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If you attach a bow to infinity, the arrows will not be spent and you can easily shoot with at least one boom.

Onions - the most practical weapon in minecraft, since the arrows for him can be how to do and find

What makes the use of this type of weapon extremely comfortable.

Convenient not only for the player, but also for his opponents. It can be both ordinary monsters and skeletons. The reasons for choosing exactly the type of weapons set. The first reason is the maximum flight radius, which in normal conditions is about one hundred and twenty blocks. The second is the level of damage, which, depending on the tension, the tension can reach five hearts. Third - using the Enchantment "Infinity" during shooting, you can pick up arrows.

How to make in minecraft arrows?

For the manufacture of the arrows, you will need the following ingredients: flint, stick, pen - everything in one instance. The collected items must be arranged in the craft window vertically, in the middle unit, in the same sequence, in which component were listed. So you will receive four arrows.

Shooting secrets.

Arrows themselves are an independent item, as it has a lot of wonderful properties that can help the player. The main one is the ability to create amazing traps for the destructiveness. One of them can become a block with arrows stuck in it, which needs to be blown up. Then the destructive effects of explosives will be added and damage damage.

The arrows, plus, have a huge devastating force, as the damage depends on the degree of tension the tension. This can help if you want to destroy, for example, the trolley.

Also because of the peculiarities of the mechanics of the game Minecraft, they must interact with objects equal to them in size. So, the standard size arrow cannot be released in a giant.

The arrow can change properties when interacting with other objects, such as, for example, a repeater. Due to this, the impulse generator can be made.

For all the boom features, it does not have it can not destroy the glass.

Arrows are ammunition for firing and crossbow. Selfies use onions and arrows for player attack. The arrows can move under water, but at the same time the range and speed of the flight is highly reduced, and behind the arrow remains a mark in the form of bubbles. The arrows have a maximum flight radius - about 120 blocks, it is achieved when a shot with a maximum tension of onion at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the surface. The maximum height of the flight is about 70 blocks, it is achieved when shooting vertically upwards. Arrows damage from 1 to 5 hearts depending on the tension of the onion, if they affect the goal. The arrows stick into the objects with which they come in contact, and later disappear. Arrows released by a player or distributor can be selected after entering blocks. Arrows that have fallen into mobs, it is impossible to get it. The skeleton, a player in creative mode, or with a bowl with a flares, the infinity of the arrows cannot be collected.

Tricks and advice

If the arrow passes through Lava, that it will become fiery and set fire to the enemy

  • Synonyms: arrow
  • Minecraft versions: 1.16.4 / 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16.1 / 1.16 / 1.15.2 / 1.15.1
  • ID: arrow
How to make Minecraft arrows in minecraft

How to make an arrow

It is indicated how to make an arrow in minecraft. The crafta recipe indicates the necessary ingredients and their location in Minecraft.

To make an arrow in minecraft, you will need: flint, stick and feather. These ingredients must be placed on the workbench, in accordance with the figure below. To open the workbench you need to click on the right mouse on the installed workbench.

Arrow in minecraft


Where to find the shooter

Here is indicated where you can find an arrow in minecraft, i.e. Where can I meet the arrow in Minecraft.


Where to buy boors

Here is indicated where you can buy an arrow in minecraft, i.e. Where the arrow is sold in Minecraft.

How to make in minecraft


To sell the shooter

It is indicated here who will sell an arrow in minecraft, i.e. Who buys an arrow in Minecraft.

How to make in minecraft


The arrows command

Here is the command that allows you to get an arrow in minecraft, that is, how to create an arrow in Minecraft.

Archer | Professions of residents in Minecraft

The arrow can be called on using the command in creative mode .. for this you need:

  1. Open chat (key "T" English)
  2. Write a team / Give @P Minecraft: arrow
  3. Press the "Enter" key

You can also specify the number and to whom the boom will be issued:

  1. / Give @P Minecraft: arrow 10 Get 10 arrows
  2. / Give MinecraftMax Minecraft: arrow Arrow will be transferred to the player with Nick MinecraftMax

The command can be prescribed to the command unit so that it is performed when receiving a red stone signal.


