Microdermal - what is it and how is it done?

Recently, such a direction as a microdermal has become popular in cosmetology. What is it? How is it held? How safe is this bodymodification?

What is microdermal?

Microdermal is called a variety of plane piercing for intradermal administration. This operation is carried out exclusively by a cosmetologist or plastic surgeon. The unique technology of piercing introduction allows you to make it almost on any part of the body, ranging from the face and neck, ending with your hands and belly. Very often installed whole compositions consisting of several microdermals.

Blue decoration
Blue decoration
Three ear decorations on the neck
Three ear decorations on the neck
Decoration from behind on the neck
Decoration from behind on the neck

How attached piercing?

Piercing is attached simple enough. With a round scalpel in a sprout (top) epidermal layer, a very thin titanium plate is introduced (its average dimensions usually make up 4x0.2 mm). It has one or more special holes, through which, after some time, the skin begins to grow. The surface part of this record consists of a special rod with a fastening for various decorative jewelry, which can be changed depending on your personal preferences. The main difference of the microdermal from ordinary piercing is that only the decorated part itself can be seen here, and the rod itself can be seen in the piercing, on which all other details are attached. Usually, the microdermal procedure takes no more than 2-3 minutes, is almost painless, since a local anesthetic agent is applied to the skin.

Earrings keeps on a thin plate
Earrings keeps on a thin plate

Skin Care after Procedure

In order for the process of recovery of the skin after microdermal piercing, it has been easier and easily as possible, the following recommendations must be performed:

  • 2-3 hours after the procedure, lubricate the wound with an antiseptic and moisturizing cream;
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight on piercing;
  • Do not use washcloth and aggressive cosmetics;
  • Refund on time from decorative cosmetics in the place of microdermal;
  • 6 months after piercing, visit the cosmetologist's doctor for inspection;
  • When manifesting strong side effects, immediately contact a specialist.
If you care for piercing, then there will be no problems
If you care for piercing, then there will be no problems
surgical steel
surgical steel

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other cosmetic procedure, the microdermal has a number of its own advantages and disadvantages.

The pros of the microdermal can be attributed to:

  • The safety of the plates fastening, by damageing the skin with piercing is almost impossible;
  • the possibility of changing decorative elements;
  • The admissibility of installing the plate is almost on any sector of the skin;
  • Available cost - 1500-2000 rubles.

The unconditional minuses of such a procedure are:

  • Slow skin healing (approximately 6 months - 1 year);
  • The lack of impact of piercing skin at close range from each other (between them should be at least 1-2 cm);
  • ban on the installation of microdermals on fine, sensitive or irritated skin;
  • When removing piercing, there is probably the occurrence of small scars or white traces.
Plate attached safely
Plate attached safely
Decorative elements can be any, they are changed at their discretion
Decorative elements can be any, they are changed at their discretion
The plate can be put on any part of the body.
The plate can be put on any part of the body.

Possible consequences

After the introduction of microdermal piercing, the following side effects may occur:

  • redness, itching, skin irritation;
  • an allergic reaction to anesthetic or the titanium plate itself;
  • swelling at the place of administration;
  • purulent or transparent discharge from the wound;
  • the appearance of a small temperature;
  • Light pain.
In case of improper care, infection may occur, it is dangerous for life
In case of improper care, infection may occur, it is dangerous for life
Fuck the non-professional punctures (it is better to turn to the expert that the puncture is made by the rules and quickly heal)
Fuck the non-professional punctures (it is better to turn to the expert that the puncture is made by the rules and quickly heal)

Main types of microdermal

By area of ​​location

On the neck

Piercing on the neck should be installed with extreme caution, since it is in this area of ​​the skin the most thin and sensitive. Before the procedure is extremely important to consult with a dermatologist. Most often in this area, piercing is located on the back of the neck under the base of the hairproof. The neck is allowed to make several microdermals, for example, built in one line.

on the neck in front
on the neck in front
on the neck of the back
on the neck of the back

On the face

The most common parts of the person who are usually installed by microdermal are: cheekbones, the center of the forehead, cheeks, and the area under the ears. For such a type of piercing, it is recommended to choose the decoration of the smallest diameter itself for simpler care for them, as well as to avoid accidental contact with clothing.

brilliant decoration on face
brilliant decoration on face
Piercing on the face
Piercing on the face

On the hand

To install a microdermal to hands usually use its outer side. Decorations are fixed along the entire length or on the fingers instead of rings and other decorative elements.

