Draw flowers with a pencil phased for beginners

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Draw flowers with a pencil phased

Flowers are beautiful creating nature. People always sought to reproduce the beauty of flowers, transfer the feeling of happiness that occurs when looking at the live, blossomed bud. Do you think drawn flowers with a pencil get only experienced artists?

Nothing like this. There are simple and affordable techniques that transform drawing with a pencil for beginners albeit in the difficult (at first), but a completely performed task.

Examples: Flowers with a pencil in various techniques

Flower drawing lessons

Stage 1

Stage 1

Before drawing a lily pencil, we determine its location on a sheet of paper. We draw a circle in the place where the flower scene will be located. We also plan stem and leaves.

2 stage

2 stage

Carefully look at the drawing and try to just draw rounded petals from the center of the flower. From the leaf, we will show the stem for both the top and the bottom lily.

3 stages

3 stages

At this stage schematically draw the petals. The number of petals can be arbitrary.

4 stages

4 stages

Dorify intermediate petals. Each at least a little, but bent. Then tying the leaves. It must be remembered that there are accommodation on the surface of the leaves.


Our beautiful flower is ready!

Visit our master class on drawing a pencil "Pencil from scratch". Here you will learn to draw a pencil real beautiful paintings!

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Painting pencil for beginners: Flowers are a collection of simple and understandable gradual drawing lessons, with which everyone can quickly and easily learn to draw beautiful flowers.

Each person is not alien to the feeling of the beautiful and expression of this feeling for many is drawing. Images created by a skillful hand with a simple pencil cause admiration and the desire to create something similar, throw out their feeling of beautiful on paper.

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers

If you feel the need to create something beautiful, but while you have a rather weak idea of ​​how to draw a pencil, then this article is what you need. Here we have collected useful graded pattern lessons with a pencil for beginners dedicated to the eternal theme "Flowers". Following these simple schemes, you can learn how to draw beautiful flowers with pencil and please our new talents of friends and loved ones.

Is it possible to learn to draw a pencil yourself?

According to expert opinion, everyone may learn to draw a pencil, regardless of the predisposition and age.

Let's start acquaintance with the amazing world of drawing from the list of materials and tools that you need in your hobby:

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers

  • sheet of white paper, any format;
  • eraser;
  • Simple pencils.

How to draw a pencil: where to start

"To fill the hand" in drawing and gain experience, starting with the simplest pencil sketches. Pictures with a pencil for beginners: Flowers in this case are suitable for a hundred percent, as they allow:

  • Make the first meaningful sketch and the simplest composition composition,
  • Determine the contours, draw parts and impose shadows,
  • If you wish to paint the drawing by making it more realistic.

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers

Prepare tools and materials for drawing and determined with the theme of our composition, we can move on. We bring to your attention a selection of phased flower drawing lessons for a beginner. Choose from them the most interesting in your opinion and proceed to practice. You can simply redraw lines and figures according to photos. As soon as you master the simple reception presented in the photo of master classes, you can modify them by creating your own style drawing style with a pencil.

How to draw calla pencils:

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

How to draw tulips with a pencil:

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

How to draw roses with a pencil:

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

How to draw sunflower pencil:

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

How to draw lilies with a pencil:

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

How to draw a lotus pencil:

Pictures Pencil for beginners: Flowers in stages

How to draw flowers with a pencil in stages for beginners

Flowers depict most famous artists, they see in these plants a living organism and compare them with people. Pictures with their silhouettes are considered to be a treasure of world art. We will look at how to draw flowers to the pencil in stages for beginners. Holding to the briefing you can portray a real masterpiece on the usual sheet!

