How to satisfy a woman in bed - read what you need to know the point

Good day! This article will help you figure out how to satisfy a woman in bed and read what you need to know intimate points of an amazing female body.

If you are asked by the pleasures of your second half, then you already call deep respect. Maybe you want to explore the female body so that in intimate proximity to drive your lovedream, and make her moan and scream from pleasure? Or just do not know where to start sex? Or maybe you want to become a hero with a lover, and give the pleasure of every sexual partner?

In any case, this article will be useful for you, and we will look at all the subtleties of sexual pleasure. I share with you my experience and women's secrets told by the women themselves. And I collected them (these secrets) for a very long time! ;)))

Women's body !!! Well, how they do not admire !!! So let's start searching for those most points of pleasure on a beautiful female body.

Preludes - or how nice to start a sexy game

Preparation for sex - for a woman, this step is more important than the closest. It is necessary to cook your cute to sex before bed. So the female organism is arranged that for excitement it requires much more time than a man.

Well, let's talk about these very dots for the pleasure of your beloved in the preliminary game.

Kisses! The truth also excites. Lips and language - first dots for caress and excitement. Do you often pay attention to how you kissing? And it would be necessary to pay more attention to these caresses.

During the kisses to the sideline, pay more attention to the lips and the language of your partner. Play with lips cute separately whole upper and lower lip. Spend on her lips tip of the language.

Touching the lips to his loved ones with his lips, penetrate the tongue in her mouth, and find a partner tongue. Play with her tongue, caressing his own.

Ask pretty give you her tongue. Cook it with your lips, and caress slightly sucking in your mouth. Such a game will certainly like both partners.

Kiss her cheek. Cut the kisses of her eyebrows. Here are some more erogenous points.

Dove your lips to your girl's ears. Ear, very strong erogen point, as there are a lot of nervous endings. I do not care with your beloved gentle kisses.

Let her feel your breath. Spent the wet language rapidly. This is certainly very exciting caress.

Only no "smack" near the ear of the mistress. Otherwise, the ringing in the ear will cause far from pleasant sensations, but repulsive. Agreed? =)))

And then you can forget about pleasure! But we are trying to locate your beloved, and we want to give her a maximum of pleasure.

Kisses of the neck area very much will lead your partner. Necki caress will be crazy and give any girl. Here is another erogenous zone. Mass your neck with your cute. She will certainly appreciate such affection.

Thumbs up with a lightweight neckline of the neck. Very relaxing and excites. Figure below shows the same points for stimulation. After the neck, you can go to the massage shoulders.

Figure shows the dots for erotic massage

Well ... The first step to the satisfaction of your woman you did. She will certainly appreciate your affection and efforts, and is ready for new caresses and sexual feats. Moving on.

Preliminary caress - how to start and excite

If you really strive to satisfy your woman, and you want to deliver the maximum pleasure to her, then by moving to bed, do not hurry to go to the sex right away.

Let's talk about preliminary affairs, and look more intimate points to enjoy and excite your partner. To satisfy your woman, you have to excite it before being a frenza, to a mad desire, to butterflies in the stomach.

Before proceeding to proximity, show yourself as an ideal lover in pre-caressing of the body of your partner. We caress her gently, caress her passionately, caress as if the last time. Your sweetheart, of course, will appreciate it.

Having traveled to bed, make a favorite erotic massage. Ask her to lie on the stomach, pour and slightly massage the back and shoulders of the partner. Then spend on the back of the girl from top to bottom, barely touching her skin with the tips of the fingers. I am sure that it will work out or groans from pleasure.

It is best for erotic massage to use special lubricants.

Circling shoulders and back with your cute kisses. Spend the spine in the welcome a wet language. Your mistress will burn out of desire.

But do not hurry! Make a moan your favorite from your caress. Trying to her just fabulous pleasure preliminary sexy game.

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Smoothly go to the caresses of the buttocks and the hips of your partner. Two more points for erotic pleasure of your woman. Remember her sweet buns, massage the thigh, and the sweats of incurred by their kisses. Spend a wet language in the hollow between the buttocks ... Slightly. From above barely touching. I think it is too early to move to the caress of the anus.

And this is already anilingus, and we will talk about it a little later. But if I really want, then of course you can. And in general, there are no restrictions in the intimate proximity of the two partners. What is acceptable to both partners is no longer considered forbidden.

In my bedroom, I do everything I want, if it does not contradict the desires of the beloved woman. And if my partner asks me to tie her, and spank as a bad girl ... I'm happy to respond to her desires.

It is important to understand the desires of your girl, and most importantly, to carry them out in reality, and you will be the best lover for her.

It is better to just talk about intimate and about what you like both. Open in a conversation and run into the bedroom - to carry out the most insane sexy fantasies of each other.

But alas ... not all the girl can immediately talk about intimate. And therefore, you need to patiently look for the most intimate points of her pleasure. Experiment, improvise.

And in most cases, there are also such erogenous zones on the body of their partners, which she did not guess at all. So successful to you hunt ...;)))

The game in preliminary caresses just implies a pleasant search for these most points of pleasure on your beloved body.

Make your cute foot massage. This is a very sensitive zone. It is best to use Special massage creams and oils (opens in a new tab).

The hottest intimate points - she will definitely conquer you

Women's breasts! And why are men going crazy from these honeying holmikov? Why do men can't take a glance from a deep female neckline? Probably, it is laid in us from early childhood ...

Do you have a lot of time for your partners' caresses? One of the most pleasant sex games is to enjoy her chest caress and give pleasure to her woman.

What you can remember and massage her breasts during sex, I do not doubt it. Pay attention to the nipples beloved. Slightly swell their pillows of fingers. Gently spend on her nipples with his palm. Feel their tension and excitement.

Spend on excited nipples with your lips. Give her to feel your breath on her chest. Circling her chest kisses, and spend on the nipple wet language. Then on the second.

I press on the nipples partners with lips and clam them in your mouth ... as if kissing them to the cake. Your favorite will get a lot of pleasure from such a lover as you!

You can slightly bite your nipples and chest, but only slightly gently and sensually. Just, as if, denoting that you have a teeth.

Connect a free hand to her caress and caress her ass, pubisters and sexual lips of the partner together with the breast. Or one chest caress her lips and tongue, and the second hand.

Your mistress nipples are another intimate point for enjoying and learning. Try, experiment. Alternate caress your nipples, lips and fingers, and you will definitely understand how you like your sweet.

Sometimes women like both rough breasts and nipples, but it is already individually for each case. If you are interested in writing in the comments, and we will discuss these moments. Or maybe I will write a separate article about this.

After a gentle chest, drop down. Cut the tummy kisses beloved. Provide a naphonic language. Navel and belly - also very sensual erogenous points.

You can go down even lower and caress the pubis and legs partners. Do not stop, and you will definitely find those points and those touches that like your girlfriend.

Oral sex or how to make a woman moan from pleasure

As you feel like to deliver with your favorite pleasure with oral caresses, I am absolutely not interested. If we are talking about the satisfaction of your woman and complete delight from sex, you need to treat it more than positively.

Cunnilingus or Kuni - crazy any woman. And if you master these caresses, you will not be equal to the lover. And your favorite will admire you as the best of the best.

There is nothing better than seeing your mistress screaming and coming down from orgasm. Having mastered the cunnilingus, you will deliver it just fabulous pleasure.

And I am more than sure your favorite will give you the same pleasure, having mastered the technique of a blowjob. She simply will not have a choice. ;)))

In oral caresses, the hurry was perfect for anything. Everything should be smoothly, gently and sensually. Do not hurry to quickly find her clit.

Starting with caressing publishers. Then kiss and clamp her sex lips. Play language with her hole. And when it becomes humid enough, there is a language for her client.

But for a long time you do not delay it, but alternate caress. You can get tongue to the head of the mistress, and picker her anus. This is already called Anilingus. You deliver your cute lot of pleasure, and make you moan from pleasure.

But when you feel that your woman is quite excited and ready for peak junction, go to more intense clitoris caresses, and bring your favorite to orgasm.

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How to satisfy a woman in bed - read what you need to know. The most sensual and vivid orgasms

How to satisfy a woman in bed read what you need to know the points
How to satisfy a woman in bed - read what you need to know the point

Well, let's move on to the discussion of the most strawberry, and find the most intimate points for bright orgasms of your partner.

And for this you need to understand how the female genitals are arranged.

Figure Female genitals:

1- body of the uterus;

2-cavity of the uterus;

3 - ovage (uterine tube);

4 - funnel of the egg;

5 - ovary;

6 - the outer hole of the cervix;

7 - vagina;

8 - bartolinium glands;

9 - small and large steps in the uterine lips;

10 - urethra;

11 - Clit;

12 - Lobc bone;

13 - bladder.

I will not go into details, describing each of the above items. For this, fully information on the expanses of the Runet. We are interested in the points marked with color and actually the clitoris.

Of course, it will be trite to say that the female organism is different from male. But women's orgasms are somewhat.

Clitual, vaginal, anal. And every woman is individual in their preferences. We talked about clitoral caress and clitoral orgasm with you above. Now let's talk about the rest.

So let's deal with every point of the pleasure of your partner. We will reveal all the secrets and learn these points to find and properly stimulate.

Point G "Ji".

That is the most mysterious point G about which everyone heard, but not everyone knows where she is and what to do with it. Best if your girl will lie on the back.

And it is possible to find it on the front wall of the vagina in the inside half of the finger on 2 - 6 centimeters from the entrance. To the touch, it is a small cavernous tubercle, which can slightly increase in stimulation.