Cross on hand
Cross on hand
Decoration on the finger
Decoration on the finger
Piercing on hand
Piercing on hand

By material decorations


Under the gold microdermal, decorative decorations made of natural gold are understood. Moreover, they can be both with precious stones, and without them. Many jewelry stores offer a fairly wide selection of such products.



For silver microdermal, the decorations and the plate itself made from the real silver are used. After all, it is believed that silver has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. But, such details for the microdermal are somewhat more expensive than the usual.

Silver decoration
Silver decoration

Where to make such a piercing?

Microdermal piercing can and should be done exclusively in professional cosmetology clinics or certified beauty salons, in order to avoid serious consequences and the emergence of any health problems. Before writing to the procedure, carefully examine reviews on a particular institution, ask to show the current license and talk about the qualifications of specialists.

Piercing is done under conditions of complete antiseptic processing
Piercing is done under conditions of complete antiseptic processing
Piercing is performed by a professional tool
Piercing is performed by a professional tool
If you wish to make piercing, contact a beautician or beauty salon
If you wish to make piercing, contact a beautician or beauty salon

In this article, you met such a cosmetic procedure as Microdermal, learned about its basic types, advantages and disadvantages, as well as possible side effects. Before deciding to microdermal piercing, be sure to consult a dermatologist.

a source

Recently, the microdermal is considered one of the most sought-after procedures among piercing lovers. It is not surprising, because the puncture looks beautiful and effectively. Therefore, many people dream of making piercing on unusual technology. But before signing up to the procedure, it is worth carefully reading all the intricacies of the process to avoid unforeseen consequences.

What is microdermal

Piercing in the neckline zone

Microdermal is a type of piercing that does not have an outlet To install miniature decorations. Puncture is carried out not through, and deep into the skin .

Many believe that the procedure is quite painful. Actually all otherwise

So how is the piercing attach?

  1. Pierced a dermal layer.
  2. Anchor is inserted, which looks like a flat plate. The length of the microenplant is a maximum of 7 mm.
  3. Earrings are screwed on a thin pin.

Main advantage of microdermal - Universality . Decoration is attached to any part of the body. In addition, if there is no desire to make a puncture, you can buy an earrings on the fishing line. It is a thin translucent thread that is almost imperceptible on the skin. In addition, such a product is much easier to remove if needed than piercing.

What do microdermal make

As a rule, microdermal is made of materials such as:

Piercing on the finger
  1. Surgical steel . It is considered the most hypoallergenic material. Therefore, many masters recommend setting the first piercing from steel. But it is worth noting that in some cases the material causes irritation. It all depends solely on the individual characteristics of the body.
  2. Gold . With such a microdermal need to be careful. In most cases, it causes allergies, which may be needed to change the earrings.
  3. Silver . It looks very beautiful, but in the process of use is oxidized.
  4. Niobium . Is an alternative to steel.

In order not to make a mistake in the choice of decoration, it is recommended to give preference to accessories made from hypoallergenic materials.

The optimal option is titanium . It is best to abandon copies with a large number of decorative elements.

Is it painful to install a microdermal?

Plugs on the neck

According to customer reviews, the soreness of the procedure depends on personal painful rock man. As a rule, the most sensitive zones are considered: neck, fingers, clavicle and region cheek. In any case, the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, so in the process should not feel pain .

In addition, girls are recommended to abandon piercing during menstruation. The fact is that the pain threshold decreases, as a result, the installation of the microderma will be more painful.

In which parts of the body make piercing

This type of piercing is considered The safest and less traumatic than others. Very spectacularly decoration looks on the cheekbones, zone decolte, between the clavicle. It is undesirable to do pierced under clothes Otherwise, the fabric will cling to the earrings, which can lead to injury.

Piercing on the lower back

Also carefully It is recommended to install a microdermal in the next places.

  1. On the face . Girls will have to abandon the use of cosmetics, especially from tonal creams. The fact is that such funds in no case should fall into the place of the puncture. It is also necessary to select miniature decorations. They will facilitate the process of care for piercing.
  2. On lower back . This part of the body will constantly touch the lower linen and clothing.
  3. On the hand . Here we are talking about the brushes and fingers. In these places, a rather high risk of injury.

No less problematic is the earrings installed on the neck of the back. First, the hair will cling to the decoration. Secondly, without helper, it will not be possible to carefully process the wound.

How much is the procedure cost

On my microdermal, like any other procedure, should not try to save

As a rule, the price of the puncture depends on the following nuances:

Piercing on her arms
  • decoration material;
  • the price of anesthesia;
  • the number of consumable material;
  • Type of procedure (we are talking about primary or secondary puncture);
  • The number of pierces on the body.

