How to remove chewing gum from clothes at home, if she has already entered

Chewing gum is a culinary product that allows you to return the breath of freshness. However, far from all seeking to convey the gum used to the garbage bucket, throwing it under the feet, or worse - attaching to the benches, tables and chairs. It is sometimes very difficult to get rid of the frozen gum sometimes. There are several tips on how to remove the chewing with clothes without extra effort and damage to the fabric. Chewing gum on clothes

How to remove the cheer with liquid soap

This method is suitable only for fresh chewing fabric surfaces. The solar and dry gum cannot be removed using liquid soap. When detecting a chewing clothes on clothing follows:

  • Apply a liquid soap or dishwashing equipment on a gum;
  • Gently launched the soap composition in the gum using an old toothbrush;
  • Remove the residue to remove the knife, trying not to damage the fabric.

This method will help to remove a trace from the gum. After, the thing should be wrapped in a typewriter or manually. To enhance the effect, liquid soap or dishwashing agents can be added to the powder.

Cold cleaning methods from sticking cheese

Frost chewing gumThe best results gives removal of gum from clothes after a long cooling. Before removing the ride from the clothes, you can put it in the freezer or freeze the stain with ice cubes.

In the first case, the evaporated thing is gently folded, avoiding the sticking of the chewing to other sections of the fabric. Then the thing is pack and put into the freezer. To obtain a sustainable result, it is enough to leave the product in the cold for several hours. Then the thing is getting, and the frozen chewing gum believes with a knife. To remove residues, it is resorted to the use of liquid soap, a household soap or a stain pressure.

Note! This method of combating pollution is perfect for cleansing thin and delicate tissues. Thus, you can return the purity of silk, chiffon, guipure. Complete the procedure follows gentle by hand washing.

It is much more difficult about the situation with major things. Spain jackets, blankets or upholstered furniture "freeze" spot - ice cubes. The main rule is to act as quickly as possible. A cube of ice is put on the adhesive gum and flow a few minutes. Do not wait until the ice melts. As soon as the chewing will freeze, it is neatly removed from the product and carefully cleaned the trail. This method is a real find for the owners of a fur coats from natural fur, woolen coat, coat. It allows you to rejuvenate a gum even with such complex materials.

Removal of gum pharmacy alcohol

Dissolve chewing gum on clothing allows the use of ordinary pharmacy alcohol. This budget tool is almost every home. Alcohol easily copes with the chemical and white sticky trail. How to clean the cheer with pharmacy alcohol:

  • The liquid is applied to the place of contamination itself;
  • additionally wet the section around the gum;
  • Leave 15-30 minutes;
  • The softened gum remove a blunt knife.

If necessary, applying alcohol can be repeated several times. For most tissues, liquid is harmless. In addition, the use of alcohol allows you to quickly remove the unpleasant odor from the clothes. It is allowed to use transparent alcoholic beverages. In particular, remove the gum allows the use of conventional vodka. Using alcohol against chewing

It should be borne in mind that the use of alcohol for thin synthetic tissues in some cases is undesirable. Also, the fluid is capable of negatively reflected on the brightness of the color of clothing. Before use to remove a stain, a test for durability of paint and fibers on the back of the product should be tested.

We use gasoline

Another way to fly away the hated gum from the thing is to use gasoline. This combustible liquid is an aggressive solvent that is capable of destroying the structure of chewing in minutes. Gasoline is not used to purify silk and other delicate tissues. It should not be used to remove stains with black or color things. If laundering the cheese is solved by gasoline, then it is worth checking the staining of the product in advance. How to remove chewing gum from gasoline:

  • Apply liquid to the gum itself;
  • Mix the fabric around pollution;
  • Wait 15-20 minutes;
  • carefully remove a gum from the fabric;
  • Re-wipe the sticky track of a cotton disk, moistened in gasoline. Using gasoline

After all manipulations, clothing must be wrapped in a typewriter or hands according to the instructions on the label. It is strictly forbidden to postpone the washing - the prolonged effect of frying fluid can cause damage to the product.

Will Scotch help

If the gum just added to the surface of the clothes and did not have time to penetrate deep into the fibers, then it can be tried to take it off with ordinary adhesive tape. This method is very hygienic - it eliminates the need to touch the chewing with his hands. In order to tear off the chewing, follows:

  • cut off a piece of scotch capable of completely covering pollution;
  • Gently glue a ribbon on the gum, avoiding indulgence;
  • With a sharp movement to remove the scotch along with the chewing.

Sticky trace can be treated with any solvent. For example, acetone, liquid for removing varnish or white-spirited.

How to remove a boiling jeans

If all the tips on how to rain the chewing from the clothes were tried, but did not give results, you should consider "heavy artillery". Boil is suitable only for natural fabrics: cotton, denim, flax. Do not resort to the technique, if the thing is made of delicate tissues or color material. No boiling for synthetics and wool products. Removal of chewing and hot water: Removal boiling water

  • The product is completely or partially immersed in boiling water;
  • boiling 5-10 minutes;
  • Then remove clothing and remove the rubber band with a blunt knife.

It is important to remove the chewing from clothes to a complete cooling - otherwise the entire meaning of the procedure will be lost. Achieve success allows the removal of gum from denim directly in hot water, after it cools up to the temperature of the temperature.

Using steam and vegetable oils

For large things you can use ordinary pairs. This method is significantly humane refers to the fibers and color of the fabric, and therefore suitable for furniture upholstery, natural and artificial fur coats, silk and wool. To achieve the result, you need to boil the teapot with a thin spout. Then:

  • spoiled with chewing clothes are placed directly above the nap of the kettle;
  • wait until the gum softening;
  • Gently consider pollution, without removing the kettle.

Mitigate contamination allows any vegetable oil. Sunflower, and olive, and coconut are suitable. Oil must be applied on the cheese and leave for 30-60 minutes. When the rubber band becomes soft, it can be easily selected. You can also use oils to delete the trace. They wet the old toothbrush, and then carefully remove a white sticky layer. Then the processed thing is immediately erased in warm water. Oils against chewing

Heating iron

Among the hot ways to get rid of sticky pollution on things, it is worth noting the use of an iron. The technique allows you to remove even old and dry gum. It is suitable for any fabrics that are permissible to iron at high temperatures. For tissue cleansing:

  • A thin sheet of paper, a napkin or toilet paper at home on a chewing;
  • Iron heated;
  • Carefully stroke the chewing through the paper surface.

The procedure repeat as many times as you need. It should be borne in mind that to remove fresh gum can be enough and low temperatures. It is only high-temperature modes to get rid of the soased sticking gum. After the gum softened and starred, the thing should be wrapped. The sticky layer is removed with a brush or solvent.