And the point of the point G would be called the zone G because this area of ​​the female organism can take from 1 to 3 centimeters.

You can caress with your finger, penis with direct sex contact and vibrator (opens in a new tab). Here you go!!! We found a point G.

Point A.

It is deep in the vagina between the point G and the cervix. It is almost impossible to grope her fingers, as it is very deep. Responsible for the so-called uterine orgasm.

Stimulation of point A occurs during sexual intercourse with deep penetration or when used Vibrator (opens in a new tab).


It is located on the opposite point of the rear wall of the vagina. This is the so-called point responsible for the orgasm during anal sex.

You can stimulate by entering the thumb into the vagina, and the index in the anus. At a distance of 3-5 centimeters from the inlet to add a thin wall between the vagina and anus - this will be the point K.

You can use for stimulation Erotic toys (opens in a new tab).

Well, point U.

To be between the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina at the outlet of the urethra (urethra).

The orgasm from the stimulation of the point u phenomenon is quite rare. But when stimulating several points in the coupe, you can achieve new sensations in orgasm.

At the caresses of this point, it is possible to achieve squirt - women's ejaculation with the release of a large amount of fluid.

Sex seats. Bed is not a place for orgasms

And indeed, why are we so diverting on sex in bed? After all, for this is full of other places.

Take sex on the sofa, on the couch, on the chair, on the table, on the piano ... But anywhere! I certainly do not at all urge you to abandon sex in bed at all.

But, look for new sexual impressions and intimate adventures!

Make her cunnilingus on the balcony. Naturally, if the balcony is closed and glazed from prying eyes. Or in the dark day. You do not want your sexual feats discussed the whole courtyard? =)

Starting your girlfriend in the kitchen, and make sex on the table. Climb it into the shower or in the bath, and find new sexual impressions in the water. In the pool. In a bath or sauna.

Try sex in the park or square. Naturally, you need to find a remote secluded corner. And better in the dark day.

Try intimate games in the entrance. In car. It will give new paints on your sex arena. Close up in the restaurant toilet, for example. It is so cool. It is such impressions and bright orgasms.

Play role-playing games in the end. Blood for each other. Give your cute sexy panties (opens in a new tab). Ask her to wear them after the bath. Or give your favorite sexy Set of beautiful erotic linen (opens in a new tab).

Of course, so that you then removed them. Sensually, graceful, slowly, caressing it at the same time. Well, than you are not new sexual adventures.

Or buy yourself in Sex shop men's thongs (opens in a new tab), and come to your beloved in them. She will definitely appreciate your bold sexual deeds. Try, experiment and improvise in sex. 21 century in the yard. Need to change! And you will be happy !!! 😉

Be for her in bed to whom she wants to see you. If the partner wants a wild passion - be a rampant cowboy, going on a break. And if she wants tenderness - be a cute and gentle romantic-batan.

If it wants sex with robust - become a master and owner for her enjoyment. Well, if he herself wants to be leaders in sex - subjugate and name His Mrs. or since she wants. Maybe she wants, so that you call her "My Devil!" =)))

All to enjoy each other. Change roles in intimate games. It is so fun, incendiary, exciting.

Become for her to those whom she wants to see you and feel - and you will definitely fully satisfy your woman in bed.


Well, it seems to consider enough options how to satisfy a woman in bed - read what you need to know the points. And they found the strongest orgasms of our partner. Glad to be useful to you. With you was a Pasha Room. Hugged everyone! 😉

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There is a bunch of trainings on how to make a man remembering sex with a specific partner for life. However, it's about how to delight the girl, and make sex unforgettable goes not so often. For this, it is absolutely not necessary to be alpha male. If you want to bring your lady to orgasm and become a first-class lover, then you went to the address. How to delight the girl, and make sex unforgettable?

The fact is that during sexual act, most men are accustomed to think only about their feelings. Almost every man reaches a peak of pleasure, regardless of concomitant factors, nature is so arranged. But the orgasm of a woman is not so simple. It depends on the psychological state of the girl, your relationship with it and preliminary caress.

Men are divided into 2 camps: some of them always think only about their orgasm, while others are trying to delight their partner with all their might. The first type is not even thinking how much all is losing during intimate proximity. Everything is limited only by physics. But after sex hides the richness of feelings and tenderness, and not just its own orgasm. As a rule, the egoist men are not very valued by female representatives. Who needs a partner who thinks only about himself?

Sex success depends on whether a woman can fully relax and surrender to a partner. When the girl is clamped, she will never be able to reach orgasm. Ladies and so constantly think as they look in a given pose and there are no excess hair. Now you understand that the consciousness of a woman even at the time of receiving the pleasure of partly occupied by her appearance and thoughts about how sexy it looks like.

How to delight the girl?
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Myths about female orgasm

To help a woman reach orgasm, it is necessary to understand its mechanism. First, refuse the following stereotypes:

1. Only 20% of women can get an orgasm from penetration. The overwhelming part of girls can experience the peak of pleasure only by connecting the clitoris stimulation. Unfortunately, not all men know about it and allow the main mistake in sex, without understanding why, after Solia, the girl remained dissatisfied.

2. The onset of orgasm does not depend on the duration of the sex itself. A woman can cum during a 2 minute intercourse and not cum during half-hour sex. It's all about the preludes, and not that you can 2 hours. Long-term monotonous sex usually tires most women especially if it is not backed by caressing.

3. The more member, the most likely orgasm. Many guys are complex about the size of the dignity. It has been scientifically proven that the penis size does not have such a value. Even a member of 10 cm is able to deliver a woman a pleasure. But the great dignity often hurts the inconvenience, provoking the pain in the girl. In the first place is sexual skill, but not the size of the penis. To force a girl to cum, change the angle of entering a member, paying attention to the point G.

How to delight the girl?
Valerie Elash, Unsplash

Types of female orgasm

A little deeper into the theory. The female organism is more complicated than male.

Types of orgasm that woman may experience:

  • Clitoral;
  • Vaginal;
  • Uterine;
  • Jet.

The main part of the fair sex representatives is experiencing only one single type of orgasm - clitoral. It is achieved the easiest way, with the help of stimulation with fingers or tongue. There is a clitoris on the place of the junction of small sexes (if you do not know where it is, googled pictures for clarity). The clitoris has more than 8000 thousand nerve endings, which is the same as in the head of the penis.

The clitoris is the main erogenous zone. With it, you can bring the girl to orgasm even a virgin.

The vaginal orgasm is achieved due to the stimulation of the point G, which is located on the front wall of the vagina, approximately 4 cm from the entrance. In an excited state, when the blood sticks to the sexual organs, the point G swells and persistently trucks, as if the tubercle.

The uterine orgasm occurs during sexual intercourse when the sensitive zone is stimulated next to the cervix.

Inkjet orgasm or squirt is the most powerful orgasm for sensations. It is characterized by the package of lactic liquid from parauretral glands, which are located near the point G. But ejaculate is capable of not every woman.

The most amazing thing is that a woman is able to experience several orgasms one by one. Unlike men who need a period of recovery after orgasm, women are ready again and again until they get tired. If you bring a girl to multi-Russians, believe me, she will remember you forever.

How to make sex unforgettable?
Valerie Elash, Unsplash

Preparation for sex

The girl is a gentle and fragile creation, in need of understanding even during sex. You must notify confidence and calmness to her so that it can as much as possible to liberate. If you do not know how to delight the girl and make sex unforgettable, then here are the main steps when preparing:

1. Romantic atmosphere. Wine, candles, twilight, music, cleanliness and pleasant smell in the room. Became for all trifles. If you live with a girl for a long time, then try to change the place for intima, for example, by going with her from the bedroom to the kitchen. Better, of course, arrange radical changes. Choose with a girl in the forest or enemy on the roof. Many like extreme experiments. If your couple is one of them, then experiment at the airport or train. A small adventure shares and adds to sex pecores. Well, with a new girlfriend a romantic place with full comfort. Precipping wine or champagne, loss of candles. Take care that no one prevented you. Turn on romantic music. The main thing is to make it relax.

2. Help her relax. If you both or someone will be in a state of nervousness, then sex will go to the pump. Take the initiative. If the girl is nervous, then try to calm her down. Hug, find out what she worry about. Do not give sex if she is not sure of her desire. Relax will help massage, delicious food, alcohol and foam bath.

3. Examine women's anatomy. You must definitely understand where the clitoris is located and where the point G. Read about a specific technique, see the training video (not only porn, since it often has nothing to do with real life).

How to delight the girl?
Valerie Elash, Unsplash

Preliminary affection

Men are absolutely optional prelude, as they believe that if they want, then the partner immediately should be involved. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it does not work. Guys love to start with a blowjob, but here the woman wants oral cares only when he is excited. In order for the lady to start to work, it needs to warmly "warm up", like a car after a cold night. If your favorite is bad, then during sex it will be sluggish. Therefore, do not complain later to friends that she is a log, but a sex bomb. Only you are to blame.

The excitement of the woman begins with the head. Mechanical sex will not bring her any pleasure, and it can hardly experience ecstasy, especially if you are little familiar.

It will take 15-20 minutes. During this time, blood gets to the genital organs, and the lady will be able to make the most excited. And during this time you need to do the following:

  • Kiss her on the lips;
  • Caress her without removing clothes;
  • Help her to undress, and then undress himself;
  • Caress erogenous zones without lingering in one place;
  • When the girl was laughed (as a rule, she will show you this with the help of the body of the body, in every way embarrassing, posting and blushing).

