How to get juice from orange without juicer

How to turn 1 kg. oranges in 5 liters of orange juice without juicer

On the eve of holidays, we want to share with you a very simple and economical recipe for the preparation of orange juice at home. We need: 4- 5 oranges; 0.5 kg. sugar; 10 gr. citric acid. So, to start carefully my oranges in hot water. We give them to dry and put in the freezer for 10-12 hours (overnight). Nautro will get fruit from the freezer and give them to know how to room temperature. After the oranges were eliminated and amenable to cut, cut every orange on 4 parts and skip slices. Through the meat grinder along with the skin. We are the resulting "fruit minced" 2 liters of cold water and put on the slab on a small fire. Heat (do not boil, but only warm) to a temperature of 50-60 ° C, remove from the fire, let it be broken for 1 hour. How to squeeze juice from orange without juicer

We prepare another 3 liter of boiled water room temperature, dissolve 0.5 kg of sugar in it and 10 grams. citric acid.

Filter the orange infusion through a sieve, carefully press the residues of the "fruit minced me" and bottling 50/50 in 2 three-liter banks. Dilute the resulting concentrated juice sweetened with water. Mix. Juice is ready! Try it, it does not have a taste or color from the shop. But it is natural, does not contain preservatives and times in 3-4 cheaper !!!

How to squeeze juice from orange without juicer

By the way, from orange meals

Excellent jam

For sandwiches or stuffing for cheesecakes. Add 1.5 tbsp. Sugar, and a pinch of citric acid. We mix and place the container in the microwave. Provarge our jam cycles for 5 minutes - 3 times. And the jam is also ready! Bon Appetit!

How to squeeze juice from orange without juicer

Having increased by 2 times the amount of sugar and water and move the infusion with orange cake several times after gauze you will receive up to 10 liters

Excellent lemonade

. But we usually prepare it in the summer!

How to squeeze juice from orange without juicer

How easy it is to make 10 liters of juice from 1 kg of oranges when there is no juicer

How to squeeze juice from orange without juicerOnce upon a time, from a small amount of oranges, there was a lot of juice, although it will be more correct to call it an orange drink. However, this drink is not inferior to the shopping drink in your taste. And on the natural taste and absence of chemistry, such home juice will deal with the upper step of the pedestal! Another important advantage is the price! 10 liters Natural drink will cost you from 100 to 150 rubles ! And in the store for such a cost you can buy Maximum 2 liters incomprehensible drink ... So write! For his preparation we will need Oranges - 1 kg; Lemon - 1 pc., and a kilogram of sugar. Well, the water is natural, that's all !!! We begin with the fact that the oranges need to be frozen in the freezer. While the oranges are frozen, prepare syrup. To do this, in a saucepan boil a half - two liters of water and dissolve sugar in it. It is better to use water filtered, and ideally a spring or from a well! So, syrup is ready, take out of the freezer oranges, cut them into small pieces and crushing. You can grind on a meat grinder or in a blender. We also do the same with lemon, only without freezing. How to squeeze juice from orange without juicer

We send the resulting Cashitz to a three-liter jar and fill with the syrup room temperature. After that, it is closed with a lid and send a jar with a refrigerator or cool, a dark place for at least 10 hours.

How to squeeze juice from orange without juicer

After the specified time, we get the fledged juice and fix it through a gauze or the siter. So you will get an orange concentrate!

How to squeeze juice from orange without juicer

Now it remains to breed it with water up to 10 liter volume. If you do not 10 liters, but 9, then the taste will be rich. Although 10 liters are obtained very tasty drink!

Polling, nevertheless, better through gauze. In it, you will be completely able to squeeze all juice from orange mezgi.

How to squeeze juice from orange without juicer

And if you wish, from the remaining mezgi, if you add a circle of water and shelter sugar in it, and then boil on slow heat for an hour - it turns out an excellent and appetizing jam!

How to squeeze juice from orange without juicer

If you wish, you can experiment and add some other fruits, such as Pineapple or Grapefruit! Although I myself did not try yet, so what happens - I can not say ...

How to squeeze juice from orange without juicer

Try, do and share the results. As well as,

Share this recipe with friends in social networks,

I think that such a natural and budget drink will have to taste many!

And most importantly is that such juice for children is much safer than shopping drinks!

Squeeze juice with a bottle PET

Thanks to the Viki Info channel, we will be able to squeeze juice from orange. It does not need to run to the store. We will do it without juicer. You can do and bare hands, but why such an uneconomical way, because you can create a device that will be the simplest design collected by the help of the remedies. You only need to pick up two details and combine them. But about this in more detail below, on the video. A good gift in the topic of myself or another person in this Chinese store. How to act when you need to quench thirst, and at the same time get the charge of vitamins when there is a very hot day in the street, in the refrigerator there is a bunch of oranges, and Juicers are not in the kitchen arsenal. Well, what to do with them? I really want a cold Fresh! We offer to squeeze the juice using a simple device, you need to make it from the fact that there are homes. And we will also use wands. But if you have one wand, you can use it. We will create homemade juice dialing from PET. Cut the bottom of the bottle that is more. Little insert into what was cut off. Pay attention to the line on the screen. According to the marked line, we will cut holes from the opposite sides. So that the holes coincide between the bottles are small insert into the greater, mark opposite the holes in a shallow marker. The subsection stage. Take a wooden wand in the hole. The holes at the same time coincide and the wand is done perfectly. An important point so that the wig is relied on a cup or a glass, with the use of which you will crush juice. The overall is completed and it is possible to press Fresh, squeeze the sweet nectar from a cold orange. That's the device was invented to do delicious frosses. So if you want on a hot day of delicious Fresh, and the desired device will not be at hand, you can always make such a thing at home. Delicious! Come up with such pieces, drink fresh juices!