Hot vinegar

Vinegar is widely used in conservation, but also perfectly copes with pollution. It should certainly keep in the personal "Arsenal" to combat complex stains. In the teeth he and chewing gum. However, some nuances worth knowing some nuances to remove stains from things. In particular:

  1. Before use, vinegar should be heated. The liquid is poured into a cup, and then put for 10-15 seconds in the microwave oven. Vinegar
  2. You should act quickly. Cleaning the spot is important until the vinegar is still hot. It is placed in it a small brush or a piece of dense fabric, and then the fading plot.
  3. The procedure is repeated until there is a trace from the stain.

The advantage of vinegar is its beneficial effect on the whiteness of the product, the ability to get rid of the unpleasant odor. In addition, vinegar suits almost all tissues.

The longer the gum will be on the surface of the clothes, the less chances to get rid of it and not damage the structure of the fabric. It is necessary to immediately fly the chewing gum from the product using proven methods.

Chewing gum is very popular. It helps to refresh their breath, remove the residues of food from the oral cavity, while, unlike the toothpaste and the rinse, you can take it with you, use anywhere: on the street, in a cafe, park, public transport. However, it is precisely there often not very educated people leave her - stick to the seats, under the tables. If you have become a victim of hooligans or accidentally dropped a rubber band on your favorite trousers, you need to know how to save things, because they are not necessary to immediately send to the trash can. It is possible to remove the gum from the clothes even at home, if you make a little effort and use folk or professional methods.

General recommendations

If you sat down on the chewing, you should not immediately throw pants or spend dry cleaning. It is possible to remove the adhesive gum in different ways, but there are general rules.

Gum on jeans

That's what you need to do if the chewing fell on clothes:

  1. The main thing is not to postpone the deletion, it will be much more difficult to do this in a few days.
  2. You should not consider the chewing items with sharp objects: scissors, nails, because it will not eliminate the problem, but only aggravate it: the stain will become more, it will be much more complicated. In addition, the mechanical method can damage delicate fabrics.
  3. Before the procedure, it is necessary to consider the type of fabric to which the chewing fell. This will help choose the most suitable methods.
  4. Colored things can not be treated with alcohols, solvents, acetone, hot air, boiling water, otherwise clothes can polish.
  5. After cleansing the main pollution, the thing should be wrapped. You can do this in a washing machine and manually. However, you should not erase your clothes, it will not bring the desired effect, but will spoil both the technique and the thing.
  6. If the material is very delicate, and the product is expensive, it is better not to save, but to entrust the victim to professionals. From such fabrics, like Silk and Atlas, it is very difficult to remove pollution, without spoiling their structure.
  7. When using aggressive household chemicals, you should not forget about protection: dense rubber gloves, a medical mask. If you get caustic vocational money on the skin or mucous membrane, it is necessary to immediately wash the damaged area with clean water, it is better to consult a doctor in serious cases.

Temperature effect

One of the most effective ways that helps to remove the chewing pants or jeans is a sharp increase or decrease in temperature. It acts almost certainly, without requiring special efforts and expensive funds. However, before removal, you must refer to the instructions indicated on the clothing label, pay attention to the allowed temperature mode.


Plus this method is that even delicate fabrics can freeze. However, there is a minus - quickly remove the gum will not work, she needs time to climb.

Applying ice to chew

Remove the gum can be as follows:

  1. If the thing is small, it should be placed in a plastic bag so that the gum does not touch it.
  2. Put the bag with clothing into the freezer, again the rubber band should not touch the walls. For a better effect, sprinkle with a waterproof water pollution.
  3. If the minus temperature outside the window, you can arrange things on an unlocked balcony or street if you have a plot.
  4. If there is no such possibility, and the clothes are too big for the freezer (jacket, coat, plaid, blanket, etc.), you should use the "point method": applied the ice cube to the chewing, keep it until it melts, then repeat then same time. It is best to hold the ice with forceps to not get frostbite.
  5. After some time (from half an hour to the hour), chewing gum separated from clothes, not leaving a trace on the fabric. If this did not happen, try to carefully remove it with a rigid brush for shoes.

Ice water

To fly away the checker from the clothes, without using the freezer, you can with the help of very cold water. You need to soak damaged clothes in it, leave for about half an hour until the gum will be solid, then it should be removed with a brush.

Important! Before removing pollution, make sure that the sticky mass is finally hardened. Otherwise, it will simply smear on the product, it will be removed almost impossible.

Hot water

You can fir the chewing gum not only with the help of cold, heat also contributes to the elimination of pollution. You must do the following:

  1. Get acquainted with the instructions, find out whether it is possible to wash the tissue in hot water. If not, try other methods.
  2. Find yourself a partner. One person should water the thing with boiling water, and another cleans jeans from the cheese of a very rigid toothbrush. It is important that the tool is not soft, otherwise you can make a stain even more.
  3. If chewing gum did not push off, traces remained, you need to boil the thing for 4-5 minutes, and then repeat the procedure.


Another way based on the effects of high temperatures on sticky mass is a sweeping.

It is necessary to put a water capacity on fire, the kettle is best. When the liquid boils, you should hang clothes over the ferry, wait until the gum will turn into a soft mass, quickly dismiss it. The main thing is to act quickly until the fabric spread over the fabric and did not become an even greater problem.


It is possible to remove the sticky substance from the clothes using the iron. It is important to remember that the device should not be contacted with chewing gum, otherwise it will be corrupted both the technique and the thing. Therefore, the best solution is to take a gauze or bandage. The selected fabric should be put on the contaminated area, try it. Before the procedure, it is better to remove a part of the sticky mass, which stands, after - remove the remnants of the nail file.

Removing the chewing with iron


This method is safer than previous methods, as there is no risk to burn.

To remove the chewing, it is necessary to heat the piece of clothing hairdryer until the mass becomes very soft. Next, you should pose it with a fork or a blunt knife, for example, for cutting oil, scrape pollution. The remains can be removed with a brush, making it quickly until a large crown spot formed. Upon completion of the procedure, clothing should be wrapped in a washing machine or manually.

Removal of rhuming with cold, hot water and scotchpie (video)

Screw tools

It can be removed from things a chewing substances that will probably find in the house: in the kitchen or in the first-aid kit. The advantage of these methods is that they are available and cope with their task with a bang. In addition, allergies do not have to worry, because, in contrast to household chemicals, folk remedies do not cause unpleasant symptoms, if you use them correctly. Another plus - delicate fabrics will not suffer from such methods of cleaning, and pollution is easily removed.

Vegetable oil

Oil also helps to get rid of chewing gum and stains, which remains after it.