On average, the procedure is done about In 3-4 thousand rubles. However, often cost increases due to additional nuances.


As the maximum Mustoke yourself From possible injury?

  1. Do not drink alcohol per day before the procedure.
  2. Carry out a flat cheap on a microdermal.
  3. Take an anesthetic after the procedure. An unpleasant sensation should be fully passing in 2-3 days.
  4. Observe the rules of care. To do this, delicate cleaning of the place of puncture should be carried out. Only so microdermal will not bring infection into the skin.

In no case can not Self remove pierced . If there is a need for this, you need to immediately contact a specialist. At the same time, it is best to record the procedure for the master who made the puncture. The only thing that permitted do at home - Check .

So, now everyone knows what a microdermal is and how it looks. This procedure is complex, so it is necessary to prepare correctly.


Among the piercing varieties, the microdermal is considered one of the most painless and aesthetic. A microdermal on the neck or complex piercing on the clavicle looks very impressive. But the piercing produced by this technology is a rather complicated operation, requiring a responsible relationship both by the Master and the Client.


Microdermal - what is it?


The selected decoration is implanted on the neck, on the clavicle or elsewhere at the request of the client.

Microdermal technology is an intracutaneous decoration introduction. Earring for piercing consists of two parts:

  • Anchor - subcutaneous implant with an outer rod for the decorative part;
  • Cheat - upper part with decorative elements. As it is clear from the title, it is screwed to the main part (anchor).

How to choose a suitable decoration?

When choosing decoration for piercing, microdermal is recommended to follow the following rules:

  • The material should be hypoallergenic and secure.
  • The cheating must be flat, preferably with a minimum of decorative elements.
  • The maximum scroll size for the first puncture is up to 4 mm on the body and 3 mm on the face.
Microdermals photo

Difficulty decorations can cling to the skin and injure it. Therefore, for the primary puncture it is better to use the simplest decorations.

The optimal choice for the first piercing is titanium. Silver or gold earrings in the process of use are oxidized and cause skin reactions. Surgical steel is covered with nickel whose connections can get into the wound. Therefore, its use is also not recommended.

It is also unwanted to put high cheats, because the higher the decoration, the easier it is to cling to clothes. If piercing is installed on the neck, then the first cheating must be flat, so as not to cling to the hair.

How does Microdermal hold?

The basis for piercing is an anchor part. It consists of a thin plate with holes - through them as the skin will be grieved. Therefore, anchor is sometimes called implant, and this is true - piercing is implanted into the body.

Microdermal photo

The more time passed from implantation, the stronger the earrings is attached.

On which parts of the body is possible to install microdermals?

It is possible to install a microdermal on almost any part of the body, since this type of piercing is small-acting and safe. Speeciously looks like a decoration on the cheekbone, in the neckline area and in the chest. But the yard comes with the underwear, so it is preferable to install a microdermal over breasts, between the clavicle or directly on the clavicle.

Microdermals on the clavicle

It is not recommended to make such a piercing under the clavies - usually there is a brain of a bra, which runs and injures the place of puncture.

Also caution must be observed if the microdermal is installed:

  • On the face - you will have to abandon the use of tonal creams and the basics for makeup. With the rest of the decorative cosmetics, you should also contact carefully so that it does not get into the wound. For piercing on the face it is better to choose small decorations, as care is easier;
  • On hand, namely - brushes and fingers. There is a high risk of piercing damage;
  • At the lower back - this part of the body is most coming into contact with the edges of clothing and linen.

The neck piercing is also problematic. Here the assistant will need to handle the wound. Piercing on the neck in front looks no less aesthetic, but in care more simple.

How do microdermal do?

Microdermal installation takes no more than five minutes. The phased process looks like this:

  • Disinfected the place of the puncture. Tools also must be sterile;
  • Marking is done, the procolator is coordinated with the client;
  • The top layer of the skin is opened with a special needle. The place of the outbreak is small - no more than 1.5 mm. The operation is carried out exclusively in the skin, so blood should not be;
  • Anchor is introduced into the puncture;
  • Anchor pin is screwed down the selected decoration;
  • Piercing is processed re-and stuck with an antibacterial plaster.
Microdermal price

It is impossible to install a microdermal during the disease - any infection weakens the body, and the survival will be problematic.

