What is streamed, streamer, donat - simple words

Welcome to the page and cool that you are interested in similar themes. I would like to raise an interesting question today, that all the same such streams, streamers and donates.

What is streamed, streamer, donat - simple words

So, let's start probably from the sources and remember that the first from which this story began is live ether. But earlier, the lives were only among major television studios, and there were no phones. There was time and technology changed, computers, Internet, and then mobile with large screens began to appear on their way.

Now you can enter the live broadcast anyone who has a phone with a camera and Internet access and applications on this topic mass. Let's start with simple, such as: YouTube, Twitch, Instagram . If the first and last app you know, then the middle it is possible for you turned new.

What is streamed, streamer, donat - simple words

So what is Twitch. ...

This is a platform that allows you to conduct live ether. Most often, such ethers go to game topics. Therefore, a person who has a live broadcast and is called a streamer.

Streamer (from the English Stream "Video flow") is a person who, using the Internet and webcam (mobile phone), broadcasts what is happening around him, accompanying all the detailed comments.

But most often people called people who live online games and competitions on online games. This is such a new level of commentators. And what, entertainment content, can also be.

What is streamed, streamer, donat - simple words

You ask - what is the meaning?

The meaning is that this is also a job, albeit specific and peculiar. To get money for it, you need to work a little.

Sources of revenue of streamers

The first source is records of broadcasts that can be monetized on YouTube. If the number of views is large, it will be possible to receive an average middle-service salary. It is estimated here and the number of people who watched advertising in breaks between the recording.

The following option is Donatas. In fact, it is donations to the author. There is a special service that helps all this make it right.

Well, the third option will agree with the blog advertising, then the streamer receives money from an organization for the provision of advertising services.

Technologies do not stand still and rapidly develop. Imagine, because in not such a distant time, people could not even imagine that with someone it would be possible to communicate being completely at the other end of the world.

People also did not imagine that it would be possible to watch various shows in real time, again, being at least in Antarctica. Then it was something not comprehensible and those people who dreamed about it and spoke about the real possibility of such technologies, considered madmen. However, everything became real. In the article, we will talk about streams, stripes and earnings on this.

Stream ( Steam ) what is it and for what you need

Stream is a continuous transmission of audio orvideo files from the server to the client. Simply put, Stream is what happens when consumers watch TV or listen to podcasts on devices connected to the Internet. When streaming a multimedia file, played by the valuable device, is retained remotely and passed for a few seconds yesterday via the Internet.

Streaming can be called streamingonline-broadcasting. The first websites were simple text pages with the pictures of two. However, today anyone who has a fairly fast connection to the kinternet, can broadcast high-definition movies or self-call via the Internet. This is possible thanks to the technology called Stream.

Who are such streamers

A person who broadcasts himself in the mode during the game in video games or other classes, is known for somehow a caviar.

Types of Strov (Steam)

Streams are:

Creative . In time, a man draws a man, sings, composes works, communicating and advancing with his audience.

Game . The streamer is broadcast by how it plays in a specific video game and comments on what is happening.

Conversational . The streamer tells about different things. Usually, the audiences ask the Strimer questions, and he answers them, affecting certain topics.

Culinary . The streamer is engaged in the preparation of a certain dish, broadcasting the process of viewers.

What is needed for stream

To make a good Steam, you need:

1. Internet access

You need a high-quality Internet connection with a drive throughput for a stable direct broadcast. It is not recommended to use a wired network connection and avoid-fi by any price!

As soon as you have a connection, check if you start work. Despite the fact that you can perform the fulfillment with less bandwidth, it is recommended to use the download speed from 3 to 5 Mbps.

2. Laptop

Although the exact technical requirements are required depending on the software you are using, almost any new laptop is suitable today. Search for something in the Intel I7 complex, at least 8 GB of RAM, solid-state hard disk (SSD) and as many USB ports.

The desktop computer is also a good one if you do not need portability that the laptop provides. Prothesis computers usually have more USB ports and more expansion opportunities that are excellent provese if you plan to increase streaming levels in the future.

3. Camera

For individual authors and small brand, the most simple and economy cameras are standard USB webcams. Quick search in Google will tell you the kind, the best and most popular camera for your streaming transcensions.

