Domestic training program for men

Domestic training programs for men are usually aimed at maintaining the form, since significantly increase the muscles without simulators is quite difficult. But add a couple of a kilogram of muscle mass or work relief is quite possible. The main thing is to properly approach the organization of the training process: to put a goal and, depending on it, choose the program. Consider several options:

  1. Training without inventory. Suitable for beginners and those who just want to maintain a dialed form.
  2. Circular training. It will help to get rid of excess fatty sediments and draw relief. Suitable for those who have recently been on the mass.
  3. Training on the press. It can act as a separate occupation in a comprehensive program in addition to foot training, back and shoulder belt.

An important rule in any training session - you first need to warm up to heat the muscles and prepare them for the load. This is the basic condition for the prevention of injuries during the execution of both cardio and power exercises.

Training at home for men without inventory

Classes without inventory are useful for beginners who should not start training immediately with weighting. This will avoid injury to unprepared muscles. As progress, it is allowed to increase the load by adding weights.


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Lucky 1 kg (pair) Lucky 1 kg (pair)

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Wealers - a popular sports projectile, which, with its compactness and simplicity, plays a very important role in the training process. Externally, these are cuffs of a special material ...


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So, home training for men with its own weight:

  1. Classic pushups - 3x12.
  2. Vasses - 3x10 for each leg.
  3. Touching on a stool - 3x10 for each leg.
  4. A classic bar is at least 0.5-1 minutes (if it turns out, you can more).
  5. Side Plank - 30 seconds. for each side.
  6. Lifting straight feet to the press in the lying position - 3x10.

Home Circular Training for Men

Circular training consists in the fact that within a certain time you need to perform several exercises with a small rest between approaches in an intense pace. Such a load is effective for drying - active fat burning while maintaining muscle mass.

The main rules of circular training:

  1. Approaches or execution time - 12-15 times or 60 seconds.
  2. Rest between approaches - up to 1 min.

Circular training with strength exercises:

  1. Push-ups with wide hand set.
  2. Twisting on the press.
  3. Ssed jumping.
  4. Inverse pushups.
  5. Plank 30 seconds.

Circular training with cardion loads:

  1. Berp.
  2. Climbing.
  3. Dutchmping Jack.
  4. Alternation of feet in the lunge.
  5. Boxing (imitation of boxing with a boxing pear).

During Jumping Jack, you can increase the burden on the hips if you add fitness gum with different resistance.


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Beginner athletes are enough 1-2 laps. With good preparation, you can perform 3-4 circles with small interruptions between them, about 2-3 minutes.

Press training at home for men

If you have a horizon, then for pumping the press you can buy a loop of Beresha. This is a full simulator that allows 100% to work out the muscles of the press.

As an alternative to the loops of Beresh, you can consider the press for the press. But even more efficient option is a combination of two shells in one training. They act differently on the press, so their combination will allow you to give a load that will force the muscles of the press to actively develop.


Press for a dual press Press for a dual press

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Training with Beresh loops for active fat burning:

  1. Jumping Jack (jumping with simultaneous breeding of hands and legs) - 1-1.5 minutes.
  2. The rise of straight legs in the WIS - 3x10-12 with a break of 60 seconds.
  3. Squats or lunges without weight - 3x10-12 with a break of 90 seconds.
  4. Working with a press for the press - 3x8 with a break of 60 seconds.
  5. Lifting legs bent in the knees, left - 3x10-12 with recreation 60 sec.
  6. The rise of the legs bent into the knees to the right - 3x10-12 with a break of 60 seconds.

Domestic training program for men for a week

Below is a training program: you can download it and print it to be convenient to do.

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If there is no possibility to attend the gym, use 2 complexes of exercises without simulators for men to gain muscle mass at home, occupying only with the weight of your own body.


Few people want to spend the clock in the gym on simulators or engage in a bench for bench press. Nevertheless, in order to build an excellent figure, it is not necessary to have a bench, engage in a barbell and not even be sure to go to the gym. All you need to become tightened and strong is your own body.

But the exercises with body weight do not just save time, but are also very effective. Studies published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Fitness College showed 1That exercises with their own weight are an effective way to remove excess weight, increase endurance and gain muscle weight at home and in general improve the state of muscles without inventory for men. "As today's lifestyle continues to take more time from us, leaving less on the exercises, such training programs for men without iron are becoming more popular ways to strengthen their health and reset the accumulated stress," say the authors of the article with research.

You, knowing this, want to find out what exercises without equipment will be the best for training at home. We have gathered here the most effective exercises with our own weight and lay out a simple, short workout so that you can anywhere and at any time work on your body.

Pluses of exercise by the weight of the body without iron

To show you that not only training with dumbbells for men can be an effective way to pump up, but also work with body weight gives the result, we talked to Bobby Windenanka, a personal fitness coach, which explained why training using only the weight of the own body is Best.

1. Available to everyone

"Training with body weight can be adjusted for your level of physical development," says Vindeank. "Regardless of your condition, even if you start from scratch and can hardly perform one push, exercises with body weight will be available to you, and most importantly, effective. You can also progress, and as you develop, you can add new types of exercises. "

Read the guide for newbies: how to prescript from the floor.

2. Enlarge your mobility and stability

"We were born to move, and mobility and stability are important parts of our daily life," explains Weddynk. "Working with shells can have many positive effects for the entire body, but can limit your mobility. The movements that you perform when working with the weighing of your own body improve mobility and help make stabilizing muscles stronger. And the strengthening of stabilizing muscles will give you more strength in other exercises. "

3. Help improve equipment and avoid injury

"Training with body weight is an excellent way to extrude the exercise technique," says the winebank. "Work with the shells can greatly urge you, and especially your joints. When performing exercises with the weight of its own body, the joints are subject to less load, so you almost never get injured by performing them. "

4. There are much easier and more efficient

"Today, few people have enough time to train, therefore it is important to find such that you can fulfill quickly so that it still gives effect," explains the winebank. "Fortunately, training with a body weight does not require a separate gym to pump muscles and use the minimum amount of equipment. You are able to conduct them anywhere, and you can combine cardio with strength exercises. Thus, you get and quick, and efficient training without iron and simulators for men. "

Is it possible to pump muscles only by workouts with body weight?

All listed pluses are very pleasant, but if it is impossible to grow relief muscles with the help of these exercises, then why do they do? But the answer will please you - exercises with a mass of the body are no worse than others help muscle hypertrophy, no worse than even classes with projectiles.

Study published in the magazine PHYSIOLOGY & BEHAVIOR 2It showed that the muscles will increase the mass, and the increase does not always depends on the load. On the contrary, most of the growth depends not on the load, but from the amplitude of the movement. Squat without additional load, made with correct technique, no less efficient than squatting with a barbell or dumbbells, and when you need to build muscles, it is not necessary to use shells at all and increase the number of pancakes on the rod.

10 best exercises without simulators for muscle buildup

So, you know that you can increase muscle mass engaging with your own weight, but what exercises do you have to do the most important in your training session? We have gathered 10 best, each of which will be able to give you training for all muscle groups, and people who perform classes with projectiles in the gym can only dream of such training.

1. Push up

Classic floor pushups

How to perform
  • Stand so that your weight is equally divided between palms and footsteps. Put the hands right under the shoulders, and keep the body direct
  • Strain the muscles of the torso to keep the torso on a straight line. Head, buttocks and torture should lie on the same line.
  • Lower the body until the chest is in two centimeters from the floor, then sharply push off and return to the original position.
What for

Little time? Perform 20 rapid pushups is a classic exercise to fight excess fat. "This well-known exercise will strain almost every muscle in your body, if you perform it correctly," says Frost. And how to do it right? "Just watch your hands to be at an equal distance from each other and were right above the shoulders. Buttocks and breast muscles also need to strain. "

2. Touching on the knee lifting platform

Touching on the platform with a knee rise

How to perform
  • We set yourself to a bench or a box that should be stood with one foot.
  • After you put the leg on the box, push the other foot as much as possible. Then go back to the floor.
  • Repeat this movement on the other legs.
What for

Regardless of the reason for execution: Fix the imbalance in muscle mass or increasing the leg muscles is an exercise is one of the most useful.

