Developing toys do it yourself. What to take a child

Educational toys are very important for the child, especially under the age of five, because they allow you to develop certain skills in the kid, logical thinking, give an idea of ​​forms, sizes, colors and other things. Today there are many options for creating such toys with your own hands. Homemade toys are not only original and unique, but also filled with the concern and love of parents about their baby, because in their manufacture they put a part of their soul. In the article you will learn about what kind of developing toys will suit the child at different ages and what can be done for crumbs with their own hands.

Bizeboard-house. Photo:

Up to 1 year

At this age, the child just begins to realize The possibilities of your body, an experienced way understands how to act on his handles, legs, tongue, and so on. It is important to develop movement coordination from the kid, the ability to focus on something specific, stimulate grabbing reflex.

0-3 months

During this period, vision, rumor and child's attention are actively developing. The main part of the toddler spends lying on the back, so you need to develop the ability to concentrate a look, talk a lot with the child, sing him songs. Tactile contact with parents is very important.


First, the child will fit static toys that can be viewed and pulling into the mouth. Then you can use toys that make sounds. It is important that the sounds are not loud, monotonous, electronic. Best of all - rustling, shabby sounds, for which with the subject you need to make any actions. Toys should not be too bright or motley. Directly to three months should take care of Mobile - Designs that usually hang over the crib.

What can be done with your own hands:

Rattle-flower. Photo:

Textile rattle. Photo:

Knitted beads. Photo:

Mobile with knitted bears. Photo:

Mobile with knitted dogs. Photo:

Mobile with textile universities. Photo: Salute69.rf

Mobile with birds from felt. Photo:

Mobile with angels from yarn. Photo:

Mobile with birds. Origami. Photo:

As rustling elements in rattles, a regular package, foil, riseling candies from sweets, a variety of cereals are: sin, rice, millet, etc.

3-6 months

During this period, the baby needs fun, developing motility hands. It will be more active all enough and drag into the mouth, and therefore it is necessary to approach the safety of toys with special care.


Toys should not include small details that can fall off and have sharp corners. Materials for their manufacture should choose hypoallergenic, not accumulating a large amount of dust. In addition, the toy should be a differential, bright, publishing sounds (not electronic), comfortable and easy so that the child can keep it. The rings, textile balls, developing mats with arcs - what is needed by the kid to six months, along with rattles and mobile.

What can be done with your own hands:

Soft toys rings from fabric. Photo:

Rattle, linted with crochet. Photo:

Knitted rattles-rings. Photo:

Knitted rattle and bracelet. Photo:

Fabric bracelets. Photo:

Japanese tissue ball. Photo:

Ball of felt. Photo:

Ball in the form of a flower. Photo:

Ball of flasks. Photo:

Ball-rattage. Photo:

Developing rug with arcs. Photo:

Filler for homemade toys can be ordinary wool, foam rubber, high-quality Syntheton or Hollofiber .

6-9 months

The child can sit and study. Some time can entertain himself. It is important for him to learn how to take the item with two fingers, and not the whole palm.


Motor and speech kid activity should be encouraged. This will help the pyramids and educational mats.

What can be done with your own hands:

Pyramid-pads from felt. Photo:

Textile pyramid. Photo:

Crochet pyramid. Photo:

Developing rug. Photo:

Developing rug. Photo:

9 months-1 year

The kid learns to speak and walk. For Karapuza in this age period are relevant any sensory toys.


The child of this age is needed toys that develop logical abilities. It is perfectly suitable for different sorts - toys, sorting objects in colors, sizes and forms. You should take care of the presence of a child in this period of cubes, insert toys, for example, Matreshek . From nine months, you can offer finger and glovety dolls, and closer to the year - to start the acquaintance of the baby with developing book с tissue applications .   

What can be done with your own hands:

Fetra cube. Photo: 3

Cubes of fabric and yarn. Photo:

Sorter in colors. Photo:

Textile matryoshki. Photo:

Finger toys from felt. Photo:

Knitted finger toys. Photo:

Finger toy from cardboard. Photo:

Cloth glove toys. Photo:

Glove toys from felt. Photo:

Knitted glove dolls. Photo:

Developing book. Photo:

Elements included in the developing Book can be done in a largest way - here you can give the will of fantasy. Material is perfect felt - He is soft and pleasant to the touch.

From 1 year to 2 years

During this period, the child will be interested in toys that can be collected and disassemble. This year and a half are relevant items that can be generalized on a specific feature: form, size and so on. For a biennial baby, subject games are suitable (for example, construction), sensory cards.

1-1.5 years

The baby actively develops and begins to know the world that surrounds it. During this period, it is necessary not only to encourage motor and speech activity, but also to develop thinking.


The development of shallow motors will be promoted toys with unlocked and fastened elements, such as developing pillows. As such elements can be Buttons , Velcroe , Buttons , rings , Buckles etc. All are also relevant to developing mats, cubes, sorters, pyramids, insert toys, musical toys. Actively use developing Soft books , including to dating a child with the names of animals, fruits, vegetables, clothing, etc. During this period, add toys with a surprise - with elements (for example, lacing or lightning ), hiding something interesting.

What can be done with your own hands:

Developing pillow with detachable and fastened elements. Photo:

Pillow with pockets. Photo:

Developing book. Photo:

Developing book. Photo:

Developing book. Photo:

Developing book with a surprise. Photo:

Developing book with a surprise. Photo:

As a ringing element in homemade toys, a conventional little bell or a bubber can appear.

1.5-2 years

The child is actively developing in social terms. It is important to develop a color understanding, form, size. During this period, the baby should be accepted to an independent game.


Toys should reflect objects and situations characteristic of the surrounding world in reality. There are options that require calling and showing specific colors and shapes, choose any action. Actual sorters, soft cubes, pyramids, Educational books .

What can be done with your own hands:

Developing book. Photo:

Developing book. Photo:

Developing book. Photo:

Soft developing cards. Photo:

Touch tactile cardboard cards. Photo:

From 2 to 3 years

The child interacts with other children. We continue to develop fine motility of the hands, the ability to distinguish forms, colors, sizes.


During this period, all kinds of toys are relevant for a child ( see above ). Make various crafts from the baby Paper , Plasticine , Polymer clay , play plot and subject games, including those that check certain skills and knowledge. How will it come to Cards Modeling various situations.

What can be done with your own hands:

Tablet from felt "Ryaba chicken". Photo:

Developing book "Teremok". Photo:

Developing book for a girl. Photo:

Developing book for a boy. Photo:

From 3 to 5 years

For children of this age, activity is characterized, they can arrange their game activities themselves. Fix these skills in a child. Special attention is paid to physical activity, because in this age period it is directly related to mental development.


By five years, we begin to gradually prepare a child for school, because choose the games for learning letters, numbers, time of day and seasons. Children's relevant board games , lotto , Designers ,Puzzles ,books . Make for your child Bizeboard - A developing board, including a lot of interesting (what can be disseminated, twist, attach, etc.).