Vegetable oil

To bring a gum from clothing, you need to apply sunflower, olive or linen oil directly to pollution with a cotton wand or disk, leave for 20-30 minutes, after clearing the rubber band with a brush. When the procedure is completed, a stained thing should be wrapped, having previously overlooked a fat stain with dishwashing liquid. It is important to monitor that the oil is completely covered with a sticky mass, but not spread over the fabric, otherwise it can be spoiled.


To remove the stuck chewing gum from things, the food soda is well suited. It is quite gently affecting the fabric, but wool, silk, atlas and thin synthetics may be damaged by this method of purification.

Baking soda

It is necessary to pour 1-2 hours l. The active substance directly to the pollution site, slightly wipe, leave for 10-15 minutes. After the sponge is mild, to gently remove the gum, then wash the clothes with the usual way.

Important! Before sending a thing to washing, you need to make sure that the sticky mass completely moved away from the fabric, otherwise the pollution can entangle.


In this method, the principle of operation is the same as in vegetable oil, since the fat molecules split the chewing gum.


You can apply mayonnaise so that it covers the stain completely, but not blurred clothes. After 15 minutes, you can remove the softened chewing chewing with a non-smelling knife or a sawmill, a scraper. The stain that remains on things must be cleaned with an old toothbrush under the jet of hot water.

Bold cream

In order for this method to affect, the cream you need to take precisely fat, for example, Lanoline or children. The tool will help as follows:

  1. It is necessary to apply a little cream on a sticky substance, wait 2-3 minutes.
  2. Ring everything with hot water, having previously removing the cheese of fabric.
  3. Process the remaining stain to the dishwashing agent, then wash.


It serves as a good solvent for the chewing, if the composition is acetone - this is an extra plus.


To remove the problem from pants or sweaters, you should wet your cotton swab in fluid, rub the place of pollution, the soft mass must move away from the clothes.

Important! You can not use this method on non-ferrous, synthetic tissues. The first under the action of the means to remove the varnish is polished, and on the second there may be a stain that will not be able to wash. Jeans exposed acetone is also not recommended.

Liquid soap

Apply 3-4 drops of soap on the gum, to gently rub, leave for 5-10 minutes, after which itching clothes under the jet of very hot water (you can use the brush), send things to washing.

Attention! In order not to get a burn, it is better to wear dense shopping gloves from rubber.


In cases where folk methods do not help, chemical funds will help with clothing. They have both pros (efficiency, availability) and minuses (the presence of chemistry, which is often very eating). With the task of removing chewing gum from pants and trousers, chemical means coped very well.

Aerosol WD-40

The main sphere of the WD-40 aerosol is the removal of rust from plumbing, however, with the help of it it is easy to linse the chewing from jeans, pants and trousers without leaving the spots and traces.

Aerosol WD-40

It is necessary to apply a small amount of means to chewing gum, after 5-7 minutes to remove it, wash the remains under warm water.


The tool copes with many types of pollution, our problem is no exception. However, it is worth considering that whiteness can only remove stains with light clothes, stains will remain on the things of the other colors. In addition, the detergent is allowed only on natural dense tissues: linen, cotton.

To remove the sticky mass, you need 2-3 drops of whiteness to contaminate, wait 15 minutes, wash the tool, rubbing the chewing gum to the sawn.

Important! White is pretty caustic, aggressive substance, so you need to protect your hands with gloves, the respiratory tract - the mask.


Naming alcohol has long known properties to eliminate many types of pollution.


Clean the chewing as follows:

  1. Carefully ventilate the room, put on the protective elements.
  2. Place the pants on the horizontal surface.
  3. Mix your cotton disk in the ammonia alcohol and put it on top of the stained plot, leave for 10-15 minutes.
  4. To wash clothes under warm water using a high-quality detergent and air conditioning for linen with an aroma that will block the smell of ammonia.
  5. After the procedure, it is necessary to register once again, dry clothes in the fresh air.

Medical alcohol

For this method, you can take not only alcohol, but also its derivatives: cologne, strong alcohol, perfume, alcohol tincture, the main thing is that the content of the main active substance was at least 40%. Using these funds, it turns out to clean only the spot from the chewing, but not its own.

To do this, it is necessary to moisten with any selected material with a cotton disk, to lose pollution for 5-10 minutes, after extincting the remnants with warm water and brush. As in the case of ammonia, after the procedure, clothing must be laid with air conditioning, it is also desirable to dry it outdoer.

Gasoline or kerosene

Gasoline and Kerosene cope with many pollution on "excellent", but are rather aggressive means, so before applying it is worth tested them on a small invisible piece of tissue. If he remained intact, you can safely use this method.


To remove stains with trousers, jeans and pants, purified gasoline should be used, since impurities contained in crude can damage clothing.

To remove the gum from jeans, you need:

  1. Hold a problem area of ​​fabric over the ferry so that the mass becomes soft.
  2. Wipe pollution with a cotton disk, moistened in gasoline or kerosene.
  3. Hold 2-3 minutes.
  4. When the chewing gum will be peeling, pick it up with her saw, remove, residue to extort a rigid brush.


The most effectively cope with the problem helps the stains, because they are intended specifically to remove contaminants. Now in hypermarkets and specialized stores you can find many funds, the most famous of them - Vanish, Amway, Sarma.

Vanish Gold.

Before use, you must carefully read the instructions, test the stain pressure on the invisible area.

Professional means

Technologies are developing very quickly, now there are many funds created specifically to remove the chemicals:

  1. Chewing gum removers. Under its influence, the gum becomes solid, after which it is easy to remove with a blunt knife or scissors.
  2. Premiere Chewing Gum Remover. The remedy in the form of spray gently removes the remains of the chewing of the rhums even from the most delicate materials, leaving no smell or traces.
  3. AUGE SPECIAL OR8 helps to cope not only with a fabric gum, but also with any other sticky pollution.
  4. Premiere Break Up is similar to the previous remedy, but more versatile, suitable for any surfaces.
  5. Pramol-Chemie AG Gumex. This tool purifies dense natural materials, dissolving dirt. Chewing gum removers

How to remove the smeared gum? (video)

It is not so difficult to remove the rubber band itself, especially if she adhered recently. But it is much more complicated to linse a gum, which is more difficult, because it has already firmly entered the structure.

You can remove the residues from any of the professional funds proposed above, as well as stainstores. Another way to help solve the problem is vinegar. The only minus of this method is that it is not suitable for delicate tissues.

9% vinegar solution It is necessary to heat in a small container, without bringing to a boil, turn off. While the fluid has not yet cooled, it should be dipped into it a toothbrush of the medium rigidity, clean the rhuming for 5-10 minutes, and then wipe off.

How to remove the chewing gum from clothes at home

Chewing gum can refresh your breath in seconds. And as quickly, she is able to spoil your clothes. One awkward movement or innocent prank - and the sticky substance has already absorbed into the fibers of the fabric and firmly fixed there. Annually, but fixable. We understand how and what can be removed with a gum from clothes at home.