"Performing training for one side of the body helps strengthen the stabilizing muscles and equalize muscle imbalances from different sides of the body," says Frost. If your left side is stronger or weaker than right, you can align the imbalance by performing 15 additional repetitions from a weak side.

Exercise frog

3. Exercise frog

How to perform
  • We start an exercise in position for push-ups.
  • We jump forward so that both legs get up near the hands.
  • Returning to its original position.
What for

Despite the funny name, this exercise is very effective for heating. Stretching muscles in the crotch and torso area increases the scope of possible movements (the distance for which the muscle can stretch), according to frost. Performing these exercises and increasing the scope of the movement, you will get a good muscle gain, as the magazine "Research in the field of strength and training" assures us.

But its usefulness is not limited to this. Dynamic stretching will be saturated with the blood of the muscle of the lower body, which will greatly reduce the risk of injury from stretching. Also accelerated the pulse, which will well prepare the body to subsequent exercises for muscle growth.

Exercise man spider

4. Spiderman

How to perform
  • From the position of the pressing, lift one foot from the floor and move the knee to the elbow.
  • Take a pause, then return to the starting position and repeat this movement on the other side.
  • Make sure you strongly strain the muscles of the torso when performing the exercise. The closer the knee to the elbow, the more benefit from the exercise.
What for

This exercise will allow you to achieve a superhero figure - it will strengthen both legs, and hands, and chest, and shoulders. And all this in one pretty simple reception.

Long jump

5. Long jump

How to perform
  • We go to the position of squats, laying the legs on the width of the shoulders.
  • Raise your hands behind your back, I wake up, and then with the force we endure them forward to jump further.
  • Legs, too, we take ahead to give the body an even greater impulse.
  • We jump as far as possible and launder on the foot.
What for

Would you like a more complex exercise that is scubinated with a sharp, explosive movement? "Use jump jumps," says Frost. Why? This technique strains the most important rapid muscles of the body.

Unlike slow muscle fibers (those who work for stamina), your fast fibers are used to perform sharp, fast movements, which makes them much more and greater. They are to develop them, if you need to make legs more and stronger. And it will help you get larger and beautiful muscles.


6. Berp

How to perform
  • We begin, putting the legs on the width of the shoulders. Sit down until your hips are parallel to the floor.
  • From the bottom point of the squats, we turn to a new position - throwing out legs behind yourself and arrange your hands on the width of the shoulders.
  • We are pressed until your hands straighten completely, after which we press legs into the squat position.
  • I repel from the floor with heels and go to the jump, after which I repeat all the movement again.
What for

By activating almost all the muscles of your body, the exercise Berpi gives you a way to quickly burn calories, because it requires excessive load from all muscles.

Are you sure that this exercise deserves all praise that he is attributed? "Try inserting it between the approaches of power exercises," offers Frost. Just know that, regardless of their place in the training program, they will remain as complex.

Sunset on the wall

7. Walking on the hands of the wall

How to perform
  • Stand on your hands, leaning on the walls of the wall.
  • Scroll forward, go ahead on your hands, shifting the legs below the wall until you get to the floor.
What for

"Can you perform 40 pushups without giving out of the forces? Then you are ready for this complicated exercise for the growth of big muscles, "says Frost:" Standing in his arms will tense all the muscles of the body, both the dorsal and abdominal muscles. For me personally, this is one of the best techniques with body weight. "

But there is another question that should be set before performing this exercise: how to fulfill it safe for yourself so as not to fall your head about the floor? Answer: "Strain the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks to keep the direct line during standing in the hands," says Frost.

Tightening wide grab

8. Tightening with a wide grip

How to perform
  • Grasp the crossbar with both hands, completely straightening your hands.
  • Hands must be placed as wide as possible.
  • Weching the blades, exhale and pull the elbows to the thighs to raise the chin over the crossbar.
  • Controlly go back to the starting position.
What for

Of course, ordinary pull-ups work perfectly to strengthen the back. But why not add to the exercise and shoulders? Compared to conventional tightenings, a wide grip variation is stronger than the widest muscles of the back, which makes the exercise harder.

And for maximum benefit from this exercise, there is a simple secret: the right technique. Hold the buttock muscles intense throughout the entire movement, and the body should remain direct - this is the best way to avoid injury. We do the exercise slowly, not in a hurry.

Holding a corner sitting

9. V-Corner

How to perform
  • We lie down on your back, straighten your legs and hands, and slightly raise them from the floor.
  • Now we start the exercise - at the same time raise the torso and legs, in order to touch the stop with your hands.
  • Hold this position 10 seconds.
What for

"Want to pump up the abdominal muscles? No need to hurry here, "says Frost:" Exercises for abdominal muscles should be high-quality; they need to be performed with control, in order to maximize their effect. " And if you want to activate more and strain the muscles of the bark, you can replace the classic exercise "twisting" on the V-corner.

Watch that the blades do not go ahead. This will allow you to keep your back straight and help extract the greatest benefit from the exercise, says Frost.

Broodical bridge on one leg

10. Jagged bridge on one leg

How to perform
  • Going to your back and raise one foot from the floor.
  • Pushing forward and trying to raise your hips as high as possible.
  • Slowly go back to the floor.
  • At the very upper stage of the movement, we compress the buttocks in order to activate the maximum amount of muscle fibers, and, consequently, stimulate the growth of muscle mass.
What for

This exercise will not only train the leg muscles - butorous muscles will also be strained here. But why do we need to download the buttocks? "Strengthening the buttocks improves posture, which will help to avoid back pain," says Frost. From all this, you can learn lesson - if you have a spin from a long stay at the table, simply remove pain and discomfort by performing 10 repetitions of this exercise.

And if you wish to pump up the bottom of the body, then you must perform this movement under full control, squeezing the buttocks as much as possible in the top position of each repeat. "If you do it well, you can make an exercise harder, for example, to tell the barbell over the hips," recommends Frost.

Training for the whole body without iron

Now you know the best exercises, to fulfill which you need only the weight of your body. But what will be the benefit from them, if they are not combined into the training plan? That is why two workouts were created, from which you can choose the most suitable for yourself.

Training for the whole body is aimed at the development of force, and short rest between the exercises help burn additional calories. We carry out all the exercises in the specified order, three times a week, so that there is one day between the workouts. As a result, you lose weight, just become stronger and better.

Ssed guns

Exercise "Pistolatics"

  • Approach: 3.
  • Repeats: 14.
  • Recreation: 30 seconds

How to perform: get up with narrowly placed legs and raise one of them from the floor. After that, bend the leg, on which we stand in the knee and quiet as low as possible, trying to keep the back strain. Now repel and go back to the starting position, change your leg and repeat. It was one repeat.



  • Approach: 3.
  • Repeats: 20.
  • Recreation: 30 seconds

How to perform: From the position, we are satisfied until the hips are parallel to the floor, and have palms of hands on the floor. Now we fold down your legs as far as possible back, holding hands straightened. As soon as the legs lands, we make a small jump forward so that they returned to the position of the hands. Now bounce up. After landing, we make a squat again and proceed to the next update.

Sunset on the wall

Walking on the hands of the wall

  • Approach: 3.
  • Repeats: 10.
  • Recreation: 30 seconds

How to perform: occupy a position on your hands (stand on your hands) with legs leaning against the wall. Now move your hands forward and "go" down the wall until the legs get to the floor.