You should show sensitivity to your partner and clearly track what she melts, and from which it is clamped.

The main rule: if you want high-quality sex, then start with concern about the partner. First of all, think about pre-caresses. Prelude is not only not to climb under the skirt, feel chest, and she is ready. This list of primitive actions will excite only you, but not it.

How to delight the girl, and make sex unforgettable?
Valerie Elash, Unsplash

Erogenous zones

Prelude is by no means useless spending time. Tighten the pleasure and go to the most important thing before after 15 minutes. It is better to extend your caresses and how to excite the partner's desire to excite as much as possible. Here are the most popular erogenous zones:

1. Neck and face. So that the girl should be excited, kiss her face, the area of ​​cheekbones and shoes. Do not forget about the ush, this is a very powerful erogenous zone. We suep and eat them.

2. Belly and chest. It's not easy to mine breasts. Contact her gently and affectionately. Provide the tongue around the halo, put a nipple. Do not be shy to kiss the belly and the bottom of the abdomen.

3. Hands. There are many nervous endings on the hands. Warning the fingertips from the wrist to the shoulder from the inside of the hand, kiss and stroke the palm. If a girl likes it, she will answer your actions to fellow or goosebumps.

4. The inside of the thigh. Many men suggest that if they brighten the lady for the ass, then at allachable. Go to everything in order. Stroking the inside of the thigh up and down, smooth movements.

5. Sexual organs. To caress the girl "there" is necessary after you pay attention to the previous positions. Thus, you can tease the partner by the fact that you delay the caress in the barrarious place. I caress it through panties gently and gently, then penetrated inside. Do not forget about Cunnilingus.

During the clitoris Lask, be sure to watch the reaction of the partner and do not be afraid to ask what rhythm she likes more. Sometimes let it be the most stimulate the clitoris, while watching what is happening. You can keep your hand over her hands and repeat movement.

Remember that the woman excited to the peak makes incredible things in bed. Don't you need it? Correctly exclude it with the help of pre-caress and enjoy passionate sex.

A woman will not arouse one kind of your naked body. We have already talked about erogenous zones, now we go to action.

How to make sex unforgettable?
Peter Bucks, Unsplash

Massage feet

The feet in China nicknamed the "Women's Luffiness". To excite a woman, paid attention to the feet under the thumb at the massage.

Massage is not too much, since this point is very sensitive. Before massage, press several times on this point by the deposit movement.

Play with hair

Over the whole head there are small hairs whose roots affect the nerve endings. Spend your hand on the skin of the head can be excited by a girl. Especially sensitive hands, neck and face. Touch gently, barely touching, symotize the wind of the wind. Just do not bring the lady before ticking, otherwise it will reduce the romantic entourage.

Low voice

Scientists of Stanford University made the discovery that women exciteed a low voice timbre, as if sharpened. They seem to be very sexy. If, during a preliminary caress, a man lowers a voice and whispers in ear erotic compliments, then it often excites stronger physical actions.

How to make sex unforgettable?
Peter Bucks, Unsplash


A large number of pairs stuck on several postures in sex, which are most convenient for them. However, the one-shaped sex comes, especially when it continues from year to year. Pos for unforgettable sex is very much worth just opening the "Kama Sutra". Many of them are similar to each other. In order not to delve into each, here are the most popular:

  • Pose "Scissors". The girl lies on the edge of the bed or a table, throwing his legs on the neck of a partner. During intercourse, a man spreads them and returns to its original position, keeping the ankle. Such a posture opens the spectrum of new bright sensations, especially if the lady has a good stretching.
  • Changed missionary. Missionary pose beloved by many couples can be fulfilled a little different to ensure new sensations. The girl spreads his legs on the width of the shoulders, under the back there should be a pillow. Paren in the usual position for this posture, only movement it performs eight. Such angle provides the maximum penetration angle, which stimulates all sensitive areas.
  • A woman lies on the stomach, under the stomach pillow, which as if fuses the housing. The angle of inclination is approximately 10 cm ensures the optimal depth of the genital injection of the partner, which is located on top. Such a pose contributes to the achievement of the uterine orgasm.
  • Pose in the air. Girl and boyfriend stand face to face. The lady holds behind the shoulders of the partner and jumps on it. Everything happens in the air. To make it more convenient, the girl should have a support in the form of a wall or table. Although some practiced without it.
How to become a sex giant?

Do not be afraid to use sex toys, apply various techniques and even change roles. Who knows, perhaps what you avoided, will be the most beloved in pastels?

How to delight the girl, and make sex unforgettable?
Peter Bucks, Unsplash

Do not be silent

Silent sex is boring and fresh. Entertain how to combine from two lovers to interact. All words should go from the heart. Be relaxed. Someone: "You're so beautiful that you just drive me sons."

Do not hesitate to interact during sex and express your desires. Tell her: "Lit on your back, and then I will do everything yourself." Do not forget to ask her about sensations. Ask questions, clarify how she likes. Only avoid phrases about whether she came to the finish line or not. After all, it introduces in an awkward position and coolly cools the fervor. Do not hold back the moans, remove stiffness and pressure.

Men's errors in sex

If you perform all actions, and sex is still not enchanting, then you may make mistakes, like many men. Here are the main of them:

  • Insufficient attention to pre-caresses;
  • Ignorance of the desires of the partner;
  • Lack of admiration for the partner;
  • Too tightened sexual intercourse.

Woman loves ears. Say her as possible compliments and not a bull on nice words. Long sex is not cool. During a long sex, a woman with ease can overcome and without reaching discharge. If the orgasm does not occur, then try to change tactics and experiment with the pose.

How to make sex unforgettable?
Peter Bucks, Unsplash

After - it is also important

The key to strong relationships is regularly obtained female pleasure. Then the borsch will be delicious and houses clean. After sex, women want attention and affection, otherwise they can feel used.

After sex, do not try to spoil your impression about yourself, even if it is disposable. Do not run a breaking head into a shower or sleep. Spend some more strength to leave "from the battlefield" the winner. Loading, borrowing, whites of her compliments, listen to her or tell the cheerful story. All, you are for her God!

Remember that the orgasm of a woman is rather not physical, but psychological.

Remember the safety

No matter how much you wanted to have sex, always remember protection. If a woman does not take oral contraceptives and she (and you) have no plans to become a parent, then not a defendant sex will hardly bring pleasure. The lady will not be able to fully relax and will keep the idea in the head about not to "fly." How to delight the girl, and make sex unforgettable? Make it so that it relaxed as much as possible, let them feel safe. Do not wait about reminder to buy condoms, take care of it yourself. Pre-disconnect the packaging so as not to spend time on it at the most inopportune moment, and do not cool the dust.

After graduation and use the condom, do not leave it in sight. The woman has no desire to admire it. Be a gentleman not only before sex, but after him. Pack the used elastic band in the package and throw garbage without reminders of the partner.

Many men are interested in the question of how to deliver a woman an unforgettable imaximal pleasure, because the gentle floor knows all the secrets of the highest male pleasure, the sheds are undecked, so the relationship is often suffering from bright emotions, passion.

Secrets of pleasure

What are important intimate secrets frank? Intimate secrets of Allice are the non-core aspects of success, Nooni strengthen the effect of female pleasure, so it is worth considering the nuances of sexual proximity. You can use this Net Intim's Moment, the novprocesssee of Preludes Jews at the first meetings.

Do not hurry to get the desired

To do everything correctly, it is better to rapid to continue to pay attention to the needs of a woman. If it is most likely to finish sex, then, most likely, a man is not so, the arutor will think about it.

The secret of the proximity fired is simple and use strokes, kisses in our game, the game with bars, nonon Try To go too fast to the very coat. In caresses it is better to use hands, Aneuzyk, as many women are unhand. How tally, that the partner was engaged only by himself, leaving the lady dissatisfied. Use something from a family strengthening store assortment "Pink Rabbit" - Paired toys, aphrodisiacs, massage oils or something else on your choice diversified sex and strengthen orgasm.

Also unforgettly that after the end of the intercourse, it is worth a little tenderness by the ratio of the codew - kiss, hug, say a few compliments.

Correct words

Nidle whom it is unbearable that the woman loves ears, knockouts must come off the heartless heart, otherwise the proper effect is not necessary. Each girl knows the masters of the strong sides of the incedust. Accent attention is necessary for violent sides, avoiding weaknesses. Remember that in time the sex of a woman is important It is not necessary to be a sexual giant or as a as, urgently showing tenderness to Ilaska.

KSLOV, women are not excited only by dusting of a naked body, so a good form of a partner has an impression if an appropriate is incompassing the Oatolymifold and the advice of KSEX.

Smell I. Visual contact

Unnecessary use odor amplifiers, especially artificial. Quite a clean body after the soul of a blendraft. As for visual contact, Todoevushki love to look at learning the body of a man with their eyes, even if there is an onmost-handed form, so you don't have to try to hide some shortcomings, but also one should not put some parts at the bottom. Just lead yourself and move naturally.

How to make a man's pleasure to your beloved woman?