How to remove a gum from clothes at home: Practical recommendations Chewing gum enriched to clothing - not uncommon. But do not despair: read in our review, how to quickly cope with such a problem

Homemade means

Of course, it is possible to get rid of traces of sticking chewing gum using special modern sprays, stains or dry-cleaners. But what to do when such methods are not available? How can I remove the chewing gum from clothes? Consider simple and efficient homemade tools that are always at hand.

Homemade Fools Cleaning Cleaning You have to consider the chewing, not only with children's clothing - such situations often happen and more


One of the most common and efficient ways is freezing. Put the evaporated thing in the plastic bag (so that the chewing faucet is on top and not touch it) and place it in the freezer. As soon as the chewing gum will freeze, you can remove it mechanically: carefully rush with a knife or take advantage of the old toothbrush. The minus of this method is time. Quickly remove the gum from the clothes will not work, because at least an hour will leave for freezing.


Since it is not every thing (for example, a jacket) can be placed in the freezer, use the ice to remove the gum from the clothes.

Attach the ice cube to the evaporated fabric area and hold for a few minutes. As soon as the gum hardens, lay it with a knife or brush with rigid bristles. If traces remain on the tissue, the procedure can be repeated several times.

Cleaning chewing with ice clothes Ice method is suitable if you are in a hurry or you have the opportunity to remove the evaporated thing

Boiling water

Another way to remove the gum from the clothes with the help of temperature exposure is to apply boiling water.

Boil the water, whip the spot with boiling water and, continuing to pour water with a thin jet, carefully sweete the contamination of the brush. For this method, we need a skill or assistant.

If the cloth allows you to dangle the thing in boiling water. As soon as the chewing is softened, remove it, losing with hands or an old toothbrush.

Cleaning chewing with boiling water clothes The boiling water method is not suitable for bright synthetic tissues (they can politic), as well as for wool and delicate tissues


Remove the gum from the clothes with the iron. This method is good for things from dense fabric (trousers, jackets, jackets).

Put the thing to the cardboard (or blotting paper) with an evaporated side down. Turn the iron to the average mode (for example, wool) and apply to the wrong side of the tissue until the chewing gum remains on the cardboard. No need to stroke the thing or for a long time to delay the iron - just put it on the fabric for a few seconds.

If, after removing the chewing fabric, a fat stain will remain, soak it with dishwashing liquid.
Cleaning chewing with clothes Iron Do not lean the iron to the chewing or the front side of the pollution through the extra fabric - you will spoil and the device and the thing. Apply the iron only from the wrong side


Another "hot", but rather sparing for the fabric method - treatment with a hairdryer.

Heat the place of contamination with a warm air flow and clean the chewing gum with an old toothbrush. When exposed to high temperatures, the chewing loses its stickiness and elasticity. With the help of such heat treatment, it can be cleaned from chewing gum a practical any tissue.

Cleaning chewing with clothes hairdryer Hair dryer can be removed chewing with delicate fabrics - wool, silk, viscose

"Lipky" way

If you immediately noticed that the gum stuck to your clothes, you can use the adhesive tape (scotch or tape). You will have a couple of minutes in the reserve until the chewing is deeply covered in the fiber material.

Cut the suitable piece of sticky ribbon, cover the gum and pull sharply. If the first time it was not possible to remove everything, repeat the procedure.

Cleaning chewing with clothes sticky ribbon Replace the adhesive tape can be with a tape or conventional plaster


Vinegar is in every home, and with it you can quickly remove your chewing gum. The minus of the way is that clothes will have to immediately wash. Vinegar cannot be used for delicate tissues (silk, atlas). In addition, if clothes are painted with poor paint, it can politicize.

Apply vinegar to pollution and remove the cheating with a toothbrush. The remains can be carefully lifted with a knife, considering them from the edges to the center.

Cleaning chewing with clothes with vinegar Some hostesses advise slightly warm up vinegar before the procedure

Hair spray

Easy and affordable way. Just spray hair pollution lacquer and remove your cheer with an old toothbrush. Most varnishes leave no spots on clothes, so this method can be used outside the house.

Cleaning chewing with clothes lacquer Hair varnish helps to remove the chewing gum from clothes quickly and easily


From home with adhesive chewing gum, alcohol cope (vodka). Pour the alcohol to the evaporated place, let it come true for a few seconds and remove the cheer with a brush. Alcohol will perform as a solvent, and no trace will remain from the chewing.

Removing a gum from clothing with a brush or knife, move from the edges to the contamination center.

Nail polish remover

Can be used with acetone, but only for natural tissues without bright dyes. In other cases, use liquid to remove varnish without acetone.

Gently apply the liquid on the chewing gum and the fabric around it and remove the tracks to the toothbrush. The thing needs to be able to immediately wash.

Cleaning Rhinestick with Liquid Removal Liquid Applying acetone or liquid for removing varnish, do not overdo it, otherwise you can get a new spot

Gel for washing

Many modern hostesses instead of a washing powder use liquid tools and gels for washing. They will help help remove the gum from clothes. Just pour the gel to pollution and take care gently with a brush. Do not forget immediately after the procedure to wash the thing in the usual way.

Cleaning chewing with clothes gel for washing The laundry gel will easily remove the gum, not leaving the stains and traces

Peanut butter

To cleaned your chewing, you need to achieve the loss of its elasticity. To do this, it is recommended to use peanut butter (but you can try to apply other vegetable). This method of removing the gum refers to non-standard - it is quite effective, but requires great accuracy.

Apply oil on the chewing oil, wait until the gum will lose viscosity, and remove it. The remnants can be flawed with a brush, and after losing a thing as usual.

Cleaning chewing clothes with peanut butter Oil can be applied only on the gum itself - when it gets into a cloth, it will leave a fat spot that will have to withdraw


In the case of strong and emerged pollution, it is possible to use heavy artillery, such as gasoline.

Moisten a woven tampon with gasoline, apply for pollution and sweep slightly. Wrap a thing as usual. Add a soda or air conditioner when washing to get rid of the caustic smell of gasoline. For delicate tissues, this method is not recommended.

Cleaning chewing with gasoline clothes In no case use the usual gasoline from the machine tank - only purified gasoline is used to remove stains from the tissue, for example, for lighters


In addition to special sprays and stains from the chemicals, it is possible to use other chemicals. In this case, it all depends on the type of fabric. For example, instead of freezing or using ice some advise to try Spray-cooler For microcircuits. Apply the desired amount on the chewing and, as soon as it hardens, remove it with a knife or brush.

Instead of vinegar, alcohol or gasoline, can be carried out and other solvent means, for example toluene or solvents based on it.