Video about the shooter

Here you can watch a video about the arrow in minecraft, that is, a selection of videos about Minecraft, where there is an arrow.


How to make a command block in minecraft

Arrows ID : 262. .

Arrow - English title arrows In Minecraft.



Together with Luk.

- from 1 (

Arrow in Minecraft.

) to 10 (

Damage 1.


Strength (DURABILITY) -.

Arrows for onions in minecraft will be needed in order to hit the enemy at a distance. Thus, the boom is an ammunition. But not just for a bow, because there is already a distributor. A promising means of defeat at the removal - Crossbow is scheduled in new versions of minecraft. Onions you can easily hit gasts, cries, spiders and three types of skeletons, but against the edge wanderer this weapon is useless. Properties of arrows can be significantly expanded using sedental potions.




Damage 10.
Arrows for onions at the player and racks for armor

How to make arrows in minecraft?

Non-clear boom boom goes (proverb).

For the manufacture of arrows in minecraft, you will need: flint, stick and feather. After all, logical? Flint - arrows tip, a stick - a tree, feather - plumage. And therefore the crafting recipe is very simple and easy to remember.

How to make arrows in minecraft:

Is it possible to get the arrows without resorting to the crafting? Of course yes. Arrows come across inside distributors in the temple in the jungle (Jungle Pyramid). In addition, the archers (residents) can buy arrows for emerald. And victories over the skeleton and the winteror can bring a few arrows as a drop. Arrows can be selected in the "survival" mode after they were released with a distribution or a player.

Arrows in the game in minecraft
Simple arrows.

Features of use

Released Arrow Back Not Returns (Proverb).

To release an arrow from Luke, you need to pull the tent and release it. That is, clamp the right mouse button, and then let it go. The stronger tension causes more damage.

Attack Damage
Tension time Damage
0 - 0.2 s (small) one ( Arrow in Minecraft.)
0.3 - 0.9 s (average) 6 ( Simple arrows in minecraft)
1 + C (full) nine ( Damage 6.)
critical hit 10 ( Damage 1.)

If the arrow fell into the target, then the latter receives immunity for half a second, when the harm can be caused. The arrows from the distributor usually 3 ( Damage 9.) damage. The damage caused by the arrow of the skeleton has a dependence on the distance and the level of complexity. Fucking an arrow in the object will disappear in a minute, but it can be chosen.

If you shoot from the bow at an angle of 45 °, while pulling the string as much as possible, then the boom will fly to a range of 120 blocks. When we shoot up strictly vertically, the flight height is 66 blocks. Under water and in the lava, the range of the arrows and its speed is significantly reduced.

If the boom flew through the Lava, it will set fire to the mob if you hit or activates TNT. Such an arrow will stop burning and will become usual after some time. However, the "Burning Arrow" spell will give another effect - the boom will burn until disappearance. By water, the burning boom, which is obvious, will stop burning.

And it is also necessary to note this possibility of exactly the arrogant arrows, as the ability to activate the wooden buttons, wooden plates and stretching. Such an arrow activates the switch, and a minute will disappear.

Other arrows

It is pointless to produce an arrow without a goal (proverb).

To "other arrows" will take;

  • spectral arrow (spectral arrow) with ID 439. ;
  • Several arrows that are made using sedentary potions and imposing effects on the target when hit. Their id begins at 440.
Arrows in Java Edition
Arrow (object) arrow
Strela with effect (object) Tipped_Arrow
Ghost Arrow (Item) Spectral_Arrow
Arrow with effect (essence) arrow
Ghostly Arrow (Essence) Spectral_Arrow

Spectral Streth

Where not to go through the arrow, not Masha Sable (Proverb).