An interesting toy for automatic juice bottling.

Natural orange juice - a wonderful drink. It has a saturated citrus taste, rich in vitamins, perfectly refreshes in the heat. There are many varieties of this drink on sale, but their quality is often in doubt. Happy juiced owners can indulge themselves with FRASH even daily, and what to do those who did not get modern appliances? Is it possible to do without it? So, let's talk about how to squeeze the juice from an orange without juicer. By the way, it's not such a difficult thing.

Preparing orange juice personally

Ripe oranges are so juicy that sometimes to produce juice enough to cut the fruit into two parts and push hard. Of the two halves there will be almost a whole glass of fragrant orange. So that the process goes faster, hold the fruit in advance in boiling water (3 minutes) or in the microwave (1 minute).


Many people know how to squeeze juice from an orange without juicer, using a special device - cytrus-press. It is a cone-shaped plastic funnel, which is simply screwed into the halves of the fruit and makes it easier to extrude juice. It is for sale such a thing in business stores and is quite a bit. And the result is no longer inferior to the one that gives an expensive electronics.

Fixing through Mark.

Continuing the topic on how to squeeze the juice from an orange without juicer, it is impossible not to mention the most effective, but rather time consuming method. The fruit is cleansed from the peel and the films, put on the colander, laid by several layers of gauze. With the help of the pestle, squeeze juice into the container. The residues of the pulp wrap in the gauze and squeeze carefully.

Brute force

Do not know how to squeeze the juice from an orange without juicer, and there are no devices like a cytrus press under hand? No problem! Arm yourself with kitchen board and knife. A whole orange roll on the board, pressing her surface with effort. When it becomes soft, do the hole with a knife and just look out the juice into the glass. One of the options for this method offers to simply thoroughly change the orange with your hands so that the juice comes out of the little.

Variety of tastes

Well, with how to squeeze the juice from an orange without juicer, we figured out. You can proceed to practice. And all these ways are good for other citrus: grapefruits, lemons, tangerines, limes, a knitted voice. Experiment with different tastes, alternating them and combining them.

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Everyone knows about the beneficial properties of orange juice. This fruit contains vitamins of the group B, A, RR, trace elements - potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium. However, the juice purchased in the store does not compare with a fresh domestic drink. What if you want orange Freasha, and the juicers are not at hand? Consider alternative options.

There are different ways, including:

  • manual;
  • with the help of a blender or kitchen combine;
  • using microwave.

Consider alternative options.

Manual methods

A cup of fresh citrus drink can be obtained without special devices, starting into the course of just what is exactly in every kitchen. Take the following:

  • Thoroughly wash the orange under warm water, removing dust and other contaminants.
  • Throw the fruit with boiling water to soften the peel.
  • With the help of a knife, divide the orange in half, make several punctures in the pulp of each half.
  • Squeeze the fruit to the last droplet of the liquid.

With this simple way, you will get all the juice of the orange without a residue.

Reference. From one fetus, approximately 90-100 ml of beverage is obtained. If desired, it can be released from the pulp with the help of sieves, gauze or spoons. Before drinking a cooked Fresh, it is recommended to cool it in the refrigerator.

There is another option how to squeeze juice from an orange. Heat the citrus under the jet of hot water or put in the oven. Next, fright the fruit with your hands or roll it on the surface of the table. Clean the peel, divide on the slices, cut each of them into two parts. Put in the gauze and exit juice into a glass.

Blender or Kitchen Combine

Make Orange Fresh is possible in a blender or kitchen combine. Cooking method:

  • Pretty rinse fruit with warm water.
  • Cut oranges in half, remove the skin. Remove the coarse fiber and bones with a knife.
  • Place the trained pulp in the bowl of the blender or the kitchen combine.
  • Grind fruit to homogeneous consistency.
  • Perfect the juice from the pulp with gauze.

With this method, the drink will be concentrated, so it is allowed to dilute it with clean water, you can also add sugar to taste.

Using a microwave

In this case, the microwave will be used to increase the volume of juice. Just put a pre-flushed orange into a microwave for 30 seconds by setting the maximum power. The fact is that when exposed to high temperatures, pectin becomes more damping, and the zest is softer. Therefore, to press the citrus will be much easier. Next, cut the orange into two parts, make several holes in the flesh and squeeze the Fresh. You can remove the flesh, add sugar, water.

How to drink orange juice?

This drink will benefit only if it is used correctly. Orange juice is characterized by an acidic medium, so it is possible to drink it before, after or during meals. In no case is not an empty stomach. The concentrated drink is irritating the mucous membranes, can cause the development or aggravation of gastritis.