Available methods for cleansing clothes from chewing As you can see, remove the gum from the clothes is not so difficult. But still be careful - do not leave the chest on the table or bedside table

No matter what method to remove chewing gum from clothes you choose, you need to act quickly. The longer the gum will remain on the surface of the fabric, the less chance to remove its traces without damaging the fiber material.

If you have already come across a similar problem, share in the comments by your experience. Describe which methods you use.


We offer to view the video on the topic of the article:

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Fresh lemon suits not only for tea: Clean the contamination from the surface of the acrylic bath, losing the half of the cut citrus, or quickly wash the microwave, putting a water container and the lemon slices for 8-10 minutes at maximum power. The softened dirt will be just wiped with a sponge.

Remove scale and naughty with an iron soles are the easiest of the cooking salt. Pour a thick layer of salt on paper, heat the iron to the maximum and several times, slightly appropriate, swipe the iron on the salt litter.

Before removing various stains from clothes, you need to find out how safe the selected solvent is for the tissue itself. It is applied in a small amount on a small-wedge plot of stuff from the side of 5-10 minutes. If the material retains its structure and color, you can move to stains.

Surely, everyone came across an awkward situation when they found on favorite jeans or some other things small or large (as lucky) White spot - a chewing.

Let's deal with how in this case it is most safe to remove the cheer.

There are many methods, you only need to find the most suitable option among their diversity. To begin with, general recommendation:

Act quickly

If you have managed to notice how chewing gum glued to clothing, that is, the ability to immediately delete it. After all, the fabric that penetrates the fiber fabric is more difficult to bring. Well, if your tape or tape is at hand. They will help to spoil the gum without a trace. For this you need:

How to quickly remove your chewing gum from any fabric at home?

1. Cut off a piece of adhesive tape so that it is entirely covered with chewing gum.2. Stick this piece on the chewing. Keep the ribbon.

If after that the thing was not fully spent, then you should try to repeat the procedure again.

So, the methods of removing the chemicals:

The easiest method is freezing. Then the thing in the freezer refrigerator chamber. This method is most suitable for wool sweaters, sweaters, etc.

How to quickly remove your chewing gum from any fabric at home?

The procedure should be: 1. Wrap a thing into a plastic bag and remove into the freezer so that the chewing gum does not touch the polyethylene and the walls of the freezer. Wait at least an hour.3. When the gum fully frozen, you should get a thing from the freezer. In the best case, the chewing is easy to disappear. If this did not happen, then you need to scrape a rubber band from the fabric. It is important to do it quickly, while the chewing is still frozen. There are a large size (jacket, coat, fur coat, carpet, etc.) It is difficult to properly place in the freezer. Therefore, it is applied freezing with mesons of ice. To do this, it is necessary to put ice on the gum and when it will freeze, clean the thing with a rigid brush or other item.

The heating

How to quickly remove your chewing gum from any fabric at home?

Another common method get rid of the stuck chewing gum is heating. Most of this method is suitable for jeans and other dense tissues. You can select multiple methods of heating: with a hair dryer. It should be included on the maximum power and send hot air to the opposite side of the thing. After the chewing is softened, it is necessary to rain it with a toothbrush or another stupid item.

Ferry from boiling water in a kettle or saucepan. You need to hold the thing over the ferry, as a result of which the gum will soften, and the chewing can be easily removed.

How to quickly remove your chewing gum from any fabric at home?

Boiling water. It is necessary to lower the blurred part of the trousers for a few minutes or another thing into boiling water, turn off the fire and wait for the cooling of the liquid. Then the chewing can be removed using a sharp item, and the fabric will be lost, wrapped and dried. If there is an assistant, then it is not necessary to lower the thing in boiling water. One person can pour boiling water into a polluted area, and the second rubber band with a toothbrush.


Using the iron, you can also remove the punching gum. To do this, it is required: 1. Purulined thing put on cardboard or paper blurred side down. 2. Heat the iron up to 100 degrees. 3. Turn fabric. Gum must stick to the cardboard


How to quickly remove your chewing gum from any fabric at home?

You can remove a stain from chewing gum from clothes with the help of washing. It is necessary to wear a cheeky checker after soaking a spoiled thing in water with a cleaning agent. It is suitable as a powder and a means for removing stains or washing dishes. Well done among the stains Kao "Attack", which is presented in the form of spray, and gel is more convenient. After that, the thing needs to be wrapped or in a washing machine.

Peanut or orange oil

How to quickly remove your chewing gum from any fabric at home?

Good tools helping to remove the gum from clothing is orange and peanut butter. It should be applied directly to the chewing gum itself, without getting into clean areas. At the same time, the chewing must be completely covered with oil. Then it is necessary to wait a minute and carefully remove the rubber band with a blunt item. It is better that the tool has a tough thin surface. After that, it is necessary to launder the trail from the chewing and peanut butter, posting the thing manually. It is possible in a washing machine using a powder or a special stain remover.


How to quickly remove your chewing gum from any fabric at home?

This method is better not to use for delicate and colored fabrics. It is suitable for removing stains from chewing on a dense or negligee fabric. For example, only liquid for removing varnish without acetone can be used to remove traces of rubber band from silk without acetone. Liquid for removing a varnish or acetone should be applied to a cotton disk and attach it to a spot for a while. * If you overdo it, you can get a new bold spot from acetone.

After that, the remains of the chewing should easily move away. It will only stay to wash the thing.


How to quickly remove your chewing gum from any fabric at home?

Another household solvent, helping to remove with the clothes dried chewing and vinegar. It is also not suitable for delicate fabrics. Action algorithm: 1. Pour into the tin container vinegar and warm it 2. Hug an unnecessary toothbrush into heated liquid.3. Immediately, until the vinegar is cooled, to lose a nanile rubber band.4. To dip the brush in the hot vinegar and wipe pollution before it is completely removal.

To get rid of the smell of vinegar, it is necessary to wash a thing manually or in a typewriter.


How to quickly remove your chewing gum from any fabric at home?

The alcohol is used when it was possible to get rid of the chewing gum, but she left a mark on clothes. A small amount of substance should be applied to a cotton disk and wipe them a polluted place until the washing of the alcohol will help them.


How to quickly remove your chewing gum from any fabric at home?

The action of gasoline on a specific tissue should be tried on an inconspicuous area, as it works quite aggressively. If the gum is smeared, then peeled gasoline will help with traces. You should not use fuel to refuel cars. It contains substances that can damage fabric fibers. It is necessary to act as follows: First you need to disparage a polluted piece of stuff over the ferry; Moisten a cotton disk in gasoline; wipe the sticky area; with a rigid brush or a knife to get rid of the residues of chewing gum, when under the influence of gasoline it will begin to peel.