If you are broadcast not from your table or a sustainable surface to which you can attach a webcam, or if you use a digital camera, you can also purchase a tripod.

Note. USB cameras are usually not supplied with a long cord. To arrange them in different places, you may need a USB Repeatable Cable. It has a built-in component that enhances the signal.

4. Microphone

The sound quality is one of the most illuminated and ignored elements in the live ether. Depending on your budget of streaming settings, there are several options for correctly recorded.

If people sitting by a table or table are involved in your stream - a stationary installation in which people are not too frequently) - you can use condenser microphones with a table-blind. These microphones are good in that they do not perceive a lot of background noise.

Timber microphones are another wivariant, especially if your stream is more dynamic than stationary system and chat. These are small clips, and you probably saw them by television. You can get these microphones in wired and wireless, which makes them an excellent choice if there are people standing or moving in your stream. However, it should be noted that these microphones are customized by noise indoors.

If you are planning to use Microphones by Smiskener, you need to make sure that they are equipped with an XLR audio jack or ¼. USB microphones will not work. You will also also be audio cables for connecting microphones to mixture / laptop, which are sometimes sold separately.

5. Audio mixer

Audio mixer will allow you to use many microphones and other audio sources in your stream. It also also places you to adjust the volume of the microphone of each person, to put out that everyone is on the same level.

For modern stride, there is an insistent number of mixer variants. The biggest consideration of the common thing? How many inputs it has. To determine how many inputs are you, appreciate the number of people you want to have simultaneously withamophones.

You should also search for a mixer with USB output, as this is the easiest way to transfer sound to a computer.

6. Software

Software is something that allows you to take multi-dimensional inputs and create an honed stream for the intronceration, with scenes and transitions. Here you can also take your logo on the other graphics and impose it on live video.

There are many programs for streaming video and switching videos, both free and paid, each isproes are designed to meet various needs. Before the job, you need to choose and configure one of these packages. Care options offer free trial versions too! Use their decision making, what package is better for you.

7. Channels

Where do you broadcast? Where do you want people and react to your live broadcast? Then create your channel in a given platform.

Where you can fight and what donat services to use

The creators and marketers in real timemogut choose from a variety of options, the main of which are: YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch and Periscope, as well as their professional website.

List of most popular donatov reception services during stream:

  • donatepay.ru;
  • donationalerts.ru;
  • Streamlabs.com.

How much do you earn

Earnings of the stronger depends on the multifactors. The most influence has the popularity of the rigger and connected by means. Thus, you can earn from several dollars to hundreds of thousands of thousands.

Many streamers are trying to make etoprophyse, devoting all their working hours in the hope of getting stability. Streamers earn money on their viewers in the form of donations, subscriptions, sponsors and advertising. Since the popularity of streaming has significant, it can be quite difficult to receive income as a streamer, since the market is quite competitive.

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My teenage son is signed on several streamers. He is waiting for their live broadcasts, stealing popcorn and watching the streams like a movie.

Streamers - along with bloggers new generation idols. Who are that you are so popular with young people, how to become a streamer and how much you can earn - in our current article.

Who are such streamers, what are striming

Streaming (from the English "stream") is online broadcasts on YouTube, Twitch and other sites. Streamers - those who spend them. Streaming is usually a few hours. Throughout this time, people on the other side of the screen pass computer games, watching cinema, cook borsch, play with pets - they do anything, generously squeaking their actions with comments and communicating with subscribers.

Large streamers, first get access to games

In essence, the stream can be described as follows: I see, I sing. Suppose, watching the streamer of the movie and comments: "I wonder what will be now, eh? Nuuu, I did not expect this from him at all! And she is the infection! But I was the case ... and you had this? ".

Stop, you say. Who is interested to watch, as conditional Vasya cuts into the "Tanks", and Masha is preparing a family dinner? A dozen people know anyone if Vasya and Masha know. But if they are the idols of generation, they are equal to and catch every word - then of course. If they know how to mix the audience, give them something new - too.

I asked the Son: Why are you watching Stream? That's what he replied:

  • Like the Personality of Stremer. He is smart / cool / it is interesting to listen;
  • I recognize something new. For example, I myself can not pass the level of the game, and the streamer will show how to do it;
  • In the comments, like-minded people communicate, it is interesting to read.