Attention! During the day before the puncture, you can not drink alcohol, abuse coffee and tea, take vitamin E. It is also not worth taking medications that reduce blood clotting - aspirin and ibuprofen derivatives.

Is it painful to install microdermals?

The soreness of the procedure depends primarily from the personal painful threshold and the place of puncture. The most sensitive places are the area of ​​cheeky, fingers and necks behind. But, as a rule, piercing is done under local anesthesia.


Affects the painful sensations and phase of the menstrual cycle in women. At the beginning of the cycle, the pain threshold decreases, and the installation of the implant will seem more unpleasant. Therefore, visit the salon is at another time.

Microdermal price Moscow

After anesthesia ceases to act, you can take a pill anesthetic. For two to three days, unpleasant sensations must be fully. According to the reviews of people who have made a microdermal, this procedure can be considered one of the most painless types of piercing. The first time the sense of the foreign object remains, but gradually discomfort passes.

How much puncture heals?

Installing microdermala

The process of healing the subcutaneous implant is sufficiently long. The full impact of the anchor usually takes half a year, or even a year. At the time of healing affect:

  • Compliance with the rules of piercing care - when injuring the prolque region or in case of infection, healing slows down;
  • Implant material - hypoallergenic titanium anchors are implanted faster than steel;
  • Tissue recovery rate - each body has a tissue regeneration takes place at its individual pace.

How much does microdermal cost?

On the piercing of Microdermal, as well as on any medical procedure, should not save. First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of services, and not for the price. Usually the price of the puncture is folded from:

  • the material from which the decoration is made;
  • the cost of anesthetic and other consumables;
  • the type of procedure is primary or repeated puncture;
  • The number of punctures on the body is one, or it is planned to enlist multiple implants.

Microdermal piercing

Important! Making a large amount of implant anchors is not recommended at a time, even if the piercing of a complex form is planned. From this, the burden on the body, including the immune system, increases. Multiple punctures heal slower, and care for them is much more complicated.

How to care for microdermal after the procedure?

Microdermal on the neck

Microdermal requires a responsible attitude towards care after puncture. The first three or five days the place of installation of the anchor must be kept under the plaster by changing it as needed. In addition, it is recommended:

  1. Be sure to wash the place of the puncture of the physically two or three times a day. This is done with a sterile cotton swab. If puncture finger is enough to plunge him for a while in saline;
  2. Rank not need to once again touch, remove the cheek, try to trim the crust, etc. If you need to change the plaster - before that it is necessary to wash your hands with soap;
  3. If suspicion that dirt got into the place of the puncture, it should be disinfected. You do not need to use alcohol-containing disinfection fluids - so wound can be burned. Optimally handling chlorhexidine, miramistine or furaticiline solution;
  4. Do not use healing ointments and creams. They do not accelerate the healing process, but only slow down - the film on the skin is sprinkled by the wreck and prevents it from delaying;
  5. The first month does not visit the baths, saunas, do not sunbathe on the beach. Any thermal impact prevents healing, and sprinkling can provoke an inflammatory process;
  6. Also be sure to reduce the contact of puncture and clothing. Therefore, close clothes, as well as things from coarse wool, do not wear. If the anchor was implanted on the neck, the hair to collect in the tail or braid. If piercing is made in snaps on the back, or another hard-to-reach place, the assistant will necessarily need.

Is it possible to shoot my microdermal?

Alone to remove the anchor of the microdermal can not be in any case. To do this, you need to contact a specialist, it is also desirable, which I installed it. But the cheating of the house can be changed.

Piercing on the neck

Demon decoration need to be done only with clean hands.

Before these hands, the area of ​​piercing and the decoration itself is treated with an antiseptic. The cheating is removed carefully, gently turning so as not to injure the skin.


Below you can visually see what the decoration looks like on different parts of the body.

Microdermals Price

Installing microdermals

Microdermal on the neck photo

Dermals photo

Microdermals piercing

chest piercing

Microdermals on the neck

Micro pierced

Punch on the neck

What is microdermal

Microdermal is one of the piercing varieties, only the puncture is pointing, and not through, as in the standard version. Microdermal is a small decor, which has an anchor at the end, and the upper pin allows you to use different nozzles.

How the procedure is performed

You need to perform the procedure only in proven salons, where you will definitely be confident in the sterility of the master's instrument and his professionalism. Remember that microdermal in any case will leave the scar on the skin.

You can put my microdermal on any part of the body. First, a small cut of the skin is made and a metal anchor is inserted there, which acts as the bottom of the decoration. And the pin itself remains on the surface. The anchor is equipped with special notches that allow the skin to heal faster and firmly will fix it in it.