Jumping to face

Jumping to face

  • Approach: 3.
  • Repeats: 30.
  • Recreation: 30 seconds

How to perform: get up with my legs on the width of the shoulders. Then we go down and sharply repel from the floor with the right foot in order to jump on the left and land on the left foot. Immediately after landing, repel to the left foot and repeat the movement, this time on the right side. It was one repeat.

Long jump

Long jump

  • Approach: 3.
  • Repeats: 8.
  • Recreation: 30 seconds

How to perform: Go to the position of squats with legs on the width of the shoulders. We take your arms back and use them to push yourself ahead when jumping, and for extra inertia we throw legs in front of you. We jump in length as far as possible and landing the stop soles.

Side Plank

Side Plank

  • Approach: 3.
  • Repeats: 4.
  • Recreation: 30 seconds

How to perform: Going to the left side, holding the legs straightened. Then relying on the elbow and forearm, raise the hips from the floor so that the whole body is a straight line. Hold the situation, deeply breathing. Then we turn over and repeat on the other side.

Inverse pushups for triceps

Inverse pushups on a gymnastic bench

  • Approach: 3.
  • Repeats: 12.
  • Recreation: 60 seconds

How to perform: get up with your back to the gymnastic bench, grab her edge with both hands (grated should be on the width of the shoulders). Straighten your legs ahead. Slowly let down, bending your hands in the elbows until an angle of 90 degrees is formed. Using triceps, climb back to its original position.

Training on the press (without equipment)

This plan is fully aimed at the development of abdominal muscles. It also does not need any equipment - only your own body is used. In terms of only 3 exercises - it turns out very short, but still a very effective training. She will be your main method to pump up beautiful abdominal muscles.

Reverse curls

Reverse curls

We carry out all three exercises, and then rest 2 minutes.

We repeat five times.

  • Approach: 5.
  • Repeats: 60.
  • Recreation: 0 seconds

How to perform: Going to the back, holding hands on the floor on the sides, with palms directed down. Bend your knees and pull them to the chest, squeezing the abdominal muscles. At the same time, we tear down the feces of the fest. In the top position of the movement, squeeze the muscles, and then slowly go down until the thighs are perpendicular to the floor.

Sit-APA, they are twisting


  • Approach: 5.
  • Repeats: 60.
  • Recreation: 0 seconds

How to perform: Going to the floor and bend your knees. If it is possible to fix the foot under any object, so that the legs do not move when performing the exercise. Hold hands behind your head and raise the torso, straining the abdominal muscles. As a result, the upper part of the body and hips should be in the form of the Latin letter V. Then slowly fall at the starting position.



  • Approach: 5.
  • Repeats: 60.
  • Recreation: 120 seconds

How to perform: occupy a position on the floor (similar to a sprinter's position on the starting line - one leg is bent in the knee so that the stop is right under the waist, and the other straightened behind. Now we dramatically change the position of the legs. We repeat this movement.

Training at home without iron

Fat burning home training with her body

How to burn fat and raise the level of endorphine with a simple home workout consisting of three approaches.

This home training system for the whole body will accelerate the metabolism and stimulate the release of endorphine - the hormone of joy and pleasure.

Here you can forget about dumbbells and weights, as they are completely optional here. For effective burning calorie, you do not need anything in addition to your own body.

This training sees six different movements on the exercises for the upper and lower body. In both categories of three exercises that are performed immediately, one by one, as one big approach. We perform the first "triple approach" three times, resting only when necessary, and then proceed to the second large approach and also perform it three times.

Your goal should be easy burning and fatigue in the muscles, as well as the acceleration of cardiac rhythm. As a result, the maximum amount of fat will be burned and more endorphine is highlighted. This process will continue even after the end of the workout.

Jumping with squatting on site

1a) squats with jumps, 15 repeats without rest

Adding a jump makes usual squats not only with a good movement for building muscle mass, but also excellent cardio-exercise for fat burning. Holding the back strain, squat until the thighs are parallel to the floor, and the bridge muscles at the knee level (a), then make a jump up (b). Mildly land and proceed to the next direction.

Jumping in the critic

1b) Jumping-Jackie in a critic, 20 repetitions without rest

This exercise is simple, but at the same time very intense. Performing it, you will become more destructive and faster to get rid of excess weight. First we make squats with widespread legs (a). Now, as soon as possible, we reduce the legs together (b), and then immediately drag them back into a wide position. Expect that by the end of 20 repetitions will hurt much.

Exercise crab

1C) crab gait, 30 seconds, 30 seconds of rest

This exercise is not a lung. To keep the balance of muscles here will have to work very hard. First sit down on the floor, holding hands behind your back, and your feet ahead. Now raise hips (a) and move forward (b). After half a minute, the execution of this exercise makes rest for 30 seconds, after which we again begin to first exercise - squats with jumps.

Push up with cotton

2a) push-ups with cotton, 10 repeats without rest

This improved version of the classic exercise will make you get tired. From the position of the press, we lower the breast so that it almost touches the floor (a). Then repel, but unlike ordinary push ups, we tear both hands from the floor, make cotton (B), then immediately proceed to the next direction. If you slam your hands while your hands are in the air, the effect of the exercise will be even better.


2b) battle with shadow, 30 seconds without rest

To come to a good physical form, it is not necessary to become a professional boxer - just imitate the battlecraft. To perform this exercise, we take a combat position. Making small slopes in different directions and sometimes a little squeezing, we produce side and straight blows with fists. The type of shock completely depends on you, but remember - trying to exercise the most intense, and, therefore, effective.

Exercise worm

2C) exercise "worm", 10 repetitions, 30 seconds of rest

From the position, we lower the torso. Now we start walking forward in your hands (a), keeping the legs straight, until you are in the push position (b). We do this movement on the contrary, in order to return to its original position. This was one repetition. Now we rest for 30 seconds before starting the following exercise - sharp push ups.

You can follow this training plan or simply make your own, but most importantly - trying to become healthier and stronger, mentally and physically. To achieve this goal, use proper nutrition and training.


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You probably have already thought about sports at home, especially when I remembered your desire to lose weight and lose weight.

Of course, for this you can free the place in my apartment and get up 15 minutes earlier than usual in order to have a short exercise set before going to work. You can also buy sports equipment and arrange it in your apartment. But what to do next and which training program for men will be more efficient? Especially for you, we picked up the best schemes of household fitness practically every day so that they are not boring and difficult.


Training for men at home

15 best exercises for training men at home

Below is a set of exercises along with the description how to properly train at home from scratch, technique of performing movements and muscle groups that can be pumped. And below you will find 8 training programs at home for men with different equipment and without it for the whole body and each part of it separately.



How to perform

: occupy the starting position on the floor - the hands are located on the width of the shoulders, the back in the neutral position (straight, without saving or the gubbing), try to the torso and legs to be a straight line from the head to heels. Now, bending your hands in the elbows and bring the blades together, lower the body down until the chest is located about two centimeters from the floor, and then quickly rise, straightening your hands sharply, cut your chest muscles and spreading the blade. It was one repeat.

What for

: This exercise helps men pump several muscle groups immediately (breast, triceps and deltoid first), which contributes to their maximum growth. It also strengthens the shoulder joints. Since this movement is elementary at home, it will help prepare you to more complicated and heavy exercises, such as lying.

Pet of dumbbells standing

Handicate dumbbells standing

How to perform

: We stand and keep two dumbbells at the shoulder level straight grip - that is, so that the palms are directed forward. Do not forget that the elbows must be right under the dumbbells. Now the power of the arm's muscles raise the shells above the head, while the hands are completely straightened. Then slowly returned to its original position.

What for

: This movement is much safer than others.

Exercises on the shoulders

, for example, the head of the head, since it does not overstrain the joints. Shoulder injury only forces you to skip the workout and will slow down the progress that, of course, is completely undesirable.