Spectral arrow (spectral arrow), it is - Ghostly Arrow In Java Edition. When entering the goal imposes the effect of "glow" for 10 seconds. It is a circuit around the goal, which is visible through blocks.

To make a ghost arrow necessary:

Arrows with effects

Onions, that the king, the arrows that the messages (proverb).

Arrows with effects in minecraft must be done with Setting potions . These ammunition when entering the goal impose an effect on it. The duration of which is 1/8 of the duration of the potion. The power of the imposed effect does not depend on the "power" spell. Arrows with effects Consistent Even if the bow has a "infinity" spell.

So, how to make poisoned arrows in minecraft or explosive arrows with arrows of instant damage - this is all from this section. It is necessary to make such arrows according to the next crafting recipe (on the example of good luck arrows):

To make a good luck boom.

Udandy Potion Potion

1 PC.

Thus, using different settlement potions, you can get more than a dozen "impregnated" arrows:

Arrows with effects
Night viewing potion Nightwood arrow
Depository Potion Invisibility Arrow of invisibility
Summer Potion Jumping Arrow jumper
Escedating Potion Fire Resistance Arrow fire resistance
Sewing acceleration potion Street string
Delayed deceleration potion Street deceleration
Odd. Potion of underwater breath Street of underwater breathing
Seen potion treatment Arrow Healing
Massive potion potion Arrow harm
Measuring poisoning potion Stroll poisoning
Seen potion regeneration Strela regeneration
Seen potion power Arrow power
Seen potion of weakness Arrow of weakness
Udandy Potion Potion Arrow luck

Minecraft 1.13 Added an armored superiority arrow.

Damage 3.
Different arrows for onions in minecraft.

Names in different versions of the game and other sources may differ slightly. However, the essence and effects of the arrived arrows will not change. And just with them, with effects, it is necessary to figure out a little more detail.

All arrows in minecraft
Name Effect Note
Spectral Streth Other Title: Ghost Arrow (Spectral Arrow)
Nightwood arrow Night Vision (0:22)
Nightwood arrow Night Vision (1:00)
Arrow of invisibility Invisibility (0:22)
Arrow of invisibility Invisibility (1:00)
Arrow jumper Jumping (0:22)
Arrow jumper Jumper (1:00)
Arrow jumper Jumper II (011)
Arrow fire resistance Fire resistance (0:22)
Arrow fire resistance Fire resistance (1:00)
Street string Speed ​​(0:22) Another name is speed arrow. When applied: + 20% speed.
Street string Speed ​​(1:00) Another name is speed arrow. When applied: + 20% speed.
Street string Speed ​​II (0:11) Another name is speed arrow. When applied: + 40% speed.
Street deceleration Slowness (0:11) When applied: -15% speed.
Street deceleration Slowness (0:30) When applied: -15% speed.
Street of underwater breathing Water breath (0:22) Other Title: Water Breath Arrow
Street of underwater breathing Water breath (1:00) Other Title: Water Breath Arrow
Arrow Healing Healing I. Other Title: Arrow Treatment
Arrow Healing Healing II. Other Title: Arrow Treatment
Arrow harm Instant damn Other Title: Arrow damage
Arrow harm Instant damage II. Other Title: Arrow damage
Stroll poisoning Poisoning (0:05)
Stroll poisoning Poisoning (0:11)
Stroll poisoning Poison II (0:02)
Strela regeneration Regeneration (0:05)
Strela regeneration Regeneration (0:11)
Strela regeneration Regeneration II (0:02)
Arrow power Power (0:22) When applied: +3 damage
Arrow power Power (1:00) When applied: +3 damage
Arrow power Strength II (0:11) When applied: +6 damage
Arrow of weakness Weakness (0:11) When applied: -4 damage
Arrow of weakness Weakness (0:30) When applied: -4 damage
Arrow luck Good luck (0:37) When applied: +1 Good luck

Enchanted onions in the game

Losing the arrow onions do not hide (proverb).