The adhesive chewing gum often delivers sadness. Many people do not suspect that this is not such a terrible trouble. Remove the gum from the clothes is easy and quickly possible at home with the help of remedies. The main thing is to choose the appropriate method and the favorite thing will definitely be saved.

A fruitful day and let nothing be able to spoil your mood!

Foto22104-1Zhumychka stuck to clothing is not so easy to remove quickly. To delete it will be useful to tested home recipes and special preparations that are intended for such cases.

In this case, it is necessary to take into account prohibitions and cautions, the violation of which can lead to the damage of things.

On how to remove the gum from the clothes, even if it stuck and smeared, we will tell in the article.

Folk ways to remove stains at home

Foto22104-2Taking care of cleaning, it should be considered:

  • The degree of nestness of the situation (the solar, smeared chewing gum is harder to eliminate more than fresh, which did not have time to stick "tight");
  • The material from which the injured clothing is made;
  • The availability of drugs used for cleaning.

There are several basic methods for cleaning material from chewing gum:

  1. Temperature (heating, freezing).
  2. Chemical (exposure to solvents and other reagents).
  3. Mechanical.

In most cases, you have to use a set of measures, combining various approaches. This combines, for example, the effect of solvent, with mechanical cleaning of clothing items.

Heating with a hairdryer if it stuck

Highly stuck to the fibers of the material of the gum can be removed, heated it. For these purposes, it is convenient to use a hairdryer for drying hair.

Procedure for conducting work:

  • Hair dryer is installed on the supply of warm air;
  • The jet of heated air is directed to the gum;
  • When the chewing is soft, it can be removed with a brush or a napkin.

Heating can be used not with all materials. Under the ban gets wool, thin chiffon, natural silk and other delicate fabrics.

How to bring the ferry?

For processing you need to boil water. Over the continuing boil with water, to hold the fabric, substituting the affected area under the action. Rubber soften, and it can be removed. This method can only be applied to high tissue-resistant temperatures.

Clear vinegar

Foto22104-3.The use of vinegar has efficacy due to its impact as a solvent . In order for the result to be higher, it must be heated to a warm temperature.

Make it possible with a water bath or microwave. It is possible to use a warm vinegar like this: to dip the brush brush into it and consider it an elastic band.

If the liquid has cooled, and the work is not over, the drug must be able to warm again. Completes cleaning - washing.

This method can lead to discoloration of paints Therefore, it is not used to care for clothes of bright colors or with unstable staining.

Remove boiling water

The impact method is directed to soften the structure of the gum. After that, it is believed to brush.

Boiling water is possible to apply in three ways:

  • pour to the processed zone;
  • dip a piece with a rubber band in boiling water;
  • dip the whole thing in boiling water.

This method is not acceptable for things that do not tolerate high temperatures. The possibility of such an impact must be clarified on a label to the product.

Without loss, it can be treated in this way, for example, light natural cotton.


Applying the iron provides softening of the gum. For processing, you will need additional fabric and porous paper. The technique is simple, but not suitable for synthetics, genuine leather, suede and delicate materials.


  1. Remove the thing to the wrong one.
  2. For a plot with a stain to put extra fabric or porous soft paper.
  3. Attach a heated iron to a problem place.
  4. After heating the gum, consider it.

After such processing on the site of sticking gum can remain a stain. You will have to cope with it using a stain remover and subsequent washing.

Directly to the chewing sole, the iron should not be touched. Otherwise, it will have to clean the iron itself, and decide the question with the smeared, by even greater area, a chewing.

Applying iron, it should be applied to the material without conducting it from side to the side . Otherwise, the stain can only become more.

To freeze and fly away

This method is one of the simplest and effective. But it is possible to apply it only for frying gum, otherwise stains are possible on the material.

To implement it, you need:

  • Prepare the cellophan in which the thing is to fit completely;
  • Release a sufficient place in the freezer.

Order of work:

  1. Fold the spoiled thing so that the plot with the rubber band was upstairs.
  2. Put the package in the freezer.
  3. Wait about an hour, sometimes - longer.
  4. Get a thing from the package.
  5. While the gum did not heat up, scrape it with a spatula, a scraper or other unotica items.
  6. If necessary, to repeat manipulation.

This method is designed for small products that are freely placed in a domestic freezer.

Open using ice

foto22104-5For volumetric things that are not placed in the freezer due to dimensions, the local impact technique can be used. To do this, frozen ice cubes are placed in cellophane and applied.

Chilled gum acquires fragility, and remove it . In the cold winter days, frost will help the frost on the street - it is enough just to place a thing on an outdoor balcony for a couple of hours.

If the ice melted too quickly, you need to take another, and continue processing.

Tool for refilling lighters

The freezing of gum can be carried out using a canister for refueling lighters. The material of the gum from such an impact becomes fragile, and it can be removed by approaching some object.

This method is one of the rapid responses. . In addition, gas does not leave spots and other damage on material.

Tear off the chewing gum with gasoline

The use of gasoline will help to cope even with well suiches with a gum. The injured material is well wetted by gasoline. After withstanding 5-10 minutes, the gum is removed.

Without subsequent washing - can not do. It will help remove the residues of the solvent and eliminate the unpleasant odor.

Wash with liquid soap, shampoo, gel for the shower

Foto22104-6The soap means will help to cope with a rubber, if it is not old.

The damaged area of ​​the material is wetted in warm water and well is naked . Remove the softening stain, helping yourself with a scraper, spatula or spoon.

This method is characterized by the delicacy of impact, but for old spots may be inffective.


Acetone is applied plenty of sponge and apply to a segment with a rubber band. Acting as a solvent, acetone weakens the adhesion of a viscous mass with fabric fibers, and allows you to remove the cheer with a napkin. The use of acetone is not suitable for cleaning delicate tissues.

Hair spray

For work, any varnish is suitable, except for the glitter . The means is actively sprayed on the gum.

After the drug is reduced, the chewing can be removed, driving it with a blunt knife or spatula. The thing after processing will need to be wrapped.

Get rid by applying alcohol

Sponge-impregnated with alcohol must be applied to a problem site on the fabric. Rubbing and slightly swaying sticky lumps, you should try to remove it. At the same time, the alcohol will not leave the stains from the chewing.

Top 3 special compositions

There are quite many drugs on the market for household chemicals. which are designed to remove chewing gum. These tools are distinguished by rapid effects and efficiency, allowing you to remove the nagged lump with a different surface.

If the house lives a small pellenger-fan-lover, and a problem with a rubber band in unexpected places occurs often, it makes sense to acquire the appropriate means.

Spartan Chewing Gum Remover

The drug is produced in an aerosol can . Its action - removal of gum by freezing. Weight - 84 grams. In addition to chewing gum, Gum Remover is suitable for removing wax and other sticky substances.

Application is very simple, since the tool is fully prepared. Gum Remover spray at the affected area and scraper scraper frozen gum. Price - about 320 rubles.