Squats with dumbbells

Squat with dumbbells

How to perform

: We put legs on the width of the shoulders, keep the dumbbells in each hand. We try to keep your head above, and the back as it can be straight. Then squatted. Let us go down until the dumbbells are in 2-3 centimeters from the floor. Remember that the knee motion vector should be directed to the socks and not go beyond the socks line, and the chest must be advanced forward - do not bend the back and do not be tightened forward when lowering down. Now I exhale, straighten your legs and return to the original position.

What for

: Satisfaction is one of the best basic power exercises, which shakes the muscles of the legs and use almost all muscle groups of the body. The use of dumbbells allows you to concentrate more on the correct movement, as well as on the maximum amplitude of movement and stretching the muscles, since the load is relatively small here. You can move to class classes after you master and bring the right technique to the automaticism.

Farmer walk

Walking with dumbbells

How to perform

: We take into every hand on heavy dumbbells - together they must weigh about half of your own weight - and keep them on the sides. Get straight, your shoulders take a little back and go ahead as quickly as possible with short steps.

What for

: Exercise is extremely simple, it is absolutely no need to worry about the technique. This movement develops shoulder stabilizers, upper trapezoid muscles and front delta. It also strengthens grip that will be needed in many other movements and life situations.

Mahi dumbbells standing

Mahi dumbbells on the sides

How to perform

: Get up and hold the light dumbbell in each hand. Slowly raise the shells on the part until they reach the shoulder level - but not higher. Also try to avoid sharp movements and resist the desire to wave a dumbbell, as it will be a violation of the right technique. We do a pause, and then omit them back. We do the exercise slowly, therefore, the muscles will develop much more efficiently.

What for

: If you exercise at home, it will be your best movement for the development of average deltoid muscles. The side rise allows isolated to pump the average delta - one of the three beams of the shoulder muscles and it helps to develop the width and massiveness of the shoulders.

Lifting on socks with dumbbells

Rises on socks with dumbbells

How to perform

: Holding in each hand on the projectile, we get up on some step or pancake from the bar so that the socks are on it, and the heels touched the floor. Then raise your heels from the floor and we pause in the upper position. Now slowly go to its original position, after which we repeat.

What for

: Many newcomers when training legs forget about the ion-colored muscles. And this is a serious mistake that can even lead to injury. This exercise is necessary, as you should always try to strain and strengthen as many muscles as possible in your feet.

Flexing hands with dumbbells

Hand flexions with dumbbells

How to perform

: We stand and keep in each hand on dumbbells. Now, holding hands in a stationary position, bend them in the elbows until the dumbbells are at the level of shoulders. Do not allow elbows to move - only forearms should move here. In the upper position of the movement, squeeze biceps, then slowly lower and repeat.

What for

: This exercise is superbly increasing the biceps that you want to pump. When you keep the elbow fixed, the entire biceps is activated, and this stimulates the maximum development of the shoulder double-headed muscle.


Successing on the step with dumbbells

How to perform

: Stop in front of a gymnastic bench, a step platform or a steady box, keeping in each hand to dumbbells. We have the right foot on the bench, then pressed, in order to climb up, tap on the platform. Then we go to the left leg and repeat the process on the other legs.

What for

: All leg muscles (berry, quadriceps and rear thigh muscles) are activated here, so the whole leg is trained in one movement. In addition, this movement is very safe and will not cause the knee injuries, unlike other, more sharp exercises.



How to perform

: occupy push-up position, but here we rely on the forearm, and not on your palm of your hands. The back should be direct, and the muscles of the bark and the jagged muscles should be strained. Do not let hips go down.

More about how to make a bar correctly.

What for

: Planck strains the muscles of the bark evenly, and this makes the abdomen's muscles stronger, relief and aesthetically. Also, when performing this exercise, you do not risk injury.

Exercise Dead Zhuk.

Exercise Dead Zhuk.

How to perform

: Going to your back, keep hands and knees over yourself. Feet should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Pull the leg forward until the heel is 2-3 centimeters from the floor, and then return to its original position. We repeat the movement with the other foot.

What for

: When stretching and holding legs above the floor, not only the abdominal muscles are developing, but also stabilizers of the muscles of the bark. And this means that you will pump not only beautiful muscles, but also functional, which will come in life in life.

Side Plank

Side Plank

How to perform

: Going to the left side, leaning on the elbow. Then strain the muscles of the bark and raise the hips until the body becomes completely straight. I breathe deeply and hold this position. Now turn over to the right side and repeat on the other side.

What for

: Perfectly strains a small muscle at the bottom of the back - the square muscle of the lower back. Strengthening this muscle is necessary for a healthy spine, and will also allow to avoid back pain. In addition, as a result, the back will look better and more attractive.

Handicate dumbbells on the floor

Gathering dumbbells lying

How to perform

: Going to the floor from dumbbells in each hand. Hands should be bent in the elbows, and dumbbells should be on you. Then straighten your hands, raising shells. In the upper position, we do a pause, after which slowly lower your hands in the original position.

What for

: Abbreviated motion scope allows you to develop breast muscles, at the same time minimizing the risk of injury and stretching. This movement will also help you prepare for more difficult exercises.

Inverse pushups for triceps

Inverse pushups

How to perform

: Get back to the gymnastic bench and grab her edge with both hands (grip should be on the width of the shoulders). Feet should be stretched forward. Slowly let down, bending your hands in the elbows until the angle of 90 degrees is formed in them. Then, using triceps, climb back to its original position.

What for

: Exercise successfully can be performed on a stable stool, low table or step. It strains the muscles of the hands, chest and shoulders. From him especially quickly and efficiently increasing triceps.

Twisting on the press


How to perform

: Going to your back and bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. We have hands on both sides of the head. We raise your shoulders for several centimeters from the floor - and do not forget that the bottom of the back should not break away from it throughout the exercise. He strongly squeeze the abdominal muscles in the upper position, and then slowly go to the initial position.

What for

: This movement is one of the most useful abdominal muscles. Raised legs guarantee additional load on them, and make an exercise more difficult.


Hyperextension lying on the stomach

How to perform

: Going face down with hands on the sides. Slowly raise the chest up, holding hands at thenime. During the movement, trying to lift the head above. Let's go down after you got to the top position.

You read more about hyperextension and proper technique for the implementation of reverse hyperextenia.

What for

: People often forget that the exercises for the back help to develop all other muscle groups. This movement is especially useful, as it strains the whole back, at the same time removing the back pain from the hours spent behind the desktop.

Pitches on socks

Rises on socks

How to perform

: Stop right, holding a barbell or two dumbbells on the sides on the shoulders (the exercise can also be done without extra weights), we guide the socks forward, raise the heels from the floor and strain, squeeze the calf muscles. Slowly returned to the original position.

What for

: Isolated

Pumping of icy muscles

Useful for the whole leg. It also develops the berous and rear muscles of the thigh. Different positions of the stop influence the development of this muscle in different ways - for example, if the socks are directed inside, its outer head will be better developed, and if the outside is internal.



How to perform

: We accept combat position and simulate boxing, slightly bouncing on socks. You can eat and climb here anywhere.

What for

: It helps to combine all other exercises in this training session, as this movement is perfectly developing the power of the legs, hearts, the muscles of the bark and hands. In the intervals between high-intensity and low-intensity boxes, you can also run in place to improve the cardio effect.

Training for men at home

8 home training programs to reduce weight and increase muscles

You can build up muscles and get rid of excess weight, without even leaving the house with training complexes for men with dumbbells or with your own body weight. It will be possible to engage in proud loneliness, including your favorite music for the atmosphere.

Yes, sometimes classes in the gym are felt like a vacation after a long, hard day at work (come in, sweating, we exit, and feel completely refreshed). But there are also times when the hall is annoying - there are too many people there, they are noisy and loudly chat when they should do. Then you just want to go out and go back home - and perform your exercises at home. And guess what? You can arrange a slaughter training house.