Easy way

If you need to create a beautiful postcard on March 8 and on May 9, before starting creating a postcard you need to figure out how to draw flowers in stages. Then, practice and after that you can start the main job. Let's start our creative process from a slight pattern. It is designed even on the youngest children, so attract them to this lesson. Establish:

  1. On a sheet of black handle we derive a circle. Easy way (step 1)Around the shape draw five petals. Near the bud we carry out small segments.
  2. We retreat a little up draw a similar image. Next, draw another silhouette. Between these images we derive the silhouette of other plants, externally they look like bells. Now retreat a little to the sides and depict similar silhouettes, but already smaller.
  3. After that, we proceed to clarifying the leaf in the bouquet and detail them. Easy way to draw a bouquet (step 2)To the bottom side of the outline. Testing the lower part of the packaging. A bit above the edge first display the ribbon. Show the folds on the packaging and turn the tape into a beautiful knotted bow. So, we drew a bouquet of flowers, now let's paint with pencils.
  4. A pencil of yellow shade, paint the cores of open buds. Blue, paint three main elements, bells painting with a red pencil. Easy way to draw a bouquet (step 3)
  5. Then, purple cover the remaining items. Color leaves and decorative packaging. Blue, we derive the contour of blue plants. Violet to carry the borders of purple plants. Green We specify the silhouette of the leaves and packaging and the red bodies of the bells. Bow color red felt-tip pen and get a wonderful bouquet.

If this work is done once, in the future you can make excellent gift cards.


We continue to learn. Now we learn how to draw lilac flowers with pencils. Newcomers, we recommend using a simple pencil, and upon completion, cover all the details of the black handle, but we will immediately use the handle. Draw:

  1. In the upper part of the sheet we derive five uneven ovals. Lilac (step 1)They draw a few semi-core figures to them. We depict branches with leaves closer to the top, on the left side and below.
  2. Then, in the middle of each image, we remove many different stars in size. Figure Lilac (step 2)Design a semi-alone figure with a smooth bottom and add part of the bottom. The wavy line we divide the sketch into two plots and detail this silhouette.
  3. Between the silhouettes, we draw a few more buds. If you used a pencil supply everything with a black handle and proceed to coloring.
  4. Purples paint the whole lilac. Dark plots We pass by the second layer. Draw Lilac (step 3)Leaves and central part of lilac can paint green pencil. The vase can be painted with any other pencil, we decided to use a blue pencil for these purposes.

Lilac ready. With this still life, the child of elementary school will quite cope.

Bouquet of roses

In one of our articles about flowers from corrugated paper, we told how to make roses. Now let's explore how to draw a bouquet of flowers consisting of these beautiful plants. Pictulate a rose newcomer is difficult, but do not be mistaken, we will provide detailed instructions using you will have a real masterpiece. Let's proceed:

  1. Closer to the upper side of the sheet we depict a small circle. Roses (Step 1)There are wave-like circles around this circle in the amount of five pieces, it is not necessary to finish them. After completion, we teach two arcuate features.
  2. At the distance from the plant, we depict another twelve identical silhouettes. Some sketches make more inclined. Book and sides of the lower part tee four leafs in different directions. Roses (step 2)
  3. Starting from the extreme leaves in the direction of down, we derive a triangle. To him at the bottom, we draw two strings and complement the picture with a bunter. Under the bow depict the edge of the packaging. Show folds on the edge and on the bow. As an easy way to draw roses flowers, let's now color them.
  4. For this work, we will use markers, you can use other materials. Draw roses (step 3)Green, cover the leaves and the central part. We paint eight plants with a red felt-tip pen, and the remaining five are covered with yellow.
  5. A bow from the bottom paint a pink felt-tip pen. The remaining element is painting orange pencil.

Picture ready. The picture is quite simple, even if you are a novice artist, but the result is a wonderful bouquet of roses.

In a separate article, we disassembled in detail how to draw a rose.

Vase with roses

How can you draw a bouquet of roses flowers in gradually figured out, now let's depict a similar drawing, but it will be in a vase. The work is also simple, but it is advisable to use the usual pencil to use the newcomers. Draw:

  1. Slightly below the middle of the sheet draw two screenshots. Vase with roses (step 1)We connect them semi-alone, which is flat below and is not finished above. We rise slightly above and above the silhouette and proceed to the image of roses.
  2. Now, we take a spiral line and start drawing semi-lobs and arms. Withdraw a sufficient number of these elements, we get rose. We retreat aside and proceed to drawing another such rose. Vase with roses (step 2)
  3. Upstairs, we depict the third silhouette. Between these silhouettes, we remove the contours of the leaves. If you do not know how to recreate them on the sheet, Megamaster.info will help you with this. Detailing leaves.
  4. Next, under the bottom, we draw a twig on which we depict several leaves of a similar shape and size. Add one more branch. How to draw flowers in a vase learned, let's start painting. Draw a vase with roses (step 3)
  5. Red covering a completely perimeter of three images. The same felt-tip pen show the dark places on the buds. Green, paint the leaves, and we decided to paint the vase with orange, you can use another marker.

