play sports.

five. Smile and be affectionate. Men love cheerful active girls who are glowing from the inside, shine and rejoice in every pleasant little things. Such women give their warmth and care, share tenderness and energy, inspire guys on the feats and important actions. Each strong young man wants him to support and support in the face of life companions.

6. Do not forget about the development of sexuality. Young people always notice sensual movements, smooth gait, beautiful body shapes. To be sexually attractive, it is not necessary to dress defiantly. To do this, you can do dancing or yoga, visit trainings on seducing and disclosure of femininity, study the foundations of Flirt.

7. Be unpredictable. In order for the interest of a man with time, it did not fade, it is important to be able to surprise him with non-born actions. Sometimes it is useful to forget about planning and suggest a guy to make a spontaneous act: go on a journey, engage in an interesting sport or find a common unusual hobby, choose to meet a nonbust place.

eight. Praise a man and admire his achievements. Guys are important for girls to notice the results of their activities and in every way encouraged for professional and personal progress. Remember, the more often you will tell your companion nice words, the more he will try to surprise you again and again.

nine. Sometimes let's have a reason for jealousy. Jealousy is a strong feeling that allows you to remind a guy about how you are expensive to him. It is important not to cross the definite feature and your actions are not offended by a partner.

To enjoy the man, you must first take and love yourself. Then it will be interesting and mischievously.

And which of these methods have you already tried? Write about it in the comments.

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Sometimes I really want to understand how to make a man run after you. In psychology, the practice of attracting guys is considered in detail. And many tips really work.

Features of attracting men

Features depend on the status in which the guy is located in relation to the girl. This may be a husband, a former young man or a stranger. In each case there are nuances.

If it is a husband

The stamp in the passport does not mean that a man will always be there. It all depends on how the spouse will be able to establish life, and whether the house is cozy, quietly and calmly. To come after a difficult day, a man could fully relax.

A woman, being his wife, should not cease to take care of her form. The loose bathrobe, hair curlers, eternal masks on the face do not create a beautiful image. And the man hopes to see the stylish, well-groomed spouse next to him.

Even after a long marriage, the wife should be able to listen to the spouse, praise him for the feats, laugh at a successful joke. It is important not to forget to speak warm words, make gesture gestures, kiss for goodbye or at a meeting, and then make her husband run for you will not be difficult.

It should be carefully referring to her husband's hobbies, even if the rods are constantly confused under their feet, and tools can be found in the most unexpected place. It is worthwhile and workers. Men do not mind gicked up about the head or colleagues, sitting in the kitchen for a circle of tea.

Chutky, attentive spouse is highly appreciated in the eyes of the second half. Proper behavior and small tricks will make her husband run for his wife for many more years.

If this is former

Make a former guy run after you immediately after parting - this is a completely solved task. Feelings have not yet managed to cool, and there is a real chance for the revival of relationships.

To begin with, it is worth determining the cause of the break. And after finding out, work on the misses and disadvantages. The reasons are the following:

  1. Women behave selfishly. They require increased attention to themselves, not giving anything in return. It is unlikely that such a state of affairs will arrange a guy.
  2. Husband and wifeConsumer attitude kills all feelings. Girls can demand expensive gifts, and young people are not always able to pay big bills. In such a situation, guys will only hear reproaches to their address, and the desire to continue the relationship fades.
  3. Jealousy in an empty place is crazy not only a lady, but also her cavaller. Life on a powder barrel is not too tempting for male.

If the parting occurred for a long time, but the hope for the revival of the feelings remained, then you can talk to a man, apologize for everything, even if he doesn't really come to contact. In any case, you need to make maximum effort, and somehow still make the former guy run after you.

If this is a stranger

If a girl liked an unfamiliar or unfamiliar man, then you need to act carefully. It is necessary to find out what he is per person. Perhaps he is not at all so cute as it seemed when meeting. You can communicate with his friends, classmates, colleagues, try to find common acquaintances. Knowing his name, surname, you should search it in social networks.

If the information obtained is quite satisfied with the seductive, then you need to go to the search for common interests. Perhaps he goes into the same pool, the gym or walks in the evenings with a dog, and in the morning it goes on a jog. The girl can appear in the same places as the guy. In a relaxed atmosphere, it will be better to get acquainted closer, to interest it. And using the advice of psychologists, bring it to a concrete result.

Methods and advice

A woman should not force a man to communicate, meetings. But she can somehow make that the guy himself will run behind her. The art of the Testament is that the young man believes that the initiative comes from him. There are several methods that help women push men to the right actions.