SAPUR FREEZE Aerosol is designed to eliminate gum by freezing . The drug is used by spraying to the stain. The process of frost passes very quickly. Becoming fragile, the gum is good, without leaving behind the stains. Price - 700 rubles per bottle.


Lucky Bee anti-trip

Lucky Bee is produced in Russia. Release form - gel. The drug is packaged in small comfortable bottles of 30 ml. The anti-trip is applied directly to the gum, allowing it to eliminate it not only from clothes, but also other materials. Does not leave after spots. Price - from 155 rubles.


Processing features with tissue type

The choice of the tissue cleaning method must take into account their composition. Information about this can be found on the label to the thing, reading the manufacturer's recommendation.


Clear things can be cleaned by the exposure to a jet of warm air (Hair dryer, par). For light tissues, an option with very hot water, alcohol or vinegar, as well as freezing is also suitable.


Cooling to negative temperatures is a method that is suitable for linen things. Treatment with high temperatures is suitable for dense materials that do not contain synthetic impurities. Alcohol and vinegar can be used limited, tested their action on an invisible site.


Methods of exposure when cleaning synthetics should take into account the density and texture of the product. For any artificial materials, you should not use heating - things for such treatment will respond unpredictably.

Optimal options for delicate synthetics are the most gentlemen. For example, using liquid soap.


Porous porous wool texture complicates chewing gum removal . To clean sweaters, cardigans and other similar products, the best cleaning method will be the room in the freezer. You can also use alcohol for cleaning.


Foto22104-10Freezka will help to cope with the chewing. For this, the thing is sent for a couple of hours into the freezer, after which the gum is easily believed.

Furning remaining after removal, can be closed using liquid soap . After drying, the product from genuine leather is desirable to handle a special means - spray or cream.

Artificial, as well as lacquered skin you can not freeze. On how to remove the cheer with leather products, read in this article.


Dense denim allows you to use heating . 100% Cotton can be cleaned heating the injured room with a hairdryer or in another way. Suitable for cleaning also alcohol, purified gasoline and special means.

Velor, Suede, Nubuk

Suede, nubuck and velor are very demanding in caring materials. Remove with such a complex surface of the Zhumahka - a very responsible event.

The best way is to apply freezing. After removing the bulk, the surface can be treated with a special brush.

What can not be done?

Taking care of the cleaning of things, you need to remember the existing prohibitions:

  1. Foto22104-11Use sharp objects is not desirable - you can damage fabric. Their use should be very neat.
  2. Remove the well-sticking gum by simply pulling it, it will not work. Miscarding can lead to a damage of the product.
  3. It is forbidden to apply intensive effects to subtle delicate materials.
  4. When cleaning, it is impossible to hurry, it is necessary to act a scenario. In an effort to speed up the process, you can even better smear the gum.
  5. Do not throw unfinished cleaning, as the residues of the gum can even stronger conclude with the fibers, and a stain is often formed on the site with a raid already removed, if the thing is not postponed.


Soviets of specialists will help to spend the work as simple as possible and without loss:

  1. The ineffectiveness of one way is not a reason to lower your hands, you can try the next recipe.
  2. Dear, difficult to decorated or delicate products, in doubt in their own forces, can be passed into a dry cleaning, entrusted to the complex decision by professionals.
  3. Prior to the use of solvents, heating or freezing, should not try to scrape / cut / pull the gum mechanically.
  4. Chemical solutions are better suited to eliminate solar stains.
  5. For cleaning it is convenient to use small brushes in size, allowing the processing gently. The convenient option is an old toothbrush.

All the most important and useful about the removal of chewing gum from various surfaces will be found in this section.

Video on the topic

How to remove a gum from clothes, video tips:


It is possible to remove the gum from clothing and fabric yourself at home. Uncomplicated folk recipes and special means will come to revenue. If you act according to the rules, there will be no trace from the chewing.

That's not enough: some inexplicable way you managed to sit on the chewing gum and she firmly looked clung to new pants. Or your favorite child put a gum to her pocket and forgot about it, and now the appearance of the jacket leaves much to be desired. What to do? Carry a thing to a landfill? Well, no: first of all, take yourself in hand and take advantage of the folk ways to remove chewing gum. We collected the best ideas: from the "classic" temperature effect to exotic peanuts.

16 ways to remove the gum from clothes and stains left after it

Remember: the choice of a method of getting rid of the unborn chewing gum directly depends on the color and type of fabric to which it adhesive. If you are dealing with a thing of wool, delicate materials, such as satin, silk and chiffon, or a melting fabric, you will not suit the methods with heating. Also, in the case of delicate tissues, oil and acetone should not be used, so as not to aggravate the situation by adding new stains. However, even in this case, the choice of methods that make rid of chewing gum is huge.

This method is often recommended on the forums, but it will only help if the chewing is fresh, that is, you just stained the thing. What do you need? Wide colorless tape and about 10 minutes of time. Take a piece of scotch, attach it to the stuck chewing gum, and then drip out. Act as if you get rolled up a polluted place. Once the adhesive tape is stained, take a new piece. After the packing with the chewing, there will be a small speck in her place, which can be easily removed using a conventional stain pressure.

If the chewing is far from the first freshness and managed to dry, you will have to seek help to other methods - temperature. Do you need to remove the gum from delicate fabric? Try using freezing chamber. The fact is that after exposure to the cold, the chewing hardened, ceases to stick off, and therefore it is very easy to look from the surface. At the same time, you do not have to mercate the fabric, applying all the forces to it, so that fragile fibers will remain unsubstituted. This method will help drop the cheek from jeans, skirts, blouses and other small clothing items.

So what should I do? First of all, take the evaporator product, fold it in half or several times so that it fit into a regular disposable plastic bag, while watching the cheese to stay up. Place the package with a thing inside into the freezer at least an hour - it will be possible to get it only when the chewing gum will completely freeze. Now you have to get rid of pollution: Clean the gum. Its most of it should disappear without problems, but to remove the resistant particles will help any acute object (for example, a knife for oil). Carefully, so as not to damage the fabric.

If the gum stuck to a larger thing, which is simply not fit into the cell of the freezer, for example, to the carpet or sofa, try to treat the surface of the ice. This method is also excellent for cleansing the outerwear, including coats and fur products. In addition, he will be able to save you from strong contaminants, with which the freezer could not be copped.

To say goodbye to the sticking chewing elastic, take the ice cube or wrap a few cubes into a plastic bag. Please note: in no case use the fabric instead of the package, because the gum will be operated in this way leaves after noticeable stains. Put the ice on the chewing and leave for a few minutes until the chewing gum hardens. Then remove it from the tissue with a toothbrush with rigid bristles. Just do not think to use a toothbrush that you brush your teeth!