Here are 8. program  Training  for  Men. proving that it is quite possible to train at home and pump up:

  1. Muscles chest
  2. Total body
  3. Legs
  4. Cardio for fat burning
  5. Press
  6. Upper body
  7. Muscles of the bottom of the body
  8. Back

Try these home complexes of power exercises for guys of any age and check on them efficiency.


Push ups for breasts

Swing chest houses

All exercises are performed immediately, one by one, in the style of a circular workout as one big approach. Then rest 3 minutes, after which I repeat.

  • Pushups (10-15 repetitions)
  • Tightening (in the doorway, we perform as many repetitions as possible)
  • Planck (60 seconds)
  • Renegage thrust (10 repetition)
We repeat 5 circles


Range traction with dumbbells

Fulbody training on the whole body

We do the exercises "a" then exercise "B", rest, and repeat, performing the amount of approaches / repetitions shown.

  • 1A. Fucks with dumbbells
  • 1b. Push ups

3 approaches, 8-12 repeats each, 90 seconds between large approaches.

  • 2a. Romanian radan thrust with dumbbells
  • 2b. Exercise on the press with the wheel

3 approaches, each 6-8 repetition, 90 seconds between large campaigns.

  • 3A. Handicate dumbbells
  • 3b. Shoulder dumbbells

3 approaches, 12-15 repetitions each, 2 minutes between large approaches.

  • 4a. Planck
  • 4b. Reverse pushups (can be performed using a chair)

3 approaches, perform as many repetitions as possible (60 or more seconds on the bar), 90 seconds between large approaches.



Complex for pumping legs

  • 1A. Normal squat (no extra weights)
  • 1b. Broken bridge lying

Make such a number of approaches you want to perform 100 repetitions for each exercise. We rest 60 seconds between approaches.

  • 2a. Reverse lifting
  • 2b. Romanian radan thrust with dumbbells

4 approaches, 10 repetitions, 90 seconds between approaches.

  • 3. Ssed by the Wall "Stool"

More complexes for training legs at home to increase the muscles of the bottom of the body.

We lean your back to the wall and quiet until the legs are bent in the knees at an angle of 90 degrees, with the legs located in a vertical position. Here we make one approach, trying to hold this position as long as possible.


Jumping with a rope

Cardio training for fat burning

We do all the exercises one after another, as in a circular training session, resting two minutes, and repeat 5 times.

  • Rope (60 seconds)
  • Berp (10 repetitions)
  • Filtering hands - Hands on the head of dumbbells (15 repeats)
  • Bear Walking (60 seconds)

Try other exercise options with a skipping rope and reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat.


Muscle training press

  • 1A. Wheel Exercises
  • 1b. Exercise "Superman"

3 hikes, 10 repeats (30 seconds exercise "Superman"), 60 seconds between large approaches.

3 approaches, 10 repetitions, 60 seconds of recreation.

3 approaches, keep the position of 60 seconds, 90 seconds of rest.



Exercises on the top of the body

Details will be lower. 3 approaches, 3 minutes of rest between approaches.

3 hikes, keep position 60 seconds, 60 seconds of rest.

  • 3A. Squat without additional scales
  • 3b. Hand flexions with dumbbells

3 approaches, making as many repetitions as possible, 90 seconds of recreation between large approaches.

  • 4a. Inverse pushups with a chair or a stool.
  • 4b. Tightening (in the doorway)

5 approaches, 5-10 repetitions, 45 seconds of recreation between large approaches.

* Perform 10 pushups, resting 30 seconds, then 9 repeats, 30 seconds of rest, then 8 repetitions, etc. - Just continue this pattern until you get to one push up.

7 / 8.

Breeding bridge

Training for the bottom of the body

  • 1A.Dide without weights 1¼. *
  • 1b. Romanian launcher with dumbbells.

5 approaches, 10 repetitions (squats to try to make as much as possible), 90 seconds of rest.

  • 2a. Walking gains
  • 2b. Broken bridge lying

5 approaches, 20 repetitions, 90 seconds of recreation.

* We make ordinary squats, rose to ¼ amplitude up, go back to the maximum depth, then completely climb up. This will be one repeat.


Back muscles

Pumping back

  • 1A. Push ups
  • 1b. Watching the back lying on the stomach

3 approaches, 12 repetitions each, 90 seconds of recreation.

  • 2a. Planck
  • 2b. Lifting the housing lying on the stomach *

3 approaches, 10 repetitions (60 seconds plank), 90 seconds of recreation.

  • 3. Romanian Range Tract

3 approaches, 6 repetitions per face, 60 seconds of recreation.

*Located face down, placing hands on the floor - as in push-ups. They repel them and climb up, but do not allow the thighs and legs to break away from the floor. Hold this position for a second, and then we go to the starting position.

Workout training program for men

28-day home exercise complex

You have long been going to start training, but you always interfere with:

  • You open the video on YouTube and just can not keep up with the exercises ...
  • You have already planned training, but it turns out, you just do not have enough time for it ...
  • You want to start walking in the gym, but do not know where to start ...

Therefore, it is time to create a training plan for lessons at home and keep it!

We present the reasons why precisely the preparation plan is the most first step towards a healthy lifestyle and weight loss.

  • It is absolutely no need for equipment
  • Simple exercises that need absolute newcomers
  • Short workouts (take less than 15 minutes)
  • Only 3 exercises in each workout - which is easy to remember
  • Total 3 workouts per week.
  • Easily adjust the intensity.
  • The distance of the entire plan is 28 days (4 weeks) will greatly create a useful habit.

What are the rules for domestic training?

Rules here quite a bit:

  • Perform 3 workouts every week. Choose any day and time that are suitable for you.
  • We do as many repetitions with good technique. Write down the number of repetitions that you have happened, and try to make more next week.
  • We rest from 30 seconds to 1 minute between approaches. If necessary, you can relax and between the exercises.

Table of home training plan for a month

Your main goal: Observe the training plan for 4 weeks, and in no way violate it.

Everything that needs to be done here is to download and print a plan for each of the weeks and fulfill your first workout:

  • Week 1.
  • Week 2.
  • Week 3.
  • Week 4.
  • Free download
Day 1
  • 30 seconds perform jumping jack
  • 30 seconds squat
  • 30 seconds high plank

4 approaches

Duration - 7 minutes

Day 2.


Day 3.
  • 30 seconds push-ups with knees
  • 30 seconds thumbs forward
  • 30 seconds climbing

5 approaches

Duration - 11 minutes and 30 seconds

Day 4.


Day 5.


Day 6.
  • 30 seconds high knees
  • 30 seconds exercise worm
  • 30 seconds jumping with squats

4 approaches

Duration - 7 minutes)

Day 7.


Day 8.


Day 9.
  • 1 minute Jumping Jack
  • 1 minute squats
  • 30 seconds high plank

3 approaches

Duration - 9 minutes and 30 seconds

Day 10.


Day 11.
  • 30 seconds squeezing with knees
  • 30 seconds drops back
  • 30 seconds Burmpion

4 approaches

Duration - 7 minutes

Day 12.


Day 13.
  • 30 seconds high knees
  • 30 seconds Sitting at the wall (chair)
  • 30 seconds Most

5 approaches

Duration - 11 minutes and 30 seconds

Day 14.


Day 15.
  • 1 minute Jumping Jack
  • 1 minute squats
  • 30 seconds Low Planck

4 approaches

Duration - 13 minutes

Day 16.


Day 17.
  • 30 seconds squeezing with knees
  • 30 seconds high knees
  • 30 seconds Most

5 approaches

Duration - 11 minutes and 30 seconds

Day 18.


Day 19.
  • 1 minute Burmpion
  • 30 seconds Sitting at the wall
  • 30 seconds Exercise for triceps
  • 4 repeat

Duration - 11 minutes

Day 20.