There are a number of secrets who will prompt like a man to deliver the maximum pleasure of his beloved woman. We are talking at all of the overtone of the IRUT rules, ayoposis, atmosphere, voice, tactile contact. Therefore, about everything in order:

  • A long prelude is important for every woman, otherwise it is accurate to deliver a judacy. To enhance the effect, you can resort to by the battric techniques;
  • Creating an intimate atmosphere. If something is slow, the heart of the heart can not relax, it is evolving the pleasures of the compartment to be involved;
  • Learn the partner, because each erogenous robe area reacts in different ways. To find out which part of the body is the most sensitive, it is worth gently to touch and see the reaction. However, there is nothing galloping to ask a direct question that partner like more;
  • Change in all poses, noimesta sex in the fore, because it contributes to exciting. Sex only blossoms exclusively by a freestyle pose, sorry, bored. Try the table to the table, a bath or shower, a window sill, the floor, an adle of the most extremes will even suit the toilet inverter or changing room in the machine;
  • It does not restrain, because passionate moans are excited by all men, noegenesis. However, incomplete, otherwise, instead of pleasure, it will cause a laughter of Upharder;
  • Change the rhythm: an unexpected slowing down or accelerating the rhythm, the depth of penetration is forced to think only to the partner to think only ovas Imosis. Noeto is relevant only by aloud, if the pair is still incaprected by the short moment;
  • Low voice strengthens the excitement, which has proven the latest studies of standford scientists, so it is worth talking to a woman pleasant things muted, a little cold voice.

How to delight a womanHow to delight a woman

How to strengthen the effect?

If all of the above methods work badly or want to strengthen the effect of OTNI, drives to resort to even the creschool recommendations of other people:

1. Massive the female legs, pay special attention to the feet. Wkitai It is believed that the excitation point of the union is under the fold of the thumb. Therefore, it is worth gently to massate the caviar to your beloved, smoothly going down, working out every finger.

2. You can lease, the aposle is slightly squeezed by a woman. Especially this is an effective verogenous dots, such as nipples, ears, neck.

3. Buy Silk Linen. Foreign survey showed that silk sheets The key to more frequent sex, and if the room is painted in red, black or especially violet colors, it will definitely positively affect sexual life in general and on every sexual intercourse in particular.

4. Lower the girl head down. To do this, it's enough sex to move your favorite sick bed to the shoulders of the playing down. This will cause the tide of the blood of the KGLOE as a pleasure.

5. Lower perpendicular to each other. Such a Council suggests a sexologist Ruth Dickinson sustaire book. That is, choose such poses in which your body would have a cross, so male dignity will seem more in many times.

6. Use the manual method for which it is enough to shove inside the vagina index is an interactive finger. Further, I go smoothly slightly to go to them as if you call someone. It stimulates the upper wall to stock G.

7. Look together pornographic movies. Opinions on this expense diverge: someone believes that it destroys harmony in relationships, and someone proves that the joint viewing of spicy rollers helps the partners better understand the fantasy of each other and tell about what they are usually shy about.

8. Prepare a hot bath with a sleeper, as warm water improves the blood circulation of the pelvis and enjoy the pelvis.

9. Hang the mirror opposite the bed or poverty. Although it will work and only luster, if weartner do not have complexes.

10. Place the pillow under the buttocks of the Depositical Pose. This will increase the angle, more pleasure.

11. Make small pauses of skin yield. Not Be sure to "Ottoraban" the entire program from иbefore per A certain period of time. Not be afraid to arrange small breaks, in While you can unintelligate the partner or enhance the proximity.

12. Find a point that is located between the vagina Ianus. Easy pressure of Naato is a small muscular spasm, which causes pleasant pleasure, ito leads to the sore of orgasm.

How to deliver a woman's pleasure

Female pleasure: the most non-standard ways

How else to deliver a female pleasure? Are you worth using breakes? Many are forgotten by the staff of the Iponic receptions, here are somewhat abundant:

  1. Hot reception For which the towel is needed. Cutting a small hole in a shyman, swinging it with warming water and the girl's hill. So alone, cause the extra pleasure of sex fields.
  2. Silk track For which you need two silk headscarves. One needs to close the eyes, then put the woman quietly inquiries and to stroke the body to the second scarf. After skipping the scarf between the legs, so that the girl saddled him.
  3. Confectionery factory It implies the use of peanut paste, chocolates, chocolate or whipped cream, which are applied by the battered points, the aposle is licking for a long time of irotic.
  4. Temperature difference which excites the enrollment of the Bostorg. To do this, it is enough, drinking warm tea, bite it to solve the skin of the venogenic zones. After that, to take a kind of ice a piece of ice inspeps the same place by the language. You can strengthen the effect by tapping the girl's eyes.

If you feel almost near the peak of pleasure, it is more likely to use one izpoosis for deeper penetration. Do not understand what poses are it? Well, you will probably know what book it can be viewed.

Polls show that only60% of men know the all-air zones of their favorite women, which is why the latter remain less satisfied. Also reach the peak prevents the partner's hurry, the lack of a prelude is an inspector atmosphere. Avtota Splash Splash, the use of health-toys of healthy toys improves intimate life U95% of couples. Although such things are better to discuss in advance with the Sparter, so that it is not impaired in misunderstanding inserts.

To deliver the Woman's pleasure is easy, the main thing is to remember that sex is a great intimacy, this is still idle proximity, full return, thoughts of the partner, the fulfillment of general desires. The more the foresight of the Great Life will be brought, the happier of both partners will be happier. Asweshes, everyone simply be careful to imprison the needs, embodying their incarnation.

Do not post to share your secrets of satisfaction in the comments? ;)

We, women, by nature, are quite impulsive, multilateral and wrinkled personals, guess the mood and the desire of which is quite difficult. That is why everything that concerns the delivering pleasure, lies under a dense veil of questions and bewilders.

Intimate relationships - matter is thin enough, and the woman to reveal from all sides is very difficult. Someone loves hard and passionate sex, someone sufficiently gentle kisses, but, of course, not only in the area of ​​the beautiful lipper. But in our time of sexual commitment, open discussions and even trainings, learn about all the intricacies of delivering pleasure partner is not so difficult. Today I will tell you about a few cunning, but simple ways to surprise your lady and will help her experience new emotions that may have not been tested earlier. Close the "Kama Sutra", open a notepad and write down.

5 tricky ways to deliver a woman's pleasure

Cute men, of course, most of women love kisses, gentle strokes in intimate places, a quiet whisper and everything else, which can be attributed to the preludes. But, you will agree, even if you love a peach very much and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sooner or later interest in such a tasty fruit will disappear and will never be so sweet. That is why it is worth thinking about to diversify your diet, even if the case is not at all about food. Think over what places your woman has the most erogenous, learn the body, kiss, stroke. Do not stop on your face, neck, chest and hips.

Many women experience a lot of pleasure from gentle kisses along the spine, blades, loins. Also worth paying attention to the legs, and to be more accurate - the feet. Massage and lust is what they need. Of course, first the sensations will not be completely understandable, and if the woman is afraid of tickle, then in general they can cause a wave of laughter, but do not be discouraged. Try to do so that the partner trust you, and do everything extremely carefully, so that the kisses cause slow addiction.

5 tricky ways to deliver a woman's pleasure

Very many men oppose the like, although they themselves do not mind to enjoy this way. But do not forget: to get something, you need to give something and in sex. The pleasure should be mutual, so you should not neglect oral caresses. But listen to one thing carefully: to deliver a woman with the help of the language, you do not need to apply the technique of rigid emery paper, losing everything to the brilliance, accompanying the process of abundant saliva. Everything should start easily and at ease, and the pace - gain gradually.

Connect your fingers. I will talk about a special technique just below, but do not skip this item. A special way to deliver pleasure to a woman is Anilingus. Of course, it's more difficult to get used to it than to ordinary oral caresses, but it is necessary to try. Stimulation of the anal point language causes a surge of emotions that will not be equal to the feelings caused by ordinary classic caresses. It must be tested in practice at least once, and even then decide whether to apply this method in bed or still limit the more familiar option.

Above, I promised to tell in detail about one way of delivering pleasure with the help of fingers, namely about the so-called "Conscript" method. It is capable not only to liberate a woman and deliver a lot of pleasant sensations, but also help with the achievement of orgasm.

It's pretty simple: enter the index and middle finger into the vagina partner pads up and click a small soft plot, which is approximately 3-4 centimeters from the vagina. Next smooth and gentle movements move with your fingers, as if calling anyone. Of course, it sounds stupid, but believe me, the way is effective. Many women are there the same point G, which causes a storm of unforgettable sensations.

I will not talk about classic actions using your fingers, such as, for example, masturbation, but remember an important thing, dear men: Do not forget to cut your nails! Of course, many women love sex with BDSM elements, but no one wants to stay in bed with Wolverine, and exposed to the mucous membrane of danger.

5 tricky ways to deliver a woman's pleasure

Speaking about to take into bed a friend, I did not mean a friend of Vasily from the neighboring entrance, with which you are friday in the evenings we drink beer. Maybe he would have liked such a proposal, but your partner is unlikely. To stock assistants means to overcome your male ego and acquire sex toys, a dildo. Many women want it, but do not think that problems in you, men, and you no longer satisfy your ladies. Most often, things are interested in the sake of conventional diversity, the expansion of the boundaries permitted, but only with their man. In addition, the use of sex toys helps learn more about their erogenous zones and experience the pleasures that you have not experienced before.

You can purchase a pair chirator or Viveb. If you are not able to overcome any own borders and buy a female dildo, think about buying anal plug. Where this unit is inserted, I think everyone has already understood, but what he gives, not everyone knows. Anal plug allows not only to prepare for anal sex, but also to diversify the usual. The plug expands the walls of anal pass, thereby narrowing the walls of the vagina, which allows you to make the process more interesting in classical sex. In general, sex toys in the intimate goods market are completely fully, I do not want to choose. Therefore, it is still worth thinking about such entertainment, which only help the intimate process, delivering the pleasure of two partners at once.