What should be a microdermal

The masters advise for the first time to use only expensive and high-quality microdermals from surgical titanium. You can also choose surgical stainless steel, which is characterized by good hypoallegenity, niobium, as well as gold. But in the case of gold, allergies may occur.

Caring for microdermal

After the procedure, swelling and redness will appear, bruises rarely arise - bruises. In this case, these phenomena are absolutely normal, and the swelling itself will fall after two weeks. The puncture itself completely heals from 3 to 6 months, where time depends on the type of your skin and the body.

Care after the procedure

  1. After the procedure, the microdermal must be wiped with a physically twice a day, and after warm water. In the first 5 days all the time to close the piercing plaster, and from 5 to 16 day - only for the night.
  2. Never touch the wound with dirty hands or after contact with animals. So you will reduce the risk of infection. If in a friend you still touched or smeared the place of the puncture, then you can process the piercing antiseptic.


Always pay attention to medical certificates that allow salons to produce similar procedures. In such places you can be sure that the risk of infection will be minimal, but still it is worth familiar with the list below.

  • Bacterial infection;
  • Allergy;
  • Rejection of the material;
  • Infection with dangerous infections.

Allergies may occur due to metal, so it is worth carefully picking a decoration. Bacterial infection appears due to improper care of healing wound. Material rejection is possible for each person, depending on individual causes. And of course, infection with dangerous infections that can be listed in the blood of a person when using non-sterile tools.

Microdermal on her face

It can often be noticed on the faces of the girls, which looks pretty beautiful and unusual.

Microdermal on the neck

Most often, the microdermal makes it on the neck. This is the most popular place in girls and guys.

Microdermal in the hollow

Beautiful, simple and gently - this is about the microdermal, which is located in the hollow.

What is microdermal piercing

This type of piercing is also called one-point. The bottom line is that with traditional piercing, the skin for installing the decoration is pierced through - so that the inlet and outlet are obtained to install the decoration. Classic example - earring.

In the microdermal version there is no output hole. The puncture is made not through, but deep into the skin, in the dermal layer. Then the microplant is inserted there - the so-called "anchor", which is a flat plate 6-7 mm long (this is sufficient for reliable fixing). On a thin pin, which remains above the skin surface, wind decoration.

You can enjoy such an implant (it is microdermal) can be almost any part of the body - only a small flat skin area is needed. Popular places for single-point piercing - clavicle, chest, belly, face, fingers.

Please note that after extracting the microdermal in its place will remain a scar.

You can make piercing only in specialized salons that have a license for medical activities.






What microdermals do

This is an important question to which you want to pay attention.

Your first microdermal should be from surgical titanium. This is the most secure hypoallergenic material.

Also microdermals are made of the following materials:

  • Surgical stainless steel . It is also considered hypoallergenic, but the risk of getting skin irritation in this case is slightly higher than with titanium.
  • Niobium . Alternative steel.
  • Gold . It sounds richly, however, with gold piercing it is necessary to be careful, since it is able to provoke an allergic reaction, because of which the microdermal may not take care and will stretch the skin.

How to install microdermals

The procedure takes a couple of minutes. First of all, the master puts on disposable gloves and takes sterile tools. Then processes the antiseptic skin in the place of the puncture. When the moisture dries, the pister will mark the point with a marker where Microdermal will be installed.

Next, in this place, an incision is made a couple of millimeters with a punch - a round scalpel for piercing. In the dermal layer of the skin, the "pockets" in the size of the plate, which will be inserted there.

In the resulting hole, the "Anchor" of the microdermal.

How to install microdermal

Then on the pin "Anchors" wind the decoration you have chosen. After that, the master puts the microdermal to the plaster to protect against dirt and infections.

Is it painful to put a microdermal

As a rule, microdermal is installed under local anesthesia. And even without it, because the procedure lasts long.

Any piercing without anesthesia is unpleasant. However, different people sensations may differ. It depends on the:

  • puncture sites (for example, the skin on the fingers is more sensitive than on the stomach);
  • your individual painful threshold;
  • The experience and skill of the Piercer.

"It hurts, but, as for me, this is the most painless look of piercing," so, for example, a girl who has passed the procedure for installing a microdermal not one.

What decorations are used

The decorations are called cheeks, because they are screwed into the "Anchor" pin of a microdermal.