Day 21.


Day 22.
  • 1 minute Jumping Jack
  • 30 seconds jumping with squats
  • 30 seconds Low Planck

5 approaches

Duration 14 minutes

Day 23.


Day 24.
  • 30 seconds high knees
  • 30 seconds thumbs forward
  • 30 seconds exercise worm

6 approaches

Duration - 14 minutes

Day 25.


Day 26.


Day 27.
  • 1 minute push-ups with knees
  • 30 seconds Sitting at the wall (chair)
  • 30 seconds Exercise climbing

Duration - 11 minutes

4 approaches

Day 28.


What can you expect from this plan?

The purpose of this plan is to push you to regular training and create a habit. This is exactly the critical element that many people do not work, the reason why they never see the results.

This plan will prepare you to a more complete, complex and personalized plan.

Remember that you need to start with a small one, and gradually increase the intensity ...

Also remember that it will be the basis of your future progress.

Good luck to you!



Conduct a high-quality training at home for men is quite difficult. If in the simulators there are a large number of special equipment, fitness coaches and athletes who have been engaged and who can tell and correct, then at home you stay one on one, and sometimes it is completely unclear what to do and where to start the program.

Features of training and muscle structure in men

Let's talk about some features and differences in the male and female organism. There are two popular allegations: men easier to lose weight than women; Men build up muscles faster and more than women.

Are men lose weight and why?

Yes. This statement, in general, truthfully. This is due to biological features. In the men's body, the percentage of fat within the normal range is lower than that of a woman. For example, you can compare: the smallest percentage of fat in guys, in which it is possible to survive, is about 4%, while in women this figure is about 10%. In the framework of the human body, this is a fairly big difference.

Percentage of fat in the body of a man and women

If you want to see your press, the percentage of fat in the body should be less than 15%

In addition, the woman's body is "sharpened" to make the child to endure and with greater thoroughness sets nutrients. There are a number and other reasons: men are easier to build muscle mass due to their own testosterone, they, as a rule, are less than the tendency to "eat" a bad mood and so on.

Is it easier for men to pump muscles and why?

Yes, and not only thanks to the testosterone mentioned. Since men are on average larger women, they have more heart size, bulk volume, the amount of blood, which allows you to perform more intensive workouts than ladies. In addition, women's hormones (estrogens and progesterone) provoke a female organism on a set of fat and water, so even a former athlete will have to regularly engage in fitness to maintain the form, while a mature man may not lose the athletic figure found in student.

The only thing that should be paid attention to is that if you want to achieve significant muscular hypertrophy, then you will have to acquire heavy equipment, because your weight simply does not have enough. But we will talk about it a little later.

How to train at home

Training at home can be associated with some difficulties:

  1. No motivation. In the simulator room or sports section, many like-minded people. All the time is supported by the atmosphere and the cult of sports, thanks to which it is easier to achieve their tasks.
  2. Lack of shells for training. There is a lot of "machines" in the hall for insulating exercises, a large selection of free weights, which greatly facilitates the workout. But if you wish, you can pump and on the usual site on the street.
  3. Lack of opportunity to correct equipment. There is no one who can fix you or for whom you can be painted. We will have to learn from their mistakes, and this usually takes more time.

If it does not scare you, and you are resolutely tuned by anything to achieve your goal, doing at home, let's understand what to do.

What are basic and insulating exercises?

The very first thing that is worth starting is to decide what the "base" is, what exercises are considered isolated, what should be done in what order and quantity.

The basic includes all those exercises in which a coherent work of several muscles or muscle groups is required for movement. Most often several joints are involved. Unlike them, isolated exercises exclude almost all the muscles from the movement, except for the working.

Basic exercises are the basis of any workout. The emphasis should be done on them, as they perfectly show themselves in the development of growth and muscle strength. Insulating exercises are needed for catching, imparting relief and formation of a beautiful "picture".

Thus, the best training is several basic exercises that are always made at the beginning, as they are energy consumption; And somewhat isolated for "finishing" of target muscles and refinement. For a beginner will only be enough basic exercises.

The basic exercises include:

  • Rush Lözia
  • Break
  • squats

This is a classic. You can also include other exercises: pull-ups, push-ups, lunges, rod cravings to chin, bench legs and some others.

Basic exercises are performed on a small amount of repetitions up to 10, isolated about 15 times. Usually for one exercise requires from 3 to 5 approaches.

Complex of basic exercises for home

To carry out effective training at home, you should purchase several pairs of dumbbells or garrium weights. This will allow diversity to the training process so as not to use only exercises with its own weight.

The complex is the most efficient and home-beneficial exercises:

  • Pets of dumbbells Lözia
  • squats
  • Fallen
  • Range traction with dumbbells
  • traction dumbbells to chin
  • Dumbbell thrust in the slope
  • Sitting dumbbells
  • push ups
  • Full twist
  • push-ups on the bars (if possible)

Pets of dumbbells Lözia

Exercise can be effectively used to study hands and chest.

Pets of dumbbells Lözia

Watch the dumbbells to be on the same line, and the movement was carried out on the breast, and not in front of the face

Execution technique:

  1. Sit on a horizontal surface. You can lie on the floor, if there is no analogue of the bench from the gym.
  2. Shells should be on the sides of you. Take the dumbbells in your hands and put on the front of the hip.
  3. Help your feet to push the dumbbells and simultaneously lie on the back. Hands with burdens should be bent at elbows near your chest.
  4. Take the right position: in the lower back, the remaining parts of the body are pressed to the surface of the base; grip closed; brushes do not bend back; hands on one line; At the elbows an angle of 90 degrees.
  5. On the exhale, squeeze the dumbbells up, without hitting each other. Elbows can be left a little bent.
  6. In the breath again return to its original position, well-stretching breast muscles.

Hands with dumbbells can be held straight enough, that is, so that the back of the palm look at you. Then the chest and biceps work better.

Rush straight enough

Do not throw hands with dumbbells down, make moves under the control

You can also keep the dumbbells with a neutral grip when your hands are parallel to each other. In this case, a little more will be loaded on triceps.

Rush neutral grip

The advantage of dumbbells is that the bench can be used by different grip, which you will not do with a barbell

For more information on benefits and features of the exercise, you can learn from the video.

Video: Held of Löj's dumbbells


Squats involve quite a lot of large muscles in terms of muscle - butodic, bunches of quadriceps, biceps hips. It is difficult to pump them enough, so the squats without additional weight will not give you some tangible effect.

It is best to use a barbell, but dumbbells are suitable.

Squats with dumbbells

Do not round your back, she should always be straight

Execution technique:

  1. It is necessary to get straight, the back should be smooth.
  2. It depends on the legs, how the load will be distributed. Classic option - legs on the width of the shoulders. If you put your legs wide, then the inner part of the hip works, if narrowly, the quadriceps is well loaded.
  3. The stop must be on the heels.
  4. In the breath, go down down. The knees in this case may go beyond the socks, but minimally. If you have problems with the knee joint, the exercise does not fit you.
  5. The lower you are squatting, the more buttocks work. If you go to the parallel hips with the floor or higher, the load goes to the quadriceps.
  6. On the exhalation, climb up.

Video: Squate with dumbbells

Range traction with dumbbells

There are a lot of traction options, but the classic version more evenly uses the muscles.

Classic lad belight

At all stages, the spin exercise should be direct

Execution technique:

  1. Take the dumbbells straight grip and hold yourself near the huckle.
  2. In this exercise it is extremely important to keep your back straight and rigid.
  3. On the breath, begin to lean forward and at the same time bend knees, pulling the pelvis back.
  4. When you lower the dumbbells just below the middle of the leg, lock the position for a few seconds and come back to the original position with exhale.

You can perform this exercise, without bending the legs so much. This option is called Romanian thrust, and it is aimed at working out no longer back, but buttocks and the rear surface of the hip.