5 tricky ways to deliver a woman's pleasure

In order for the process to be unforgettable and delightful, it is necessary to properly distribute the time between preludes and sex, also follow the emotions of the partner and the pace of their actions. If, as they say, "reap" a woman in an excited state, too tightening the process of prelude, ultimately a cute lady may not get pleasure from the process, just getting angry at such a stupid slowness.

But also move to the sex itself immediately after a minute caressing is not worth a number of reasons. The first and main reason: a woman just does not have time to arouse, the second leads such a quick transition to the rapid conclusion from the man, which, of course, cannot please. Watch out for the emotions of a woman and gradually type the temp.

Of course, it is difficult to cope with you in such a passionate process, but to delight, you have to try. Pay attention to the rapid sighs, movements, the actions that the woman most often shows that it is already ready to go to the main process. Regarding the tempo, it is quite difficult to say, since fast or slow sex is a matter of tastes, and if you do not know the sexual preferences of the partner, do everything gradually. At first gently, slowly, later - passionately and quickly. This option does not like it, because it is optimal for many couples. Why is it worth monitoring all of the above? To just not break the process. After all, as a rule, men are easier to tune in and get pleasure than women that according to the result leads to a quick ejaculation.

These only 5 cunning ways to delight the woman in practice are much more. It is better to gradually study the body of a partner, recognize the erogenous zones and points to become a god of sex for her. Do not forget that everything is quite individually, and, as they say, that for an elephant - the norm, for flies - tragedy. Good luck in sex exploits!

A source:

Welcome to you, dear readers! Sex has long ceased to be exclusively a means to continue the genus. It is a source of pleasure and incredible pleasure. Although in this intimate matter, everything usually occurs intuitively, I advise you to study theory before practice and learn how to have sex. Men usually have no problems with the achievement of orgasm. But when his sweetheart appears, either he just wants to become a first-class lover, he may have a question, and how to bring the girl to orgasm. Dear ladies, do not rush to interrupt reading, the article has a lot of interesting things for you.

It is unlikely that family life will last long and happily, if the wife remains unsatisfied with sex. And by the way, the female orgasm depends not as much from the woman itself, as from a man, his relationship to her and skill in bed. If you want to raise your chosen to the top of pleasure, read on.

Before talking about female orgasm, let me invite you to our selection of sex courses. There are materials for girls and for guys. There are many of them, among them there are very cheap and completely free.

Look in the selection right now, see which programs are presented there. I think on female orgasm your questions do not end. You want to know how to have sex in general, to deliver great pleasure to the girl, how to make the girl you always wanted to hover it into your fantasies and make them reality.

At the end of the article, I would recommend several courses directly for the guys - read the material completely.

Myths about female orgasm

To help your woman achieve orgasm, you need to understand the mechanism of its occurrence. And for this, first say goodbye to the following stereotypes.

  1. A woman can get orgasm only during sex with penetration. Unfortunately, the male half of the population is only 15% of women are able to experience orgasm as a result of a traditional sexual intercourse. The remaining 85% need to stimulate the clitoris. Therefore, when masturbation, women practically do not use vibrators.
  2. The onset of orgasm depends on the duration of sexual intercourse. A woman can cum even during very fast and rapid sex. If before that it was excited to the limit, and the man knew that, where and how to stimulate. And when the other vice versa, even the longest sex and the maximum number of frictions will not save the situation. Partner all quickly get bored, she gets tired or will fall out at all right during action.
  3. The more male dignity, the higher the probability of experience orgasm. Another misconception based on the male ego. The size of the penis does not matter much. For a woman, much more important as a man treats her, whether it cares about her. But in second place there is already his sexual skill and the ability to wrap their tool. The main source of female pleasure is the clitoris. Therefore, to force the girl to cum, you need to change the pressure point. And this can be done by the advantage of any size.

Types of female orgasm

I will plunge a little in physiology. The female organism is more complicated than male. From here and the types of orgasm that she can experience, several:

  • clitoral;
  • vaginal;
  • uterine;
  • jet.

The main part of the beautiful sex representatives is most often experienced clitious orgasm. It is achieved by stimulating the clitoris. Make it easier with your fingers or tongue. Located this body is quite far from the vagina - at the point of convergence of small sexes. The clitoris contains more than 8,000 nerve endings. Approximately as much as on the head of the male member. And since the clitoris itself is small, then the concentration of them above. This makes the clitoris the main erogenous zone and allows you to bring the girl to orgasm without penetration. It can safely remain a virgin.

Vaginal orgasm can be experienced during intercourse if the point is stimulated by the point G. This mysterious point, and more precisely the region, is located on the front wall of the vagina approximately 3-4 cm from the entrance. In a calm state, this tubercle is practically not sufficient. But during sexual excitement, when blood sticks to the genital organs, he swells and becomes a rough, reminding to the touch of walnut.

Pretty rare uterine orgasm Some girls may experience during intercourse when the stimulation is subject to a sensitive zone near the cervix.

Inkjet orgasm (Squirt) is the most powerful orgasm, which can experience a girl. It is characterized by the fact that at the peak of sexual satisfaction, a woman has a liquid of milk-white color from parauretral glands. They are also called skin glands, they are located in the area of ​​the point G. This phenomenon itself is called squirting, or women's ejaculation. However, not all women nature endowed the opportunity to ejaculate.

Well, the most interesting fact is that women can experience not one and not even two orgasms in a row, but much more. Unlike men, they do not have a period of non-recondition after orgasm. An experienced man who properly applied in practice the advice of this article is able to achieve a multi-Russian man in his beloved.

Multi-Russian his beloved

Preparation for sex

The girl is a tender, sensual and impressionable. A man must make a sense of confidence, strength, protection and reliability in it. Then she trusts him and will be ready to surrender. It is important to create a situation that will help the girl fully relax and enjoy the moment.

What must be done when preparing for sex:

  1. Create a romantic atmosphere. Candles, twilight, pleasant music, wine, lightweight and delicious dinner and other pleasant little things will help this. And, of course, a man itself should be clean, tasty smelling and beautifully dressed.
  2. Help the girl to relax as much as possible. Being in a state of stress, nor a man nor a woman will be able to tune in for sex. If the girl is nervous or worries for some reason, she needs to help get rid of stress. The best alcohol is best helped in this, such as a glass of wine. Also well coped with this task a relaxing massage and a warm bath.
  3. Examine female anatomy. The man needs to know where the clitoris is located, from which parts it consists. This will help him understand the mechanics of the process and make his partner as satisfied as possible during sex.

Now that everything is ready, it's time to proceed.


The stronger the girl will be excited, the faster and easier will be easier to bring it to ecstasy. By itself, the mechanical sexual intercourse will not bring her any pleasure. The excitement of a woman begins in the head, in its fantasies and imagination.

It may take 20 minutes to heating. During this time, blood gets to genital and the grease will begin to produce. To excite a girl:

  • Kiss her on the lips;
  • caress and smooth, without removing clothes;
  • slowly tend it and share it yourself;
  • I caress her neck, chest, the inner surface of the hips, buttocks, without lingering for a long time in one place.

The man needs to be sensitive to his partner and track her reactions to their actions. Mark for yourself what she especially likes, and from what it begins to clamp.

The girls of the excitation phase is quite smooth and long-lasting in time. If you start a sexual act, without waiting for maximum readiness, it will be difficult to bring it to orgasm.

Preliminary facilities are needed

When the girl is breaking enough, you can proceed to stimulate the clitoris. It is necessary to do it very carefully and gently. It is best to use a special gel, especially if the natural lubricant is not enough.

The clitoris is a very gentle and extremely sensitive organ. When it is stimulated, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise there will be an overload of nerve endings and the signals will cease to flow into the brain. Then you have to pause.

Since each woman has all individuals and universal equipment to stimulate the clitoris, I advise men to do the following.

  1. Ask partner, what movements she likes the most.
  2. Allow the most stimulate the clit as it likes. A man at that time holds his hand over her.
  3. Listen to the feelings of a partner. Student breathing, moans, rhythmic movements towards a man are signs that everything goes as it should.

Sexual act

Achieve clituinal orgasm Woman may in 15 minutes. Therefore, depending on the shutter speed of a man, I propose 2 options for the development of events:

  1. To bring your choices to orgasm, stimulating the clitoris with his hands or orally, masterfully by performing a cunnilingus. And then to have sex with her and you yourself have fun. Or vice versa. It is better not to try to achieve orgasm at the same time - this is depriving the pleasure of observing the ecstasy of the partner. In addition, to obtain an orgasm, it is necessary to focus on their feelings, and not on the sensations of the girl.
  2. To do with a girl love, but choosing such poses in which it is convenient to continue the stimulation of the clitoris or other erogenous zones.

If you have chosen option number 2, then it is necessary to look at and try the following poses for sex:

  1. Missionary with a technique of a coital alignment. This posture has the highest female orgasm coefficient with vaginal sex alone. The whole secret in the stimulation of the clitoris of the pubic bone. Lobys Men and women should come into contact, and the movements themselves should not be argued, but sliding, as if the bodies rub each other. Of course, such a pose requires practice, but it will justify itself by 100%.
  2. Doggi Style with simultaneous stimulation of anal hole with a finger. Anus due to a large number of nerve endings is a very erogenous zone. Many girls experience incredible excitement from the penetration of the thumb into the anus.
  3. Pose of rider. In this posture, it is convenient to caress your breasts of a woman, the abdomen. Either a woman will be able to take such a position in which the friction of its clitoris about the publisher publisher will occur on the principle of the technique of coital alignment.