Drawing ready. The instruction was not so difficult. You learned how to draw a vase with flowers and probably made sure that the work is simple even for beginners in a similar creative process.

You can still make roses from polymer clay.

Drawing chamomile paints

If you with previous drawings, everything went well, complicate the task. To draw this image, we will use gouache. We also need a simple pencil, eraser, brushes and water tanks. Since the work is slightly complicated, for the outline we use the usual pencil, which can be easily erased by an eraser in case of an error. And now we turn to the process itself.

How to easily draw a bouquet of these colors in a vase:

  1. Slightly below the middle of the sheet we depict a semi-alone figure. Figure chamomile with paints (step 1)In the upper side of this outline, we carry out a horizontal line and get the silhouette of the vase. Starting from the top make an outline of the bouquet contour.
  2. In the middle, circles we conceive the location of the buds. In these sketches, approximately allocate the middle. Little circumferences are drawing in a circle small petals in the form of extended semi-sinks. Testing the stalks to the boots and plan the line of the table.
  3. I put a light brown gouache on the palette, add a little red paint and mix, and then, with this shade, paint the main pattern of the paintings. We post a light brown gouache on the palette and mix it with her whites. Daisy drawing with paints (step 2)
  4. This shade is painting the perimeter of the table. Now, we recruit the white material and rub it into its brush in the first layer to illuminate the plane of the table. Mix the ocher with a brown tint and specify the shadow. After that, brush soften the transition of shades.
  5. We change the thick brush on the medium-sized brush. Take a dark green shade. Draw the leaves in a bouquet. Wash or wipe the brush, we score bleel and close it with a vase. The same brush is gaining a light brown gouache from the palette and show the shadow area on the element and soften the transitions. Figure chamomile with paints (step 3)
  6. A medium brush on the palette blew bleached with a small amount of blue and draw the petals to daisies. Dorify the fallen chamomile near the drawing. Yellow paint highlight the middle of the buds. Add a little green and teesting brighter leaves.
  7. Next, purple, show small buds. Bellys highlight light petals on daisies. At the end of the dark-green paint show the darkened areas on the leaves.

Still life is ready. So we drew a gouache vase with chamomile flowers. But this is not the last drawings, there are some more options.


If we coped with daisies or made crafts on the topic of spring, then there should not be problems with this pattern. We will draw poppies in a vase. For this still life, we will use too gouache. Let's start:

  1. At the bottom of the sheet, we plan height. Maki (step 1)Marks spend a vertical segment. Now, wavy line draw contours. From above and from below, we take two ellipses.
  2. Making a sketch of three big buds. In the middle of the sketches, we note the central part of the plant and depict four petals. We supplement the sketch with stems, draw uncapped buds and remove the silhouettes of leaves. Maki (step 2)
  3. We celebrate the border of the table and proceed to work with gouache. On the palette we mix light brown paint with spas and vertical strokes, paint the main background. We add more ocher and show the dark areas on the corners of the sheet.
  4. The same mixture, paint the surface of the table on which this bouquet is. We mix brown with a small amount of ocher and pink paint and cover the table of the table, but you need to do it with small horizontal smears.
  5. A mixture of brown, bleel and ocher, paint almost the entire vase. We add Belil and clarify the glare on the subject. Dimmerly shade darke the desired places to the image. A mixture of black with brown, show the shadow area on the table.
  6. We recruit a red gouache on the brush and smears in different directions, paint the petals. In red paint, add some black material and paint shadow areas. Red material overlap light areas. Add a little blell and put the glare on the surface. Figure Poppies (Step 3)
  7. Next, lateral petals, paint a mixture of red guashi with yellow. Green tint put the points in the center of buds. We add a little bit alike and yellow guashi, having received the desired shade, draw the stamens.
  8. Mix the green, yellow and black and paint the leaves and non-scratching buds. In order for the picture to be plausible, Light green paint teach a little herb.

Still life is ready.

We offer to learn how to make Origami Flowers.

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