The cheating must be flat, otherwise it will begin to cling to clothes, and it is attempting: you can accidentally snatch the decoration with the skin. Taking into account this requirement, the shape and design of the cheating can be the most different: disk, decorated with stone or rhinestone, heart, star, cross ...

Microdermal: anchor and cheating
"Anchor" and chewing / ae01.alicdn.com

Come to the choice of the first decoration responsibly. It can not be replaced in that period until the skin with the installed microdermal heals, and the months go to it. Later, when the implant is finally attached, you can change the cheating at least every day. But it is extremely desirable to make this master who installed you piercing.

How to care for microdermal

Get ready to exercise patience. A small edema will appear around the fresh puncture, redness and crust is normal. Lightweight work will last up to two weeks. Fully, the skin injured by one-point piercing, heals for 3-6 months. How quickly it will happen in your case depends on the place of the puncture and observance of a number of hygiene rules.

What to do in the first 2 weeks after installing microdermal

  • Keep it under the plaster of 3-5 days around the clock. Then 9-11 days stick the plaster for the night. It should be changed every time we rinse the puncture.
  • Rinse the piercing physician twice a day. If the microdermal is installed on the finger, it is enough to immerse it into the container with the liquid and hold 3-5 minutes. If the piercing is on the stomach, the clavicle, the face, wet the pure cotton swaths with a clean cotton swab and carefully handle the wreck. In both cases, after completing the procedure, the solution should be washed with clean water.
  • Remove moisture from piercing only a disposable paper towel. This will reduce the risk of infection.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands with soap before touching the wound.
  • If you suspect that dirt got into the puncture, treat it with any liquid antiseptic - hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, aqueous solution of furacin. But it is impossible to constantly use antiseptics - it bothers healing.
  • Try to the microdermal makes cosmetics.

What can not be done with an unemployed piercing (to which less than 3 months)

  • Turn or twist decoration.
  • Allow the microdermal cling to the hair.
  • Wear clothes that fits tightly to the puncture.
  • Swim in the reservoir, pool, walk to the bath or sauna.
  • Sit down the resulting crust.
  • Change decoration or remove it.
  • Touch the piercer with dirty hands.

What complications may be

If the piercing made an experienced master in a licensed salon, observing sanitary and hygienic standards, the risk of complications is minimal. But you still need to know about them.

  • Bacterial infection. If you do not care for the bunch during healing or touch it with dirty hands, you can apply infection. The wound flies, swollen, starts to root, bleed or fed.
  • Allergic reaction. For some types of metals you can be allergic. It can be recognized on redness, noticeable and progressive sequel, itching the skin.
  • Decoration rejection. Sometimes a microdermal does not come true: the inflamed and scarring skin pushes it outwards, causing falling in a few weeks after installation. This is an individual reaction. This can happen even with those people who observed all precautions.
  • Hepatitis or HIV infection. It is extremely rare, but nevertheless possible situation. You can get infected if the wizard uses reusable tools and does not sterilize them or does not make it altogether. Once again we repeat: to reduce the risk, make piercing only in licensed salons.

When you need to see the doctor as soon as possible

Be sure to and do not honey consult a therapist or a dermatologist if:

  • Feel an impassive pain in the puncture area;
  • We notice that the echo around the microdermal has become more pronounced, and the skin is hot;
  • appeared yellow or green discharge from the wound;
  • There was an unpleasant smell;
  • A rash appeared next to the piercing.

Any of these symptoms with a high probability suggests that infection has fallen into the puncture. It threatens blood infection, so run to the doctor.

How to remove microdermal piercing if tired

Sooner or later, the microdermal will fall out himself. This happens for the reason that the skin is restored and slowly pushes an anchor. Someone regeneration goes faster and piercing can fall within six months - a year, someone is slower - and the process will delay up to 3-5 years.

Be prepared for the fact that there will be a fairly deep scar on the site of the microdermala. To get rid of it, most likely, have to contact the surgeon - he will remove the resulting scarsing tissue and impose seam.

If you want to get rid of microdermal before, contact the master who installed it to you, or to a surgeon. In no case, do not attempt to extract piercing yourself - it is fraught with infection of the wound.

The master or surgeon with the help of a scalpel will make an "anchor" from the dermis on the skin and tongs. Then it turns the hole in the skin and puts on it the seam to make the scar as imperceptible as possible.


Young girls, as well as many women go to sufficiently risky procedures to be beautiful. They are ready even for puncturing in different parts of the body to look fashionable. Comparatively recently, such a direction appeared in cosmetology, which is called a microdermal.

What is this procedure?