As soon as the girl experiences orgasm, it is necessary to stop any manipulation with its clitoris. After discharge, it becomes supersensitive and any touch to this zone will bring discomfort and pain. At this time it is better to switch to the caress of other erogenous zones.

To secure the material I advise you to watch the video.

Men's errors during sex

Often men make the following errors during sex:

  1. A man is not enough time to give foreplay and pre-caress. Let me remind you that the stronger the girl is excited in front of the immediate sexual act, the higher the probability of the occurrence of her orgasm.
  2. A man does not study the body of a partner, not listening to her feelings.
  3. The man does not admire the sexuality of his partner. It also matters for women who love ears.
  4. Some men tighten the sexual intercourse. When it lasts too long, and the long-awaited discharge does not come, the girl begins to cool. It is necessary to follow the reaction of your partner. And if it does not occur with her orgasm, it is worth changing tactics and try other ways to satisfy.

Main mistakes men in bed

How to bring a girl to squirt

Before deciding to such an experiment for the first time, it is necessary to prepare.

  1. Specify from the girl whether it is ready to try this method of stimulation and squirt.
  2. For the process itself, tighten your nails and thoroughly wash your hands, since the stimulation of the point G is carried out with his fingers.
  3. Prepare the lubricant for easy penetration of your fingers into the vagina, as well as a towel or napkins that will take a fluid stream - female ejaculate.
  4. Ask a girl to go to the toilet. The bladder should be empty, because the secretion during squirt is spoiled from the urethra.

Then you need to act on a proven scenario - to create an intimate environment and carefully excited the partner.

Squirt is achieved by stimulating the point G. Let the girl fall on the back and spread his legs wide. A man gently enters into the vagina to a depth of 2-3 cm, lubricated with a lubricant, the index and middle fingers so that the palm is facing up.

In the excited state, the point G resembles a rough tubercle. As soon as a man spares the desired area, you can proceed to stimulation. Lightly bent fingers to make movements up and down. When the inkjet orgasm approaches the girl will have a steady feeling that she wants to the toilet. This means that a man does everything right and to squirt remained quite a little bit. The main thing is to convince the girl not to restrain and fully relax.

Inkjet orgasm is a powerful ecstasy that a man can give his beloved. It breaks through the whole body of the girl and lasts for quite a long time. After such a breathtaking pleasure, the girl will be grateful, devotee and herself wants to deliver bright sexual pleasure to her man.

Useful courses for guys

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There is no complex touch in the technique of touch, you will behave completely naturally, without tension. But amazed the result, I guarantee you.

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Valeria Aginskaya describes the whole twenty techniques of oral excitement of the girl, gives practical advice, calls common mistakes that always allow inexperienced young men, and which are reduced to the entire buzz from intimate proximity to not.

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Another plus course is work on psychological barriers. For example, you have fantasies that you are shy about telling the lover, but really want to "try". Egor will tell how to do it right to and you, and the girl enjoyed.

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And, of course, only sex is devoted to a huge number of lessons: in what positions to deal with how to control orgasm, how to cause a multiple orgasm of a girl and so on.

There are no any restrictions on age. The course is suitable for guys who are doing the first steps in relations, and already mature men who want to feel the same passion in love.

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A few more class training programs can be found in the overall selection of sex courses. I hope to understand something worthwhile for myself.


Any man bye forces to deliver an incredible sexual pleasure with his girlfriend. Theory, I told you, it remains for the practice. And remember that the excitement of the girl begins in the head. From your sensitive attitude towards her and desire to make her nice depends on how fast you will find the way to her orgasm together.

Write in the comments if the article helped you!

Women know how to make a man - the whole Internet is buzzing: an intimate massage, oral caresses, poses from behind and erotic moans ... Alpha males literally bathe in the caress and tenderness of their loved ones.

But how to delve pleasure to the girl, for some reason it is not advertised, and after all, women are much more sensual and romantic in bed. We decided to highlight this question!

Maximum pleasure without preludes is impossible

Women is important not so much a sexual act or penetration itself, as sensual pre-caress. No girl is waiting for a sexual partner in the bedroom of acrobatic tricks, the giant penis sizes and the ability to make continuous frictions all night.

Women are not excited from one type of bare body: they need a sweet long foreplay. The "unprepared" partner for primitive sex will repay the same petty coin.

Light touch

Stroking on the back, light massage movements of the neck and hips, languid sighs and modest kisses right on the ear - beautiful first steps. Women prefer manual caress to all sorts of lickies, so hold out of passionate kisses, and involve hands.

But it is not worth tightening with this stage for too long - a partner can bother.

How to delight Woman: Step-by-step instructions

Massage feet

In China, it is believed that the "female lust point" is located in a feet under the thumb, and to properly deliver the girl with pleasure, it is necessary to pay attention to this place before every act of love.

It is not worth putting too much - the point is sensitive. But under the pretext of the massage of the feet, you can neatly and tightly press "female dressiness", applying force, as for pressing the doorbell.

Playing with hair

Throughout the body of a person there are small hairs whose roots affect the nerve endings. Easy, as if by air, spending a hand on the skin, can be excited by a girl. Especially sensitive hands, neck and face.

The main thing is to accidentally not bring it to tickle - the laughter will destroy romantic entourage.

Low voice

In Stanford University, conducted a study where it turned out that the most attractive for women is low, as if hatched, voice.

If a man switches to a quiet, calm tone during preludes and sex and starts to whisper in the Ushko erotic compliments - even physical caress will be excited by a girl stronger.

How to delight Woman: Step-by-step instructions

How to deliver a woman's pleasure in bed?

In addition to sweet preludes and a suitable romantic atmosphere, there are some more secrets that you should know.

Take into account the differences in erogenous zones

Some women excites the bumping of the nipples and the uraces of the ear, others - the kisses of the fingers of the hands and the kneading of the lower back. Experiment - look for, in what zones the body responds: breathing is ready, the moans are amplified, and the back slightly strifting forward.

On the other hand, you can find out directly from the girl: what movements and touch it would be now pleasant, there is nothing shameful.

Explore your favorite carefully and with interest - so it will feel a good attitude towards your body and get more chances to experience orgasm!

Change not only poses, but also places

Many men know - from time to time you need to change the pose. But why not transfer sexual intercourse beyond the bed? Try to make love in different places in the house: on the kitchen table, in the hall of the hallway, on the washing machine, on the windowsill, in the bathroom.

Try sex standing: pressing a woman to the wall and tightly clasped his hands. Just first make sure that now it is in the mood to play rape.

Show pleasure

Not only men excite moans and languid sighs. Women also want to receive feedback. If during sex a man quieter herbs, the question arises: "Does he like it? Or does he have sex with me for a tick? " And such thoughts do not lead to good or to orgasm.

Be rhythmic

Female priorities in sex differ slightly from men: the main thing is not speed, but rhythm. Slow long movements in one pace will give the girl more pleasure than a random race and the desire to quickly cum.

How to delight Woman: Step-by-step instructions

Try sex toys

Dildos and masturbators cannot make a worthy competition with a man, but they will bring something new to sexual act, nice to both partners. Start with lubrication with taste, vibrators for couples or anal tube, depending on the preferences of a woman.

Go together into sex shop, choose a toy that excites. Suddenly she will like his whip, rope and gag in mouth? 😉

And finally ...

Question: How to give pleasure to a woman? ", - really not easy. It should be recognized that there is no universal way to deliver orgasm Girl. So that she felt the peak pleasure, explore her body, feel the "responses" sites on kisses and touch.

Remember - the woman's orgasm is rather psychological than physical, as pleasure in fantasies, tom tunes and sweet waiting begins.

Features of perception of sex girlsDuring intimate proximity, both partners seek not only to get pleasure, but also to give it to their half. However, not every man knows how to deliver the woman the maximum pleasure during sex, because it is not always clear what she thinks about. Knowing some female features and relying on a number of techniques, guys can achieve unforgettable sensations and harmony during proximity to their partner.

Features of perception of sex girls

Many women love sex, while considering it a manifestation of true feelings. However, the features of perception and expression of sexuality are not manifested as in men. Female excitement does not occur instantly, the body reacts slower due to hormonal differences in the floors. This is due to testosterone responsible for physical attraction. In the female body, it is smaller, therefore the response in comparison with male is slow.

Memory and imagination

The natural accelerator of female excitement is fantasies and memories, so the question of how at the beginning of the relationship to give the girl pleasure, does not arise. She constantly thinks about a new partner, it is easily excited, demonstrating an increased sexual desire.

To remain a catalyst for her passion, a man needs to be entrenched in women's dreams and fantasies.

Unstable reactions

The female desire can abyss because of various factors: fatigue, physiological difficulties, soreness or resentment on a partner. Often, women are psychologically ready for intimate intimacy, but do not feel the excitement at this moment, so it needs to awaken. In some cases, the achievement of the highest lifting point can take up to 30 minutes.

The difference in approaches

If a man expects a lot of sex from stable relationships, then the girl expects a romance that he perceives as proof of the partner's interest. The female harmony in the intimate sphere directly depends on the emotional comfort, which a man can demonstrate with the help of seduction and a romantic approach.

Also, the male floor is worth considering that sex for women is only part of a love relationship, so it does not always turn out to be a source of heat in them.

What sex prefer women

There is a stereotypical opinion that women prefer male domination in bed. In fact, girls expect various actions from their partner during proximity, it all depends on the psychotype.

What sex prefer women

To know how to please your favorite, you need to proceed from its psychological features and preferences.