But I wonder: the same he speaks about video blocks, on which signed. What is the difference?

What are the streamers differ from video blocks?

So, each streamer creates around himself a community for interests. In the center of this community - he is loved. To him listened, he imitated, they admire.

Initially, the streamer carries out broadcasts on specific topics (for example, video games). Then seeing that it was well monetized, it begins to chat for life. About anything: the political situation in the country (one famous stale streamer was recently charged, with Paphos, arguing about Russia), domestic affairs, life situations.

What is the streamer differs from the video cell? Let's lay down the point above I:

  1. First, bloggers remove the video not live. They are recorded, mounted, add effects and only then release on ether. The streamers specialize in online broadcasts: I pressed the "Ether" button and drove.
  2. Secondly, the main focus of the streams is still computer games. Most of the popular Russian streamers began and specialized in them. The channels of bloggers are the most diverse topics: from educational to entertainment.

In general, to be honest, the same person can be a streamer and video unit. These activities are closely intertwined: the streamer can create and produce cool rollers, and the blogger is to periodically communicate with subscribers online.

What qualities need a string?

  • Industry knowledge. What would you not shoot streams - passing games, cooking, embroidery with a cross, the construction of a house of foam blocks - you need to understand the topic. Otherwise, experts will come in the comment and will deal with your broadcast in the fluff and dust;
  • Sung language. Chat for a few hours the ridge is not so simple, as it seems;
  • The sense of humor is necessarily. If you are a boring voice to broadcast obvious things - no one will listen to you, it is not interesting.

Ideally, if you are at least something and different from others. For example, you have a bright appearance. Or unique knowledge. Or you break the system and causing the burning interest of the audience.

For example, in the era of early streamers, most streamers were guys. And then the girl appeared - Karina's streamer, and quickly won deafening popularity.

Another example: a stereotype that only young people play the game, completely destroyed the Baba Anya streamer. Yes, my grandmother spends streams and cuts into CS: GO! On its channel already 205,000 subscribers.

Streams on Youtube Canal Baba Ani
Canal Baba Ani.

Where better to fight: choose the pad

Two playgrounds are most popular in RuNet: this is Twitch and YouTube.

Twitch is a specialized platform where the streams are held on a variety of topics. Mostly it is broadcasting the passing of games and "chat" (category "Communication").

Every day more than a million people come to "TVich". On the main page show the recommended categories, channels and communities (including small ones to the joy of beginners).

Popular on Twice

Old good YouTube is still sharpened on videos, not direct broadcasts. But, as already mentioned, most video blocks that have channels on "Youtyuba" are not bent and streams. Therefore, you can try.

Streaming on Utyube
Examples of streams on YouTube

Now briefly: if you are only interested in striming, spin on "twe". If you want to become a video charger and parallel to shoot streams - conquer "Youtyub".

How to make money on the strings?

So we came to the most interesting. It is unlikely that someone is simply engaged in streamer simply from love for art.

Most of us moves the thirst for a despicable metal - Simply put, we strive to earn. So, creating a channel, you need to think in advance how you can monetize it.


Donatas are voluntary donations that the audience lists right during the stream.

Donatas can be asked: for example, help accumulate to a new monitor, for food, for payment of the apartment - yes anything. You can promise to perform a certain action if the amount of donates reach a certain limit. You can conduct a contest among subscribers: for example, assistance in promoting those who skincades most.

Popular stripes and not need to ask: loyal fans can translate them money just like that of love for art.

Top 10 Donates on Streaming

Best Donate Services

1. King-Donate.com has already chosen more than 10,000 streamers throughout Russia! The service is working with OBS and XSplit, Twitch, YouTube, Smashcast, Facebook, Instagram and Vkontakte.

Widgets in Kingdonate have a large set of features and flexible settings: pictures and sound, statistics, voting and much more. You can start using the service absolutely free of charge, a trial period is provided - 7 days. This is a great opportunity to test the service and take the right decision.

Works with all popular bank cards and without commission, which is very convenient. First Donate Service for Streaming on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Widgets: Donate alerts with sound, clip art.
  • Receiving funds: Visa Bank card, MasterCard without a fee.
  • Withdrawal of funds: Visa, MasterCard banking card (0%).