Romanian traction

This option is much more involving the work of the leg than the back

Additional subtleties and nuances of exercises are reflected in the video tutorial.

Video: Classic Range Tractor With Dumbbells

Traction dumbbells to chin

This is one of the most efficient exercises for the average beam of deltoid muscles.

  1. Take the dumbbell straight grip and keep yourself near the honey.
  2. The exercise can be performed by two options: widespread and narrow.
  3. If you keep the dumbbells narrowly and raise above the level of the shoulder, then the trapezoidal muscle works better. Traction narrow grove

    Lift the shoulders to better affect the top of the trapez

  4. When the grip is wide, and the dumbbells rise to the shoulder level, then Delta is being worked out. Large grip

    Keep a straight line in your shoulder. If the elbows begin to raise higher, the load from the Delta will go onto the back

  5. On the exhalation, start keeping dumbbells along the body to the height you need.
  6. On the breath slowly return the hands to its original position.

Dumbbell thrust in the slope

This exercise is working back muscles.

Link dumbbells in the slope

Working out each hand in turn, you can effectively conduct training and seek symmetry

Execution technique:

  1. It is best to exercise with each hand separately.
  2. To be more convenient, find a support. Sometimes the exercise is performed with an emphasis on hand and leg, sometimes only on hand.
  3. Light with a straight back to parallels with a floor.
  4. A hand with a dumbbell must be free, but do not let it be saved under weight. This can be harmful to the shoulder joint.
  5. On the exhalation, bending the elbow along the body, tighten your hand to the waist.
  6. Take the spatula to the center of the back and delay for a second, the other, then lower the breath.

You can perform this exercise with both hands right away in the slope without support.

Traction standing in the slope

This option requires more attentiveness to comply with the right technique with both hands.

Sitting dumbbells

Another exercise on the shoulders. But in contrast to the thrust to the chin, all three beam of deltoid muscles is working.

Sitting dumbbells

Exercise can be done standing, but when you sit, you are smaller than the body and, therefore, more work more

Execution technique:

  1. Sit with a straight back on the chair or other support.
  2. Put the legs steadily on the entire foot.
  3. Raise your hands with dumbbells so that the shoulder belt is a straight line.
  4. Do not throw back the brushes back, keep the dumbbells closed grip. Proper hand position on the shell

    Left - closed grip, right - open

  5. On the exhalation, squeeze the dumbbells up, without hitting them about each other.
  6. On the breath, lower your hands down, without throwing, but controlled. It is necessary to lower below the shoulder level so that there is a wider amplitude of the movement.

Push ups

Unlike tightening, for which an additional projectile is required in the form of a crossbar, push-ups are available at any time without auxiliary means. At the same time, they perfectly work out the entire top of the body.

You can perform them in different ways, which allows you to shift the load on different muscles.

  1. Stand in the position of the bar on the elongated hands.
  2. The legs need to be placed very wide. The wider laying the legs, the easier it will exercise.
  3. Hands put on the width you need.
  4. If the hands are standing on medium width, so perform pushups easier, and the load is distributed evenly.
  5. Hand setting widely makes it possible to influence the breast muscles anymore. Push ups are widespread

    Be careful. If the muscles are not very strong, with such a formulation of hands you can pull them

  6. If you put hands narrowly (from the width of the shoulders and already), then you can work in a triceps. It is necessary to ensure that the elbows do not disperse on the sides, but walked along the case. Push-ups narrow grove

    To put your hands too close to each other, it turns out to be high load on elbow joints

  7. The whole body should be collected and tightened. Do not bother in the back and do not bow the pelvis.
  8. On the breath you need to fall down, stretching muscles and almost touching the floor.
  9. With exhale, learn yourself in the original position.

To understand how diverse your push-ups can be, we suggest you watch a video with 20 different technicians.

Video: Expressing options

Full twisting with the lifting case

The press can be swap different, but most exercises are isolated (as far as possible). Twisting are often performed in an incomplete amplitude when you only raise the upper part of the case, if it is increased, it turns out a basic, complex exercise.

Twisting with the lifting

Keep the lower back at all stages of exercise

Execution technique:

  1. Lie on the back, excluding deflection in the lower back.
  2. Feet can be fixed so that they do not help exercise. It will be more convenient to bend them in the knees, but you can leave them elongated at your discretion.
  3. Hands can be kept along the body (easy option), on the chest (medium complexity), for your head (complex version).
  4. Make a deep breath and on the delay. Start up the housing with rounding the back - first tear the shoulders, then the blades, then the lower back and sit down.
  5. In the final point, the exhalation must be maximal, you need to try to squeeze the muscles of the press as much as possible.
  6. On the breath lying and relax.

You should not perform this exercise in a negative slope. It will not be more effective, but the pressure can rise.

Excellent option - twisting on the phytball. This not only relieves the load from the back, but also allows you to well stretch the muscles in the negative phase and, therefore, increase the amplitude.

Twisting on phytball

You will not get to raise the case completely due to the absence of support under the buttocks, but you can stretch the muscles stronger

Push ups on the bars

This exercise is more difficult at home if you do not have special crossbars. But you can make it on the bars in the yard, at least from time to time, since it also extremely effectively pumps the upper part of the body and gives a growth of triceps.

  1. You need to take the handles with a neutral grip. If there is a wide grip, then more breasts will work if your hands are quite narrow, then triceps are being worked out.
  2. Feet can be crossed and adjusted so as not to interfere with and did not help exercise.
  3. Hang on the elongated hands.
  4. In the breath, go down, and here you can act in two options: lean forward or keep the case directly. Both are faithful ways, but give a slightly different result.
  5. If you are squeezed by keeping the body perpendicularly, the handling of the hands at the same time, most of the load takes the triceps. Push-ups

    At the top point you need to completely straighten your hand, so be careful not to injure the elbow

  6. If you begin to lean forward (the angle of inclination can be different - from the minimum to the parallel floor), then the accent is shifted to the chest. Push ups

    It is necessary that the width of the hand setting is not too big, you can pull the breast muscles or shoulder muscles.

  7. On the exhalation, squeeze yourself up. Try not to sway, but to work exclusively at the expense of muscle contraction.

What is a force training and cardio?

Depending on your purpose, you can train two different ways (power and cardio) or combining them.

Power training is used to build weight and increase the strength of the athlete. Basic exercises are taken as the basis and are performed with severe additional burdens. At home, it is quite difficult to engage in really strength training if you do not have the opportunity to purchase a barbell, weights and dumbbells. Its weight is usually lacking for muscle growth, and even pull-ups and push-ups should be done with weighting.

Insulating exercises are used to a lesser extent, in the end and as a "last blow" on the muscles, if they are not "scored".

Cardio training are suitable for weight loss, increasing endurance and pumping cardiac muscles. Cardio can be performed without any burden, and exercise options that are suitable for the house - mass.

We figured out what exercises can be done at home in order to build up the muscles, let's now consider what Cardio consists at home.

Cardio exercises for home

All exercises are carried out vigorously and intensively, but you need to ensure that your pulse is not raised above the permissible norm. You can use a simple formula - 220 minus age. This is the limit value to which you do not need to approach. Work in the zone 70-80% of this figure.

Cardio exercises suitable for home completion:

  • Running on the spot
  • Burpi
  • squats with jumping
  • Jumping Jack
  • Jumping on the rope
  • Running on the stairs (if possible)
  • Skalolaz

Running on the spot

This is a great option to warm up before the main training session, or you can use jogging as an independent exercise. It is almost as effective as running on the street, but with the difference that you do not overcome natural natural phenomena and obstacles - bad weather, irregularities and so on.