This name received a type of plane piercing. A similar procedure must be carried out exclusively by a plastic surgeon or a specialist cosmetologist. This piercing technique is unique and allows you to make it almost on any part of the body. Most often can be seen on face and neck. Often, girls and women go immediately to create a whole composition, which includes several microdermals.

Fastening special piercing

The main difference between the microdermal from ordinary piercing is that no one will see the decoration fastening. The procedure for such a piercing involves cutting the upper epidermal layer into which the thin plate from titanium is introduced. The size of such a plate is in most cases 4 by 0.2 mm. In the plate itself there are several holes for skin germination. The surface part of the plate has a rod, on which decorative elements are already fixed outside. From time to time, if desired, such decorative elements can be changed. Microdermal is a fairly fast and light procedure, which takes only a few minutes by time. So that the clients do not feel any painful sensations, the leather is covered with anesthetic local means.

Mandatory care

The installation of microdermals is associated with skin damage, which after such a procedure will have to restore. There are certain recommendations of specialists who help substantially speed up in this process. Already a few hours after the procedure, it is important to process the wreck first by the antiseptic, and then the moisturizing cream. During healing it is undesirable to fall straight sun rays on the piercing. During washing will have to abandon the use of the washcloth, as well as from aggressive cosmetics. Before the skin is restored, it does not follow the place of microdermal to apply decorative cosmetics. The healing procedure is sufficiently long, can take from six months to one year. After 6 months, a beautician or the doctor should be visited, who conducted the procedure for such piercing. If during the healing there will be any problems, side effects, it is not necessary to wait and independently try to eliminate the trouble, you need to seem likely to seem as soon as possible.

Place Installation

Masters can easily install microdermals on hand. This decoration can be installed on the finger instead of decorative decoration, along the entire length of the hand, usually on the outside.

Microdermals are often installed on the neck, but in this area, the skin is sensitive and thin, and therefore the procedure should be carried out as carefully. Even before starting, it is desirable to take advice from a dermatologist's doctor.

Often, modern fashionmented microdermals can be seen on his face. Most often, such a piercing is established in areas under the ears, the central frontal zone, in the cheeks and cheeks. As a decorative element, a small decoration is used, since it is easier to watch it, and it does not cling to clothes, that is, the healing process is not disturbed.

The advantages of microdermal

This procedure has its own advantages. The advantages of such a type of piercing can be attributed to the safe mount of the plate, which cannot be clamped. A large plus of such a piercing is that its owner at any time can easily change decorative elements. You can make such a piercing on almost any skin area. In addition, the procedure is such and refers to the number of inexpensive.

Disadvantages of this piercing

As in any cosmetic procedure, Microdermal has its drawbacks. The main one is the continuous procedure for healing the skin after such an intervention with the introduction of a foreign body. Regardless of the desire of the client, the wizard will not be able to install piercing elements next to each other. The maximum close range of elements is 1-2 centimeters. Girls and women who have irritated, sensitive and thin skin will have to abandon such a venture, since no master will take on the installation of microdermals on it. If a desire to remove the piercing occurs in time, it is necessary to be ready for the fact that white traces or even small scars will remain on the body.

Negative consequences after the procedure

In most cases, the installation of such piercing does not arise problems, but some side effects are possible. These include: skin irritation, redness and itching. In some of the weak floor representatives, allergic reactions may occur, both on the antiseptic used by the master and on the installed plate of titanium. At the place of introduction, some time may remain swelling, light pain occurring, the low temperature appears. Comparable discrepancies include transparent discrepancies, and perhaps even purulent discharges.

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Experienced pisters have long been in the subject and do not know what a microdermal, one of the most unusual types of piercing. This relatively new technology is firmly conquered the positions and many newcomers are increasingly interested in what a microdermal is, whether we make it, how much it costs, how to look and how to care for him.

What is microdermal, technology.

In essence, the microdermal is an implant. Little plate (anchor), installed under the skin, in which there is a thread for winding special decorations. It looks very spectacular. This is a relatively simple type of operation, but when it is installed and healing has its own nuances.

What a microdermal looks like

Installation occurs as follows. On the skin is made a small incision, not more than 2mm. Then the special metallic anchor (the base of the decoration) is implanted in an incision (the base of the decoration) as a result of a pin, designed to install replaceable cheating. Anchor has serifs so that when healing, the fabric is firmly buried it and passed through special grooves. This ensures the strength and safety of fastening.

Thus, a carving appears in the skin where you can insert various decorations. An interesting point is that from several microdermals, you can create patterns.