Partnership programs of video programs

And Twitch, and YouTube offer official monetization if you will perform certain conditions. For example, on "Twice" you must produce at least three strims per week, have at least 500 viewers of each striming, perform the conditions of the site and comply with the law on copyright.

YouTube offers a affiliate if you have at least thousands of subscribers, 4 thousand hours of your content views for the year and connect to the AdSense service. All these conditions are performed.


Direct or native, skillfully built-in - both options are possible. Direct advertising is when you take a break in the broadcast and declare the voice of Yakubovich: advertising pause! Just kidding, of course. But the essence is similar: you directly advertise goods, a company, customer live, or insert an advertising banner in Stream.

Native advertising acts cunning. The viewer should not guess what they are trying to influence it. Well, for example, you spend stream and crunch the chips of a certain brand. No, you do not praise these chips - just do so that the packaging with the title hit the frame. Or take a closeup of the name of the microphone, headset and other equipment.

Recently, only lazy has not heard about the native advertising, so the audience has long asleep this chip. Many bloggers and streamers stopped pretending and simply insert into streams and video advertising, honestly warning about it.

Paid subscription

Distributed on "Twice". Everything is simple: To subscribe to your channel, the audience is forced to pay a certain amount - for example, $ 4.99 (though, the site itself takes half of this amount). In return, they get the lack of advertising and additional convenient features.

The newcomer will be difficult to earn in this way. First you need to promote the channel, and then offer a paid subscription.

How much do the streamers earn in Russia?

Everything is very individual. Take the same Donatas: Today you will throw 1000 rubles from the Barsk shoulder, tomorrow - 50. With an advertisement, a similar situation: how to negotiate with the advertiser, so much.

More or less predicted numbers from a paid subscription and affiliate. If 10 people buy a paid subscription of 4.99 dollars, you will get about $ 50. Half of them give the playground - will remain 25.

For 10,000 views, you can earn an average of 1 to 5 dollars.

So, on average, the beginner streamer from 1.5-2 thousand subscribers can earn on advertising and donats 30-40 thousand rubles per month.

It is clear that the top streamer has the number of views is calculated by millions, and plus all of the above methods of monetization, they earn quite well.

Let's see how many inspiration:

  • Karina's streamer: according to some data, for one stream - 30 000 rubles.
  • Makatao: up to 230,000 rubles per month.
  • Versut - from 100,000 to 200,000 rubles per month.
  • GNUMME: from 200,000 to 500,000 rubles per month.

How to become a streamer?

It is absolutely any one to become a streamer and make money on your channel. It is enough to deal with some topic or take charisma. Let's see what steps need to be made to popularity and stable earnings online.

Learning the market

We look at which streams and streamers are now in demand. If the game is interesting - we study what games are most popular (and therefore there are many competitors, it will be difficult to break through). Constantly monitoring the innovations of the industry, we hurry to take a free niche.

Popular games for Streaming
Popular topics on "Twice"

If the games are not interesting to you - not a problem. Remove the broadcasts about what you know how to do. Theoretically, I, working on this article, can in parallel to keep stream and explain what I do.

First, I collect the information in parallel to someone's keyful texts, then collect the structure of the article, inventing examples from life, make screenshots - for illustrations. I jerk all this by jokes, the stories about the difficult copywriter life, I communicate with friends in "Vkontakte", breakfast and dining ... You look - it is also addressed to the article, and the day passed.

It is best to study the market right on the stream platforms: "TVich" and YouTube. Register, see trends, ratings, popular channels. In parallel, mark the lifehaki and techniques that are used by popular streamers. Mot on the mustache.

Determine the target audience

Who will be your audience? Who is interested you, your channel, your broadcasts? Are these schoolchildren, students or older people? Men or women? What are their interests, material well-being (this is important: as we said, most streamers live on Donates from the audience). Identify a Central Asia, you will define the style of communication. Just imagine that he wants to see your viewer that he will like, and what will cause rejection.

Even in the subject of the Games CA may be completely different. Why there - even one and the same game, the Central Asia may differ. Take the "minecraft": this game is chosen mostly schoolchildren. One streamer makes a bet on modern adolescents: does not choose expressions, allows for vulgarity, communicates in a free-liberated style.