Some recommendations:

  • Drink immediately after cooking, because due to prolonged storage, Fresh loses quality and spars;
  • If you want to get only useful from juice, do not add sugar to it;
  • Distribute with water, as the concentrated product is heavy for the stomach.

It is important to observe the measure when using natural orange juice. Ignoring the norm may entail harmful and dangerous implications for a person. Nutritionists advise to drink no more than 100 g of juice to children from 3 to 7 years old, schoolchildren under the age of 15 years not more than 150 g of drink, adults - up to 250 ml.

Prepare orange juice at home without juicer is possible. There are several ways to do this: hands, blender or kitchen processing, using microwave. Cooking Orange Fresh remember not only about the benefits of drink, but also on compliance with the consumption rate, because excessive use is fraught with serious health consequences.

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Date: 08.09.2020.

You wanted fresh orange juice, and you have no juicers? No problem! There is a wonderful way to squeeze the juice and without this device.

How to squeeze orange juice without juicer

We will need oranges. First you ride them on the table, pressing the palm. We are doing so that the pulp began to be softer, a little "referring" - so squeeze juice will be easier. Next there are two ways, and they are different.

Fashion first

Oranges cut in half, take the plug and squeeze the juice circular movements. The plug is spinning around its axis. Juice will succeed with the flesh, but if you do not like it, then just strain the juice.

Method of the second

We remove a small piece of peel from an orange, about 2x2 cm in size. In this place, first we make a knife with a knife, and then begin to squeeze juice tea spoon, gradually deepening inside the orange. This method is good in that, unlike the first, all the juice remains inside the peel, nothing will be shed.

Of course, to squeeze the glass of the orange juice, it will take not one orange, and accordingly, it will take a lot more time than if you use the juicer. But nevertheless, the juice squeezed like this ways, it turns out no worse!

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Orange juice has long won love and gained recognition all over the world, since it is not only very tasty, but also useful. It is especially appreciated among adherents of a healthy lifestyle, since it contains a huge amount of vitamins - groups B, A, PP, trace elements - potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium. At the same time, two oranges contain a daily rate of ascorbic acid.

Juice of orange without juicer

Fresh from orange is better to drink in the morning, because it not only charges the body with energy, but also gives cheerfulness, and also gives the charge. Like any other natural juice, it brings invaluable benefit for the entire body - digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, as well as the nervous system. But very often there is no juicer at hand, so many are faced with the question - how to squeeze juice from an orange without juicer.

Somewhat simple ways

Refreshing orange juice is a great addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner, but without using additional devices to squeeze it on its own very difficult. But if you know a couple of simple ways, you can make every morning for yourself and your favorite citrus frosh.

So how to squeeze the juice from an orange without juicer? In order to completely squeeze all citrus juice from the pulp, it must be prepared. The fruit must be heated, which can be done under the jet of hot water, placing on the sunny window sill or putting a few minutes in the oven, and after a thorough time. You can do it with your hands or rolling on a solid countertop.

How to squeeze juice from an orange without juicer

Both of these actions have high efficiency regarding the crushing of the zitrus membrane. After the manipulation described above, you can easily squeeze all the liquid without a residue. Similar actions should be conducted if you do not know how to squeeze the juice from lemon without juicer.

Next, all manipulations need to be carried out in the following sequence:

  • Thoroughly rinse the fruit under warm water to eliminate excess dust, a paper or tissue towel is suitable for removing moisture;
  • Throw it with boiling water for softening the peel;
  • Cut the fruit in half to work more convenient to work;
  • Make a sharp knife to make several punctures in the pulp of each halves of citrus;
  • Using the strength of the hands, squeeze orange Fresh.

With a consistent execution of all these actions, Fresh is extruded all without a residue. From one fruit you can get about 90-100 ml of drink. If you wish, it can be filtered from the pulp or collect it with a spoon. Before use, the drink is required in the refrigeration chamber.

This method is light enough because it does not require the use of additional tools. But it is rational to use it to obtain one portion of the beverage, since it is quite a long and time-consuming process.

squeeze juice from orange

But if you need to squeeze a large volume of natural orange drink (for example, for a large family dinner or a festive event - a birthday, new year or Christmas), you can use the combine. If you want to learn how to squeeze the juice from an orange without a juicer, then use this simple way:

  1. Pre-rinse under the jet of hot water fruit and remove the excessive moisture with a paper towel;
  2. Scroll through citrus in the kitchen combine (or using a manual blender) in a puree-shaped consistency;
  3. To the resulting fruit pulp, add the required amount of pure filtered water to the production of liquid consistency;
  4. To get a sweeter drink, it follows after sweetening with sand sugar;
  5. The resulting drink is scrolled in the combine to homogeneous consistency;
  6. Let Freshim infamous within a few minutes, after can be served on the table.

Orange Fresh is extremely popular drink not only among adults, but also children. But only natural juice can bring the body an invaluable benefit, so nutritionists and doctors recommend wringing it independently, and not buy a packaged analog, devoid of vitamins, trace elements and other beneficial substances.

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