  1. During running, the case must be kept right. When you run down the street and want to speed up, you need to lean forward. In this case, this is not necessary.
  2. Land should be on the front of the foot, and then roll over its entire area. Boots about the floor with heels adversely affect the joints.
  3. In addition, depreciation should be taken. It is necessary to run either in comfortable shoes, or on the surface that will reduce the strength of the collision.
  4. Hands can be helped to move.

You can also run differently. Start with a simple run at an average pace, similar to the one that you would use on the street. The shin takes back.

Running on the spot

The shin you need to throw back so that the thigh in this case remains in the same place.

After that, or separately, you can try the more energy-proof option of the run, when it is necessary to raise the knee as usually as possible. You can put your hands and try to get down to them.

Running on the spot

Strive to raise your leg as above

Watch an interesting running option on the site imitating the sprint.

Video: Running on the spot with a focus on the wall

Burmpion - useful fitness occupation

Crossfit uses a large number of sufficiently complex and multi-suraling exercises, Burpi is one of them.

It is possible to perform it in different ways, there are simple and more complex options.

  1. Stand straight, putting your legs on the width of the shoulders (a little more, slightly less).
  2. Sit down and put hands on the floor with a middle grip.
  3. After that, the weight of the body needs to be transferred to the arms and bounce back, putting his legs on the socks. You should be in the position of the plank on the elongated hands.
  4. Perform one push up.
  5. Jump tighten your legs to the hands, move your weight on them again and climb.
  6. Complete the exercise by jumping up.

The classic exercise option can be folded for beginners, eliminate some stages of exercises that cause the greatest difficulty

It was a classic way, but you can perform this exercise, excluding any stages at your discretion. For example, you can not do push, if it is too difficult, or not to jump, and one after another rearrange the legs.

Squats with jumping

Do not perform this exercise or extremely careful if you have problems with your knees.

  1. It is necessary to inhale to perform classic squats with a straight back.
  2. Legs put a little wider shoulders and try to sit down as low as possible so that the movement amplitude is more.
  3. Exercise is performed quickly, but it is extremely important to ensure that the knees do not go beyond the sock.
  4. Your task is not easy to get up, but with the power to push yourself up and break away from the floor. Jump we do in exhale. You can help yourself by setting the pulse with your hands.
Jumping out of squats

Land on the front of the foot very gently so as not to harm the joints.

If you add weight to this exercise (take dumbbells or weights), you can significantly complicate it.

Jumping Jack

A fairly simple, but effective exercise, which is called Jumping Jack or Jumping in place with Mahami.

  1. Stand straight, put your feet close to each other.
  2. Jump and dispel your feet wider, at the same time you need to raise your hands through the sides.
  3. Take another jump, putting your feet at a starting position, and return to the body.

Keep your knees all the time bent a little, it will help you spring, and reduce the load when hitting the joints

The exercise needs to be done without breaks, intensively.

Jumping on the rope

The rope is inexpensive, but a very effective sports projectile for home. You can jump in different ways: forward, back, on one leg, with a run and so on. But there are the basics to know.

Jumping on the rope

This is one of the most energy-intensive exercises that burns about 9 kcal per 1 kg per hour.

Execution technique:

  1. The rope must come to you by growth, otherwise you will not get to jump for a long time, you will either stumble or confused. To determine whether the length is correctly chosen, stand up with both legs into the center of the rope: the handles must come to the armpits.
  2. Jump should be on socks.
  3. Hands do not need to press to the body, remove them by 15-20 cm. And the movement itself should not be carried out only with a brush. The hand works to the shoulder, and the shoulder joints are also involved in the exercise.
  4. Breathe nose. If breathing begins to get rid, it is necessary to stop smoothly, restore breathing and then continue. Gradually, you can learn to breathe correctly and increase your endurance.

To diversify your workout and try something new, look at the video with various skipping options.

Video: Options for jumping on the rope

Running on the stairs

You can run around the steps on the street, if you find a comfortable staircase, or fly, if you live in an apartment building.

In addition, such a cardio burns a lot of calories and helps to lose weight, it also exercises the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Running along the steps

Man weighing 80 kg for half an hour run on the stairs can lose up to 600 kcal

Use different runners, change and alternate them. For example, you can start a jog at an average pace for endurance, trying not to stop as long as possible. After that, you can try to scat down or up at time or distance.

Video: Exercise option on the stairs


This is an excellent exercise that is convenient to do at home. It not only burns calories, but also workers the muscles of the press.

  1. Stand in the position of the bar on the elongated hands. Feet can be put on the width of the shoulders.
  2. Start alternately tighten each leg to the body, without bending at the same time.
  3. Returning one leg at home, pull up another.

Try to perform this exercise in an intense pace to burn more calories

Exercise can be performed slowly when you rearrange your legs in a calm tempo, or in intensive mode, in this case the training turns into a cardio, and you need to strive to run or jump from foot to foot.

If the exercises for power should be performed on a certain number of repetitions, then it does not make sense in Cardio, it needs to work here. Next, we will analyze the version of the Cardio Training program and tell you how to choose time and how much you need to rest.

Training programs at home

We divide the workout plan for two options - cardio and power, which you can fully implement simultaneously simultaneously if you have a task and lose weight, and build muscle.

Power training at home

You need to do 3-4 times a week.

Always perform 1 warm-up workout approach, leaving - with an average and after that start using working weight. As we have said earlier, you need to perform from 5 to 8 repetitions on average.

For power training at home, it is necessary to purchase: several pairs of dumbbells and weight weights. This is a minimum set that will allow you to use more exercises, as in some cases it is quite difficult to find them a replacement in the household version. Veseleel vest and a short row with a set of pancakes 5, 10 kg. But this is if possible.

1 day - breasts / shoulders / biceps

  • Classic pushups - 1-2 approaches 10-12 times
  • Dumbbell breeding - 12x4
  • Thrust for chin widespread - 8x4
  • Hand flexions on biceps - 15x4

2 day - spin / triceps

  • push ups with narrow grip - 8-10 times 5 approaches
  • Ranan thrust with dumbbells - 5-7x4
  • The belt to the belt standing in the tilt inverse grogging - 8x4
  • Traction in the slope with one hand - 6x4

3 Day - Legs / Press

  • Classic daches with dumbbells - 8-10x5
  • Squats with a wide leg formation - 8-10x5
  • Dumbbells - 8-10x5
  • Full twisting - 15-18x5

So that the power training is successful, that is, your strength has constantly grew, it is necessary to increase the weight of the shells. At home, this is very problematic, so keep in mind that if you have the task of "growing" significantly, then you need to do in the hall. If you are satisfied with the relief and a small muscle gain, then at home you can achieve this.

Cardio training at home

Cardio training is enough to spend 1-2 times a week.

Be sure to work out from 5 to 7 minutes, only after that proceed to the exercises yourself.

So that Cardio passed more successfully, you can buy a rope, weigh for the legs (for running), phytball.

Option 1

Jumping on the rope:

  • 1 minute - free pace
  • 30 seconds - back
  • 20 seconds - maximum speed
  • 1 minute - alternate jumps on one leg
  • 20 seconds - jumping forward-back
  • 1 minute - free pace
  • 20 seconds - maximum speed

Repeat 3-4 circles.

Sprint on the stairs:

  • 20 seconds run / 20 seconds rest

Run 3-5 circles.

Option 2.

  • Running on site - 2-5 minutes
  • Burmpion - 20 seconds / 10 seconds rest - 3 circles
  • Star - 30 seconds / 15 seconds Rest - 5 circles
  • Climbing - 20 seconds / 10 seconds rest - 4 circles

Repeat 4-5 approaches.

Increase the number of circles and change the exercises so that the body does not get used to the same load. Increase the exercise time is not needed. Work is always intense, but for a short period of time.

To train at home and achieve good results - a difficult task, a lot of distracting factors and lacks support. However, this will allow you to save time and money for hiking in a gym, which can be spent on purchasing useful inventory houses.

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