The other chose his ace younger schoolchildren and their parents. His streams and video are maximally oriented towards children: no liberties and vulgarities. Here is an example:

Target audience, which is designed for children

We think what we can attract the viewer

Simply put, analyze their strengths and weaknesses. My son also wants to fight, but perfectly realizes that such schoolchildren, games lovers, millions of runet. So, you have to come up with what a chicken it will be able to stand out from this mass. Not yet invented.

Popular streamers have their own chips. This is the style of communication with subscribers, and bonuses for viewers, and, of course, the themes of Stream. You can march the best sides and try on them. Only not completely copy, of course.

We buy equipment

Mikraphon for Strov
Good sound - 50% of success!

A great misconception is that only high-speed Internet is needed for stream. High-quality broadcasts cannot be carried out without special equipment. Namely:

  • Powerful computer or laptop;
  • Webcam;
  • microphone;
  • headphones.

Of course, all this is more expensive, the better. But instead of saving for years to the super-modern equipment - I advise you to buy inexpensive and start having to fight. Otherwise there is a risk at all.

Create a channel and write down the first strims

We register on the selected platform, we come up with the name for the channel, create it and write down the first few strims. We invite the first spectators: first from the near circle that will definitely sign. Then we think about the expansion of the audience, and is still early.

Attract subscribers

If you want to monetize your activity, you will have to pump in marketing. Friends, colleagues and relatives are not all possible target audience.

Any channel must be developed to attract more people. Even those who accidentally go and join your stream can become your loyal fan.

How to attract spectators?

  • Tell us about yourself and your channel. This can be done in the comments on the same "Youtyuba", in discussions in the streamer groups in social networks - wherever your potential spectators are sitting. I advise you not to advertise yourself directly. First try to join the community: ask questions, let's tips, take an active part. Subscribers will come naturally;
  • Agree on mutual piano with other stripes (usually the same newcomers). They will tell about you, you are about them. Simple, free and efficiently!
  • order advertising. You pay a well-known blogger or string, he tells you about you. Expensive but efficient!
  • Order advertisement on other channels. It may be Target in social networks, advertising posts in publics, contextual advertising and so on. Further depends on you, can you attract random spectators or not;
  • Competition regularly, choose the winner and reward it. Yes, the first gifts you will have to buy for your money - but over time it will pay off. The main thing is to earn a good reputation!

Are you ready, children? If yes, answer "yes, captain" and prepare a field of activity for future earnings.

Once again, we think about it: without a clear plan and development strategy, it is unlikely that something happens. Even if it sounds boring - then it will be easy. Game ON!

What is stream in understandable

Everyone knows the bike that "you can always observe three things - burning fire, current water and how other people work."

So, in this list there is no other object of eternal surveillance - to pry on other people. It is important that the passion for peeping, tracking and observation can be attributed to the main natural instincts.

It is digital technologies (Digital Technology) allowed to turn peeping, tracking, surveillance to the in demand product of mass consumption.

In essence, even the usual television is a technological way to satisfy the ancient need to observe the outside world.

And that is not all. Some advanced and enterprising users managed to turn people's passion for observation for something or someone in a profitable business, where you can earn millions, nothing for this does not specifically do.

I wondered?

So let's understand the details and nuances.

What does stream mean and who are such streamers

The relatively new term from the glossary of the Internet subculture "Stream" comes from the English "Stream", which will mean "stream".

Yeah, the same stream, over the course of which you can watch forever and it will never bother.

So, modern technologies allow you to organize a kind of television direct ether literally from anywhere on the planet.

  1. To create your own television studio, it is enough to have a computer with a webcam or smartphone.
  2. Have an internet connection.
  3. Sign up to the service streaming television.

That's all. From now on, all Internet users will be able to watch all those who happen at your home or where-you-there are live.

Sample Streaming in the kitchen

And even more. Streaming video transmits also reverse communication between the leading cutting channel and the audience.

Observers may comment on the existing live. And leading to the questions of the audience.

As the historians of the Internet are believed, the initial Streaming arose as an additional option in Gaming - in the field of computer games.

  • Today, large-scale sporting events in the cyboring industry are necessarily broadcast in streaming video cells.
  • The most famous streaming projects in this area are Twitch, Goodgame, Cybergame.

Live internet broadcasts are broadcast training programs (webinars), online courses of something, master classes.

