How to pull the cartridge from the printer: Samsung, Canon, HP, Brother

How to pull the cartridge from the printer
Although we want, but it is not always possible to avoid collisions with the internal equipment - and it usually concerns printers. This office miracle can knock on paper, leave a bliss on the printed document, disconnect from the computer or spend all the paint in the cartridge. Cartridges will have to change in any case, but sometimes it is quite difficult to do it.

How to grow petunia from seeds: step-by-step guide

How to grow petunia from seeds: step-by-step guide
In this article, we will tell you about the subtleties and submarine stones of planting and germinating seeds of Petunia, about the stage of the first real leaves, the management of the growth, the formation of the root system and the initial feeding, dive, transplantation, formation and layout of the vases.

How to enable or switch video card in bios?

Enabling video cards in BIOS
Users can sometimes encounter such a situation when it becomes an urgent question about how to switch the video card or video panel in the BIOS. A similar problem may occur not only because your video card does not work. The thing is that modern computers may not have one video card, as their predecessors, and at once two are integrated and external. However, only one of them can work at one point in time, and therefore it is often the need to change the way to display video information on the monitor in such a way that it is carried out on another video card. To do this, it is necessary to turn one of the video cards, and the other, respectively, disable.

How to set up fields in Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019

Field Button on the Layout tab
Page fields are a special indentation from the edge of the page before the start of the text. This indent is determined mainly by the type of document and the requirements for its proper design. But, the fields are also a technological requirement, since with their absence the printer will not be able to properly print the document and part of the text along the edges of the page will be lost.

As a man to make run after you: impact psychology

How to influence the emotions of a man
In this article, As a man to get to run after you - psychology I will tell you how to influence the emotions of a man, how to make it thinking about you, and also tell about the equipment closer-on with examples from my life.

How do 7 strange families of the world live

Each family has its own laws and its secrets, and in their majority, even the most average family can surprise with closest acquaintance. What to talk about those who themselves are unusual people living in unusual families? We invite you to find out how these people live - real unique families.

Than to strip the house outside: materials, technology, photo, video

Solving, the better to strip the house outside, do not forget to take into account the vapor permeability of materials
Some building materials from which the walls are built immediately imply the need for outdoor decoration at home: a picture is very unsightly. Others can lose attractive over time. And the third case is an extensive formation of cracks, which is treated, but the results are visible. In all these cases, the question arises: How to strip the house outside. More often, it is necessary to notify - without the use of a solution or other similar means that require a large amount of money and time. I want to do everything quickly and, very desirable - inexpensive, and even if possible, - do it yourself. Oddly enough, but there is a choice of materials and technologies, and considerable.

How to make rails in minecraft - ""

Here you can watch a video about the rails in minecraft, that is, a selection of videos about Minecraft, where there are rails.
One of the ways of movement in minecraft is movement on the railway trolley. But also you can carry valuable loads. To create railways, rails and trolleys are needed. How to make trolleys, you can look just below, and how to make rails, we will look at in more detail.

How to get out of depression yourself quite possible: experts advise

Depression is a very common mental disorder, the causes and symptoms of which are well studied and described. There are also effective methods for its treatment. Heavy species of this disease - suicidal depression (an obsession to endorse the life of suicide) and bipolar (strong mood swings, obsessive thoughts, overestimated self-esteem, etc.) should be carried out by specialists in the field of psychiatry. For other types of its species, there are complementary professional assistance, and sometimes replacing it, ways that gives an answer to how to get out of depression on their own. These are depressed:

How to get a win in the column - all the ways to pick up winnings when victory

Stoloto - State Lottery, organized by the ministries of Finance and Sports of the Russian Federation. This brand appeared in 2012 and today unites a number of circulation and bustrial projects. Circulation January 1, 2020 became historical for the project: the player named Tatyana Bartos became the owner of a jackpot in the amount of 1 billion rubles. In addition, in the same draw, another 7 people won 1 million rubles.

Who is such a necromancer? Mystical creatures. White, Black Magic

Who is such a necromancer?
Who is such a necromancer? This word, we quite often meet in fantasy literature, movie contamines and even on the pages of newspapers. Most often, the necromancer is found in fantasy works. As a rule, it is depicted by an old, terrible sorcerer in the dark, the robe. However, the characteristic feature of the necromancer is manipulation with the dead.