What can be done with your own hands:

Board-Bizeboard. Photo:

Board-Bizeboard. Photo:

Bizeboard. Photo:

Puzzle. Photo:

Felt puzzle. Photo:

Puzzle pillows. Photo: Colors.Life.

Puzzle from sticks from ice cream. Photo:

Cards. Photo:

Developing book "Seasons of the Year". Photo: Salute69.rf

Developing book with numbers. Photo:

Developing book with numbers and hours. Photo:

As you can see, ideas, how to make developing toys do it yourself, many. Often, for their manufacture, you can use just firming materials: trimming Fabrics , swollen motches yarn , cardboard , plank and just some things in the house that you now take a look different.

Material prepared with the participation of Catherine Kes, Children's and Family Psychologist, the author of the project " Children's and family psychology online

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I propose a selection on the topic "Toys for the development of shallow motility." Toys that can be made with your own hands. All photos presented below are our creation daughter.

Let's start with toys and benefits that do not require special skills:

one. "Box with croups" - They took a box from shoes, small blades, robberies, shaving brushes, containers with croups (we have a manka, millet, rice), cut out geometric shapes from cardboard and attached "handles" - covers from plastic bottles. You can switch, draw on the cereal, to bury small toys, learns "writing" with a finger letter-numbers, etc.

Developing toys do it yourself. Development of small motility., PHOTO number 1Developing toys do it yourself. Development of small motility., PHOTO number 2

2. In continuation of the topic of use of shoe boxes - "Box with covers" . In such a box, we kept our first cars for a long time. The child trains twisting-unscrewed the lids, you can also connect the color of colors (faster according to the color). We did it like this: a box of shoes, a self-adhesive film (made an applique), cropped necks from plastic bottles (screwed into the cover from the inside), covers from plastic bottles for twisting.

Developing toys do it yourself Development of shallow motility., Photo number 3Developing toys do it yourself. Development of small motility., PHOTO number 4

3. "Piggy-Kormalki" - From plastic bottles, jars can make such piggy banks, which kids will be happy to "feed". We have a piglet (she crossed her felt, but it was possible to salae and self-taking), and the very first were animals from jars from finger paints (here, in addition to small motors, we went through who he eats).

Developing toys do it yourself Development of shallow motility., PHOTO number 5Developing toys do it yourself. Development of small motility., PHOTO number 6

four. Games with clothespins (And for older children with paper clips) - make them easily from paper or cardboard.

Developing toys do it yourself Development of shallow motility., PHOTO number 7Developing toys do it yourself Development of shallow motility., PHOTO number 8

Developing toys do it yourself Development of shallow motility., PHOTO number 9Developing toys do it yourself Development of shallow motility., PHOTO number 10

five. "Plasticine pictures" , More precisely, the workpiece for a reusable pattern of plasticine - they simply printed the pictures and were illuminated in the salon of operational printing. Now it is possible to "draw" plasticine (white peas to fly onto the Black-Bowbokes, apples on an apple tree, fence in front of the house, etc.)

Educational toys do it yourself. Development of small motility., PHOTO number 11Developing toys do it yourself Development of shallow motility., PHOTO number 12

6. "Home sandbox." At the home sandbox the mass of the pros: it is possible to play all year round in it, you can not worry about the health of the child (the yard sandboxes are very loved by cats, and at home the sand from the career is calcined), the sand helps to relax and adults, and I personally really like sand therapy (read in the Internet).

Developing toys do it yourself Development of shallow motility., PHOTO number 13

7. Finger dolls. You can sew them, but you can make from paper.

Developing toys do it yourself Development of small motility., PHOTO number 14Educational toys do it yourself. Development of small motility., PHOTO number 15Developing toys with their own hands Development of small motility., PHOTO number 16

In the manufacture of the following toys, the sewing skills will be needed:

eight. "Rewinders-Treighteners" - Options for their execution may be mass, we made our own car seat. Outlined multi-color multicolored flaps, ribbons, cords with beads. A little tribe I sewed a toy-sovuka.

Developing toys do it yourself Development of shallow motility., PHOTO number 17Developing toys do it yourself Development of small motility., PHOTO number 18

nine. Cookies - Fabric toys with a transparent window, filled with beaded / rice and small details. Children move the crust and are looking for treasures hidden in it. There are many options on the Internet, here our turtle.

Developing toys with their own hands Development of small motility., Picture № 19

10. Toys with clasp. There are various versions: Matryoshki-fasteners, educational cubes, books, rugs. Personally, I like the most like a rug version, because it is very practical - it is convenient to take it to nature, to the cottage, to the beach.

Developing toys do it yourself Development of shallow motility., PHOTO number 20Developing toys do it yourself Development of small motility., PHOTO number 21

Developing toys do it yourself Development of shallow motility., PHOTO number 22Developing toys do it yourself Development of small motility., PHOTO number 23

Developing toys do it yourself Development of shallow motility., PHOTO number 24

Developing toys do it yourself Development of small motility., PHOTO number 25

I hope this selection will come in handy to someone.

Toys for babies do it yourself: is free , literally from nothing!

Home Touch Toys for Baby Development

Buying toys for a child is usually expensive, and sometimes they do not hold the interest of the kid for a long time. But we all want to develop a creative game and teach children with useful skills. Before you fork on expensive educational toys, read these ideas: home touch toys for children who are easy to do themselves, I use braid things that are in the house.

The kid is not interested in branded names or labels of famous brands. In fact, they do not even understand what a toy is: for them are interesting All items who fall into their hands. Kids need something bright and noisy to start developing their feelings. And this should be lot Therefore, a limited set of expensive toys is not the best idea.

There are many household items that for a child will be useful toys. And adding a bit of imagination, you can turn casual things to toys With a highlight.

Security primarily!

When creating your own toys, it is important to remember the safety. The checklist of what you need to remember:

  • Size of toys: the smaller the child, the more there should be a toy
  • For children under the age of 3 years, unwanted removable parts (if they are, it should be very large)
  • Babies put everything in the mouth, the surface should be smooth, without sharp edges or angles, and no toxic (or even simply washed) paints
  • Ribbons and ropes - only short, which cannot be wrapped around the arms, legs, neck; Also make sure they are firmly attached to the toy
  • Toys should not break or break

1. Magic handkerchiefs

Cut a hole with a size with a cup in the lid of any suitable plastic container (or cardboard box), wrap it with a ribbon or sanding to remove sharp edges. Fill the container with various colored scarves, handkerchiefs, wide ribbons, long flaps. It may be fabrics of different textures and colors. Let the kid pulls them through the hole and shoves back.

2. Homemade Building Blocks

Small boxes (for bags of tea, flakes, soaps and other things, as well as sleeves from toilet paper and paper towels) are excellent lungs and large building blocks. Fill the box with newspapers or mint kraft paper to make them durable, wrap in a bright cover, firmly glide, so that the pieces of wrapper and the scotch should be separated. This is a huge potential - you can get a variety of blocks for playing and building in any quantity. absolutely free!

And, of course, wonderful cubes can sew !