How can the usual user become a streamer?

For example, you can organize on the video hosting video hosting streaming with the lessons of playing musical instruments or how to prepare various culinary dishes at home or with useful tips, how to repair smartphones yourself.

Example of streamer

As you can see, the streaming in its capabilities far exceeds the classic peeping and peeping, turning into a well-useful business for society.

Now we'll figure it out with a life question - where to hate?

3 most popular service for Stryming

There are a lot of platforms for Striming today, because streaming video in trend and enjoys great popularity. For general information, we will give small reviews of the three most famous sites.


One of the most popular video streaming services in the world. Twitch Interactive - AMAZON subsidiary.

Twitical in 2011 and specializes in live video broadcasts in the following directions:

  • Computer games in all aspects.
  • Gameplay.
  • Tournaments from the sector of cybersport.

Today, the audience of Twitch spectators reaches about 100 million people all over the world. Multilingual site interface. Russian is.


To boom on TV. You need to register, download and install a special program for organizing a flow from a webcam, configure your channel. There are mobile applications for Android and iOS smartphones.


How to start having to fight on YouTube? It is very simple, to create a streaming video channel on YouTube there is an internal functionality.

  • Log in to YouTube using Google Email Address.
  • Go to the "Creative Studio".
  • In the section of your channel settings, turn on the "Straight broadcasts" option.


Well, then connect the webcam and feel yourself Yatuba and Streming Star at the same time. Read more about configuring direct broadcasts at the specified link.


Domestic Stregnated Project, analogue of the Twitch mentioned above.

  • Working since 2008.
  • Specialization - direct broadcasts of tournaments, events and events from the sphere of sports and computer games.
  • World of Tanks, Warcraft, League of Legends, Dota 2 and other popular game projects.


In short, if you are Runetovsky gamer - you must be a user and a member of the GoodGame Stregnation project.

How can you earn on the string

And now it's time to remember the beginning of our review, where it was mentioned that the natural instinct of observation of the modern world was quite evidently and firmly enters the "consumer basket" of a modern person.

What does it follow?

What the opportunity to pry can be sold for money or somehow more monetize. As it turned out, using streaming video you can make a good money. Moreover, the most successful streamers have an annual income in the amount of many million US dollars.

But about this later.

In the meantime, let's figure it out, what are the ways to make money on live streaming video broadcast?


Speaking with simple words, Donat is a collection of donations. Spectators are watching your live broadcasts, feel sympathy to what is being done and some have an insurmountable desire to help with money with your good business.

DONATA example

For example, you work in a shelter for homeless pets. Very promising topic. Video with cute fluffy, dreaming of finding your home and loving owners, can melt the worst heart.

Having suffered from cunning and unprincipled by itself, many citizens find the way out of their undistressed love and tenderness in taking care of our smaller brothers.

To collect donations, you need to integrate a script to the channel or a program that will offer to the viewers to offer a small tolik for a good deed, and then enrolled on your account.

donation service service

Alternatively, you can place a link in the description of the video, by going to which the viewer will be able to leave donations.

Partnership programs

Almost every braming service has its own affiliate program for content authors.

By registering in a partner, the author of the channel will receive small interest from paid ads placed in the stream.


Stregning can be positioned as video-Self.

For example, a girl is interested in Beauty and launched streaming video with demonstrations of subtleties and tricks on the topic "How to turn the ugly duckling in Vasilis is beautiful."

The creator himself ordered money on it. To turn Cinderella in the princess, you will need different accessories and attributes.


Producers' manufacturers for beauty will be happy to advertise their products in Beauty Stream. Well, ready to share with your income.

Paid subscriptions

Classical marketing scheme. If the author of the streaming channel is an expert in some kind of demanded topic, you can upload a part of the broadcasts for free (for channel advertising), and some secrecy of the profession will provide access on a commercial basis.

As an example, consider the TWITCH affiliate program.

Subscription for money

As you can see, on Twitch the author of the flow can easily organize paid subscriptions, and at the same time getting money and from advertising impressions.

How much do most popular streamers earn

Stregnation yield as a business depends on the demand of the theme and the popularity of the channel.

Let's see what was able to achieve the most famous streamers on this field.


  • Gamer Versuta - from 100.000 to 200.000 rubles per month.