Do not despair

If the guy does not pay any attention, then you should not fall into depression and irrigate with tears pillow ahead of time. Girls are able to make wonders in relationships. It is necessary for them to want, and they will make everything that the guy runs on them on the heels. However, it will take a lot of strength, patience. Women should include fantasy and put into move all ingenuity. Then the man is indifferent today, tomorrow with admiration will be observed for the young Verine.

Men love eyes

Sort out the wardrobeFirst of all, men evaluate the external data of the girl. It does not matter how many languages ​​she knows what higher education has received, if it has confused hair, non-dimensional skin and incomprehensible clothing. Therefore, the lady should take care of its image.

To begin with, you can go through the entire wardrobe. From boring gray, black clothes get rid of. Balahons and bad sitting models need to be removed. Let a few things remain in the closet, but they will sit well on the figure, to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the smooth bends of the body. It will not hurt to acquire beautiful, the right sets of underwear. Successfully selected style will add a girlfriend of confidence.

If the figure has shortcomings, you should sign up to the gym, observe the drinking mode and stick to the right nutrition. A new way of life will save the body from unnecessary kilograms, the skin will become tightened elastic.

Do not forget about manicure, pedicure, haircut and staining. Through the roots give the head unsembly appearance. And nails with lacquer, create an unpleasant impression.

And it is worth thinking about shoes. One sneakers and ballet shoes guys will not take up. You must sometimes wear heels. They immediately emphasize sexuality, make a woman more feminine.

Principle of the Snow Queen

Tactic offers a girl to feel an impregnable fortress. Even if the lady in the presence of a young man begins to tremble from delight, it should not be noticeable. Let the guy be in the ignorance regarding the feelings of the lady. It will make him nervous, doubt and will negle to new actions.

You need to try to awaken in a man's excitement hunter. He will gladly take the conditions and the head will plunge into an interesting game. But it is worth letting the slack and roles will change. He will force a woman to run behind him, and not the opposite.

Therefore, the young Virgin is not worth the first to take active actions. Calls, messages are prohibited. If you really want to call, then you need to overcome yourself. It is better to do business: cook dinner, dance to music or call a friend.

The principle of the Snow Queen brings good results. However, it is also not worth it too to overdo it.

General hobbies and interests

The overall hobby is the key to strong relationships. The girl is recommended to learn more about the hobbies of the partner, it will be extremely pleasant to learn about her awareness.

Common interests

And three councils:

  1. Sincere interest will help the girl to get close to the object of adoration. If a young man is fond of fishing and invites the elected to take part in it, then you do not need to refuse immediately. You should take an invitation and go at least once. Most likely, the guy will notice that the lady is not interested in sitting with a fishing rod, but she tries to understand his hobby with all their might. And next time it will not insist on the trip, and without an offense he will go.
  2. Criticism is very poorly perceived by a strong floor. Especially if the discussion is the favorite collection of stickers, keyfobs, cards, machines. It is unlikely that a man wants to communicate further.
  3. To show your respect for a male hobby, a girl is recommended to buy the missing thing to replenish the collection.

Lamb is advisable to get acquainted with the history of the hobby, read articles on the Internet, to extract thematic magazines. A man will definitely notice and will appreciate the efforts of the partner.

Intimate compliments

Guys, like girls, love to listen to compliments, especially intimate character. Interestingly, even harsh, brutal seemingly man in the soul may doubt his irresistance and sexuality. Therefore, the ladies should often sing the diffirable advantages of their beloved, modestly silent about the shortcomings.

You can whisper in his ear that he looks like a Greek God, and his sexuality is crazy. You should come up with several original phrases and repeat them every day. A man will quickly feel like a strong, irresistible, hot and skillful master of love games.

Step-by-step action plan

Some girls have to apply a lot of effort to make a man run behind. Therefore, step-by-step action plan was drawn up with experienced hearts, helping young individuals to achieve results. The instruction is simple, but its effectiveness is proved in practice.

Stage 1. Interested in a guy

Girls cling to their beauty, mind, charm, a lot. But each of them is a unique person. Therefore, the young Virgin is not at all necessary to chase the installed beauty templates. To attract a guy, it is recommended to support its exclusivity.

OgleMen prefer natural beauty. Eye emphasising, neutral lipstick and air curls will create a romantic, attractive image, and an exotic coloring, on the contrary, can scare away the guy. Bright makeup is appreciated only in the evening, in special cases. Too open neckline, short skirts are better replaced by more closed clothes to make the male fantasy work.