3. The first book of the baby

Make your own soft educational book for a child, stitching the details of the clothing, from which the baby has already grown (with buttons, clasps, beautiful elements, pockets and other details).

You can also do and Paper A book, cutting photos from magazines and sticking them to a durable cardboard. You can leave cardboard sheets with pictures individually or collect them all to folder files. You can print photos of your family and pets, places around your home to Personalize a book so that the baby learns familiar subjects and places and rejoiced!

4. Home Pretty Sheet

Put a handful of stones, rice, macaroni or anything else that threatens, in a small jar from Prinzls chips (or similar), or just in a plastic bottle, tightly glue the cover with scotch, and you will get a big rattage. Make sure the tape is tight pressed to the bank that it cannot be picked up and tear.

And if you sew a pretty case for such a rattle, then no one can guess that she is at the core!

5. Drum

An empty bottle, a plastic container with a lid, or a tin can and a wooden spoon (if there is no suitable stick) - an excellent drum.

6. Surr.

Corks from bottles and covers - excellent toys. Cut out several different shapes on one side of the box, some of which make more than others. Give a child a few small traffic jams and covers (play under the supervision, as it is small toys). The baby will soon find that some items are suitable through holes, while others are too large or not that form.

Also a great sorter in color you can do with Lego cubes (better large): Prepare a few boxes with slots (you can make funny hungry monsters), every box of a certain color, put a mountain of cubes, and let the child sorts them in colors:

7. Snowy ball

Fill out a small bottle or plastic jar with water 3/4 water and add 2-3 grinding sparkles (glytter). Close and tightly stick the lid and give the baby to shake the toy. That's very beautiful!

8. Crisp sock

Wheel with crispy wrapping paper and tie a node. The child can criste, removing funny sounds. In addition, this is a great way to attach lost socks left without a pair!

9. Rattle Bracelet

Jump the hole in the center of several plastic caps for bottles, tie them together on an elastic rubber band to get a bracelet. Simple rattle, very easy.

10. Home Stackers

Collect plastic covers from various containers to make your own set for stacking. Hair varnish, shaving foam, bottle of vegetable oil and milk have covers of different sizes. Wash well before use (and do not let the child too small, play under the supervision).

11. Merry texture and colors

Make large textured blocks, gluing various fabrics and materials on wooden blocks (or cardboard boxes stuffed with newspapers). The study of various textures, colors and patterns is a great way to develop a kid.

12. Clicking toys

Old keyboards or calculators are a holiday for the baby, especially when they hear this wonderful casing! Make sure that the keyboard is not broken, does not have sharp edges that the buttons are tightly kept in place. At the same way, you can learn letters and numbers!

13. Basket of linen or big box

Baskets for linen (or large cardboard boxes) - the best cars in which you can sit inside ( Sometimes even with a cat! ). To push them around the house, maybe not very easy, but the baby laughter will cost your effort and time.

14. Touch package

You will need only about five minutes to make this toy. Just look out for hair gel in a plastic zip-lock package ( With a reliable lock !!! ) And throw inside several plastic or rubber beings (for example, something from fish and amphibians). Button, for reliability, you can even stick the fastener. Children adore tactile sensations of such a toy.

15. Kegley

Plastic bottles, the best 2 liters are already ready-made wonderful kegli, no worse than the purchased. You can create a neat small set for bowling with a set of bottles and any ball. Bottles can be painted in different colors (paint on the inside so that it is safe, the most convenient for all the long brushes and acrylic paint), and then at the same time in the game we will learn to distinguish colors. For gravity in the bottle, you can pour a little sand.

16. Finger toys

If you do not know how to sew, you can just glue the items.

With the residues of fabric, felt and several other accessories (buttons, threads, yarn), you can create real wonders.

Such toys are really quick and easy to gather, you can use your imagination to create a whole doll zoo, funny families, dinosaurs, aliens.

With such toys you can entertain a child for hours.

17. Wholestrika gloves

Soft old gloves can easily turn into these charming monsters (or animals, as you please). They are soft, plus it is a way to utilize with the benefit of old or lost unpaired gloves. Baby and himself can help you create them.

18. Mini Garde

Plastic container (for example, from wet napkins) is an excellent base for mini garden or flower bed. Pour the soil into the container, show the child how to plant seeds, sprinkle the ground from the spray gun. Watch the germination and growth of plants.

Second life ... anything!

Remember that the children find joy in everything (especially if you are nearby). Boxes, tubes, containers, cups, spoons, wrapping paper - everything! It does not have to be "official" bought toys for development, because for the baby the whole world is one big playground. Open your wardrobe, pull out what you no longer need, look at it all carefully. You will be surprised by what you can come up with and do, even if you did not do the needlework earlier. Textiles, tools, dishes, packaging ... Everything can go into business. Rejoice in life!

Are you still buying toys in the store? After reading this article, you will want to make toys for children with your own hands.

So that the children were smart, smart, cheerful, parents must organize the conditions for playing and creativity. In the process of the game, the child is learning everything that surrounds him in life. Playing, the baby faster perceives the information. Happy childhood without toys is impossible. Let's talk how to independently make toys for children of different ages.

Toys do it yourself for children up to year

On store shelves you can find a lot of educational toys. But let's clarify what a developing toy is.

The development is considered to be the toy, with the help of which the child learn something new. It can be said that every toy developing.

After all, even the most simple rattage will teach the baby to control his hands, to understand where the sound is heard from. To develop the ability of their children, it is not necessary to buy expensive fun. You can make simple and useful toys. For example:

  • Cubic . Each side of such a cube is made of various surfaces: smooth, rough, rustling, tissue, from yarn. You can add flowers, pockets, appliques, all that your fantasy will tell. The cube will be interested in children up to year

-Cub-His hands-E1451036415616

  • Figures . From cardboard and colored paper you can make a toy with figures. The child will get acquainted with flowers, forms. Also develops motility fingers. Toy from year to two years

  • Educational board . I will like the children from Mala to Great. Thanks to it, logic is developing, small motor skills. Kid can be longly committed to studying all the details of this miracle adaptation.

Video: Simple developing bottle toy

Pick up toys by age. As a two-year-old baby, rattles will be attended, and the baby will not like more intricate toys, requiring smelts.

What toys come to children up to year? The simplest way:

  • Little books
  • Cubes
  • Textile balls
  • Toys with a mirror

Basic toy requirements:

  1. Safety . Small details must be well fixed. At this age, children are all drawn in the mouth
  2. Brightness . Motion colors are recommended by psychologists for such an early age.
  3. Simplicity . Do not complicate the toy. Baby at such age enough to five different textures

Paper toys do it yourself for children

  • Draw a sun, hedgehog, God's cow. Then decelerate them. You can print ready-made figures. Shoot on cardboard. Now you can wear clothespins. Excellent toy for shallow motor skills, development of perfection, studying colors

  • Cut a lot of different shapes: heart, square, triangle, circle. On the container, mark the cell for each shape. Let the baby learning to sort. In the process of this game, logic develops

  • Toy lacing. Suitable for children from two years. At this age, the child can attach mushrooms to the hedgehog, and then tie it with a rope. Develops logic, motility, coordination of movements

Toy from wood do it yourself for children

Wooden toys are environmentally friendly. It is impossible to call simple wooden toys, because for their manufacture requires skill and special tools. But if dad or grandparents have golden hands, then wooden toys will settle on the shelf in your children.