Deliver unforgettable pleasure to your partner can unhurried and gentle sex. Such proximity prefers women with a passive-subordinate type of sexually psychological behavior. They expect from the partner of creating a romantic atmosphere, gentle caress for the music, whispering of warm words on the eye.

If the partner belongs to the psychotic "woman-daughter", she is pleasant to feel weak and defenseless in the arms of a strong and experienced man.


To enjoy the bed from fast sex can any girl, but provided that it is quite excited. However, most often the relevance of the fast sexual intercourse is due to the spontaneity of the situation or the choice of space for the Socia. In this case, the possibility of obtaining pleasure is dictated by circumstances, on which the degree of initiation, the severity of sensations and completeness of sexual experiences is dependent.

If we talk about speed, the normal duration of intimate proximity is about two minutes. Therefore, it can be safely argued that in most cases humanity is engaged in rapid sex.


The tendency to masochism and some cruelty is manifested at the subordinate female type, when the manifestation of power and superiority of actions is expected from the man.

Rough sex also likes to women with a dominant aggressive type, but in this case, in order to delight, a man should act as a victim. Intimate can be bold, tough, accompanied by some cruelty, but on the part of the partner.

Indirect factors affecting the quality of sex

Despite the delimitation of sexually psychological behavior by the type of personality, there are practically no people who would correspond to a certain model in its pure form. Full compliance with conditional type is already a problem. Depending on the situation, the same people adopt the forms of behavior characteristic of other types, periodically seek to change the type of sexual relations. Female pleasure depends on various factors affecting the quality of sexual intercourse.

Factors affecting the quality of sex


The situation chosen for intimate proximity should be relaxing, because to get the maximum pleasure in bed will allow the correct mood. To create the necessary atmosphere, you need to remove distracting factors, focusing on attributes.

If you are a romantic, then you need to use twilight, pleasant quiet music, aromatic candles, sparkling wine and dessert. When you want to diversify the sexual relationship role-playing games, prepare the costumes that correspond to them affiliates and scenery.

Exterior guy

The aesthetic component is important, since a woman is enjoying a pleasure with a man who pays attention to his appearance. Lovely semi likes to look at the male body, touch it, as well as sense its natural smell, so personal hygiene should not be in the last place. In addition, hygienic standards allow hair length in the groin area of ​​not more than five centimeters. Tripped hair on the pubis visually make sex dick longer, which not only adds masculinity, but also simplifies the girl the occupation of oral caresses.

Tender words and voice timbre

It is important for a woman to know that a man is good with her. She wants to feel beloved and desirable. She needs to hear gentle words, compliments in their address to feel attractive.

Low partner's voice is most attractive for any woman. Having lowered the voice or adding hoarseers in the process of seduction, you can strengthen the degree of your attractiveness for the girl.

Stress and anxiety

Often, the lack of a natural reaction of the female body on the causticing of a man is associated with transferred stresses, physiological problems or anxiety caused by the negative perception of their own figure. These factors are interconnected, since concerns during sex are generated by the conviction that the partner for any reason does not like to make love.

To reduce the degree of anxiety during intercourse, a man needs to show more attention to the partner. The most common cause of such stress becomes a loss of interest in proximity, as well as insufficient time to achieve orgasm.

Confidence in the actions of a man

To fully relax, get pleasure during sex, girls need comfort, confidence in their partner. Trust matters not only in relationships, but also in the intimate life of the pair.

Confidence in the actions of a man

In addition to the possibility of expressing their feelings, confidence in the actions of your beloved person becomes a way to receive pleasure.

Why need a prelude

Sexologists concluded that the prelude should be on average from 15 to 60 minutes. This is explained simply: girls are excited slower. Men are enough two or three minutes for preliminary affairs. However, many of them are ready to "suffer" for some time until the partner prepares for sexual contact.

Long preludes are more important to girls aged 20-30 years. You can divide this stage into two parts, because you can enjoy the girl to help various preliminary caresses in their duration and intensity. At the same time, most of the time should be given to caresses above the waist, and the rest of the time to pay more sensitive erogenous zones. The inguinal region and the clitoris must be stimulated last.

How to post a girl

For this purpose, you can use a number of ways and techniques. The reaction to certain actions will prompt that the girl brings stronger pleasure.

Chatting on the phone and messages intimate

Before an important romantic date, it is necessary to stimulate the interest and the locality of the girl to proximity, as it is possible to make a future meeting at a distance. Sequencing:

  • call in the afternoon;
  • ask than busy beloved;
  • Learn about readiness for the evening meeting;
  • hint that I want to see it in erotic amplua;
  • Talk about what they were missing;
  • With a positive response, describe your prelude to sex;
  • sexually saying about the end of the conversation;
  • After talking to write spicy SMS.

When your favorite comes on a date, it is morally and physically prepared for the continuation of the evening.

Romantic time before sex

Use romance as follows:

  1. Romantic dinner in the restaurant. The interior of the institution must configure the romance: muted and soft light, cozy furniture, beautiful serving, friendly service.
  2. Romance in the bedroom. Arrange the room in warm colors: orange, red or pink color acts exciting. Add Candles, Champagne, Flower Petals, Enable Slow and Pleasant Music.
  3. Romance in bed. Preliminary affairs, love games and relaxing massage.

Romantic holding time

Joint viewing erotic film

To configure the romantic way and relax the lover will help the joint view of the film about love with erotic subtext. Make a nice girl can be prepared for intimacy, it helps an emotional rapprochement.

Viewing this film you need to organize in the situation that has an intim. In addition, at certain points should be touched on the beloved, stroke, kiss in the neck.

Delicate touch and hug

Women have sensitive tactile perception. For them, gentle strokes, light touches. To help the girl learn to enjoy the bed, you need to act leisurely:

  • Initially, light touch of hand;
  • tender strokes of palms, fingers;
  • then light hugs;
  • During the hugs, hold for her beloved for the waist, gently stroking her back;
  • Then you can go to the stroke of the back of the neck, ears, cheeks.

Accompanying his actions in gentle kisses, you can get the girl to experience pleasant sensations of tenderness and warmth.


Having excited her with his hands, you need to not forget about kisses. Do not hurry, as it can make a repulsive effect. You can kiss not only lips, but also a mustache, my fingers, palm, neck and zone neckline.

You need to start with light kisses, moving smoothly, without sharp movements. The power of a kiss must increase gradually. Do not forget how to pay attention to the rest of the parts of the body.

Light massage

Before massage, you need to take care of a pleasant setting: include quiet music, light aromatic candles. It is also necessary to take care of the girl to be comfortably lying.

In order to give her moments of enjoying with a massage with hand and fingers, you need to remember the sequence of "procedures":

  • start with stroke or massaging stop;
  • gradually move above;
  • massaging movements along the spine;
  • Light stroking hands;
  • At the end, pay attention to shovels and neck.

What will help bring the woman to orgasm

To bring it to the peak of pleasure will help techniques that stimulate and support women's arousal will help.

Bring to a woman to orgasm

Words and phrases

Maximum pleasure during sex helps to get certain words or phrases that bear the meaning for a woman. For example, calling the beloved in bed by name, a man makes it feel special.

Speak the words of love can be different. During Intim, you need to say that you love some part of the girl's body, it awakens a desire. Some women are excited from vulgarities or dirty curses in bed.

Stimulation of erogenous zones

Driving on erogenous zones and watching the reaction of the partner, a man assesses her reaction to caress. Influencing sensitive parts of the body need not only with their hands, but also by the language.

Lungs, and then persistent touch to sensitive zones will help bring the elect to orgasm. The most susceptible erogenous zones bringing the most vivid impressions, pleasure and pleasure for the female body are breasts, nipples, buttocks, the inner part of the thighs, the vagina and the clitoris.

Change Pos

Get pleasure during sexual intercourse with a man woman helps change positions. Poses that are more like ladies depend not only on the psychological type of personality, but also from physiological factors. Change of position when monitoring the intensity of stimulation excites girls, helping to achieve orgasm.

Desire to satisfy a woman

It is important to tune in to it, and give it to feel sincerely desire. If a man shows perseverance, attention, the desire to deliver the favorite pleasure, it will certainly reach the climax. The desire for men to satisfy the partner is an important part in the achievement of orgasm.

Little tricks

Simple secrets will help bring it to the peak of bliss:

  1. Long preludes.
  2. Simulation of erogenous zones.
  3. Atmosphere and mood.
  4. Change poses and seats for sex.
  5. Tender words, kisses, hugs.
  6. The rhythm of movements during proximity.

Using small tricks and female weaknesses, you can achieve complete sexual satisfaction.

To satisfy a woman, you need to take into account her interests, desires, preferences. Socia will lead to a saturated and stormy orgasm, will contribute to deep discharge, if a man pays enough attention to the prelude.

A man should know how to deliver the woman to the maximum and indescribable pleasure. During sex, partners seek to achieve orgasm. The guys are simple. Girls harder. The main thing that needs to be learned is to listen to the lover. She hints at what she likes. It is worth learn to listen.

The needs of women

Female pleasure is different from male. Guys strive to make a business quickly and lie on the side. The ladies are not enough. To give a lover unforgettable sex, it is worth remembering about a number of things:

  1. Prelude is an integral part of the proximity. Girls are getting longer due to the features of female physiology. They do not have enough to look at the beloved and "proceeding with the case." They need preliminary affairs. Body strokes, tender kisses, erotic massage - all this helps in the process. To excite, the woman will need 5-10 minutes. Only after the "introductory games" should be resorted to active actions.
  2. Pleasure in sex Girl gets constantly. It enjoys the process, so it is impossible to hurry. Everything must be slow and gradually. Only so you can give an unforgettable feeling of your beloved.
  3. Women like to look at the male body, so it is no coincidence in the moments of ecstasy they are dug in the back. Male should take care of physical condition. No need to be Apollo, just not to look like a falsefield.