Self-confidence, aggressive attacks, rudeness only scare off the obstacle object. Such qualities like a smile and tenderness, have more chances to make the guy run for you.

Perfect if the virgin with the cavalier has common acquaintances. She must figure out his hobbies, interests, habits. These knowledge will help find contact points.

Stage 2. To establish contact

The first conversation is extremely important. He must leave a pleasant impression of a man's mind, so that he wanted to meet again to continue the conversation. If a young man is somewhere late or busy important things, then you do not need to distract him. Otherwise, the conversation will turn out to be crumpled, a bit intrusive.

A quarter of an hour is the optimal time for the first dialogue. You can discuss common hobbies, films that have been hired, or read books. The girl should not enthusiastically respond, for example, about hockey, if in fact he is not interested in her. In the future, this fact may turn out, and the young man will be unpleasantly surprised, even disappointed. And also a young maiden should not immediately tell a lot of details about himself. It is better to make some hints to in the following conversations, alternately decipher them.

It is necessary to work on the manner of the conversation. Stupid climbing, embarrassed giggling, sharp voice act repulsively. If a girl notices the wrong behavior behind him, then before the meeting it is desirable for her to shift phrases in front of the mirror.

Stage 3. Further Development of Events

If you managed to make a good impression, then you need to move on. At this stage, psychologists advise the girl to become a bit inaccessible. Do not run on a date to a man on the first call. A woman should be shown that she has many other activities, and she does not sit, folded his hands, waiting for his invitation. For the first time you need to think a little and refuse, referring to urgent matters. He is surprised by such an answer, but in a few days it will repeat his proposal. Then it should be agreed, otherwise the failures will be cooled by his fervor.

Meeting in cafeEvery time at a meeting, even a mumbling, the girl should appear in front of the object of passion in different images. One day she walks in well-sitting jeans, priests, with a horse tail. In another - puts on a strict business suit with a high heel. In the third meeting, you can appear in the romantic image: a slight dress, lace.

In addition, the guy's interest does not fade after a couple of meetings, the girl is recommended to be self-improvement.

Stage 4. Date

The first date is a solemn event to be prepared. There are several rules of behavior:

  1. Good mood. On the face of the girl should play a smile. The sullen physiognomy is unlikely to like the partner, and the next date may not be.
  2. Discover phrases and lecture on higher mathematics it is better to save for a more suitable case. The conversation should proceed easily and freely.
  3. Give a man the opportunity to take care. He can open the door, pushing the chair, help remove the upper clothes. And the girl will be nice, and the guy will feel necessary.
  4. To carefully listen to the story of the partner. It is advisable to comment on the heard, express your opinion.
  5. Do not bother to praise. Men love when they admire their successes and achievements.
  6. Should not be doubted in the words of the interlocutor. Search for trick where it is not - this is a bad beginning of any relationship.
  7. The girl should remember his interests. Do not dissolve in a young man on the first date.

Compliance with the recommendations will make sure that the man run after you after the successful meeting. It is desirable to strive for this effect.

Stage 5. What to do next

Hook a man is not as difficult as it seems. But it is much more difficult to keep. However, a woman needs to remember that any young man needs care and attention. But do not impose. The guys quickly get tired of the increased activity of their ladies, and over time they try to communicate with it as little as possible.

The ideal companion is the one who does not limit his space, does not impose his hobbies, does not ring every half an hour to find out where and with whom he spends time. But it is impossible not to be interested in his life at all. The girl needs to determine the golden middle, and try to stick to her.

Tips of psychologists

Sometimes no methods telling about how to make a man run for you, absolutely do not help. In such cases, the girl is better to appeal to psychology. Experts agree that guys attract feminine, sensitive young ladies, who at the same time look seductive.

A man helps to collect fruits

All psychologist tips can be combined at five points:

  1. The lady in any circumstances must look beautiful. The man, every time I look at the companion, should experience admiration and pride because such an adorable flower is located next to him.
  2. Do not require the guy of the rapid manifestations of emotions. Young people are often bullless words about love, and carefully control their feelings. However, their burning eyes and noble deeds mean much more. It is better to focus on them.
  3. Men on the Spirit do not tolerate hysterical, nervous, too, capricious young ladies. They too appreciate their peace, so they try to bypass the side of impulsive and restless ladies.
  4. Not in favorite of guys and obsessive girls. If you have lost interest from his part, then you do not need to call him, come across the eyes everywhere. Such actions only push the young man.
  5. Woman should be a mystery. Quickly conquered girls, are not interested in the guy, and he is looking for a new object for conquest. Therefore, the longer it will be able to save intrigue, the longer the man will run behind it.