Wooden toys seem uninteresting toy, but if they decorate them, then from boring they will turn into bright and fun.

Below ideas for creating toys from wood.

Cardboard toys do it yourself for children

If you arm with cardboard, glue, scissors, colored paper and boundless fantasy, you can create whole masterpieces. Example in the following photo.

It seems that cardboard is continuing, so the toys are short-lived. However, it is worth using cardboard correctly, add other elements, and it will be pretty durable toy.

From the cardboard you can make train vessels, animals, cars and other toys who like your baby.

Toys from boxes do it yourself for children

Children love to play houses. There they have a lifetime. There they put dolls to sleep and almost live themselves. There they prepare food to their toy friends. You can make a large cardboard box house.

In addition, you can make children's cuisine.

Many in childhood wanted to visit the TV. You can give your children such an opportunity, making a cardboard TV.

Toys from threads do it yourself for children

If you know how to knit, then you must connect the child a soft toy. Made with your own hands the product is especially expensive. Maybe it will be a favorite character of a child.

Or just funny animals.

Optionally knit animals, you can connect soft balls. Put the buckwheat or beans inside.

To make a toy from threads, it is not necessary to know how to knit. You can make it possible to make thread dolls.

I wonder: when there was no such a variety of toys, as now, the children played dolls from threads.

Sock toys do it yourself for children

To create toys, any fool materials, even socks suit your hands. It would seem, what toys can be socks? But you can make very beautiful and interesting toys of socks.

Toys from pumps do it yourself for children

Toys from Pomponov are soft and pleasant to the touch. They can be easily made with their own hands. Make a toy from the pompon along with the child, children from two years such a lesson will have to do.

You can buy ready-made pumps or make them yourself out of yarn.

Pictures of toys do it yourself for children

Using developing cards, you can learn colors, shapes, animals.

Make cards with your own hands very simple. Print ready-made templates, crook and explore.

You can print finished pictures.

You can make puzzles.

Handicraft toy do it yourself for children

If there is a desire to make the original toy with your own hands, make a bright book with different textures.

Necessary materials:

  • Scissors
  • Thicks
  • Loskutka fabric
  • Buttons
  • Furnitura
  • Sintepon, foil

Master Class :

  1. Decide with the size and number of your book. Cut two rectangles from the same fabric
  2. Sustain the edge, one edge is not yet stitching. Insert the segment of the synthet or foil inside. Then sustate the last edge. It will be one turn of your book
  3. Make the remaining pages
  4. Fold them in the book and push in the middle
  5. Decorate the pages at your discretion: Sweep rustling elements, soft pieces of fabric, buttons or other elements

Simple toy do it yourself for children

If there is no desire to do a difficult job, you can make a very simple, but useful toy.

Necessary materials :

  • Two segments of felt
  • a piece of chalk
  • Scissors

Master Class :

  1. On one felt rectangle draw various figures
  2. From another segment of felt cut the same figures

Developing toy is ready. Ask a child to find compliance.

Soft toys for children with their own hands

If you have small tissue segments, dispose of them with the mind.

For example, we wish simple soft toys with your own hands.

Soft big owl may not only be a toy, but also a pillow.

Before you give the child a ready-made toy, check again: all the details are firmly sewn, there are not elements that may be painful. Play with the children, develop a person in your child.

Video: Sensory balls do it yourself

17+ simple educational toys do it yourself

Most recently, "grow smart!" Invited to hold a master class on art picnic Frolo fame. We responded to prepared and the master class was a success! We thank everyone who came to us! However, most of our readers live very far from Kiev, so we decided to create this photo review of educational toys for you, which you can do it yourself.

In the meantime, I'll tell you what lies in our touch box: pasta-shells as the main filler, a piece of cortex, cones of different sizes and shapes, boots, nuts, green beads and figurines of forest animals for the game.

Why kids homemade toys?

First, it is very soulful and great when Mom gives the baby the result of his efforts.

Secondly, many toys needed toys are simply not sold in stores. For example, sensory boxes can only make a mom :) You just imagine how much benefits for small fingers in simple croup, water, flaps and so on!

Thirdly, kids up to 1.5 years very quickly lose their attention to new toys. They study them, play, secure the information received and go to search for new knowledge. How often loving parents have been disappointed, who bought a expensive super-developing toy, and the child played it for a week and left to lie away. It happens not because the toy is bad, but because the child simply found out about her anything that he wanted.

So, let's begin!

1. Slingobuses. They are known to many mothers. This is an indispensable thing that will always rescue in line or where there was no children's toys. And also will help the baby when the teeth are cut. Someone buys such beads, and someone knits with their own hands. Maybe it turns out, not too professionally, but with a soul.

Sling buses for kid do it yourself

I knitted my sling buses myself. Threads took cotton (which seller in the store advised), beads were from different toys, etc.

Sling buses for kid do it yourself

Sling buses for kid do it yourself

2. Beads-roded. Wooden beads are now sold in different stores of sewing accessories, as well as in needlewood shops. They are ideal for small tooths.

Sling buses for kid do it yourself

Important rules:

  1. Beads should be large so that the baby can not swallow them.
  2. The thread should be as dense as possible, so as not to be broken and did not deteriorate from children's teeth and saliva.
  3. Beads must be without a colorful coating. Often paint on wooden beads easily disappears, which means that it will fall into the body of the child.

Large beads need to be rolling on a tight thread, then make a dense knot and make sure that it does not unleash. An excellent teether is ready for work!

3. Tactile sock caterpillar. Such a toy will like almost any baby, because it is so nice to the touch!

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands

To do it, you will need: Clean long sock, dense thread, fillers (buckwheat, rice, peas, beans, pasta, yellow, etc.), butt-peeks.

Put the first filler to the bottom of the sock, tie out the resulting ball thread, pour the second filler and so on. At the end, cure thread well. Surret of eyes-buttons and you can play!

4. Toy on a hand of a sock. Works - 5 minutes, delight - sea! You ask: "What is this in a sock with eyes?" Dress such a sock on your hand and tell the baby: "Hi!", WILL WILL COME :)

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands

The face for such a toy can do a wide variety. But the most simple: the eyes-buttons and the abnormalist.

5. Snake with beads, ribbons and butchers. This character has lived in a stroller for a while. Children funny to touch different hanging and sticking things. For something you can always grasp, fade, touch, pull.

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands

This is a miracle from the old spoiled textile mobile for a crib. But you can sew from an ordinary piece of fabric. To do this, cut a narrow and long flap, turn it in half to the length so that it becomes even already come up with the side. Remove this tube on the front side and bring wheat or peas, squeeze the bottom. Top wrap so that the snake gets sharp nose and take it. And then decorate the snake with different things and do not forget about the eyes-buttons!