In general, it is necessary to understand that real incomes are a question of personal data that is protected by the relevant law. So the true revenues of streamers know only the tax inspectorate.

In this sense, the incomes of streamers in the United States are more transparent, where the tax evasion can be left to prison.


  • Ninja - about 330,000 dollars a month.


  • Shroud - more than 190.000 dollars a month.

We have a streamer income less transparent. However, the practice has shown that the profit of our streamer is approximately 5 - 10 times lower than that of American.

So draw conclusions yourself.

What is Stream and who are engaged in streaming (streamers)

January 24, 2021.

Hello, dear blog readers KtonanovenKogo.ru. Do you still think that only a famous and media personality can receive glory and recognition? In fact, this is a big misconception.

Today, the current generation has created its own format for filing information, with which everyone, even a small schoolboy, can become a star of ether .


Let's talk about such a popular direction as Stream - what it is, for which it was created and who are such streamers. And also learn interesting details about the work and earnings of people engaged in Streaming.

Stream is a new way to submit information.

To understand what stream is, it is enough to hold a parallel with television. We all know what is straight television or radio broadcast . This is when it is impossible to cut anything and mounted. Including abnormative vocabulary and awkward situations.


So, Stream is the same direct ether, but it is broadcast on various Internet sites (for example, Twitch.tv, YouTube, GoodGame).

In itself this word comes from the English "Stream", which means "flow" and implies under it Streaming video .

This is a way to transfer data from the provider (who is it?) To the end user (viewers), in which the content is on the remote server. Therefore, to play it on the device (PC, smartphone, tablet) neither loading nor the installation is required. In fact, it is similar to the usual body or broadcasting, but only with more opportunities.

Unlike television, the Internet gives more opportunities for self-expression. You can broadcast it. An ordinary person sitting at home at a computer or being in a journey. There are no restrictions, because it is possible to do it using the usual Smartphone .

Stream is a streaming video that is broadcast via the Internet. Streamer is a person leading direct online broadcast for a wide audience.

Streaming won great popularity among young people. Not surprising, because during the broadcast between the streamer and its audience, a direct dialogue is conducted, where you can ask questions and just communicate.

What is stream

In addition, people watching the stream can see not only video from the camera, but also what happens on the monitor screen. This is exactly how the impetus for the development of such a direction as Gaming Stream .


This is when you can directly broadcast how you play your favorite game, and additionally Earn on it . In short, Streaming allowed many gamers to turn the hobby into real earnings.

For what you need stream

With theory figured out, now we will find out why they use stream today. Main stream - computer games . For gamers even created special online sites, the most famous of which is Twitch (Twitch), but also GoodGame, Cybergame, etc.

Moreover, world cybersport tournaments are also carried out through stream.

Computer games

Today, the streamers are increasingly broadcasting the plots of various important events and major events. Thanks to Stream, we can see the football match in real time, play poker and even watch how they trade in the stock market.

In addition to filing entertainment content, streams are often used in educational purposes . These are all sorts of webinars (what is it?), Online courses and master classes. You can still draw, sing, play musical instruments, cook.


There are also various striming chatter devoted to the discussion of a wide variety of events. But the main thing is that the audience attracts here is the charisma strikimer and his sense of humor. So if your main talent is to speak beautifully, you may have to try yourself in this direction.

A lot of applications. That's at least simple Broadcast TV channel via the Internet (In this case through YouTube).

If you run the playback of the roller located above, the direct broadcast of the channel Russia will begin.

Popular Strinking Services

Over the past few years, Streming began to grow rapidly. In this regard, the number of streaming platforms has increased. Today, streaming online broadcasting can be conducted on such popular services:

  1. YouTube. - Just below, video with detailed instructions are given, helping to start having to fight in Yutub from scratch. As an example, you can watch the YouTube Channel, where many streaming broadcasts.
  2. In contact with - just below are the video, how to set up direct broadcasts to VC using the OBS program;
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram.
  5. Odnoklassniki.
  6. GoodGame. - Domestic playground for game lovers

And this is not the entire list. The same Twitch. It became so in demand that there are about 15 million visitors daily - more than CNN spectators. Many famous analysts see this serious competition of traditional cinema.