With men, it is better to talk openly. They do not understand hints, so frankly surprise claims from the lady. And also girls are not recommended to manipulate the chosen.

Not always blind followed by advice and recommendations leads to the desired result. It is only necessary to rely on the opinion of psychologists, and how to act as the heart and mind.

how to make a man run after you photoHow to make a man run after you? After all, it is no secret that the desire to feel the most desirable is the secret dream of each young lady. Women want their talents to be appreciated, they adored them, loved and admired. However, it is not always real, the female appearance will force representatives of strong sex to light up the desire to care for the lady. What in this case to do? How to make a man "run" for a woman? Practical advice and recommendations are presented below in this article.

How to make a man run after you - Psychology

It is difficult to imagine that woman who would not dream to "run" a favorite chosen one for her, gave flowers, having gone beautifully. Each woman thought about such relations in his life, but not everyone managed to be a happy owner of enchanting courtesies. So the world is arranged that the more passionate the lady there is a desire to get male attention, the smaller the desired man appears to be a zeal. How sad, but this is a fact. Therefore, the chosen one should not know that Femin wants him to achieve it. It is necessary to furnish everything so that he thinks that this is his personal desire, "run" for a woman.

The psychology of representatives of a strong half is so arranged that they need to conquer female hearts and seek women to increase their own self-esteem. And knowing male psychology and becoming for the future chosen one's favorite and the only one, it will not be difficult for a man to "run" for you.

So how to make a man "run" after you? To achieve the desired from a representative of a strong half, it is necessary to conquer his heart, surprise His mind, to admire the latitude of interests, the worldview, as well as its female kind, and not just play some primitive instincts of seduction. It is no secret that in the female environment it is customary to believe that sex manages the life of men, but such an understanding of male psychology is far from truth. Representatives of the strong half also seek to love, but they express their own telesselves otherwise than the ladies.

The advice of psychologists, how to make a man "run" for a woman, is to need to pay attention to the emerging statement about the emotional coldness of the strong gender, which must be considered incorrect. Recent studies have established that the romantic movement of films are not less cling to men than women. Simply a strong part of the population to confessed in their own sentimentality lacking courage. Men always remember the day of acquaintance with the beloved, remember the details of the First Randene and store a long time with a cute heart of various souvenirs and belligelligers. In addition to all this, representatives of a strong half in their address love to hear affectionate words and tender "nonsense." They need touching-sentimental touches.

Therefore, knowing that men's coldness and thick-beaze is another legend invented offended Femin, it is required to use sentimental things and tenderness in their "Arsenal" to charm a man and call him a desire to "run" for a woman. It should be remembered that representatives of the strong floor are only externally in the manifestation of their own feelings because of fear seem sentimental, as well as subcabs. Therefore, the manifestation of female care and tenderness, romance is exactly what makes a man get involved in a woman, which is important to always take into account when building relationships.

It is also important in the relationship of the ladies to take into account that representatives of the strong half believe that young charming and older femin need only one thing from them. However, in fact, women are looking for a confident and strong partner, since they choose their father's children. Unfortunately, for the human strength and confidence, representatives of the strong half affect the absence or presence of significant capital. Therefore, knowing that men do not welcome those ladies who hunt their wallet, you can avoid mistakes in building a desired relationship. Therefore, to force a man to "run" for a woman will allow the manifestation of calm and some indifference relative to the financial capabilities of the chosen.

If you ask the question and find out from representatives of a strong half, which attracts them in the female field, then most will answer in a lie, referring to the attraction to the inner world of charming and the ability to be canceled. In fact, the male floor first draws his eyes to the figure and the appearance of its chosen, and already in the future, if these parameters arrange, men replete their attention and the inner world of the girl. Therefore, in order for the chosen one to appreciate the mysterious and beautiful female soul, it is first necessary to be interested in sophisticated and seductive exterior. It is important to remember every femin, going under the favorite TV series various goodies, if the question is "how to make a man" run "behind yourself?" It remains open and not solved.