Patterns from microdermals

You can install such implants almost anywhere, the most frequent is the neck. Such a piercing prefers girls, they like the effect created by a microdermal. It really looks unusual.

The decoration is located in a rather standard location, but the chains on which it is usually hanging, no! In the injecting people, it causes live interest and you are in the center of attention - the effect is achieved 🙂


Installation of microdermala - simple surgical operation. An experienced master to cope quickly and painlessly.

It is important that the master would be well versed in the nuances of the installation of this type of piercing, as well as used only titanium anchors! The fact is that the microdermal is not an ordinary piercing (hole) and the implant, which still needs a connecting cloth. Therefore, it is a principal to use it, since it does not cause an allergic reaction and will not be rejected by the immune system. What significantly increases the likelihood of successful healing.

Microdermal G23 Titan

The most good titanium anchors are the ASTM F-136 series, more or less G23, and we do not recommend using G-5. A good Piercing master, cares about the health of customers, values ​​reputation, and will not save on such things as high-quality anchors!


Despite the observance of all the rules of the microdermal installation, it is not possible to give a 100% guarantee of successful adheated! It is necessary to take into account the complexity of this process, it is impaired that only competent care and careful attitude to the new

My microdermala will be a key to successful healing.

Correct care

Let's wonder how the healing process occurs. After the procedure, the wound appeared and it begins to heal. It has a metal plate with special holes. All this begins to overcome a scar cloth, which should pass through these holes. It takes time. The growth of tissues goes on average about one and a half weeks. After this period, redness, pain and other discomfort should disappear.

But. The absence of pain does not mean that the process is completed! New skin should be increasing from the inside and change its structure. This requires about four - six months! And all this happens imperceptibly without pain. Yes, it looks good, but the process is still coming! During this period, it is very important to show prudence and continue carefully to decorate!

What can happen if, without waiting for a complete healing of fabrics to start pulling, pulling, touching, twist your microdermal. And nothing good. The following may occur: as a result of mechanical damage, new skin, each time is injured from the inside. And another phase of the growth of scar tissue begins. The more such micro injuries will be applied, the more the scar will grow, and the most insidious thing is that this increasing from the inside the connecting tissue can squeeze an anchor!

Now you understand the importance of the careful relationship and the correct care for my microdermal during the healing period. The process will pass quickly and without problems if you follow the following Recommendations for care :

  • For the first few months, the use of narcuts only in the form of a disk or disk with a pebble.
  • In the first days, it is necessary to clarify the implant with a plaster.
  • In the first two weeks it is necessary to put the plaster over the night.
  • Wash antiseptic healing anchor 3 times day for 10 days.
  • If a microdermal is about something third (brain of a bra or backpack, belt or some kind of tight clothing), then you need to stick it with its plaster within 6 months!
  • Not - twist, pull, turn out!
  • Do not change the cheating in the first months and do not wear ornaments that are easily cling, within 6 months.
  • Make piercing only in the best salons!
  • More detailed bunch care tips See on this page care for piercing

Strictly observing these uncomplicated rules. You significantly reduce the likelihood of unsuccessful healing. And you will have in the distance firmly sitting, you can say native microdermals. About which you can forget and be sure that the decoration can withstand significant loads without causing pain and inconvenience.

I hope I didn't get enough of you in fact, when complying with all the rules of installation and care, you almost always get a successfully implanted microdermal, which you can screw any nozzles and surprise familiar with an unusual, beautiful decoration.

Where to do and how much costs

Of course I would recommend the salon - Tattoografika. Because I know for sure that the level of service is at the highest level. They comply with all the rules for the piercing installation, carefully refer to cleanliness and hygiene. All equipment is sterilized daily. The implants themselves are also sterilized and stored in a special vacuum packaging. The masters each time use new gloves, and the room is removed daily, processed with a diz solution and a quarterly adhesive lamp.

How to make microdermalsPunch-master Kirill Romanov, is engaged in this case not one year, his hands are accurate and fast. The accumulated experience allows you to lifting quickly and painlessly. After the completion of the procedure, you will explain in detail how to properly care for my microdermal and will always be ready to help, in the case of an abnormal situation.

Feedback from our client:

Making Microdelmals of any complexity in the walls of the best tattoo studio in Nizhny Novgorod Tattoografika, you can relax and do not worry about the result. It is better to focus on choosing jewelry and enjoy communication with cool people!


The cost of the procedure can be found on this page.

Make a piercing in Nizhny Novgorod

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