The guy should not be an egoist and think about how to enjoy yourself. For this, there are other solo procedures.

Erogenic Women's Body Areas

There are no universal secrets how to deliver a beautiful woman to the maximum and unforgettable pleasure. Each lady is individual. All their preferences that should be periodically discussed. Talk to intimate topics are able to become part of the foreplay.

Some places of the female body are sensitive. Such knowledge will allow you to understand how to deliver the girl pleasure in sex.

Starting sexual intercourse with kisses. Lips and language are important erogenous zones. Ladies get an incredible pleasure from sweet contacts with lips.

On the neck of the nerve endings than to use. It must be touched and kissing. It strongly turns representatives of the fine sex.

Elbow bends are also considered sensitive. They can be touched even in public places to please the beloved.

Girls adore kisses in the ears

Some girls adore kisses in the ears. There are also many nerves capable of starting.

Foot massage will become an excellent prelude. The feet are constantly tense. A tender male touch will help to get rid of nervous excitement.

The most important points of intimate intimacy should be:

  1. Chest and nipples. It is not necessary to bypass this sensitive area side. Touching it will be delivered to an unforgettable pleasure of both a girl and a partner.
  2. Buttocks. Some ladies receive real pleasure when they are spanning. However, it is better to know about such preferences in advance in order not to hurt a close person.
  3. Clitoris. This tubercle above the sex lips is very sensitive. It is worth stimulating during proximity if you want to delve pleasure correctly.

Basics of Prelude

The right preliminary caresses are the key to successful sex. From Prelude, a woman receives basic pleasure. Cunnilingus will deliver more pleasure than the inept "Sun-Visel".

Light touch

Guys frequently allow a rough mistake. They immediately begin to peste the object of adoration. Rough appeal causes irritation, not excitement. Proximity should be read from delicate touch.

Women adore when they treat them with trepidation. You need to act with your hands neat. Starting standing with touch hands and knees. Next, you need to proceed to more intimate places. The massage of the breast or the "fifth point" will be excellent onset for Socia.

Massage feet

In the legs, many nerve endings. It is not surprising that in professional salons the cost of processing the feet is high.

No need to make a workshop massage. Delicate touch to feet can already start an attractive girl. The main thing is to exercise concealed gradually and smoothly.

It is better to use special oil. It will relax the lady, which is a good way to deliver a beautiful girl with pleasure.

Hair game

Women like when they are stroking their heads. Welcome a girl easily, touching long hair. This excites the psychological level. Beloved feels like her beloved and protected. She realizes that there is a strong man who burns it from the world troubles.

It is important to follow to do not sharply pull the hair. Similar causing pain like only certain ladies. It is necessary to understand how to delight your chosen. To do this, it is worth listening to the spouse and often talk to her.

Hair game

Low voice

Low vote holders should rejoice. Such men seem strong and confident. Guys with a high voice are associated with women, which repels. A strong sex representative must be alpha male, a real predator.

Ways to delight the pleasure of a woman during sex

The partner must be inventive. Creativity thinking allows you to make a variety of intimate life. Without it, sex turns into a routine. Lesson with love on a regular basis on a planned scenario tires. All because of the human psyche. People rarely cope with the repetition of the same actions. These greatly tires. To deliver the woman the maximum pleasure, you should always remember several rules.

Stimulation of all erogenous zones

A man is usually focused only on the vagina. Everything is enough for it, - to move faster or slower. This is not enough to satisfy the girl.

During proximity, it is worth touching different erogenous zones. Kisses chest, stroking the hips, touching lips - all this affects the level of sexual excitement. Sex should be like a passionate dance, impregnated with love and pheromones.

Change Pos

Understand how to deliver a woman's pleasure, it is not difficult. You can always ask her about what you like.

Social polls show that most girls get tired of identical poses. Proximity often develops one scenario: it starts with all kisses, and ends with a missionary position. Do not limit yourself if you want to give the maximum enjoyment of the partner. There is a whole book with a mass of all kinds of pos. Be sure to try the "rider", "69", "dog style" and other positions. Permanent experiments refresh intimate proximity and inspire a new life in it.

Locations change

Many are limited to making love in bedroom on the bed. Similar taboos do not allow to get full pleasure from sex. It is necessary to remember that proximity is happening everywhere. Popular locations for Socia are shower and bathroom.

Some are engaged in "indispensable" in public places. However, it costs that legislative punishment is provided for such behavior. The main thing is not to come across and enjoy each other.

Enjoy each other

Show pleasure

Often, girls are complex and worried because of their appearance. They often look in the mirror and are unhappy with the spectacle seen. This leads to the fact that sex ceases to bring joy.

The guy is obliged to show the beloved that enjoys sex with her. Brilliant eyes, pleasant words, passionate sighs will lead any girl. To deliver the maximum pleasure to another person, you need to enjoy yourself.

Sense of rhythm

Often partners have sex to music. It sounds as a background. The person automatically begins to feel the rhythm and move in the sounds of sounds. Not rare like sexual experience becomes the most pleasant as possible.

During the penetration, the guy should feel the part of the partner. Sometimes you need to slow down or accelerate. Usually the lady herself says what he wants. It is important not to miss the words by the ears due to the passion for the process.

Do not be afraid to experiment

Sexologists regularly write articles on how to deliver a true pleasure to the girl. Many experts recommend using erotic toys.

Men often refuse to use vibrators. However, these devices are able to give a lady desired, because this is an excellent opportunity to stimulate other beloved bodies.

It is worth useful and lubricant, especially during anal sex. Without it, it is impossible to get pleasure from such a type of proximity.

Secrets of sexual satisfaction

During sex to delight the girl, it is worth remembering the following rules:

  • Prelude should not be too long or short. Each lady needs a certain time to start, so you have to look for a key. The preliminary calamity skill appears over time.
  • The atmosphere plays an important role. It is difficult to think about sex while in an unlocked communal with thin walls. It is best to arrange a real romantic dinner. Candles and pleasant music will make their job and relax the interlocutor.
  • Women love ears. The phrase is banal, but honest. Ladies love when they say compliments. It has a positive effect on self-esteem. During the proximity of the hearing becomes a special erogenous zone, so you can not forget about flattering expressions.

Secrets of sexual satisfaction

  • Breathing matters. Kisses lose attractiveness, if the mouth smells unpleasantly. In addition, the air jet is able to make a lot of woman. It is enough to pour on the nipples after serving to cause an unusual effect.
  • Competently use your teeth. It is not necessary to hardly bother in the chest - it will cause physical pain. When cunnilingus, you can be rigid, since the sensitivity of the germ lip lip.
  • Silk linen can make a lady. It is proven by polls conducted in America. Silk is unusually acting on girls than it is worth using.
  • View pornographic paintings will be a good addition to the foreplay. Many are shy to watch erotic together, but in modern realities everyone enjoys watching movies for adults, so it is better to combine pleasant with a more enjoyable one.

To please your beloved, you should learn how to work with your hands and tongue.

Art Petgett

You need to know how to deliver the girl with your fingers. Peting implies a love without penetration. All you can use is your hands.

Many couples neglect such sexual games, but they should not refuse them. Male hands are able to work wonders.

On the female body mass of erogenous zones. They must be stimulated gradually. Light touches and gentle strokes excite stronger than rudeness and cruelty.

What is cunnilingus

Cunnilingus is oral affection. Using lips, you can make the lady moan. The main thing is to understand in advance how to quickly deliver a beautiful girl with the maximum pleasure of tongue.

Oral affairs will become unforgettable experience. The popular method to make Kuni is the language to bring the letters of the Russian alphabet. The chaotic movement will hook a large number of sensitive zones in sexual lips.

In addition, it is necessary to use your hands. While the language stimulates the clitoris, the palm can stroke the sex lips. Crazy fingers will bring the girl to ecstasy in bed.

Usually, guys do not want to deliver the second half pleasure using oral appliances. Similar arguments are stupid and are often associated with some "social condemnation." According to the prison concepts, "licking a female crotch" is incorrect. However, people do not live in the zone. There are completely different rules. In the manifestation of love for a woman there is nothing immoral.

Ecstasy in bed

Some men refuse cunnilingus, but forced to do blowjob. Such behavior is strongly annoyed by women and causes rejection, therefore it is impossible to turn into a naked egoist.

We should not forget that each lady is unique. All their sexual preferences. Some have pleasure from penetration, others like contact with the clitoris. We'll have to get used to the beloved body for a long time. Over time, it will be possible to give her a paradise pleasure.

Behavior after sex

The pleasure of the read story can spoil the poorly written epilogue. With intimate proximity, everything is the same.

After sex, the lady is especially vulnerable. Hormones make admire the second half. I want to hug and talk about everything in the world. But the guys often turn away and go to bed. Such actions are reduced to no effort in bed. A woman seems to have done something wrong. This generates internal experiences. They gradually accumulate, because of what intimate life ceases to bring pleasure.

To avoid problems, it is worth keeping a love flame. Partners are required to talk and recognize each other closer. It is necessary to achieve a complete understanding and making deficiencies. Be sure to discuss sexual experience in order to improve it. It is impossible to be offended by criticism.

As a result, strong love will survive difficulties. With sex problems will not arise, as it will bring maximum and genuine pleasure. Lovers are able to cope with any vitality.

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