6. Balls and bagels - Eternal love of kids. They can roll them on the floor, nibble, throw, might in the handles, pushing in different places and so on. These small items are especially interested in the kid who studies crawling and carappus sitting in a sling. To make a wool ball safe for children, it can be saved in hot water with soap. From this he is pile and already certainly no thread will move away from the tangle and get into a little mouth.

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands

And the yellow shaggy bagel is easy to make a wooden ring from the eaves and fleece ribbons. Each ribbon just needs to be tied in a double knot on the ring.

7. The ring with ribbons. This bright mahalka is not a simple object. She teaches the baby to follow the fast moving subject. A wavy colored ribbons are caught by Masikov. Give such a ring into the hands of the baby and he will happily observe the movement of the ribbons. For such fun, a plastic or wooden ring, ribbons and lace about 40 cm long come in handy. Every ribbon you need to firmly and reliably tie on a double knot.

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands

8. Sensory piles. They enable the baby to get a new tactile experience, because how many bags, so many different sensations of fingers. But you can still walk on them with legs, make a massage and throw. If you sew pair bags, it turns out a touch lotto: find bags that are identical to the touch. On our blog there is a detailed master class on sewing sensory bags. By the way, it is not necessary to sew numbers to the bags.

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands

9. Sensory bags of balloons. In essence, it is the same as sensory bags, but at times easier and faster. In addition, you can safely pour flour or salt into such bags.

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands


  1. Choose balloons as high quality as possible. They will serve longer.
  2. Do not pour sharp pasta in the bags or other small items with sharp parts.
  3. Hide into flour 1-2 beans. They will be very nice to look for their fingers.
  4. Do not be afraid that this is a short-lived toy. Of course, it happens any, but such bags can serve not even one year even in the Children's Center.

10. Little rattles. These wonderful developing toy like the kids of different ages. And the more such tiny tauratelles, the better, because it means that more different sounds.

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands

  1. They are convenient because they are placed in a small handle.
  2. They look pleasant, so you want to play with them.
  3. Different sounds please the kids and they want to know how the next rattage sounds.
  4. Of the homemade rattles, excellent sound lotto is obtained: pick up the same rattle for the sound.

11. Bottles with filler. Game options with similar bottles set. They can be used for both the smallest children and preschoolers. The kids who learn to crawl, such a bottle will come in handy to push it, watch it rolling, crawling to her and push again.

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands

Bottle "Lava lamp". In a clean bottle, pour 1/3 of vegetable oil and 2/3 of water painted by food dye. Close the bottle with a lid, pre-lubricating the neck superclaim.

Bottle-seekeeper. Put at a bottle of about half of the rice bottle and different small figures, beads, pebbles, buttons. Watch that minor items hide in rice. If necessary, spread some more rice. From above, there must be an empty place. Close the bottle with a lid, pre-lubricating the neck superclaim. And now you can give the child a task depending on his age. For example, find a pink elephant, or find the letter A. To perform the task, the bottle can be safe, twisted, flip until the desired item appears in the field of view. You can read more about game-seekers here.

Bottle with sea. For this simple toy, it will take: water, shells and marine pebbles and glitters. Pour on the bottom 1/3 bottles of pebbles, seashells and gloves, the result of water to the very top of the bottle. Close the bottle with a lid, pre-lubricating the neck superclaim.

12. A jar with filler. The principle is the same as the bottle, only a jar is less than the size, it is convenient to keep it in your hands. Inside: water + blasting. Instead of glitter, you can use any little things. I know that such jars are doing with Glycerin, but we have not tried yet, and when we try, we will definitely show what happened.

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands

13. Patchwork. I also wrote about him very detailed. This is a wonderful assistant to the baby in crawling. Such a ball is easy to sew, but for a long time.

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands

14. Jars-boxes with holes. This is a mega-useful game, because it trains fingers, smelting, preferably. In addition, many children love pushing all sorts of little things into narrow holes. Classic genre: bucket of ice cream + Pom-donuts. Holes can be made scissors, and you can smear the soldering iron (so usually goes our dad :)

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands

In addition to Ponfon, you can use pasta, buttons, small toys, aches, pebbles, nuts, beans, coins, and even toothpicks.

15. Sensory boxes. I believe that they are simply necessary to every child, because it is so important to dig in different groats, scatter, invent the game from the simplest objects, all these little things come out with fingers. And it is also great that such boxes can be done on different topics (for example, our winter touch box) and for children of different ages (the first touch box). A detailed overview of the sensory boxes can be read here. In the meantime, I'll tell you what lies in our touch box: pasta-shells as the main filler, a piece of cortex, cones of different sizes and shapes, boots, nuts, green beads and figurines of forest animals for the game.

Educational toys do it yourself for kids for the development of shallow motility hands

16. Simple toys from threads. We have nice horses from Bichek. We bought them, but rummaged on the Internet I found a master class to create such horses. This is quite easy! I wanted to publish a scheme here, but so got involved that I was already sprawling my own horse from black woolen threads. The process of creating a horse from the thread, I, of course, took a picture. So soon a detailed master class "Horse from Threads" will appear on the blog.

In the meantime, I'll tell you what lies in our touch box: pasta-shells as the main filler, a piece of cortex, cones of different sizes and shapes, boots, nuts, green beads and figurines of forest animals for the game.

17. Non-shy toys from the fabric. Once I wrote how to make a traditional doll - Motanka. Now I will tell you how to make a simple octopus. By the way, this glorious octopus looks a lot of children up to the year, because it is convenient to hold in his hands - just enough for one of the proven. You can make it in every half an hour.

In the meantime, I'll tell you what lies in our touch box: pasta-shells as the main filler, a piece of cortex, cones of different sizes and shapes, boots, nuts, green beads and figurines of forest animals for the game.

For octopus, you will need: Fabric (I have a fleece, it is very gentle, just perfect for children's pens, and not turning), scissors, threads or rubberry, buttons, needle, threads.

In the meantime, I'll tell you what lies in our touch box: pasta-shells as the main filler, a piece of cortex, cones of different sizes and shapes, boots, nuts, green beads and figurines of forest animals for the game.

As you can see, most of the toys are quite easy to make with their own hands and the process of their creation will not take much time. We will be glad if our review will inspire you to work.

And to inspire your friends Share this review in social networks. Perhaps they will also want to create simple educational toys for their babies.

Well, if you are not yet signed on the blog news "grow smart!" And do not get fresh ideas and materials from us with children, you can do it here.

We picked up another 5 interesting articles for you:

- "What is his developing property? - I ask the seller about the orange giraffe with incredibly long legs.

"This is not just a soft toy, his paws from the fabric of various textures, sparkles, and the ears are rustling, the kid ear develops," the polite seller is responsible.

Do you need educational toys?

When my crumble was not yet born, I already chose not only the sliders and diapers, but also toys. Of course developing! Our grandmothers and thought could not that dolls and blades should not just entertain, but also to develop a child, but now something is completely different. And it is not surprising! In the century of developed technologies, adults are thinking about children-geniuses from the most diapers. The children's goods industry is sensitive to this request, endowing the usual rattle of intellectual development features. Not many parents guess that the benefits of such "develops" are exaggerated.