Since the arrows and onions are very compatible in minecraft, then you need to clarify information about the spell.

Chairs for weapons
Weapons Name What gives
Strength Unbreaking With some probability, the strength will not decrease.
PowerPower Additional damage.
Filming Pilotpunch Switching goal.
Burning StrengurementFlame Goes on arrows.
Infinityinfinity. Arrows are not spent. But for shooting, at least one arrow is needed.
MENDING MANDING Uses experience to fix the subject in hand or in armor slots.

At the beginning, it is usually recommended to enchant onions on the "power" and "strength". And then choose, if necessary and opportunities in the game.


Arrows with effects on this page:

How to make arrows in minecraft?

So. In the last article we talked how to make onions. Now you need to learn how to make arrows. After all, without arrows, you will not be able to fight. For just trite you will not shoot. I think it is so understandable. After all, it is just common sense.

It is also worth noting that these arrows can be used for shooting from the distributor. How to make arrows in minecraft? In fact, there is nothing complicated here. For this you have two ways:

  • Knock them out of the mob;
  • Scaffold them independently.

The first option is the easiest way, since nothing to create is needed. But you will have to work in battle. Arrows, as a rule, fall when killing skeletons. It is worth noting that using this method, you will not be able to get a huge number of arrows. Since for this will have to kill entire squads of skeletons.

Creating arrows in Minecraft

In order to make an arrow, you need:

How and where to find it?


This resource can be mined from gravel. But the chance of such a good outcome is not so high. Namely - 10 percent. It is also important to take into account that for this you need to dig a shovel.

But here you can snatch. Fold up a lot of gravel and start digging down. Thus, you will have a chance to fall out a silica. Council

Engage your shovel for good luck. In this case, you will have a chance of falling out a silica. After all, you need to make a lot of arms for onions? So you need a lot of resources.


Take an ax and start chopping trees. From pieces of conceded trees you will need to make boards.


Surely you know that feathers can be mined from chickens. To do this, you need to kill. Don't you feel sorry for a bird? If you need a lot of arrows, then you will have to create a whole farm.

Another advice

You can enchant onions, and then you do not have to stock up arrows. Because you will have their infinite amount. Posted by: Author Date added: 2014-01-04 02:34:31 Views:


Different arrows

Recommended to read

Arrows are used for a shot of onion, as well as they can shoot from the distributor. The arrows fall out of skeletons when murdering them, but in this way it will not be possible to get a large number of arrows, so it is more profitable to scream arrows, having previously obtained the necessary items.

Kraft arr. Arrows Flint, sticks and feathers

For archery, you can pick up after a shot.

detailed instructions

1. Get flock. Flint falls out of gravel with some chance (~ 10%) when it is screwed with a shovel. After you took gravel, you can put it again and "Sway" again, the chance to get flint is the same, so it is convenient to get a large amount of gravel (about 100 blocks) and jump up, each time installing it under it, so when you It will take high, "dig" down with the help of shovel, until all gravel ended under your feet, collect what fell down. If you attach a shovel for luck 3, then the chance of silica drops from gravel will be 100%.

Small offtopic. Everyone knows that in Minecraft just a terrible schedule, someone gets used to her, and someone uses textures and shaders. You can download textures for minecraft by clicking on the link. Do not forget to compare the versions of the texture and your client, otherwise not all blocks will be displayed correctly.

2. Charger sticks. To do this, rub the tree with the help of an ax, from the resulting pieces of wood make boards, and from the boards of stick, look at the first two recipes if you still do not know them.

3. Get feathers. Feathers fall out of the chicken during the murder, from one chicken drops from 0 to 2 feathers. For mass production of arrows, a chicken farm is necessary. Divide the chickens in a closed space with seeds and begin to kill them only when their number will be from 50.

4. Of the three "ingredients" received, create arrows, there is a recipe at the beginning of the page. How to make onions Read the article on the link.


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