Another pleasant news - Stream is actively implemented on dating sites. The most famous service for searching for Dating Badoo from a recent time allows its users to communicate with stream.


In addition, there are also paid media services Livestream, Boxcast, Vzaar, StremShark, etc.

How much does Streamer earn

You can earn on Strinimga. But how much, it is already depends on the set of factors. If your streams Enjoy interest And many subscribers collect, such a type of activity can replace full-fledged work.

What is the income of the streamer :

  1. interest from advertising;
  2. percentages from a paid subscription;
  3. Voluntary donations from the audience (Donates).

Donates make up most of the earnings of the strider. Therefore, I certainly say how much you can earn money - it is impossible. It depends not on the number of subscribers, but on their solvency.


Sometimes the streamers earn that they fulfill some actions for a specific fee. For example, during the stream to put some song, or tell the poem.

As for the average streamer, then having 100-200 subscribers, it can earn about 30 000 rubles per month . Of course, this amount is very approximate. There are among them and those that earn much less. Here it is already necessary to understand that the profession of Streamimer implies some efforts and constant self-improvement.

Earnings Stremmer

Let's see how much the top gaming streamers earn on only paid subscriptions.

Brief summary

So, Stream is like watching television, only more interesting and narrowly specializing.

Threamer can be each of us. But to make it their profession, not only the choice of interesting themes, but also the personal quality of the row.

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Stream (Stream) is The process of streaming data over the Internet. As a rule, video or audio entertainment, training or informational is used as the transmitted data. Quite often, video stream is accompanied by interactivity and donates collection.

What is streaming simple words - definition.

Simple words, Stream is Live broadcast video or audio via the Internet. In turn, the streams can be divided into two categories: those that are at the moment, and those that are a record. In addition to technical definition, it can be said that stream, or streaming is a specific format for serving content to the audience. As a rule, the stream format does not imply a clear scenario, but is constructed depending on the development of events. Quite often on the streets there is an element of live communication between the leading and spectators. For example, people leading the streams of games can consult with the audience how to enroll in a particular situation when the game is passing.

In addition to supplying entertainment content, the streams are often used for educational purposes, such a variety of webinars and master classes can be found to such.

What is stream

What is a streamer - who is and what it does.

As probably it became clear from the above, the streamer is a slang term, which is called a person leading a streaming broadcast (stream). In the Russian-speaking Internet, the tape belt is called representatives of the male, the term is often used for female.

Why are streams so popular?

The popularity of this content filing format is likely to bring the absence of some framework and high requirements for creating a broadcast. By and large, for success, the stridery must be possessing just charisma and choose an interesting subject for the audience. In technical terms, for maintaining a lot of high-quality strima, no expensive technique is required, although its presence significantly increases the comfort of viewing.

What is concrete

Relative to the content, then you can hate almost anything:

  • Computer games;
  • Training guides or courses;
  • Reviews and unpacking of various products;
  • Discussion of news and political events;
  • Communication in voice chat rooms and canals;
  • Online Pranki and Raishers (Squeeze to Pranker All Rus );
  • Plots from your life or from the place of some important events.

Another indisputable advantage of streaming is the fact that it is a great way to spend time communicating with friends and subscribers. In addition, if your streams use interest and collect a huge audience, then such a type of activity can be made with its full-fledged work.

Who are such streamers

Earnings on the Streams. Donat on Stream.

If we talk about earnings on the streets, then there are a huge set of ways to monetize their activities, and they can be divided into several categories:

  • Show advertisements or advertising a specific product;
  • Performing actions or provision of services for a specific fee;
  • Donati .

Show advertising ads or advertising specific product . In this case, advertisers pay the display of advertising blocks during the stream. Payment can be both for the number of views and for specific clicks on ads. So youtube and twitch services work. This type of monetization can also be classified and private contracts for advertising products or services. For example, someone can ask for some kind of gadget, and someone needs to advertise their channel.

Perform actions or provision of services for a specific fee . Sometimes the streamers can earn that they perform some actions for a fee. For example, during the stream, put some song, or tell the poem. There is already a fantasy.

What is Donat on Stream

Donati . Donat is a voluntary donation from the audience. Sometimes the streamers collect similar donations to buy something expensive and necessary for further steps. Sometimes, donates are the main source of income.

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