At the end of the article you can download the top 10 ideas for creating a children's orthopedic rug with your own hands.

"Paradox, but one toy can be developing for one child, and for the other - no. Each toy, even a simple rubber ball, even wooden cubes or simple plastic rattles will be developing if the child is ready for this development. But the toy with the prefix "develops" is sold faster and more expensive, "Teacher told us in the children's clinic.

The child develops every minute, even if there are no toys at all, he can play a peb, spoon, mother hair, is also a development, and expensive toys often do not even cause interest in children.

"The child has poured a whole pack of toys, and he chose ... Package!" - This is a very indicative example.

And if there is no difference, why overpay and go about the advertisement? After all, developing toys can be created independently, from the most simple remedies.

See the course "Development up to year: Race for fashion or real benefits?" (for free in Viline.Club)

What useful to the baby homemade toys?

Washing, ironing, cleaning, husband requires attention, the child did not sleep all night ... What toys can be? When to do them? Let it become your peculiar rest, arrange a family needlework or hand the baby dad, and you yourself go in the kitchen and create!

Homemade toys are needed not only to the baby, but also mom! This is her little "relax", because needlework so calms so much. The little rattle will be full of your love, and, it means that I will not be able to do not like it.

Why should I drive lazy and make a toy for the baby with your own hands?

  • Many useful toys are not sold in stores. For example, a touch box, which is so well developing a small motility of the toddler handles.
  • The smallest children enjoy a new toy just a few days, and then lose interest to her, and Mama-needlewoman can create "new items" every day.
  • It is simply profitable, because the toy from the remedies is hundreds of times cheaper than the store.

So let's get up!

Top 7 baby toys do it yourself

  • Balls, bagels, girls!
  • Slingobuses - toy for a walk
  • Beads Gryzulki
  • Octopus for half an hour
  • Cheerful snake ... from sock!
  • Colek with ribbons
  • The first rattles of girlfriend

Montessori at home: 48 ideas for classes

Balls, bagels, girls!

Soft fabrics are useful for tiny handles, and therefore we create woolen gloves, fur balls and fleece bagels.

What to do with them? Roll on the floor, taste, throw and hide, mise tiny fingers.

How to do? Circle from cardboard Wrap the fleece cloth, step it down on the seam. Tangle can be taken any of your own stocks, securely hiding the edge of the threads. And the balls can be swam from ordinary wool.

Tip: So that the balls and balls do not fall apart, post them in hot water with soap. It will protect the baby, if he decides to try the homemade taste.

Slingobuses - toy for a walk

If you like to walk the crumb into the sling, but the little fidget does not agree to sit in a "cozy nest", then Mom is time to buy beads for myself. And not simple, and Slingobuses are an accessory who will distract the baby in the store or in the clinic.

What to do with them? Take, sort, move the beads, "ring" them, try on the handle, and try "on the teeth."

How to do? Not every mom will be able to make this toy, crochet skills are needed. Beads of different sizes must be tied up using a hook and collect on the thread in the traditional way.

Note! Threads should be durable, rather dense, at the same time not bright and only from natural materials, the optimal option is cotton.

At the end of the article you can download the top 10 ideas for creating a children's orthopedic rug with your own hands.

Beads Gryzulki

And these beads will become a real salvation in the period of teething, because they are created precisely in order to nibble them.

What to do with them? Carrying in the mouth, facilitating the pain in the guys when teething.

How to do? Collect bracelet beads from wooden beads, observing important rules:

  • Beads must be high quality! The best material is a tree, but specially processed.
  • Thread for rolling should be very dense, so that the child can not break it or contact it.
  • Choose beads from the tree of an unpainted type so that the baby does not "nailed" harmful substances. The paint on the tree is poorly held, and therefore give up painted parts.

Little trick: So that the beads were still stronger, and the beads did not spin, tie a dense knot after each rolled part.

See the course "Recommendations of the neurologist to the parents of the child up to the year" (for free in Viline.Club)

Octopus for half an hour

Create a children's pupa, not using thread and needle? Easily! Such dolls are customary called windings, or octopians. Such a toy will like the smallest, even newborn kids.

What to do with it? Catch out the funny tentacles, try to grasp immediately for a few tentacles.

How to do? Cut the cross from the fleece with wide "petals", cut each of the 4 petals on a lot of narrow strips, put a little cotton in the square of the square and collect a rubber figure so that the octopus is. Decorate it with bugs, but the tricks are secure! And for greater safety, the eyes can be drawn. From thin strips, the glowness of pigtails - the tentacles are ready.

Child development up to 1 year. We do not miss the time!

Cheerful snake ... from sock!

Immediately make a reservation that this toy can only be used under the supervision of the parents, as it has small details, albeit firmly sewn. To create a funny snake, you will need a long sock.

What to do with it? You can put it in a crib or stroller, it will be the best friend for walking, and also develops a small motility of hands.

How to do it? Prepare a conventional sock, even golfs better, but do not use soaked socks. Will the sock pea or wheat, squeeze the edge with a dense stitch. Decorate the snake buttons, threads and ribbons.

Another simple snake of the sock can dress up or hand. Just enter the eye-butt-gun to wear and push the mouth, move your hand and snake will be funny to move.

Colek with ribbons

This toy can make even the elder preschooler brother for the baby, and his mother has only five minutes.

What to do with it? Catch through, pull, try patchwork ribbons, try to evan or unravel them.

How to do? To the thick ring of wood or plastics, tie a few tapes of different thicknesses and textures, use the "Revised" node or step them.

Educational games from handy

The first rattles of girlfriend

Do not throw out tubes and small jars from under pills or food products, you can create funny rattles!

What to do with them? The same as with any rattle.

How to make them? Fill small jars with pebbles, cereals, shells. So that they become more attractive. Wrap every cloth by creating a kind of "candy", secure the ends of the threads.

See The course "Development of the nervous system of a child from birth to the year" (for free in Viline.Club)

We told you about the benefits of homemade toys for the youngest children. Now you can easily create cute rattles or sling buses for your crumbs. So you will see, they will delight the baby much more even the most expensive shopping "developing" toys.

Now we will reveal you seven ideas of original toys for children older than the year, which you also easily create your own hands.

Top 7 toys do it yourself for children older than a year

"I could not even imagine that the first homemade toy for our child would help us to open our little family business. We created my bizeful for my son together, then this was asked to make friends, now orders are painted for a couple of weeks ahead, and our home "carpenter" just has time to create a blatment "- tells young Mama Alena Demidov about his unusual idea of ​​family business.

What is a bizeboard, and what other homemade toys for children enjoy particularly popular?

Entertaining bizeboard

A toy with such a funny name may be interested in the baby and under the year, but its advantage is that it will not get bored and in two years.

What is a bizeboard? This is a wooden board with a lot of interesting fixtures attached to it. It can be sockets, zippers, locks, telephone tubes and cords, call, buttons, scores, and all that can be twisted, to push and twisted.