Men's psychology in relation to Femina relies on the compliance of the chosen by the generally accepted standards of beauty and every representative of a strong sex, choosing a beloved on the subconscious level, relies on the external data of the girl. And only later, when a man will be conquered by the beauty of the chosen, her charm, he will begin to evaluate the inner world and its business. Therefore, it is possible to force a man to "run" for a woman without opening all the home intercom and the depths of your soul on the first dating.

How to make a man run after you - Tips for psychologists

If all the methods are already involved, but it does not work, and the question remains open "How to make a man" run "for yourself?", To do this, you should truly wish to understand "Zakolek" and the sacraments of male psychology. After all, some femina only in words are trying to understand the future chosen one, but in fact they feel indifference as to what is happening in the soul of men. For such women, the main thing is to be satisfied with their expectations and needs. This is a mistake, because it is not uncommon in our time, when the smart, the beautiful young lady suffers from loneliness, and the girl's mind-minded and external data is happy in a relationship.

There is no certain ideal of female beauty, which would like to taste all representatives of strong sex. All men are different, therefore, their preferences differ. But numerous surveys have established the existence of three main characteristics that must be present at a dream woman: seductive, femininity and kindness. None of the representatives of the strong floor wants to have a "guide" in the wives. And the stronger in the lanes they are developed by their feminine, the more attractive and charming for male.

So how to make a man "run" for you? Tips of psychologists on this subject are as follows:

"The woman should always look good, as a man who seriously configured in relation to the lady wants to see always beloved" with a battle parade. " It is important to take into account, since the male psychology regarding women is such that gentlemen like when looking at the elected not only feel aesthetic pleasure, as well as that the partner for them serve as the object of boasting and pride in front of the other "males";

"A woman needs to understand the psychology of men in a relationship, because men's psychology in love is standing out with a calmer referral than the ladies. Most women incorrectly interpret emotional male restraint, perceiving her for the heartlessness and starting claiming a claim on this matter. This will definitely not contribute to the female attractiveness and is unlikely to help force a man to "run" for a woman;

- Representatives of strong sex in communication prefer flexible girls, easily adaptable and cheerful. Psychologists are associated with natural egoism and fraction of sexism (chauvinism) in men. They are convinced that due to female natural nature should be adapted exclusively to Femin;

- Men carefully refer to personal peace and try to refrain from communicating with hysterical ladies. Therefore, it is necessary to remember women that the representatives of the men's part of the population are initiated, restless, nervous femina suggests real horror and such behavior in communicating ladies needs to be avoided;

- Most of the young lady makes such a typical error: as soon as the elect ceases to show interest, the femin itself takes the initiative "in his hands" and begins to call, imposing, so with him communication, which only repels the one who liked the chosen one. It is impossible to do so;

- Cavallar's interest in the lady will be present while there is a female riddle. Interest in female person allows the lady to hold near himself a long time chief. Knowing that the "Conqueror" instinct lives in a man, you can have a female mystery to force a man to "run" after you at the initial stage of building relationships. As soon as the riddle will be solved, and the woman is conquered, the interest in the lady will start to fall and the man will stop "running" for a woman. Therefore, the woman is worth the task of keeping his riddle throughout life;

- Psychologists advise women who want to conquer men's hearts to be self-sufficient and confident. For men, the attractiveness of active and independent ladies, having their own friends and interests. Representatives of strong sex like when the young lady connects care and mind, confidence and tenderness, independence and femininity. And to feed the illusions about the fact that men prefer home "Klush" do not need. Their choice is based on love for homely comfort and delicious kitchen, and they will pull them independent, active and daring;

- They also do not like strong sex representatives. Different manipulations from women, they do not burn with the desire to solve the thoughts and marks of the elect. Their dreams are reduced to simple and relaxing relationships.

Psychologists celebrate some rules for women with a man like:

- smile - it likes everyone and causes sympathy;

- Do not be clever - can push the man in the desire to build relationships;

- be weaker - a man is more pleasant to be necessary than to observe the female omnipotence;

- to be generous on praise - a good word is nice to all representatives of strong sex;

- To be able to listen to the chosen one, he needs not only next to the beauty, and a partner in life;

- to trust and not look for a trick in words, do not require full reporting, men love freedom;

- Appreciate yourself and not dissolve in the elect, to be an independent person.

So, it's not so difficult to force a man to "run" for you, if there is a desire. The main thing is to appreciate your interests, do not wait for an instant result, to be patient and enough wise woman.

Author :Practical psychologist Vednash N.A.

Speaker of the Medical and Psychological Center "Plyomed"

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