In addition to the ice cube, you can also use a freezing spray (suddenly it is at your hand, and I do not have ice). Just do not apply it to polluted clothes, if she is hoping for you, - to begin with the subject affected by chewing gum, you need to remove it. After that, straighten the contaminated zone and apply spray. Make sure that the gum is completely frozen, otherwise there is a risk of getting stains, get rid of which will be okh as not easy, then fly away the gum from clothing mechanically.

Another effective and fast way to get rid of chewing gum is to apply high temperatures. But, as we have already noted earlier, it is not recommended to do this if you are trying to extract bright synthetic things that linen, products from wool and delicate fabrics. But jeans, trousers or skirts from other materials easily put in order in this way.

So, for the beginning you can find yourself an assistant - of course, it is possible to use this method and one, but it will be easier for it. Pour water into the pan and bring it to a boil. Ready? Now the assistant must pour boiling water to the evaporated place, and you - to hold the thing and at the same time try to ram with a toothbrush.

Another option is to lower the stained plot directly in a saucepan with boiling water and keep there for about a minute, while the chewing gum does not affect the high temperature and it will not become softer and supple, while trying to remove the chewing with the help of the same brush or some acute subject. After the operation is completed, the thing needs to be wrapped in a washing machine. If the fan item is too big, it is necessary to direct the shower with a jet of hot water from the shower and rub the gum described above.

Many people prefer this method to everyone else. To begin with, the evaporated thing must be turned on the wrong side, and under the contaminated area to put an unnecessary piece of any natural matter, cardboard, newspaper or shocking paper. Install the "Wool" mode on the iron and press it with an evaporated place. At the same time, it is not necessary to make any movements along the tissue itself, otherwise the chewing is only vague. As a result of the temperature exposure, the chewing gum should remain on the substrate material. It is not necessary to press the iron to the front side of the product, even through auxiliary matter - it can lead to a spack grow or even to a spank of iron. After with the chewing, it will be finished, there will be a small stain in her place, as if fat. It can be removed using dishwashing fluid.

And here is another temperature method that can be used if you need to clean the thing for you. Take the hairdryer, turn it on the maximum power and direct the hot air stream directly to pollution. Wait until the cheerfulness is dry, losing stickiness and elasticity. After heating, sweete the area with an unnecessary toothbrush. This "hot" way is gentle, and therefore you with a calm conscience can use it to remove pollution from almost any matter, whether it is products from wool, silk and viscose. But remember: thermal processing should be used with caution to cleanse any carpet coatings, since this method can damage their fibers.

One of the most effective methods for removing the chewing is to use the most ordinary vinegar. It allows you to clean bright, colored things like large and small sizes. First, pour one and a half or two glasses of white distilled vinegar into a small bowl and warm it up to 40 degrees. To do this, you can use a microwave oven (exposure time - about 45 seconds), plate or water bath (in this case, the exposure time will be about 2 minutes). Make sure that the vinegar does not overheat. Then, while the fluid has not yet cooled, drop into it a clean light tissue napkin (the napkin should not be lifted) and hold for a minute or so. After that, place the napkin to the fabric area, to which chewing gum stuck, and leave for a few minutes until the acid is soluble with the chewing, making it soft and militant. As soon as this happens, moisten a toothbrush with rigid bristles in vinegar and start led by a contaminated place with circular motions. When you completely remove the chewing gum, cover the cleaned thing with the usual way.

In addition to the standard methods of getting rid of sticking chewing gum, there are also exotic, but nevertheless equally effective. These include the use of a variety of oils. It can be any vegetable oil, such as sunflower or olive: most importantly, so that it does not paint, like, for example, it makes the sea buckthorn oil. Take 1 tablespoon of oil and apply it on the sticking gum, trying not to touch clean tissue. If you still missed a little (and, most likely, it will be so), treat the fatty spot with a detergent for the dishes or a stainover before putting the thing in the washing machine.

Western bloggers recommend using peanut butter - if you have it at hand, you can follow their advice. The oil should be applied in the same way as described above, directly on the cheese, so as not to plant fatty stains to clean areas of the fabric. Leave it for a few minutes and, when the gum will find soft, try to scrape it. When oil gets into the clean surface, act as in the case of the other oils. By the way, it is this way that you should use if you do not know how to remove the gum confusing in the hair. Apply oil on the head until you get rid of pollution, and then wash your head with shampoo.

Well, if at home, for some reason, there were no vegetable oil for some reason, do not beware, but look in mayonnaise in the refrigerator. It also includes oil, which will help get rid of an unborn chewing gum. Just rub the Mayonnaise in the gum, and you will see how she slowly departs from the material - layer behind the layer. After the mayonnaise on the surface of the fabric, a bold spot can be left, which will help bring the stainings of Go Folk remedies that we will tell below.

Try to drop the rubber band using lemon juice. Place the site of the thing to which the gum was glued, in a cup with a small amount of fresh juice or apply it directly to pollution, leave for a few minutes, and then scrape with a knife for oil. After all manipulations, the thing can be wrapped in the usual way.

If your house has hair polish, apply it directly on the cheese and wait until the gum hardens. After that, clean the material mechanically.

And one more unusual way to get rid of the stuck chewing gum is to use the toothpaste, which deprives the stiffeness. Apply it to pollution and leave to complete drying, and then delete.

If all the listed methods did not help get rid of the damned gum (which is unlikely, but everything can be), you will have to wash the victim. Apply a large amount of washing powder or any other detergent on the cheer, and then soak the product in boiling water. After that, the chewing gum should at least partially loose and clothing can be driven through the washing machine.

It is the opinion that to dedicate the stuck chewing gum will work with the help of another, fresh, chewing. Petty "Wedge Wedge". But in fact, there is a big risk in this way only to increase the area of ​​pollution, but at the same time put new stains. Do you need it?

In general, as we said, the chance is great that after the chewing clothes on clothes will remain a stain - fat or even color. Of course, you can try to get rid of it with the help of water and detergent, but if pollution has been too conducted into matter, you will have to seek help to solvents.

Acetone is a means aggressive, and it is necessary to work with it carefully. Acetone is better not to use on colored fabric. Apply it directly on the spot, leave for a few minutes, and then erase.

Liquid remover without acetone

This option is more sparing and suitable for cleansing color clothes. Act the same way: apply liquid to pollution, hold for a few minutes, and then delete.

Well, the most expensive, but an effective way to get rid of stains - use stains. Remember: choosing them, it should be considered, with which cloth to deal with, otherwise the chance is great to finally spoil the thing.

Whatever the way to get rid of the sticking chewing gum you choose, begin to act as soon as possible until it has entered the fabric and did not damage its structure. What otherwise effective ways of getting rid of chewing do you know?

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