How to do it? Simple production seems only at first glance, in fact, it is purely men's work. The board must be well processed so that the kid does not hook the opposition, it is better to cover it safe varnish, but not paint! All attributes for children's fun should hold reliable! Neither the nut nor the bolt must get a croching in hand.

At the end of the article you can download the top 10 ideas for creating a children's orthopedic rug with your own hands.

See the webinar record "We live, play with children. Myths and the reality of the children's game! " (for free in Viline.Club)


This interesting "device" was created for the joint game of children and parents, helps to acquaint the baby with geometric figures, and also develops a small motorcy.

What is a nitkoplet? It is also a wooden board, on the surface of which there are many small protruding elements for which you can hook a string or gum. It can be small carnations or ordinary stationery, planted deep into the tree.

How to do? The processed board will draw on equal squares, along the perimeter of which they will hammer the carnations, their caps must be safe, better with a plastic coating. Give the child to the gum or show how to create geometric shapes, stretching a thread from the carnation to the carnation.

Educational games for children 1- 2 years

Cheerful lacing

There are many traditional lacing in stores, but children often do not play. But the occupation is useful for small handles. Let's try to take the crumb of homemade analogue.

What is lacing? This is a hole with holes, through which you can train shoelaces.

How to do? This is the task for the dad, it will spend on such a lacing no more than 10 minutes. During the next walk, find a rather thick twig, diameter from five or more centimeters. Hand dad, let him overtake it, will make a smooth, and then drill several holes from different sides in it. Schedule into one of the extreme holes of the lace and secure it with the help of a large node.

Note! Need exactly the lace, with a hard tip, so that the kid can easily fall into the holes.

Touch boxes

To plant carrots on the garden, we can rinse potatoes, the grazing of the cows - all this can be done using the touch box. The child will be delighted, because he may have his own field, a farm or even a reservoir with marine inhabitants.

What to do with it? Play the city or in the pasture, as well as study the colors, pose all the elements of the filling of the same color. You can also bury in a lid box or other small objects and look for them with a shovel or handles.

How to do it? This is one of the simplest performed, but at the same time exciting games. Just fill a large box with sand, cereal, painted rice or peas. Pick up the theme for your box and fill it with "residents."

See Z Apprigger webinar "5 myths about the early development of the child" (for free in Viline.Club)


You can "revive" the most simple wooden cubes along with your baby, now you can collect real little men in different outfits.

How to play such cubes? Collect the pyramid of them and turn the face until the figure does not work as a puzzle.

How to do? Cut from the magazines figurines of people or fabulous heroes, so that the picture in length is about equal to three cubes. Divide the picture on three equal parts, pasteing each on the edge of the cube.

Merry peales

The concept of a small and large child easily will be easily established thanks to the pea pod, which you fill in bright peas of our own production.

What to do with pops? This game is unable to pass into the fidget for a long time, it is rather a choice of calm and permanent guys. You can simply collect skirts in the pod, and you can form them in colors in accordance with the color of the pod.

How to do? To begin with, the "pod" itself is on zipper or on strings. Then tie or welcome the colored peas of different sizes. Let the kid learning on their own to collect and remove them, spreading zipper.

Educational classes for children 1-2 years

Bottles with filler

Each child at least once played by plastic bottles from under the lemonade, but that the empty polarity turn into an entertaining game simply fill them.

What to do with them? To knock, rattle, look like a liquid content of the bottle overflow, and dry is proper.

How to do? Fill transparent plastic bottles with shells, colored water, sand, small pebbles. The choice of fillers is limited to your fantasy.

Another interesting idea of ​​crafts-toys from a plastic bottle: sew for a bottle cover in the form of a animal, a cap will be a mouth, open the lid and feed a dog or kitty with grains. Let the animal necessarily be a tail, ears and eyes!

Ideas for creating educational toys are still a lot, we told you about the most popular, and what toys would you create?

Recently, developing toys appeared on the shelves of all stores. "And how without them?!" - Eclack teachers. Let's see what a developing toy is.

If proceed from the name, this is a toy that develops something in a child: a small motorcy or some knowledge. By and large, all toys are developing: a rattle teaches a child to manage their handles (grab, shift out of your hand, throw). Nevertheless, developing usually call those toys that allow the child to learn something in a game form. Many of these toys you can make your own hands.

Developing toys do it yourself

Toy author - Tatiana Access

The main stages of the child's development

Before proceeding with the manufacture of toys, determine what age it will be calculated. Obviously, a toy for a one-year-old child will not be interested in five-year plan. It is also important that the child is interested in. It depends on which form will be your toy and how the plot it will be combined.

I would like to remind you that everything is individually. Perhaps your child has already mastered some skill ahead of time, perhaps - no.

To the contents ↑

0- 3 months

The child is most of the time lying on his back. It is necessary to develop the ability to focus.

Types of toys: Mobile, bright rattles, garlands, beads.

Requirements for toys: Different textures, ease of toys, simple forms. Colors are bright, but not motley. Preferably not more than 5 items.

3 - 6 months

The child moves more and all items pull into the mouth. Learn to roll over from the back on the stomach. It is necessary to develop coordination of movements, hearing and vision, the skill of grabbing.

Types of toys: Nomeners, rag beads, toys with a mirror, rattles - dumbbells, rings. Developing mats with arcs. Ragballs, bracelets with buttons.

Requirements for toys: Bright, differentifective toys, emitting different sounds.

To the contents ↑

6 - 9 months

The child learns crawling, learns close. Some time is able to entertain himself. It is necessary to encourage motor and speech activity, as well as develop the ability to grab the item not with the whole hand, but with two fingers.

Types of toys: Educational mats, sorters, pyramids, matryoshki, musical toys with buttons.

Requirements for toys: Bright, sounding toys should be different in shape, weight, method of use.

To the contents ↑

9 - 12 months

The child learns to walk, speak. It is necessary to develop motor and speech activity.

Types of toys: Developing rugs and books with pictures, toys - renting, dolls with pronounced features, gloves and finger dolls, pyramids, cubes, sorters, options for boxes, buckets, baskets (insert toys).

Requirements for toys: Toys consisting of different parts that can be collected and disassembled. Toys, reflecting the situations of the real world.

To the contents ↑

1 year - 1 year 3 months

The active development and study of the surrounding world begins. The child has a desire for independence. It is necessary to develop motor and speech activity, as well as operations of thinking: comparison, generalization, analysis.

Types of toys: Pyramids, cubes, insert toys, musical instruments.

Requirements for toys: Toys consisting of different parts that can be collected and disassembled.

To the contents ↑

1 year 3 months - 1 year 6 months

The development of speech, encouraging speech activity, the development of small motility (unchending - ignition in various ways). Development of thinking operation.

Types of toys: Developing mats and books, cubes, toys with a surprise (secret), sorters.

Requirements for toys: Toys that allow to summarize objects on the signs of similarity, quantity, colors. Names of animals, plants, clothes, etc.

To the contents ↑

1 year 6 months - 1 year 9 months

Active knowledge of the surrounding world. It is necessary to develop the active use of objects for another purpose, an independent game, an understanding of emotions.

Types of toys: Toys, reflecting the real situations and objects of the surrounding world, animals.

Requirements for toys: Side Games (Scene, Construction, etc.). Toys that require show and call colors, shape, choose action.

To the contents ↑

1 year 9 months - 2 years

The child is active social development. It is necessary to develop an understanding of form, colors, size.

Types of toys: Sorts, pyramids, cubes, books.

Requirements for toys: Toys that can be grouped in shape, color, size.

2 - 3 years

The active social development of the kid continues, he is already able to interact with other children. It is necessary to develop a shallow motorcy, as well as the ability to distinguish forms, colors, sizes.

All kinds of toys. Crafts from natural materials, paper, plasticine.

Requirements for toys: Toys for subject, plotting games.

35 years

Activity, the ability to independently build their play activities. It is necessary to fix these skills.

Types of toys: Children's lotto, puzzles. Games for studying the time of day and seasons. Study of the alphabet and numbers.

Materials for the manufacture of educational toys

Materials for the manufacture of developing toys a huge set, most of them are in every home!

You will come in handy

All about educational mats for children from 0 to 1 year and older

Educational mats for children from 0

To the contents ↑

Fabric residues

Developing toys are good in that it is possible to use the remnants that each needlewoman can be used. For example, the remnants of various tissues, felt, fleece, knitwear. Different texture is just welcome!

Want to ease your life? Use small tissue segments that apply to new costumes.

Those who can knit can use squares that fit for the calculation of the loops.

Materials for educational toys

To the contents ↑

Sewing fittings

Everything goes through: laces, ribbons, buttons, beads, zippers, buttons, stuffing, latch, sticky tape, buckle and much, much more! And small thermoapplications may well play the role of secretic, hidden behind the curtain or in the pocket.

Sewing fittings

Furniture fittings

Latch-clicks, hooks, keys with locks and threaded screws can be used, for example, with the "construction" of the house.

Developing toy house

Ruffle elements

The rustling of one or another element is achieved due to the invested crumpled cellophane wrapper from tea or candy box.

Rhythmic elements

Greying elements represent a huge scope for fantasy. To put inside a plastic container from a boot or plastic egg from a kinder surprise, in which some kind of cereal (rice, peas, sin, small pasta), salt, dry cherry bones or acorns.

Educational toys Preliushki

Ringing elements

Most often are a small bell-bought for little money in a souvenir shop or fishing store.

Brilliant and transparent elements

These include pieces of dense foil, the inner side of the packaging from juice or milk, as well as packaging from toys or bed linen.

Materials for toys

Opening elements

They usually very much like children, especially if someone hides under them) Options: window, pockets, curtains. And you can use such ordinary covers from water or juice.

Educational toy machine

Author - Olga Maksimova

Old clothes

Some craftsmen use children's clothes of their kids who have already been small.

Educational toy of fabric


As soft fillers, they usually use a sintepon, foam rubber (then your cube will keep shape) or foam.

However, I am sure that if you think, then you will definitely come up with something your own!

What are the educational toys

On the Internet you can find a huge number of educational toys made by your own hands: books, cubes, panels and rugs, pillows, stands, houses, animal figures, etc.

You will come in handy

Developing mats for children with their own hands: how to sew a rug with arcs and sides, gaming, double-sided and rug puzzle

Materials and accessories for rugs

Developing rug

Developing book with your own hands

Educational books

Developing rug and stand

Developing rug and stand

Developing pillow

Educational pillows

Developing house and animals

Developing house and puzzles

Plots are also diverse. It may be some kind of children's fairy tale or just a story picture.

Plot for educational toys

Remember, for example, what is your boy who is interested in: machines or trainers?

Developing toy for a boy

Developing toy boy

Interesting options for books "About the kid" - they not only develop motor skills, but also help the child to know the world around.

Developing book about kid

Or maybe it will be just a cube, with some elements? Choose to you.

Developing cubes

All toys can be divided into 2 large groups : those with whom Child can play independently and those for whom Need help or the presence of an adult . Usually, the first is the entertaining toys for children of the first months of life, as well as toys developing small motility. After several shows, the child can independently unbutton the zipper or button, unscrew the lid, etc.

Educational toys for children

The presence of an adult requires toys, developing ability to count; find more or less, right-left, top-bottom; Call colors and geometric shapes, parts of the body or animals, explain the rules of behavior or road traffic, etc.

Developing toys

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Options of toys and skills that they develop

Baby bracelet-rattling

Such a bracelet is useful to a very small baby (from 2 to 4 months). It will contribute to the development of hearing and vision of the baby, as well as coordinating movements.

Baby bracelet-rattling

Beads (Slingobuses)

Slingobuses develop the perception of color, tactile sensations, teach a child to sort out and roll small elements. And you can be in addition to beads, attach several small knitted animals or fruits.

Educational toy for girls

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Pillow with buttons

Despite the seeming lightness - the toy is quite interesting. Buttons of different textures are developing the tactile perception of the baby. Take her with you on the road and ask the child (depending on his age) to find all the buttons of a certain color, count them (on the entire pillow, in one row or column), find the largest or smallest button of a certain color in a row or on the entire pillow, Show what button to the right of small blue, etc.

Developing Pillow with Buttons

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Develops a shallow motorcy, teaches calling animals, allows you to study colors and geometric shapes.

Developing book girls

Master class on a Temmeter Page with Snowmen

Developing toys do it yourself

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Stand with locks

I am sure that the boys will simply be delighted! After all, so much that can be discovered, unbutton, turn and press. Making a developing stand is quite simple, most of the elements are found in the storage room of any man.

Developing stand

Mat - Fairy Tale

The rug develops speech and fantasy of the child. Non-housing upcoming parents will help the baby to master these skills faster (and imagine that Kolobok turned to the other side? Who will he meet? And dr.)

Do not forget that any fairy tale is an extra reason to remind the rules of behavior (about what you can not run away from the parents that you need to obey the elders, to be diligent and hardworking).

Developing rug

You can be useful to gaming and thematic educational mats

Developing rug for children with their own hands

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Precautions for the manufacture of toys

  • All small elements must be firmly sewn.
  • Check for yourself all the items you are going to use. Is lightness easy to unbound? Does the baby do not fit the finger latch-carbine?
  • Carefully inspect the toy: there should be no sharp elements on it that can be painful your baby.
  • Materials should not contain harmful additives and impurities.
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Master classes to create educational toys do it yourself

But some master classes and examples of educational toys that are presented on "Cross" :

Tactile book

Tactile book

Educational toy from ribbons and braid

Educational toy with ribbons

Developing toy "Machine-seeker"

Developing toy machine-seeker

Developing toy "Pea Pod"

Developing toy pea pod

Developing house for a girl

Developing house

Educational toys "Girlfriends"

Developing toys Amigurumi

You use the massed rug for children with your own hands: 100% benefit and no harm

Soft rug for a child

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